My New Phone

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It all started, as it normally does, as I had time on my hands.

It was five thirty. I had dropped the kids off at the swimming baths and was sat at the kitchen table, with a cup of tea, trying to figure out how to work my new mobile phone. It had so many features and I have so little technical know how.

Just as I had gone through a list of twenty different ring tones my phone bleeped, vibrated and jingled — apparently a text had arrived.

Alas my technically gifted and expert ten year old wasn’t there to help so I began to press a few buttons, seemingly at random, until miraculously the text appeared on the small screen before me.

I hadn’t had a chance to get my numbers copied from my old phone and I didn’t recognise the number at the top of the message but I assumed it must be from Mel, my wife. I had written the new number down at breakfast and asked her call me to test that the new phone was working alright. She was the only one that knew it.

“r u in?”

I hated text language and so it took a while as I typed out my reply in long hand.

“Home alone. Kids at baths. Back at seven. Testing phone. Where are you?”

It took me ages to thumb through the manual to find out how to add a full stop and a question mark. As I glanced through the pages some of the advanced features caught my eye. So I sat and studied the manual further.

The phone beeped and shook in my hand again; this time I knew which buttons to press.

“At shops c u in 30.”

With the book in one hand and the phone in the other I began to experiment with the features. I was quite captivated by the notion of picture messaging, but what could I send a picture of? A wicked though flashed through my mind. I dropped my pants, pulled out my coiled meat and snapped away. I even managed to add a caption.

“Fancy a suck on this?”

My pulse raced as I hit the send button and the pressure was now on. I had to figure out how to view pictures and delete them before my young daughter showed me how to use the phone. A few minutes passed without a response from Mel.

“Ho hum” I thought to myself as my unsubtle advances had been passed up but at least it allowed me time to wipe any offending material off the phone. With beads of perspiration forming on my brow I managed to master the technology. With a smug smile of self satisfaction I deleted the last of the offending pictures and slumped back in the chair sipping the last of the lukewarm tea from my mug.

I jumped as the phone beeped loudly and jumped across the table.

“OK u r on. Fancy bein kinky?”

“How kinky” was my response.

“Go upstairs, strip off, wait on the bed and wear a blindfold. Use the scarf at the bottom of the stairs.”

“Not kinky enough.” I replied.

“What is kinkist ting u can imagin?”

“You know what I like.”

The responses were coming thick and fast.

“Tell me.”

“What in the shop?”

“I’m in the car. Wet and ready. I’ll be really dirty for u”

“Would you sit on my face?”

We had had a few goes at phone sex but Mel found it a bit silly. Texting seemed to be better and she wasn’t holding back.

“Not kinky enuf.” Came Mel’s reply.

OK, I thought. I’ll go for it big time.

“Why not sit on my face and wank yourself off?”

“Not bad, but dirtier.”

OK, I thought, she’s really up for it today.

“I want you to squat on my face so I can lick your arsehole whilst you fuck yourself with the dildo.”

I clicked send expectantly and was sporting a bulging package of my own.

“OK u r on. u must stay blindfolded and I will do anything u want”

“Anything?” I asked to be sure.

“Yes anything. Get lube”

She could read my mind. Before I could type a reply another message came in.

“Setting off now. B 2 mins. Get ready and no peeking.”

I virtually sprinted up the stairs, closed the curtains, threw off my clothes and lay down on the bed sporting a raging hard on.

I heard a car pull up and the tell tale beeping of my phone echoing in the empty kitchen a few seconds later.

“My God!” I sat bolt upright. I hadn’t remembered the blind fold.

I jumped up and bounded downstairs, my aching cock rapping against my stomach as I ran downwards. I grabbed the scarf and went into the kitchen to read the message.

“I said no peeking. Now put the door on the latch and get upstairs.” She knew me all too well.

“OK. Ready.” I hit the send button, pulled the silken scarf over my eyes and lay on the bed.

I heard the front door open, footsteps coming up the stairs and felt the rush of cool air against my skin as she entered the darkened room.

It is true what they say about senses being heightened when you are robbed of others. I heard a quiet but distinct gasp as she came in saw the state of my throbbing cock nestling right up to my belly button.

I listened intently, trying to pin point her position in the room, hearing faint rustlings of clothing being pendik escort removed.

