My Renaissance Ch. 02

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2: My first time with Crystal.

Brian, my best friend and now my house-mate, and I were chatting over breakfast the next morning after Brian’s date from the previous night left. I told him I thought Jenn was damn cute and he agreed.

“Was she as good in bed as she sounded?” I asked him.

“Better. She has a cute body and gives a great blow job, too.”

“You’re such a lucky fucker.”

“Oh, and I might add that she thinks you’re quite a handsome gentleman,” Brian added.

“Really?” That piqued my interest.

“Yeah,” Brian said. He told me about meeting her at one of the bars downtown a couple of months ago and they talked over a couple of drinks that night. He saw her out a couple of times since then, but last night they chatted some more and he asked her if she wanted to come over get a real tequila sunrise.

“So you used me as a convenient excuse to lure her into bed, did you?”

Brian just laughed. “What are good friends, for, right? Just like back in college, eh?”


“You should have been with me,” Brian continued. “Her room-mate is bit chunky but certainly cute as well. Blonde girl with very pretty face, bright blue eyes and a great smile. Nice boobs too!”

“No shit?”

Now, I wasn’t as competent as Brian in the skills necessary to reliably pick up ladies at the bars and bring them home, but I wasn’t utterly incompetent. I did need to get back into the habit of flirting without even thinking.

Thankfully, I had a special friend with benefits – a female that would hook up with me on occasion for no-strings great sex. That took any desperation factor away when it came to hooking up with new girls.

I knew my continued extra-curricular fun with her depended on her having a great time with me so I always treated her well and I didn’t dare cut corners with foreplay.

After last night, I looked up my special friend at work. Her name was Crystal. She was five years younger than I was and while she preferred to date black guys, she apparently had made a special spot in her heart for me.

We had known each other since she was hired on as part of the support staff at the clinic. Her personality was bubbly and fun, which I suppose is the reason I quickly noticed her when she started working probably three years before.

She also thrives on the attention of guys and encourages that attention with flirtatiousness and a little skin.

Now, Crystal stood about 5′ 5″ and weighed about 145 pounds. She wasn’t skinny. She had nice curves in all the right places – a killer ass that those black guys love, nice perky breasts and the benefit of lots of practice in bed. Her curly brunette hair fell down to the bottom of her shoulder blades and her fair skin was oh so smooth. Her wire-rim glasses gave her the educated smart-girl look and complimented her appearance. She was respectably cute, and would probably kick my ass for saying she was anything less than beautiful.

We got along well and sometimes I would give her rides to or from work some days when she was having transportation issues. She had a seizure disorder at the time and didn’t have a license. Her apartment was on the way for me so it wasn’t usually big of a deal, besides, it was fun having a new cute girl in the car with me.

I’d also taken her home a couple of days after she had grand mal seizures in the office and looked after her for a few hours until her boyfriend got home from his job or her mom or brother could come over. She was usually pretty out of it when she would regain consciousness after her seizure, especially if we hit her with some phenobarbital while she was seizing.

The first time one of her seizures at work happened, her boyfriend was a little surprised to see some strange guy in his living room, but I told him what happened and he thanked me for looking after her. I got his contact info and information for Crystal’s mom and brother from him as well in case it happened again and went to the gym before going home. I took her home early on several other occasions when she felt “jumpy” or after a seizure, although I didn’t usually have to hang around as boyfriend or family would meet me at her apartment.

More recently, I’d also done her some other bigger favors as well, including helping her move suddenly one Sunday in April from her then-boyfriend’s place. He smacked her around a bit after she confronted him about a crack pipe she had found in the couch. I put her up in a hotel that night until she could make arrangements about where to move her stuff the next day.

A short while later, when she was complaining of being short on cash, I told her I had I friend who was looking for some models but it involved semi-nudity at the very least. She was interested, so I hooked her up with a friend who was shooting photos for some an adult website. The two of them met, she told me, and she agreed to do full nudes for $500. “My rent is coming due,” she said. She was a little short that month after her breakup and the costs of moving into marmaris escort a new apartment.

Now, at this point in time, we had a completely platonic relationship, almost brotherly. I’d gotten lots of hugs and some kisses on the cheek pretty regularly, but there was no groping, tongue-kissing or anything else. Her talking about her and her boyfriend fucking until the wee hours of the morning trying to get her pregnant was about as risque as it got.

Anyway, she asked me to give her a ride to the shoot a couple of days in advance. “Sure, why not?” I said.

So, I picked her up from her apartment and on the way she casually asks me to stick around to make her a little more comfortable.

