My One and only MMF Experience

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“Get your ass up, we’re going to Topanga’s,” I said to my college housemate Cody.

“Nope,” he replied, not taking his eyes off that very captivating game of NHL 97.

“Turn that shit off. Get your ass up. We’re going now,” I insisted.

“Nope,” Cody snapped, cruising Teemu Selänne up the ice.

“Oh yeah?” I said and pulled out a huge bottle of Bankers Club rum I had with me.

“Yep,” Cody flipped like a switch.

Cody jumped up, shut off the PlayStation, not even bothering to quit or save, and we were off. Topanga lived about a 10 minute walk away, so we were there in no time. We stopped to pick up a sleeve of Coke while we were out.

Oh Bankers Club rum, it was always Cody’s weak spot. Ugh, if I even smelled that shit today, I don’t know if I could keep from puking. Cody couldn’t turn it down though. Although most of the people in our lives at the time were assholes, he was one of the good ones. Kind of a chaotic-good type of personality.

He had grown up in a small town and had been a very straight laced kid. But he was also a closet badass. He had been a wrestler all through high school and never gave a shit about throwing down with whoever. I watched him on multiple occasions take down far bigger and taller people with ease. But unfortunately, as he’d explain it, he was so obsessed with keeping his weight down, that he never had any early exposure to partying. Now when he gets to college and has no rules, he went absolutely berserk. He was an absolute wild man with the booze.

But he wasn’t a jerk. I don’t think I’ve met any other men who have a higher sense of empathy than he does. Plus, he had this Carl Rogers-like gift of getting people to talk and disclose. He could have been an incredible psychologist. At the time though, he barely had a recordable GPA. The semester after this story, he dropped out and enrolled at a much smaller state school. It did worlds of good for him. He calmed down, got his shit together, and graduated with ease. He probably makes six figures at a business consulting company.

One last thing about Cody. If you knew him, hell even if you didn’t, you had seen his cock. Or should I say, monster cock. Jesus Mary and Joseph, this dude has a true horse dick. I was honestly shocked to see it the first time. I always thought I was pretty big (an honest 6″, no bone-press bologna, and 5.75″ around), but no, I am most definitely in the “nice” range. Cody comes down from the shower, you’re getting a dick flash. You’re in the middle of beer pong, Cody’s dick’s out. Playing circle of death with the ladies, Cody’s dick’s out. What’s that sound outside the window? Coty’s dick pressed against the glass. Drunk, sober, morning, night, Cody’s dick’s out. It had grown so normal to me that I barely noticed.

So, back to the moment… The only reason I was going over was to hook her up with some cash. Topanga wasn’t a drug dealer, but she smoked a lot and knew someone who knew someone. Whenever any of us needed some pot, we’d call her and she’d ask for a bit more next time she was re-upping for herself.

I liked Topanga. Obviously she got the nickname because she looked a lot like Danielle Fishel in her Boy Meets World phase. Mix her with Candace Cameron Bure’s DJ Tanner from Full House and you’d have her completely. Definitely more cute/quirky, and trending on the chubby side. She had an explosive, hyperactive way of talking which could get annoying over time. She also had a bit of a “trashy” vibe to her. Crude, in-you-face, slutty, but at the same time, kind and generous. In M/F/K, she was a Fuck, Kill, Marry.

So we get to Topanga’s and get right to it. Big cups of rum and Cokes, and for she and I, bong after bong. She had a big, badass RooR and pretty much used it exclusively at home. Cody didn’t smoke, so all the more for us. Either way, we were all rip roaring in no time.

I can’t really remember too much about our early conversation that night. Cody had everyone yucking it up. He doesn’t smoke, but Topanga and I were laughing our asses off. Occasionally she and I take a break to go on her balcony for a cigarette. I never picked up the habit, but will never turn one down while drinking.

I remember wondering, “Damn, what is it with Topanga tonight.” She had braided pigtails in her hair tonight, which wasn’t unheard of, just unusual. She’d tend to do that if there was an event or a party. She said it kept the hair off her face and neck, but my guess was that she liked to look naughty. I remember she had a black Ramones tank top and cut off shorts. It gave her that crazy combination of badass, cute, and slutty. Needless to say, my eyes were all over her.

Because of her naturally boisterous personality, it was hard to tell if she was being flirty, but sex had already come up a couple of times. Cody had gotten her to tell us a story of her dad walking in while she was giving a blowjob. Ugh, the thought of her sucking a cock was a huge turn on.

