My Niece Simone Ch. 10

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Author’s note: Ok. It’s been a long time; I know. I lost my editor… life happens… and haven’t been able to find one that clicks with me. So, this one is self-edited; not a good thing. Please forgive if there are glaring plot mishaps. Comments welcomed, and please vote. All right reserved.


I sipped on my Scotch and continued to let the movie play, turning the volume up enough so that she could hear it as I knew it would tease her even more. After several minutes I disappeared into the kitchen, and then snuck back to her door to listen in, expecting Rita to be masturbating quietly. I was quite surprised to hear her snoring. I shut the TV down, and headed off to bed myself, setting my alarm so that I would be up first.

After a couple of hits of the snooze button, I was out of bed at 7. Smiling to myself with my wicked thoughts, my cock was already twitching. I quietly approached Rita’s doorway and peeked in. She was still asleep, but, in tossing and turning through the night, she had pushed the covers back and was completely exposed. She was lying on her back, with her legs spread a bit, and her arms tucked under her pillow. The harem top had shifted during the night, allowing her boobs to be fully exposed, as if the harem material hid anything in the first place. I contemplated where to take the current situation. I remembered drifting off to sleep with fantasies of tying Rita up while she slept, but I rejected that for the time being, saving it for later in her visit. I also contemplated walking in and plunging my cock deep into her open pussy, ravaging her in her sleep. Again, I chose to save that option for later.

I also contemplated leaving her alone and heading off to work, to see if she obeyed my orders of no masturbation without permission. I knew I could check up on her remotely, as I had already wired my place for remote monitoring of the many miniature video cams that I had placed strategically for security purposes. The idea of catching her breaking the rules and having to punish her had some appeal. I dismissed that thought as I had realized the night before from her response that she was looking forward to being punished, and would obviously disobey me at some point as part of our sexual games.

While I contemplated my options, I admired Rita. Here was a lady in her early fifties, displaying the wonders of modern health care, or rather modern ‘body enhancement.’ At 5′ 8″, Rita had always had a slim body, and was blessed with genes that helped her maintain her sleekness through the years. With the addition of Henry’s largesse on her doctors, her now sculpted body appeared to be one of a thirty-year-old. And while I had always considered Rita as sexy, she had now ascended to the image of sex goddess. Even though she was lying on her back, her breasts mounded pleasantly and attractively on her chest, unlike some of the obscene breast enhancement jobs seen in porno movies. Her nipples, although not as hard as they were the previous night during our erotic interlude, stood atop her breasts begging for attention. Even though Rita had had two kids her abdomen was flat and firm, and any stretch marks were barely visible.

My eyes drifted lower to her teasingly displayed pussy. She was completely shaved, and her pussy lips only hinted at the enjoyment offered through a deeper exploration of that region. And that was when I made my decision.

Rita was still sound asleep as her breathing was steady and deep, accented by an occasional snore. I moved to the foot of Rita’s bed quietly, and carefully spread her legs wide. She twitched once, but resettled into sleep once I had her legs spread wide. Her pussy lips were slightly engorged, but remained closed protecting her most intimate parts. I carefully kneeled on the bed between her legs. Minimizing my movement, I reached up to her nipples and started caressing them lightly with my fingertips. I was hoping to arouse her sexuality without awakening her; at least not yet. I continued to stroke her nipples lightly and patiently, knowing that arousal would come slowly. After several minutes of sensual ministrations her buds became noticeably larger giving me the telltale sign of her arousal.

I slid my left hand lower on her body, as my right hand alternated attention between her nipples. I sensually dragged my forefinger across her belly button, lingering a moment to tease and explore this oft forgotten erogenous zone. After a few seconds at this way stop, my finger continued its southward journey, soon finding her well protected slit. I took a moment and lubricated my finger with my saliva, and started caressing the outer lips of her love channel, teasing them open. I continued to caress her nipples and pussy lips, carefully monitoring her breathing to ensure her continued sleep. My cock was hard by now, hoping, with its usual independent mind to follow my fingers in exploring Rita’s sexuality. Years of fantasizing about this particular woman pushed my erotic thoughts into near Esenyurt escort overload. All of my fantasies of Rita had long since been filed in the “Great fantasies never to be enjoyed” drawer, yet here she was splayed out in front of me to do with as I chose, not only this morning, but for the next couple weeks. I could feel the pre-cum on my penis, even though I had paid it no attention whatsoever.

