My Perfect Headscissor Session

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I arrived with about ten minutes to spare. I’ve always been a little paranoid about getting to a session on time, so I always aimed to be early, even if I had to sit around for a while, waiting for the mistress to be ready. After about fifteen minutes of trying to act as cool as possible in the little waiting area – a tiny room between the actual facility and the car park, laden with pictures of the mistresses on the walls and fetish magazines stacked up on a little table – the mistress finally came in.

“Good to see you again! I was wondering if you were gonna come back, it’s been so long. So what are we doing this time? More headscissors?”

“Yep, definitely more headscissors,” I replied nervously, noticing my hands were getting sweaty. I wiped them on my jeans as nonchalantly as I could before continuing. “Basically, I want you to go full-on hardcore on me. Squeeze me out as many times as you can in fifteen minutes, and if you get a little tired, sit on my face or smother me with your boobs. Just don’t go soft at all.”

The mistress smiled seductively, looking me up and down.

“Can you really handle it?”

I thought for a split second. “Absolutely. Torture me.”

She smiled a little wider, biting her bottom lip a little, which made me melt slightly. She was, after all, a proper mistress. But even after the many times I’d seen her over many years, she never failed to dazzle me with that gorgeous smile and her tiny, cute, barely five-foot frame.

“This is gonna be fun,” she grinned. “Give me a sec to prepare the room, and I’ll be back.”

Sure enough, after a couple of minutes she was back.

“Okay, come on through,” she smiled, leading me past a couple of other rooms, one of which had some serious moaning coming from it.

“That dude sounds like he’s having fun,” I laughed.

“Wait ’til I’m through with you,” she replied.

We stepped into a fairly empty room with some gym mats laid out on the floor.

“Why don’t you go ahead and have a shower, and I’ll go and get changed. Any requests?”

I thought about it for a moment, remembering she wasn’t terribly fond of tight jeans – my favourite.

“Have you got any sorta tight PVC stuff?” I asked.

She glanced up to her right, thinking about what she had. Suddenly her eyebrows raised.

“Oooh, yeah I’ve got these great vinyl leggings, and there’s that shiny top you like too.”

I grinned. “Fuck yeah, that sounds awesome!”

“Okay then, I’ll see you in five minutes,” she smiled, then sultrily walked out the door, closing it behind her.

Five minutes went all too slowly, but as promised she was back on time. She stepped in wearing the promised skin tight black PVC leggings and black PVC top, complete with black PVC knee boots. She took off the boots straight away, the rest of her PVC ensemble squeaking away tenaciously every time she moved a muscle. My dick instantly went hard at the sound and the sight of her.

“I haven’t even done anything yet!” she laughed, motioning for me to lie down on my back on the gym mats.

I did as I was told, lying flat on my back, completely naked, my cock upright like a tent pole. Creaking and squeaking away, she slowly stepped over to me, standing astride my neck. She giggled as she stood there watching my cock throbbing, before slowly and gently kneeling down over my face. She very slowly and squeakily tucked my arms by my sides with her knees, then lowered her shiny, PVC clad ass down onto my face.

The PVC didn’t breathe at all, it was totally opaque. It felt like her ass was moulding around my face, creating an air-tight seal around it. The tight vinyl felt amazing, and my cock instantly starting throbbing violently.

The mistress giggled, grinding slightly as she began tickling my balls. At first I didn’t even notice that I couldn’t breathe. I writhed around on the gym mats, my body crying out for an ejaculation already. But there was no way she would allow that. She continued tickling me until I started to realise that I really needed a breath. I began to panic, not having had a session in a while, and not immediately used to the kind of breath control I’d been through with the mistress before.

She slowly moved her fingers around my balls until her little hands were entirely around them, then began to squeeze slightly. Her grip tightened as I got more desperate for air. After what seemed like a minute or more, I realised I wasn’t going to be allowed a breath and tried my best to stop panicking. It worked to a degree, but I began to get lightheaded quickly. Her skin tight vinyl leggings were moulded completely around my nose, mouth, jaw and eyes, and with the lack of oxygen I was currently experiencing, it felt like absolute nirvana. Her little fingers were gripping tighter and tighter with each passing moment as I got closer and closer to passing out.