Later on, Topanga brought up a sexy dream I had about her. My dickhole friends had spilled the beans to her marmaris escort about it one night. I guess Cody hadn’t heard the story, so I quickly retold it. It had started off with her inexplicably sitting on my lap on her couch. After claiming that it was hot, she decided to take off her shirt, but of course, in a dream, had no bra on. She started to feel me get hard and decided to pull my shorts off and ride me. I startled awake before the end, so I never got to experience the finish (which is typical for my dreams).

“Mmm… Any more?” Topanga asked with a smile. Honestly, she had “that” look. That hungry look.

I don’t know if Cody noticed it or not, but he definitely seemed to be reeling her in. More and more it was just sex. What she liked, who she had been with, how often she would masturbate. She didn’t seem flustered though, heck, she seemed to be enjoying it.

Now the topics of dicks had come up. I happened to mention something like, “Well, everyone’s seen Cody’s dick.”

“What?!? I never have,” spouted Topanga. This seemed unbelievable to me. How over the last year or so had she not seen it? Literally half of campus had.

“Oh please,” I sneered.

“What the fuck!” she shouted, seeming honestly bewildered.

“Well, he’s certainly going to take it out now!” I replied.

“Nope.” Cody responded quickly. “It’s a secret.”

Secret my ass! Ah, but that was his game, pull it off the table just when there is peak interest.

“Please!” Topanga pleaded. “Come on, if everyone has, why can’t I?”

“Oh Christ…” I muttered.

This teasing went on for a while, but for now Cody wouldn’t relent. This was the kind of stuff he got a kick out of.

“Well…” Topanga said, shifting her focus to me. “What about you?,” she said smiling. “Can I see yours instead?”

Whoa boy, I was already having to sit awkwardly because of the bulge in my pants.

“Oh please,” I tried to deflect. “I couldn’t take it out around a horse dick like Cody.”

“Oh… You’re scared,” Topanga responded coyly. “Small?”

“Fuck you,” I responded. “My cock rules.”

“God damn it! You guys are killing me!” Topanga shouted. “How much of this am I supposed to take!?!”

She paused. A serious look came over her face.

“If you show me your dicks, you can fuck me,” she finally said.

Jeremy looked at me and raised his eyebrow. I’m sure I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He raised it again. He was definitely going to do it. I knew the look.

Now the moment of decision was there for me. Do I do it as well? Cody didn’t know I had been in a MFF threesome recently. Should I just fucking do this? Last time with Arb and Jewce had been amazing. Could I really pass this up?

Well, I didn’t have long to dither. Cody stood up and walked to Topanga. She was sitting on the couch, we had been in chairs.

“Fuck it,” was all I could think.

I got up too, now we were both in front of her. Oh my god, if I had looked like a scared deer a minute ago, now it was Topanga’s turn. Her mouth was literally dropped open and her eyes were bugging out of her head.

I figured why fuck around. I undid my belt, unzipped, and whipped out my rock hard cock.

“Jesus Christ,” Topanga said with astonishment.

I finally looked and Cody had his cock out too. Good galloping god he was huge. He was more football shaped, with his girth mainly in the middle, he actually had a pretty tiny head. I, on the other hand, am more shaped like a cone, expanding up to a huge mushroom head. In a way, I felt that it kind of equalled out the size difference a bit. We looked at each other, we didn’t need to say anything, “Holy shit” was the obvious message.

Topanga’s hand went to her mouth. “Jesus Christ,” she said again and paused. “Are you guys fucking, porn stars or something?” she finally said with a smile. It made me smile too.

Like before, a calm look suddenly went over her face. She breathed in deeply, then exhaled, breathed in deeply, then exhaled. Then without saying anything, she reached out, took both of us by the base and started sucking our cocks.

Cody was first, but I got my turn pretty quickly. She went from him to me, back and forth. Neither Cody or I looked at each other at this point, above the waist that is. Jesus it was hot watching her suck him, then moments later having her head bobbing up and down on me. It made it feel like it went on forever.

My body was starting to tremble (I always tremble when I get excited) and every time she would switch, a huge drip of precum would roll down my shaft. I could hear Cody groaning too each time Topanga would take is cock into her mouth.

I didn’t know what she wanted, but I wouldn’t be able to take it much longer.

“Topanga,” I croaked, “I’m getting close.” I thought she might stop, but no, she seemed to kick it into a whole other gear.

She gripped one hand on my base and the other on my hip and pumped my cock into her mouth. I was swelling, swelling. I could hear little “Mmm’s” coming from Topanga as she worked.