I continued to caress her most intimate regions while teasing her nipples. My patient effort was eventually rewarded with her arousal. Her outer pussy lips became engorged with blood, and slowly opened themselves to my probing fingers. I found her clit and teased it with light caresses. I lowered my finger to her opening and felt the first hints of moistness. I continued to alternate my caressing of her opening and her clit, wanting to stimulate full arousal without waking her up. After a few more minutes, I had her in a reasonable state of arousal, as juices were soon leaking out of her pussy.

At that point, I turned up my attention level by leaning over and bring my mouth to her pussy. She smelled delightful, and I wasted no more time, planting my mouth on her pussy with my tongue finding her clit. I teased her clit with my tongue, feeling it harden. After a few minutes of licking, I sucked it between my teeth, and started nibbling lightly. From the sound of her breathing, I was pretty sure she was still asleep. But, when she spread her legs more, I looked up and checked. Her eyes were still closed, and she hadn’t changed position, but I had no real clue whether she had awakened or was still in a deep sleep. Not that it mattered.

It wasn’t much longer before her juices were flowing, exciting my taste buds even more. I slid my hand under her nice tight ass, and pulled my mouth tighter against her cunt, plunging my tongue deep into her now welcoming love hole. I fucked her with my tongue a few strokes, and then lapped at her clit. It wasn’t much longer before I could hear her moaning in excitement. I didn’t even bother to check on her wakefulness. It wasn’t much longer before her sleep or pretend sleep came to an end.

My tongue was buried deep in her pussy when she moaned, “Oh, god, don’t stop. That’s feels so good. Suck on my pussy. Oh, yeah, push your tongue in deep.” I did as she asked, allowing her to experience this wake up call any way she desired. I wasn’t disappointed.

“Oh, yeah,” she continued. “Now, suck on my clit!” I did as she asked finding it larger and harder than before. I pulled it between my teeth and nibbled. “Fuck, yes! Don’t stop. Oh, fuuuuuck. I’m cumming!” she screamed drenching me with love juices and creating a large wet spot on the bed.

I slowly relaxed my attention, and while she was recovering, I left the room, and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. A few minutes later, I heard the toilet flush, and Rita joined me in the kitchen, her face still flushed from her recent orgasm, and her harem outfit still clinging akimbo to her neck and waist. She came up to me and started to give me a peck on the cheek. I turned to face her, and our mouths met. Our tongues joined each other in an all out deep kiss. With some token of guilt, I reminded myself fleetingly that this was my cousin, as if a French kiss was more incestuous than what we had already done together. After a lengthy tongue dance, we pulled apart. Rita looked up at me, and whispered as if to keep it a secret, “Thanks for that awesome wake up call! What a great way to start a day.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome, but don’t count on that every morning.”

Rita plopped down in one of the dining room chairs, responding, “Oh, heavens no. That would be way too boring.”

“Oh, so I was boring this morning?” I looked at her with mixture of anger and curiosity with her answer.

Rita quickly waved her arms in denial. “Oh, no, no, no! You weren’t boring at all. What I was trying to say, is that with our combined imaginations and unsatisfied fantasies to draw from, I anticipate we have lots of different things to experience while I’m here, and I hope to have as raunchy a time here as possible.”

“Well, we’ll have to work on that, won’t we? I certainly hope that last night was a pretty good start?”

“It was a great start! I only hope that when I tell you my fantasy that you will find it as erotic as I found yours. Your story got me really turned on. Of course, the smoke didn’t hurt any! But I have to tell you, I am still horny. Even after last night and this morning, I’m still horny. My pussy is begging to be filled with cock.” She laughed and asked, “So, what is the plan for the day?”

“Well, I have to go to work for a while, but I scribbled down a couple of websites for you to check out. Both focus on things to do here in Seattle. But, as you’ll find out, one is for normal tourists and the other focuses on the seedier side of life.”

“Ooooh. Sounds like fun!”

