My Older Neighbour Showed Me

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I could hear Mrs Brown’s muffled cry of pleasure through the glass, and she was looking directly at me when she started to cum. The boy’s cock rammed into her as she was sitting on the worktop, thighs apart, he was standing between them, his naked ass pumping away.

I was transfixed for a moment, before I jumped back from the kitchen window, and rushed back home.

I’d been suspicious about the young lad creeping down the side of the Brown’s house. The Browns’ lived opposite me, and I was home from uni for the summer. I was thinking the young lad might be a burglar.

Having seen him fucking Mrs Brown I knew there must be another story. The whole thing seemed bizarre.

Mrs Brown was certainly an attractive woman. A tall blonde, with a very sexy, curvy figure, and she was of a similar age to my parents.

Her husband was in a job that took him away from home for weeks at a time, and there had been occasions when I’d seen her through her bedroom curtains, and had a bit of a perve.

Back in my house I carefully watched from our lounge window, and saw the young lad leave Mrs Brown’s about five minutes later. He was definitely about my age, and I thought to myself, ‘what a lucky sod.’

But then I got the surprise of my life. As the lad disappeared down the road, Mrs Brown stuck her head through her part open front door, looking directly across the road at my house. Hesitating for a few seconds, she closed her door, and crossed the road to my house.

Within seconds of her ringing the bell. I opened the door.

“Are you alone Dan?” Mrs Brown looked absolutely petrified.

When I nodded, and said, “Yes,” she looked nervously up and down the street, and asked, “Can I come in, I need to explain.”

I opened the door wider, and she stepped inside.

“Come through to the kitchen Mrs Brown, mum and dad are out all day, at work.”

“For god’s sake call me Eve, Dan,” she said hurriedly, then after a pause continued, “look Dan, I just don’t know what you must think of me. What you saw…it was just an impulse thing.”

“Mrs Brown, I mean Eve, it’s ok, I’m cool, it’s your life. I just thought it might be a burglar.”

“Thank you, but I feel I need to explain, Bill’s been away a lot, I went online, and got chatting to this lad. Well one thing led to another and…well…I’m so sorry you had to see it.”

Eve burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably, and I was unsure what to do. I put my hand on her shoulder to show her that I sympathised, and she clung to me, hugging me.

It felt really awkward, me eighteen, holding this woman in her fifties, that I’d just seen having sex.

“You won’t tell Bill, or your parents will you?”

I held Eve in front of me, looking at tears running down her face. “I won’t tell anyone, I promise, I guess Bill being away makes life lonely, I’m sure you need a few hugs.”

“Thank you so, so much Dan, you’re really sweet. Please forgive me for being so awful. When I’ve calmed down, come over, and have coffee and a chat, will you?”

“Of course, when you’re ready, just yell out.”

Eve stepped back, and turned to go, “Ok Dan, I will, soon, when I’ve sorted my head out.”

To my surprise the ‘soon’ became the next day.

After Eve had left, I went into fantasy mode, and that evening I’d gone up to my room, and on my bed I had slowly masturbated.

I was an ‘almost’ virgin. I’d studied so hard to get to uni, I’d never had time for girls, except Lois, a girl I’d met on holiday with my parents last year. We were both shy, and it was only on the last day that we’d had fumbled sex, which had been a bit of a disaster.

So when the next morning I was out front, checking my old bike over, Mrs Brown, or Eve, shouted over, “Did I want that coffee?” I said I’d be over in five minutes, after I’d washed my hands.

Suddenly, I felt incredibly nervous, what on earth was I doing, visiting a neighbour who I’d seen having sex twenty four hours before.

My fears, or fantasies, were confirmed as soon as Mrs Brown opened the front door. She’d obviously changed her dress from five minutes before, because it was now one that showed off her cleavage, and was quite short, showing her tanned bare skin.

“Hi Dan, thanks for coming, I just didn’t want yesterday to put you off.

I don’t know what you Kurtköy Escort must think of me.”

I struggled to find a lucid reply, “Well…don’t worry…I mean…I won’t say anything, Mrs Brown.”

“Thank you so much Dan…please, I told you… call me Eve.”

I followed her into the kitchen, trying not to look at the place where I’d watched her being fucked. She made two cups of coffee in her machine, and we sat on stools on opposite sides of the breakfast bar.

Whether it was deliberate or not, Eve seemed to display her cleavage by leaning forward every few minutes, to sip her coffee.

I did my best to engage in the conversation, and Eve could see that I was nervous. She asked me about uni, and stuff about my family, she told me about her husband Bill, working away for five or six weeks at a time. That had been going on for the last ten years, and their marriage had suffered. She sort of offered it as an excuse, but I was careful not to get back onto the subject of catching her out.

“Of course, I not only miss having Bill around, but I don’t get all those little jobs around the house done, that men do. like the curtain rail in the bathroom hanging off at the moment!”

“Do you want me to look at it?” I said spontaneously, just trying to be helpful.

“Would you? that would be brilliant. Leave the coffee here, just have a look at it, you may need some screwdrivers, or tools, Bill has a load in the garage.”