“I’m marmaris escort bayan cumming,” I managed to get out before the dam broke. She stopped her wild pace and let me fill her mouth with cum. Damn, she was good at this.

When my explosions slowed down, she finally let go, swallowed, then took a big gasp of air. I was still standing there quaking, but I now because aware of Cody furiously pumping his cock. She looked at him, took the same position she had with me, and started to suck wildly on him.

After a minute or two of this, Cody said, “Cumming,” with a gasp, then gritted his teeth and let out a surprisingly meek little chirp.

Topanga didn’t miss a beat. LIke before, she let him finish, then swallowed and gasped. I think it took all of us about 5 minutes to come back to normal.

Cody was the one with the head on his shoulders. He took Topanga’s hand, stood her up, and walked her to the bedroom. I followed right behind her.

Ugh, Topanga’s room was gross! Not in a “there’s garbage everywhere” more like a “I’ve never folded any piece of clothing in my entire life.” Thankfully there was at least a small path around her bed, and it was also a queen, which was also nice.

Topanga was still fully dressed. We were naked from the waist down. She bent down, opened a dresser next to the bed and pulled out a large tin. Popping the lid off, she dumped out a mismatched batch of condoms and a small, pink vibrator. Honestly, I was relieved she had condoms. I hadn’t used them in my adventure with Arb and Jewce, but with Topanga, I was a bit more hesitant.

I made the next move. Before she could turn around, I got behind her and ran my hands from her neck to her thighs. She moaned and arched her head up. After running them back up, I swung her around and flipped positions with her.

She raised her hands, and I pulled the tank top off of her. At the same moment, Cody tugged at her shorts and she wiggled free. Now Topanga was bare except for her bra (black). Damn, she looked amazing, curvy and sexy. I put my hands over her tits as Cody undid her from the back. She let the straps fall down, and was obviously enjoying watching me getting revved up to see her tits.

When I finally pulled her bra away, I let out a deep groan as she finally came into view. “Oh god,” I think I moaned and took them into my hands. Her tits were full and large, her nipples were pink and hard to the touch.

She moaned as I massaged her. At the same time, I could see Cody’s hands moving from her hips to her butt. I took a quick look down to see her nicely trimmed brown mound, then began taking her nipples into my mouth as I squeezed her.

I could have kept those tits in my mouth for hours, but Cody swung her around to face him. Now it was my turn to let my hands explore her shape. I ran them over her waist and hips. Topanga was squirming and moaning, seemingly barely able to stand.

I reached a bit further and cupped my hand between her legs. Damn, I could feel the heat even before I touched her. When I did, I gently ran my fingers over her wetness. She was slick and ready and surged against my touch.

Cody, reached down and I reached my hands around now and grabbed her tits again, kissing her neck as I squeezed them. I couldn’t really see what Cody was doing, but Topanga definitely was responding to it. She writhed against me, twisting and thrusting.

Now Cody stood up again. He’s several inches taller than me, so he could more easily move her around. He guided her to the bed, spread her legs, and went down on her with surprising vigor. I took the moment to grab a handful of condoms and toss them around the bed, so wherever we were, there would be one on hand.

I crawled on the bed and approached her. Topanga took my cock and held it as Cody continued on her pussy. Ouch, she was less than gentle, but I tried not to let on.

Without any warning, Topanga arched her back and let out a series of moans and gasps. I always think it’s hot when people actually announce that they’re cumming, but I wasn’t going to complain. She let go of my cock when it hit her, and I took the moment to readjust myself.

Cody stood, grabbed a condom and waited a moment as Topanga came back to life, then flipped her over and drew her towards him. The condom now on, he took her hips and slowly began to enter her. Topanga’s face told me everything I needed to know about him sliding inside her. First she bit down, thrashed her head low. Then as his thick shaft spread her open, she threw her head back, grabbed hold of the blankets, and screamed so loudly it startled the hell out of me.

Cody let Topanga savor the moment a bit before moving again, but soon he was keeping a slow, steady pace into her. It took a second until Topanga saw me in front of her, but when she did, she took my cock into her mouth.

I watched as he fucked her. Cody on the other hand didn’t seem to notice me at all. Every once in a while, Topanga would have to stop to take a breath or moan loudly. This went on for a while, but finally escort marmaris I wanted a turn. I moved back, then slipped off the bed.