I was startled by the soft touch of flesh against my lips. Her skin was warm and pliant. I could hear her breathing above me and wondered what was being offered to my mouth. I opened wider as she fed in me more the soft flesh. I ran my tongue across the surface as I realised what she had presented to me.

I circled the rubbery tip with my tongue and the soft flesh responded by stiffening and growing into a stiff nub. I licked my lips and drew down on the soft button, extending it into my mouth and sucking hard. It wrinkled and puckered at the edges as I ran my tongue across the surface.

She gasped as she withdrew, her fully erect nipple popped out of my with a loud pop that echoed around the room. It was longer and thicker than I remembered; perhaps she is really gagging for it today I reasoned.

“That was nice.” I said just as she stuffed her other breast into my mouth. I responded in kind, drawing and sucking that into full erection to join its partner.

She stood back and I listened as she shuffled to my left hand side. I concluded that the remainder of her clothes were being abandoned.

“Good evening dear. Had a hard day?”

She raised my finger to her lips as if to bid me quiet and then led it to her crotch. Her fanny was dripping wet as she guided the tip of my finger carefully along the full length of her slit. She guided it back to her lips and sucked the juices off with gusto. She sucked first one and then two fingers deep into her mouth as if she were blowing me off.

Once wet she guided my fingers back to her snatch, allowing me to insert both fully up to the knuckle. She groaned loudly as I withdrew and stroked her bare pussy lips. Her body jumped as I found her clit and rubbed a generous amount of her come around the engorged button.

“This is new.” I thought to myself. She had only ever shaved her cunt once before. She had moaned that it was uncomfortable and hadn’t bothered since, despite my persistent requests.

I realised that she hadn’t said a word since she came in as she gently pulled my hand away. She climbed on the bed and tucked each on my hands under my backside as she knelt between my open legs. She settled with her head directly above my twitching cock.

With a deep sigh she took my end into her hot mouth sucking in cool air along the sides of the wet surface. I arched my back and pulled my hands out to cup her head into my groin. She lent back, grabbed my hand and gave it a gentle tap as if to say “get off”, before replacing both beneath me.

I got the message, I wasn’t allowed to touch.

She ducked her head back down and went back to work on my aching cock. I expected to feel the soft silk of her hair against my loins but was surprised to realise that it was tied back.

She ran her teeth under the head before pursing her lips and sucking it hard into her moist and wet orifice. She bobbed down, still sucking hard until her mouth hit her fist at the base of my shaft. She sucked so hard that I thought she would suck the come right out of me, there and then.

Drawing upward until the end popped out of her silken lips she then licked and nibbled the tender spot around the eye and head. She finished by swirling her wet tongue over and around the circumference of my bursting end.

She repeated this pattern, mixing and matching between sucking, licking and nibbling at my rock hard dick.

God had her technique improved. I was in ecstasy.

She didn’t like me to cum in her mouth and would always stop short if she sensed me nearing the point of no return.

A strange sound began to attract my attention. It was faint and coming from a point beyond her head and low down. It was the distant and characteristic sound of flesh against flesh.

“My God, she’s having a …..” I thought as she continued to skilfully deliver oral pleasure to my manhood. I could feel the rhythmic vibrations transmitted through her shoulder as she tended to her own needs.

Her breathing altered and she had begun to wank at my cock with her mouth in time with her stroking at her groin. She bobbed her head low and swallowed my tool deep. I gasped and she gagged as my swollen gland hit the back of her throat.

“You’re going to make me cum if you carry on like that.” I panted as she moved her head in tandem with her hands.

I concentrated hard, tried not to cum and to imagine the scene through the confines of my mask. I was amazed at her new found dexterity as I felt her shoulder echo the movement at her dripping snatch.

Her hot breath tumbled over my groin and down my balls as the distinctive sound of beating flesh emerged from under her torso. She whimpered and hummed at my shaft as she sped to her own orgasm, the vibrations sent waves of pleasure flowing though me.

I lifted my butt off the bed and thrust out my hand. I made a grab for the vibrator I had secreted under the pillow.

She paused and tuzla escort gratefully accepted my offering. I listened intently as she adjusted the speed to a steady and loud hum before offering it deftly to her hot and horny twat.