My hands reached up and grabbed at her shiny, vinyl clad thighs. I wasn’t sure what good it would do, I was just grabbing desperately at anything now. I started thrashing about, Escort Bayan trying desperately to dislodge her or lift her off of me. She let go of my balls and grabbed my wrists then, in her opposite hands so my arms were crossed. She lifted herself up then, her sexy leggings literally peeling away from my face with some sexy sound effects, and I sucked in a mouthful of sweet, sweet oxygen. But before I could let the breath out again her ass dropped straight back down on my face with some more vinyl squeaking and creaking.

I settled in for the long haul again, knowing I wouldn’t get a breath for ages, unable to do anything but be amazed at how good her sexy vinyl ass felt on my face. It felt like ten minutes had passed when I started to panic again. She was well practised on me, and despite all the time between our last session she fell straight back into rhythm again. She knew exactly when I’d had enough and really needed a breath.

My lungs were on fire, my brain still confused as to whether I really wanted her ass to be removed from my face or not, but my body reacting instinctively to its need for oxygen. I thrashed about again, my legs kicking about and the mistress easily holding my arms at bay. After what seemed like another ten minutes I felt her ass peel away from my face and heard the sound of the sexy PVC squeaking, and I sucked down another massive gulp of air.

My eyesight returned slowly as my lungs heaved away, just in time to see her legs kicking out behind her and her incredible ass shuffling towards my face. I felt her crotch pressing down on my chest, then my neck as she shuffled backwards.

“Get right in there,” she ordered, and I lifted my head up as high as I could. Her vinyl leggings felt unbelievable against my face and neck as I shoved them as high and deep between her legs as I could get, my chin forcing its way in between her butt cheeks against the vinyl’s will.

I felt her grip tighten as she crossed her ankles, then gasped out loud as she straightened her legs out, forcing my head a little further forward, mashing my jaw into her butt and completely covering my ears. She relaxed her grip, and I could hear her laughing as her thighs peeled away from me.

“I’m not even squeezing yet! You ready?”

Before I could respond, she straightened out her legs again, my jaw again being pressed hard into her perfect, shiny ass. The pressure was insane, I could feel my consciousness dipping already. Then I felt my face getting pulled deeper into her ass as she clenched up her thighs and butt, and suddenly I was nose deep.

I woke up with something softly squeezing my neck and face.

“Huh?” I muttered as my vision started to come back. I tried to get up, but there was something on top of me, and it clenched up and squeezed with incredible force almost immediately. I heard PVC creaking as the squeezing started, and I suddenly remembered where I was and what I was doing. I began to panic straight away, even before my vision came back.

The pressure was so intense that I really didn’t get my full vision back at all. I saw the mistress’s unbelievable, shiny PVC ass, and that was all. I felt her amazing, shiny ass and thighs squeezing me, and that was my entire world – all that I was capable of comprehending. I wanted so badly to stay awake and feel the incredible, sexy pressure; to feel her unreasonably sexy vinyl-clad body pressed against my neck and face. I reached up and grabbed her ass, not sure what I could do. I couldn’t think. My entire existence at that moment was to be squeezed and hugged by the sexiest thing alive, my consciousness completely in her hands – or rather, between her thighs. And I wanted to stay there forever, but I had to get out. My hands squeezed her butt cheeks, managing only to make me even harder, before reaching back and prying at her thighs. But I had no leverage, and my arms reaching behind my head were never going to be any kind of a match for the mistress’s strong, sexy thighs.

She pressed her thighs together a little tighter then, a little squeak from the PVC coming with it, and I felt my brain shutting down a little more. I started moaning in fear, my hands still on her thighs and butt, but not bothering to try and escape anymore.

“Shh,” she said comfortingly, “it’s okay.”

She traced her fingertips slowly down from my chest to my abs, down to my crotch, then very slowly around the base of my throbbing cock. I stopped moaning for a moment, then she began lightly running her fingernails across my balls, and I writhed in pleasure, forgetting for a moment that I was still in an incredibly tight reverse headscissor. I moaned loudly as her fingernails lightly scraped across my scrotum before she suddenly gripped the whole package.

Before I could figure out why she’d done that, she clenched up her thighs and butt cheeks again, arching her back as she squeezed.