Cody finally looked at me, and sensed what I wanted. He thrust one last time deeply, then slipped out, and jumped up onto the bed. Topanga’s pussy was right there, and I got to take a long look for the first time. Her lips were plump and red, they were parted slightly, and I could see the shine of her wetness. The condom on, I guided my cock to her and pressed gently against her. She moaned and grabbed the sheets. I tried to press as slowly as I could, I wanted her to savor the thickness of my cockhead. We both moaned as I slipped inside her, I did a light back and forth before finally slipping all the way inside. Good god, what a feeling!

Cody, let me enjoy the moment for a bit, then pulled off the condom and guided his cock to Topanga’s mouth. Now I really started to fuck her. I grabbed her hips hard and thrust like a wild man. Sometimes I would slow up and slide almost all the way out before plunging back in, but Topanga seemed to be loving the pounding, so for the most part I kept it savage.

After a while, Cody peeled away, picked up another condom and began putting it on. I pulled out, and rolled on her back to the center of the bed.

“Wait, lube,” Topanga said, which were the first words anyone had said this whole time. I looked into her tin, and saw the bottle, and passed it to her. She squeezed some into her hand, rubbed her pussy, and said, “Okay.”

Cody leaned in, guided himself to her, and plunged deeply inside her. It’s crazy to watch to people like this; bodies tangled, pumping into each other. I loved watching her body bounce as Cody thrust. Now he spread his legs until he was almost in a kneeling position, he grabbed Topanga’s legs and spread them apart.

This gave me an opening and I slid in, grabbing one tit with my hand and locking on to the other with my mouth. Holy shit, was Topanga going wild. Her poor downstairs neighbors! I loved hearing her moan when so close to her.

She seemed to me like she might go over the edge, but then she urged Cody off, rolled to me, and straddled my body. I had been hoping for this chance, I wanted to live out my sex dream with her. She reached over and grabbed her pick vibrator. The condom seemed secure and she took my cock, pressed it to her, and slid all the way down to my base. Once inside, she turned on her vib and tucked it in against me and her clit.

I groaned and thrashed. It was heaven. I grabbed her hips, and when she sunk closer, her tits. We stayed close together for a while, pumping hard into each other, enjoying the closeness. Then she went upright again and I could see Cody’s hands reach around to massage her tits.

Topanga was out of control at this point. She was barely thrusting now, more like a long, deep trembling. “Yes!” I thought. “Yes! Now!”

Sure enough, she screamed, “I’m cumming!” and collapsed into me. She shuttered and gasped. I held her close as orgasm rocked her.

Once she was settled, Cody lifted her off and put her on her knees again.

“OoohhhhaaahhHHhhoooooo,” she let out as Cody entered her. He was more gentle this time. He went slow, letting Topanga recover and revive.

Now I noticed the look change on Cody’s face. He was tense, strained. He didn’t pay any attention to me as I watched. He was getting redder and redder, I could see his hands shake as he held Topanga’s hips. She at this point had her face buried in the sheet, letting out long, muffled groans.

Suddenly, Cody pulled out, grabbed his cock, ripped the condom clean off, and shot a huge rope of cum over Topanga’s back. “Jesus Christ!” I said to myself as Cody continued to shoot line after line onto her.

Finally, Cody let go of his cock. It continued to twitch slightly as it deflated. Cum ran down Topanga’s back and she kept her face down, pressed into the sheets.

I thought Topanga might have been spent at this point, but after what seemed like ages, she flipped over onto her back, looked at me, and said, “Come on.” I had flated a bit at this point and grabbed a new condom, but in seconds I was ready to mount her.

Hell yes! I didn’t give a shit about Cody’s cum, I got between her legs, took a long look at her pussy, then pressed my cock inside her. I stayed close, we both seemed to enjoy the sound of each other when almost mouth to ear. I took it slow, I wanted to savor the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my shaft. It was amazing.

Now I couldn’t help but quicken my pace. I could feel it, the finger on the trigger. I was trembling again. Topanga kept me held close and tight. I started gasping, moaning. I was about to fly out of control, over the edge. Topanga groaned loudly. That was it, my body locked in one final thrust and I exploded inside her. I don’t know why Cody had pulled out, to me, finishing inside is always the best, even if you’re wearing a condom.

My god, it was great! I emptied every bit inside her (well, as best as I could with the rubber on). She screamed, I screamed. Pulse after pulse hit me. I was in that psychedelic state you can only hit through fucking. I stayed inside Topanga for a long time. I didn’t want to leave and she didn’t seem to want me to either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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