I lay back and concentrated on the changing pitch as she thrust it in and out of herself in tandem with her soft lips over my aching shaft. Her body tensed as the vibro swirled around under her. Her teeth raked at my shaft as she moaned to her first orgasm.

With a fresh enthusiasm she attacked my tool, sucking sharply and manually wanking it roughly. I didn’t know how much longer I would last as I felt the sap rise.

Almost immediately I lost control and began to spurt cum into her warm mouth. She gagged at first but soon recovered and allowed my thick come to spill out and down her fingers, still tugging the flesh up and down. Finally she clamped her mouth at my end and sucked the last few drops out making me twitch and jump involuntarily.

“My God!” Was all I could muster as she hummed in approval at my thick and sticky load. She sat back and moaned softly as, I hoped and imagined, she rubbed my cum into her tits.

I felt the bed bounce as she made her way up the bed and sat with her sopping cunt directly on my mouth. I sniffed deeply, drinking in her scent before baring my tongue and running it along her wide open slit.

“Oh God!” She whispered with a sigh of delight.

Her sex was sweet, her scent musky and heavier than usual. Not that I cared at this point and if anything it turned me on all the more.

With a series of non verbal cues and minor adjustments to her position she directed me to the best spot and rhythm. I steadied myself and lapped with the regularity of an automaton. Back and forth I licked – clit to cunt, cunt to clit with a slow and steady rhythm. She clenched her thighs tighter and tighter on each side of my head as her orgasm approached.

I listened to her soft cries of ecstasy as she faced the wall above the headboard, her hands flat against the wall. As she came her hips bucked forward and thrust her smooth cunt hard down on my throbbing lips.

I heard the tell tale hum of the vibro as she switched it on, lent back and rubbed it down the length of her soft twat. I was beguiled by the changing tone of the tool as she again plunged it in and out of herself.

She had lost her inhibitions and was now living out my deepest and darkest fantasies.

She lent in, allowing her damp cunt again to come into contact with my mouth. I felt the harsh vibrations of the tool anchored to her clit. She wanted me to lick her out whilst she wanked her clit!

I duly obliged as she rocked herself to another louder and longer orgasm. I drank as she gushed her cum in spurts before thrusting my tongue deep into her convulsing tunnel.

She hadn’t said much since she came in but seemed to be more vocal, sexually, and certainly more assertive in demanding my oral attention.

“I want to lick your arse.” I murmured as she swung off my face.

My head rocked as she adjusted herself on the bed. My nostrils flared as she presented her rear end to me. I sensed her hands stretching her butt cheeks wide as she squatted over my face. I pushed my tongue out and met her warm and puckered brown eye.

She had never allowed this before but seemed to be more than willing for me to taste her tangy butt. She gasped and released her hands as my tongue circled her soft and tight inner ring. I heard the vibro fire up and sensed the vibrations of the shaft at her clit as I circled my tongue and drove it as deep into her dark orifice as I could.

Then the buzzing became louder and I felt the vibration all the way through to my teeth as the throbbing object was pushed into her clenching cunt just above my chin. I am not sure which was the loudest, the vibro or the screams of my wife as another yet more intense orgasm gripped her body.

She flopped forward insisting that my tongue, fresh from her arse, re-visited her pulsating cunt as the vibro moved back to her clit. Rotating her hips I registered the noise of the vibro being passed out and over to her backside. She lowered her clit to my probing tongue as she offered the vibrating rod to her wet and waiting arse.

I wished I could see but the sounds were intoxicating enough. I ran my tongue away from her clit and toward the vibrating mass of her cunt and arse. I strained to arch my head back in order to reach the edge of the vibro buried deep in her back passage.

Mel was a gibbering wreck. She sat, squatted over me shaking in a constant and ever lasting orgasm that she seemingly didn’t want to end. She was moaning as if possessed but fell forward desperate to reach my rapidly re-hardening tool.

Oddly enough she fell short, normally we could sixty-nine quite easily and I concluded that her position was stopping her. As she shuffled further forward my mouth disengaged her cunt and I could hear the vibro retreating away from me still buried deep in kartal escort her arse. I felt the warmth of her soft lips engulf my end.