When I woke up I felt the mistress lift my head. I felt as my neck and chin pressed up hard against something nice, the fit seemingly Bayan Escort perfect. My eyesight resolved, and I saw it was the mistress pulling my neck up into her crotch in a schoolgirl pin. Her thighs pressed together then, very tightly. Much tighter than I thought possible.

“Welcome back,” she smiled sweetly down at me. “You having fun?”

“Ohh fuck yeah,” I replied breathlessly. “You’re amazing, mistress.”

“Touch my thighs,” she demanded sweetly. “Go on.”

I reached up and placed my hands gently on her thighs, stroking them softly, eliciting sexy squeaks as the PVC stuck to my fingers and palms.

“Look into my eyes,” she said, looking down at me. Her face was stern, and her thighs were pressing together tighter and tighter. I closed my eyes for a moment as the pressure got more intense, but this annoyed her.

“Don’t look away. Look right into my eyes, I wanna watch you as I squeeze you out.”

She held my eyelids open with her thumbs as her sexy thighs squeezed tighter and tighter and tighter. Eventually the squeezing was just too tight, and I couldn’t keep them open any longer. It felt like ten minutes had passed, my vision entirely black for most of it.

“Wow, you were out in like two seconds that time!”

I had no idea where I was or whose voice it was that was speaking. I panicked, wondering if I’d suddenly been thrust into some obscene plot where I’d been kidnapped and tortured or something. As my vision came to, a girl leapt onto me. I looked up slightly, and it was the mistress. I remembered where I was all of a sudden.

“Hey,” she greeted me, pitching herself up on her elbows, her face a little higher than mine so I had to crane my neck a little to see her properly. “You still having fun? ‘Cause I am. And you know what happens next?”

“What’s that?” I asked innocently.

She giggled cutely, brushing my hair a little, then scooped my head up in her arms. She hugged my face right into her boobs, which were also covered by shiny PVC. I felt as her thighs snaked up and around my hips, pressing my arms against the sides of my body, then squeezing tightly so I couldn’t get my arms away.

“Shh shh shh shhhhhh,” she said softly. “Just relax, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

I struggled, her vinyl top not allowing even the slightest bit of air through, so I couldn’t even mumble a muffled protest.

My cock went mega hard as I felt her whole body wrap around mine. Her arms and legs tightly squeezing me with her sexy PVC felt unbelievable. It took me a few moments to start panicking, because it just felt so good. When I started to panic I managed to get an arm free, which desperately tried to force her boobs away from my face – totally in vain of course. She unwrapped her legs from around my hips then, and instead wrapped them around my legs in a grapevine, which was frankly a very good achievement considering how much shorter she is than me.

I tried to shout out in pain as she spread my legs wider and wider, but with her perky breasts mashed into my face there really was no point. I began to see black after a while, and the pain of the grapevine slowly disappeared as I lost consciousness. Then she suddenly got up, swivelling her legs forward and sitting on my throat in a schoolgirl pin again. She reached down a grabbed the back of my head, pulling it up until my neck and chin were hard up against her crotch again, then squeezed her thighs together slightly to hold me there. Even though I could tell she wasn’t even trying to squeeze me, I could still feel that my face was bright red and I was probably part of the way towards losing consciousness again. She wiped some sweat away from my forehead with a cute giggle.

“It’s almost time,” she said sultrily. “I squeezed you out three times and almost knocked you out a couple of times with my boobs and ass. Now we’re gonna finish you off.”

“We?” I asked.

The mistress looked towards the door and yelled ‘come in’. In stepped another mistress, dressed in a tight latex miniskirt-dress. She picked up my phone and walked over to me, grabbing my thumb and unlocking it.

“I want some close-ups of his face with my ass and thighs wrapped around it,” the mistress told her. The other mistress nodded, walking around behind me and putting the phone up close to my face as the mistress began squeezing again. “Then send the photos to me and the first girl you see in his text history.”

My eyes widened as I realised who the first girl in my history was. I was about to protest when her tight vinyl leggings began to squeak noisily as she crossed her ankles and straightened her legs, slowly applying more and more pressure. My head was forced forward, once again mashing my lower jaw against her perfect butt cheeks. I moaned softly as I adjusted to the sexy pressure. She began squeezing her thighs together, increasing the pressure. I could see the other mistress taking pictures, burst photos, then looking down at me with intrigue and curiosity as I began to lose my vision. I moaned louder and Escort louder, grabbing at the mistress’s strong, sexy thighs. I could see the other mistress giggling at me as I struggled. She took more and more burst photos, the flashes of the phone camera getting further and further apart as I got closer and closer to unconsciousness. Suddenly the mistress stopped squeezing her thighs together and held me in place with just her legs straightened out. My vision returned slowly, her beautiful, shiny butt filling my view once again, forcing my dick to new depths of hardness.