I followed Eve upstairs, trying hard not to stare at her shapely calves, and as we entered the bathroom Eve groaned slightly, and rushed to pick up some lingerie which was lying on the floor.

“Oh gosh, sorry, it’s a bit of a mess.”

I looked at the curtain rail, and saw that it just needed tightening, but as I was reaching up, and balancing one hand on the window sill, my hand knocked against what I thought was an electric toothbrush. To Eve’s horror, and to my amusement, it was her vibrator.

“Oh shit,” Eve was mortified, “God Dan, I’m really embarrassing myself with you, I’m so sorry.”

She quickly grabbed it, and rushed out with the vibrator hidden in the panties she had picked up off the floor.

I met her on the landing, as she emerged from her bedroom. I had a half smile, but Eve was still apologising.

“It only needs a few turns on the screwdriver,” I followed her back downstairs.

Eve didn’t know what to say, so she changed the subject.

“I’ve got a pack of screwdrivers here, why don’t you see if you can fix it, and I’ll make another cup of coffee.”

It only took a few minutes to get that done, and soon I was rejoining her in the kitchen.

“Let’s take these into the lounge Dan, are you ok for time? I don’t want to take you away from other stuff?”

“I’m doing nothing today,” I replied, “mum and dad are out so my time’s my own”

We sat on the sofa, and Eve apologised yet again.

“God, I’m sorry about all that, it seems you know more about my sex life than Bill, fuck, that’s an awful thing to say, but it’s true.”

I said nothing, but just smiled.

“I’ve just thought, you’re always on your computer, I see you in your bedroom, across the road, and you kids know everything about phones and stuff. I’ve just got a tablet, and I’m really not sure about using all these app things, I want to set up a banking app, would you help me?”

“Of course, but you’ll probably need a pen and paper, and your cards, or bank details.”

Eve disappeared, and came back with the tablet, a file of papers and her cards.

Sitting down beside me, she opened up her tablet with her thumb print, and passed it to me. I started to put the name of her bank into the search engine, and immediately brought up a list of recent websites she had been on.

“I think we’ll pass over those,” I giggled, when I saw the names of various porn sites.

“Oh Jesus, Dan, what must you be thinking of me, fuck, I’m so awful aren’t I?”

I chuckled, “I think it’s funny, we must all look at porn even if we are much older, Oh god, I didn’t mean it like that, you being older…oh shit.”

We both burst out laughing, and Eve gripped my arm and said, “Thank you for being grown up…and I’m not that old!” and playfully punched me on the arm.

It took a little while to sort the banking app out, Maltepe Escort and I had to keep looking away while various passwords, and details were logged in. All the while I was conscious of Eve’s body pressed up to me, the smell of her perfume, and occasionally her hair flicking onto my shoulder or upper arm.

Eventually it was all done, and we both breathed a sigh of relief.

“You must be careful with those passwords, and take care who is around if you use that app on your phone.”

“That was brilliant, thank you so much,” she said.

Eve leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

I must have blushed a bit, which prompted the next question.

“Do you have a girlfriend Dan?”

“Er no, I don’t get a lot of time for that, what with studying, and my sport.”

Eve must have sensed my self consciousness about the topic of girls.

“So have you ever had a proper girlfriend, I mean a proper one, you know, who you’ve slept with?”

I was quiet for a moment, and Eve knew she’d hit a raw spot, “Oh I’m sorry, god, I shouldn’t be so nosey.”

“No, that’s ok. I met a girl last year, on holiday with mum and dad. She was cool, but I made a bit of a mess of it.”

I saw that Eve was curious to know why. “The last night we sort of had sex on the beach, but it was pretty disastrous.”

Eve sympathetically said, “Oh,” adding, “so you’re almost a virgin, Dan.”

“I guess so, a bit slow in that department!”

Eve was still sitting very close to me, her thigh up against my leg. I had been aware of my cock being slightly aroused while we had been sorting the banking app, but now it had started to be a bit more troublesome.

Thinking back she must have known exactly that.

“I’m sorry, I’ve probably been teasing you a bit, I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

The word ‘uncomfortable,’ was almost an innuendo. Did she mean in the sense of feeling awkward about confessing to my failure on holiday, or did she mean physically compromised because of the bulge that was appearing in my shorts?

I soon knew it was the latter.

I saw, almost in slow motion, Eve’s hand press down onto my erection, and squeeze gently.

“My teasing must have done this?”

Was that a question, or a statement? She saw me close my eyes briefly, and heard me sigh. As I offered no resistance, or indeed, no reply, her other hands combined to unzip me.

Delicately, one hand held my shorts open, and her other set of fingers carefully hooked my cock out through the fly of my boxers.

“My word, that’s a lovely cock.”

Already it was seeping precum, and my whole body was tense trying to come to terms with this woman teasing my cock. The whole situation seemed charged with sexual tension. Whatever she had planned, it had to be quick.

Eve knew exactly what was going to happen, she had, in a way, got me to this point, and as she gently massaged me, I began to cum. Great squirts of semen shot upwards, and everywhere. Over my shorts, over her dress, and then pumping a continuous flow over her fingers, and hands. I remember subconsciously thinking about her husband Bill, as my spunk dribbled over her wedding ring.

Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I muttered.

“Don’t be silly, I did this, I knew you’d cum, don’t worry about it, it happens.”

As I sank back in the seat, Eve used tissues to soak up as much of the mess as possible.

“Look, get those shorts off, I’ll put them in the machine, you can have a pair of Bill’s until they’re dry, go upstairs, and have a shower, you know where the bathroom is.”

Obediently I took them off, and went upstairs in my boxers. My mind was confused, but once I was under the warm water I just felt more relaxed, and slightly shocked by what had just happened.

I had the water as hot as I could, and soaping my body, the shower was wonderful, and steamy. So steamy that when I felt Eve’s hand on my back it startled me for a second.

She turned me to face her. “I needed to wash your spunk off too,” she laughed.

I looked at her body, her breasts, her nipples, her shaved pussy.

“Go on, you can touch,” she said, smiling. “Here, squirt some gel on me.”

She offered me the squeeze bottle, and I began to smooth the gel onto her breasts. I wanted to feel Tuzla Escort the whole of her body, it looked so perfect. She turned around, and I ran my hands down her spine. It made her moan out loud which surprised me, and what also surprised me was that my cock was stiffening again.

Turning back round to face me, Eve took the initiative and began to soap me. She soon discovered the beginnings of my arousal.

“Surprise, surprise, I wondered if that would happen. Right now you need to listen to me young Dan. Wash these suds off, and go and get yourself dry in my bedroom, there’s a towel on the rack just there. I’m gonna finish off here.”

I did exactly as I was told, I got the towel, and went to Eve’s bedroom. Standing there in the middle of the room, I could see directly across the road into my bedroom, and only now could I appreciate the view, I’d got from time to time, of Eve in this room.

I was nearly dry when Eve entered from the bathroom. She was very explicit in what she wanted me to do.

“Lay yourself down on the bed, and watch me dry off. I think we need to give you some lessons in making love!”

The whole situation seemed bizarre, me naked on the bed, watching a very sexy older woman preparing to have sex with me.

Eve dropped the towel, and came and sat beside me on the bed.

“Dan, will you let me show you?”

“Yes, Eve, I’ll try my best.”

“Now stop that!… no trying…just relax, let me do everything.”

I lay back, my cock was now semi erect, and Eve was about to make it harder. We hadn’t even kissed yet, and I watched as she leaned over and took me in her mouth.

Eve’s strategy was cleverly worked out, and pretty quickly I was rigid.

“That’s a good boy, that’s quite something, now I keep saying it…relax!”

Eve raised herself up, and lifted her leg over my legs, and shuffled herself astride my hips. I realised that I was holding my breath as her fingers adjusted my cock to line up with her pussy.

Slowly, she lowered herself down.

The sensation of being inside Eve felt intense, “Oh god Eve, oh wow, that’s so good.”

“Stay still Dan, just let me do the moving.”

We stayed still for minutes, while I gathered my self control. Looking up, I saw this woman, fondling her own breasts, pinching her own nipples, watching my face for any reaction.

My eyes were fixed on Eve’s, and half a smile flitted across her face, as eventually she raised her hips slightly. Her pussy was gripping my cock, but I was calm, and in the zone.

Eve was not seeking self satisfaction. I was her pupil, so when she began to move she was looking for signs of strength in me. As she began to rise and fall though, I felt relaxed, and in control.

Both of us were breathing audibly, Eve quietly murmuring, and I was excited by seeing her aroused. Her ability to manage my self control was slipping away, which strangely strengthened my resolve.

When I heard Eve mutter under her breath, “Godddd…Dan!” I took the initiative. Bucking my hips upwards, I tipped Eve onto her side, still inside her, before rolling her underneath me.

“Dan, Dan, are you sure? stay calm…slow down…oh god, oh…go on…fuck me.”

Eve’s pussy was oozing juices as I started to fuck her in earnest. Pounding into her, she had abandoned all pretence of holding back. Her hands grabbed at me, her legs wrapped around my waist.

I’d won my own personal battle, and knew that Eve couldn’t stop her own journey. I saw the expression on her face that I’d seen before in her kitchen. I’d suddenly gained all the confidence in the world.

I slowed, and thrust deeply, holding her at the very edge of her orgasm. Her breathing was now in short gasps, punctuated with the repeated cries of, “Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…” and then a much longer, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…goddddddddd…” as she started to cum.

Her fingers were now gripping my upper arms, her lower body shuddering, and briefly lifting me upwards off the bed.

“Oh fucking hell Dan,” was all she could manage, as she collapsed under me, her pleasure finally released.

But a broad smile lit up her face, as she saw my expression change. I’d let go, and my cock began to spurt spunk deep inside her. Eve’s pussy was still convulsing slightly, as it was filled by my semen.

I stayed inside her, both our bodies, glazed in perspiration, and the heat and wetness at the very centre of us.

“Oh god Dan, that was so fucking good, you’ve finally gained your stripes.”

All I replied was, “Thank you Eve, that was my first real time.”

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