I sensed she was uncomfortable and our geometry seemed all wrong as she swung herself around and over to my side. She sucked my cock hard before straddling my hips.

Again my ears searched for the buzzing sound of the vibro as she shifted positions. I heard the un-muffled hum of the plastic wand as she removed it from her tight and twitching back passage.

She steadied my cock in her hand and lowered herself down, allowing me to enter her right up to the hilt. I felt the intense heat of her body as my thick tool entered her clenching and moist twat.

I felt her ankles against my hips as she rocked back and started to rub the vibro against her tender clit. She came again, throwing her head back and stifling a scream that would have rocked the empty house down.

She moved quickly to adjust her position again, knowing that I could cum at any moment. My cock slapped my stomach as she raised herself up and off my cock.

The bed rocked as she turned. I lay still and hunted for any audible clues as to what might be happening. My head rocked first left and then right as she re-mounted me. With her fist cradling my wet cock she offered it to her hot and waiting hole. With a gasp she lowered herself back onto my shaft, full and at it’s thickest.

I deduced from the sounds of her sighs that must be facing away from me as she reached for the still buzzing toy and offered it to her clit. She spat out a sharp breath as it hit her button. She shuffled her position and the tone of the vibro changed. I felt the sudden waves of pleasure pulsing through the base of my tool buried deep within her.

I tried to contemplate the conflicting signs, I couldn’t comprehend the mixed sensations I was feeling. I was inside of her, yet something was transmitting the vibrations through her body from the inside.

“Oh God, I’m in your arse and you’re wanking yourself with the vibro aren’t you?” I blurted out in realisation.

Mel said nothing but bore down harder on my cock as if to validate my conclusions. I zeroed in on the sensations at the base of my cock, her tight ring contracted and pulsed as the vibrations of the toy sped her towards another and yet more intense orgasm. The vibrations of the toy permeated my ball sack as the hard plastic edge butted against it in turn with her manipulations.

“Oh God I wish I could see this.” I thought but actually said out loud.

Mel was gone, she, and the bed, bounced up and down as she drove down on my cock and thrust the vibro deep into her sopping snatch. All I could hear were faint murmurs and whimpers as my cock and the vibro slid in and out of her in tandem.

I arched my back and thrust my hips upward as I sensed the cum rising in my balls.

My attention and stroke were interrupted by the bleep and buzz of my phone on the bedside table. I decided to ignore it as I found an alternating rhythm, thrusting upwards as she withdrew the hard plastic rod.

My cock seemed to go in deeper and deeper with each upward thrust and Mel, for the first time, seemed to be opening her arse to allow my fullest length.

I was sure but thought I heard the sound of a camera clicking as Mel paused for a brief second on my lap. My phone bleeped again, someone was quite insistent, I reasoned it must be the kids that wanted to be collected but I had more pressing thoughts to deal with.

Mel withdrew the vibro and centred the humming tip at her clit. She was really going for it and bore down on my cock as hard as she could. She stifled another cry as my cock thickened and pumped thick streams of cum deep into her bowels.

No sooner as I had begun to shoot my load she came, her abdominal muscles pulsed and clenched my tool as it spat out the remainder of its salty cargo.

Mel shuddered and I groaned with delight as my cock continued to jerk and jump inside of her.

She lent back and rested for a moment on my chest. I couldn’t put my hand on it but things were different. She felt different, she smelled different. Before I could react she rolled off and lay next to me on the bed.

She pecked me on the lips and chest as she swung and stood. She lent in and kissed my cock, still damp with her cum. She took the tip into her mouth, cleaned it with her soft and wet tongue and sighed contentedly as she stood back up.

I moved my hands upwards to remove the blindfold. Mel grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands back to my sides. She crossed my lips with a finger as if to tell me to lay still.

“Thanks love, if you get the kids I’ll get the supper ready later.” I said as I heard the rustle of clothes hastily being replaced.

She lent in one final time to kiss my lips before she left. I could smell our sex on her breath and her scent as it pervaded the room in her wake. I listened as she trotted down the stairs, opened the door, left and started the car.

My phone buzzed and beeped and I remembered the earlier beeping that almost interrupted our sex session. As I lifted the blindfold I noticed the flashing blue light illuminating the darkened room, indicating that I had an unread message.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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