“Oh, and a couple more things,” I added. Esenyurt escort Bayan “Be careful on the one web site. There are several links that will require money to proceed, so be careful. I’m sure that you brought some sex toys. Please unpack them and have them out for my review when we get together later this afternoon. Oh, and, um, I don’t want you to masturbate until after I get home this afternoon. Can you handle that?”

Rita bushed and flashed me a pout, but answered, “I suppose. I wouldn’t want to get punished on my first day here, now would I? Oh, and don’t worry, I’m well aware of the many scams on the internet, and I maintain the highest levels of security on my laptop.”

I went and got dressed, prepared to head into the office. As I came out of my room, Rita grabbed me, and started yet another round of soul kissing, reaching down between us to cop a feel of my already reacting cock. After an enjoyable kiss, I finally pushed her away and headed out the door.

I got to my office and connected to my office intranet and the internet. As fast as I could I opened a window to monitor activities at my house, setting up a hot key so that I could hide it if anybody dropped by. I had gotten through my emails and telephone calls before any action started at my house. Rita had started unpacking her suitcases. The resolution wasn’t all that great, but from what I could tell, her wardrobe started at slutty and went downhill from there, although she had a couple pair of nice jeans for regular stepping out clothes. Things got a lot more interesting when she started on her second bag, which turned out to be full of toys; sex toys. She had dildos, vibrators, plugs, oils and lubes, nipple clamps, blindfolds, bondage gear, whips, and assorted other paraphernalia. She turned my spare room into a veritable sex toy store. I had realized her suitcase had been heavy when I lugged it up the stairs. Little did I realize what I was carrying?

After Rita finished unpacking her suitcase, I figured she was done when she left the room. On my other cams, I observed her entering the bathroom. Several minutes later she returned to the bedroom, and I watched as she contemplated her toy collection. I watched a she picked up some nipple clamps. I had already fantasized about using those clamps on Rita’s nipples, but I was blown away when she attached the clamps to her nipples. With the reduced resolution of the netcam, I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw her wince in pain as she screwed down the thumbwheel on the clamps. Next, she picked up one of her dildos and moved to the bed. Realizing that she intended to masturbate, I quickly closed the door to my office, and settled in to enjoy the show, as fuzzy as it was.

I knew she was horny when I had left that morning, but I hadn’t realized how horny. Rita wasted no time once she was on the bed. She quickly spread her legs, and after only a stroke or two along her pussy slit, she slid the dildo into her cunt. Within seconds, she was pumping hard into her pussy, obviously giving herself the fucking she had been desperate for since the evening before. Within a minute or two, she was thrashing on the bed in obvious orgasmic delight.

As Rita lay there recovering from her self-induced orgasm, I shut the cam down and returned to my work duties, while my mind contemplated the right punishment for later. I wondered if Rita wanted to get caught or was really hoping to have done it in secret. Not that it mattered; I knew, and she would receive an appropriate punishment.

Next, I called Simone to find out her plans for the day. She was just waking up; must be nice I thought to myself. We both laughed, realizing that in the excitement of the previous evening, we hadn’t coordinated plans for the day. It didn’t take long to decide that she would call Rita and make plans for shopping in the afternoon or whatever girls do together, and then meet for dinner. Simone promised she’d invite Anna to join us. I didn’t tell Simone about the events of the previous evening or the morning, figuring it would self reveal at an appropriate or inappropriate time.

As I worked through the afternoon, I had a tough time focusing on my work. Fortunately, most of what I had to do was mind-numbing, so my ongoing contemplation of what I was going to do over these next few days with Rita, Simone, and Anna didn’t keep me from working. My thoughts did keep my cock hard, as I wondered where Simone would take Rita shopping, and just how hot their afternoon might be. As horny as Rita was when I left her, I knew Simone’s phone calls would come up in the conversation, and I was confidant that Simone would break down and tell her about at least one of them. Which would most likely lead to both have them having very wet pussies by the time I met with them for dinner.

When I walked in the door, Simone and Rita were already lounging in the living room smoking a joint. Both were wearing light peignoirs, and as best I could Escort Esenyurt tell, nothing else. They both jumped up to hug me giving me a delightful view of their bouncing boobs.

Rita whispered in my ear, “I didn’t masturbate just like you said, but I have had several orgasms today. My pussy is dripping wet. And, by the way, so is Simone’s.”