“Okay I’m gonna squeeze him out cold now, make sure you get the whole thing,” she ordered the other mistress, although I couldn’t hear any of it with her thighs pressed against my ears. All I noticed was the other mistress nodding in understanding of something as she aimed the phone camera at my face.

The mistress’s thighs squeezed together with incredible force, the squeaking of her vinyl leggings the only thing I could hear as she clenched her sexy butt cheeks together, pulling my face even further into her ass until she was squeezing my whole neck and lower face. I was up to my cheeks in her sexy ass and I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was going numb, my vision was fading, and my moaning was muffled by the hottest thing in the world.

I felt someone sucking my cock, and thought for sure that this time it was a dream. After being knocked out four times in rather quick succession, I really didn’t have much of a concept on what was real anymore. I had no idea whether I was awake or dreaming, and this was too good to be real life.

“She’s really good at it, huh,” I heard a familiar voice say.

“Yeah…” I shuddered in pleasure. “Really, really good.”

My vision returned just in time to see the mistress’s perfect, shiny ass come down right onto my face. My eyelashes were touching her shiny PVC butt cheeks.

“Time for me to get something out of this too, before we finish up here.”

She began grinding back and forth, pressing her pussy down onto my nose, all the while the other mistress was viciously and mercilessly sucking hard on my cock. I’d never been so turned on. Then the mistress began bobbing up and down on my face, my nose pressing into her pussy through her vinyl leggings again and again and again. She began to moan then, bobbing faster and faster, her thighs closing as she got closer and closer.

My lungs burned as I cried silently and desperately for air, unable to elicit even the quietest, muffled cry. Her sexy, perfect butt felt glued to my face now, and I absolutely loved it, though I wanted nothing more than to push her away and breathe again. She clenched herself up tighter and tighter, grinding faster and faster on my face, then fully clenched up, her feet tucking under my head as she leaned back. She was leaning backwards, simultaneously applying weight to my face and pushing it up into her butt with her feet as she orgasmed, and I’d now given up on staying conscious. The pleasure from the other mistress’s cock sucking was almost irrelevant at this point.

The mistress panted and moaned as she slowly relaxed her body, but was still perched firmly on my face. She suddenly remembered that she was smothering me, and slowly peeled herself away. I gasped loudly, panting desperately as my lungs filled with air again.

“Okay, your turn,” she said breathlessly, then pressed her crotch down into my chest as she swivelled her knees behind her.

I could feel the other mistress sucking my cock again now, and it felt unbelievable. But that lasted only for a split second as the mistress’s calf swung up behind my head, lifting it into place hard against her ass. She skilfully squeezed her thighs together as she straightened her legs out, ensuring my face was pressed as hard up against her butt as it could possibly be as she initiated the reverse headscissor hold once more.

She only had her legs straightened at this point, still applying intense pressure, but keeping me relatively lucid. I could feel my cock getting closer and closer to exploding as the other mistress focused on my bell helmet, sucking intensely hard even as her tongue expertly caressed the tip of my knob. It was almost more than I could handle, and I could tell this was going to be over pretty quickly if she kept it up.

Even as I began thinking that, the mistress slowly increased the pressure by squeezing her thighs together, matching the pressure the other mistress was applying to my cock. My face was forced forward once again, her sexy, perfect, amazing, shiny ass pressing softly around my jaw. I was almost there, fighting it off, trying to enjoy the moment for just a little bit longer. My vision began to fade again, my hands no longer bothering to desperately pry at her thighs, instead softly squeezing and caressing her perfect, shiny ass cheeks.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. I had to let it all go. The other mistress felt so fucking nice around my cock. Her warm, soft tongue and lips so intensely good at giving pleasure. But I wanted to stay awake, in this moment for all time. The perfect ass, the perfect thighs, the perfect leggings, the perfect blow job…I never wanted the mistress to stop squeezing me, but if she didn’t, I was going to pass out before I cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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