I brought my lips to hers, and instantly her tongue was dancing with mine. My hand slid down to her ass. Grabbing it, I pulled her hard up against me. She moaned as I held her tight.

“What about me?” Simone said, interrupting us. “Do I get a hug, too?”

We broke our kiss, and I turned and pulled Simone’s face to mine, giving her the same treatment. I grabbed her ass as well and thanked my lucky stars for the benefit of two gorgeous female creatures to play with. Finally, we broke our kiss, and I asked them about their day, specifically asking how Rita had her orgasms. They both giggled at my question, but neither seemed forthcoming in telling me what happened.

When I asked why they wouldn’t tell me, they both said they would after Anna got there. Simone explained, “Look, Bob. We are going to have an orgy tonight. That’s obvious. And since we have all already submitted our sexuality to you, we’ve decided to turn the tables around, if you’ll let us. I want to be in control tonight, and I want all three of you submissive to me. Will you go along with that? Please!”

I knew instantly that I would agree, but I hesitated in answering, wanting to watch her stew a bit in nervousness. Finally, I nodded my head in acquiescence. “I am your servant for the evening, mistress,” I responded.

Simone jumped in joy. “Thanks. I assume that I now have full control of Rita, as well. Right?”

I looked over at Rita, as I remembered what permissions her husband had given me. Rita smiled, and barely nodded, indicating her desire to yield to Simone. “Yes, of course,” I added.

“Good. Until Anna arrives with supper, I suggest we relax and get stoned. And Bob, I suggest you take one of those blue pills I know you have in your medicine cabinet. We will want your cock hard all evening.”

We were finishing our second bowlful when Anna arrived with supper, having stopped to buy Chinese take-out. Even before we had our first bite, Simone informed her of the situation for the evening, and asking if Anna would submit to her for the evening.

“Absolutely!” she responded. “Whatever you want?”

At that point we settled back and ate dinner. Anna took several tokes while eating, trying to catch up with the rest of us. Of course, we didn’t let her smoke alone, so we all were getting pretty wasted. After dinner Rita and Simone picked up. As they were cleaning the dishes, Anna complained that she seemed to be overdressed compared to the barely-there outfits being flaunted by the other two.

Simone laughed, and then whispered something into Rita’s ear, before ordering both of them to the bedroom to find something more appropriate for Anna to wear. When they were both gone, Simone came over to me, and sat in my lap, rubbing against my semi-hard cock. After giving me another deep kiss, she said, “Thanks for letting me take control. Ever since I knew that Dad had turned Rita into a cum-slut, I have wanted her as my toy, but obviously I couldn’t do that at home. Now, I can. As you know, this will be my first real dominant role. I sure hope I do okay.”

I reassured her she’d do fine. Besides, I told her, it’s her scene and whatever she did was for her own enjoyment in the end. She gave me another kiss, and added, “I can’t wait to have Rita eat my pussy, while you’re fucking her!”

“I like,” I responded.

Several minutes later, Rita and Anna reentered the living room. Anna was now wearing a black leather bra and panties outfit with a dog collar to match. The bra was open in the front, which allowed her nipples to be full exposed. Rita had attached two nipple clamps to the nipples with a chain between them. The panties were crotchless, and her pubes were already swollen from excitement. A leash was connected to the collar, and Rita handed the leash over to Simone.

“Is she wet?” Simone asked.

“Oh, yes, mistress, she is most definitely aroused.”

“Good. Now then go kneel between Bob’s legs, take out his cock and suck on him to get him hard.”

Rita did as ordered, and within a few stroke she had my cock at full attention. Simone had her stop, and then had us all sit down, after which she had Rita describe their shopping trip of the afternoon.

“We went to this little strip mall to a store called The Secret Affair. Simone had told me she was dying to go check it out, but wanted female company as a wing woman. Anyway, when we went in, we quickly realized that it was a high-end sex boutique with an emphasis in B and D gear, although not exclusively. That is where we bought the outfit Anna is now wearing. We both expected a lecherous man to be the clerk but were pleasantly surprised to find out the store was staffed by two women. One was dressed in a leather body suit that barely covered her crotch and emphasized her abundant bosom. The other clerk, a young girl was dressed in a harem outfit that left little to the imagination, although her panties did hide her pussy.

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