“What?” I asked, not sure I’d hear correctly. She was asking me to stick around and watch her get naked and pose in and out of some lingerie? “You want me to stay?”

“Yes, would you stick in the room with me please? You can be my handsome bodyguard!” She was licking her lips and giving me the seductive look then laughed, ruining the moment.

“Oh, brother. You sure know how to tease a guy.” I was laughing too.

“Seriously, Joe. I know you and trust you.”

I looked over at her and she was dead serious, looking me right in the eye. She told me she felt increasingly nervous about taking off her clothes around some guys she’d never met. “Besides, you’ve seen my lower half anyway, or so I’ve been told.” I was right outside the restroom the first time she had a seizure at work and first in to help control her so she didn’t injure herself. She had been urinating and had just gotten up to wipe when it happened and was seizing with her pants around her ankles.

“Seeing a girl’s butt during a seizure is not my idea of exciting,” I said, grinning and shaking my head.

She kind of laughed too. “Okay, okay. Look I know you said this one guy is a friend of yours, but I don’t want to find myself in a bad situation and I know you won’t let that happen.”

I put my hand on her thigh and glanced over at her pretty face, grinning mischievously. “Wow. I must have been a really good boy to deserve this treat.”

Crystal just laughed, putting her hand on top of mine.

“I really appreciate how you help me out. You’re a really sweet guy and you don’t ever ask anything in return,” Crystal said, patting my hand. “You are one of the nicest guys I know.”

“Well, thanks gorgeous,” I replied.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and after parking, Crystal leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you!”

We got out of the car and I got her duffel bag out of the back seat. I whistled at her as she came around the car. She did look nice and it made her feel good, I’m sure.

“Thanks,” she said. “How do I look?”

“You look sexy as hell,” I said. “One more time: Are you sure you want me to stay in the room? I could wait outside.”

“Oh yes. I even give you permission to stare if you want.” I thought I saw a twinkle in her eye.

I laughed a little. “I think I’ll just take you up on that.”

On the way up in the elevator, she leaned against me. I looked down and then put my arm around her. It felt good. She gave me a little nudge as the door opened. “Get yourself an eyeful while you can.”

She took my hand as we walked off the elevator.

It turns out there were only two guys taking pictures today, not the three we both expected. One guy had a family issue come up.

Standing there, I had butterflies looking around. They had already set up to studio lights and a fair amount of equipment. This was going to be quite the treat.

The two guys, Dan and John, had a short interview with Crystal, reviewing with her what they were looking for and what she’d be doing, making sure everyone was in agreement and the ground rules. They looked at the outfits she brought, made a plan about which sets they would shoot where in the room. She would get paid at the end of the shoot with a check.

They reviewed the model release with her and she handed it to me before she signed it. I’m no lawyer, but it didn’t seem objectionable in any way. I signed as a witness. All this paperwork and preliminary work surprised me. For some reason I thought we would just walk in and start taking photos. I guess I should have known better.

The suite at a locally branded hotel was more like a nice one-bedroom apartment than a hotel room. It had two very spacious rooms with a living room with fireplace, kitchen and dinette in half and a massive bedroom suite and bathroom in the other half. I asked the guys how much the room was and about fell over when they said $99. There must have been 800 or more square foot in this unit. They asked me to hang in the kitchenette so I wouldn’t inadvertently get caught in the background of their shots. I made myself comfy at the tiny table, reading over materials they had given to Crystal. It was about ten pages of stuff and kept me busy for a few minutes at least.

Not quite a half-hour after our arrival, they had their marmaris escort bayan settings confirmed, had touched up Crystal’s makeup and started warming up by having Crystal pose in the street clothes she wore on the couch across from the fireplace. She was wearing some tight purple pants with pinstripes, which nicely accentuated her thighs and ass, as though she needed that. On top, she was wearing a cute black pullover.

They did a great job in my opinion. I had done some sports and spot news photography for a small town newspaper when in high school and dabbled in portrait work, so I was a somewhat savvy amateur. These guys really seemed to know their stuff though. Both guys were shooting still photos with Canon Digital Rebels, tripping the studio lights with a slave that captured their external flashes that were set very low.

Things for me began to warm up when they had her take her top off, revealing her black bra with red and pink trim. From my perspective, things were starting to get good.

Crystal seemed very comfortable in front of the camera, the two photographers and me. I found myself staring at the cleavage she was showing. She did have nice boobs.

My dick quickly stiffened up after they had her take her bra off. Crystal’s tits were nice. They were perky and sported clearly defined dark areolas about the size of a half-dollar and very hard nipples. It was hard not to rub myself while watching those two guys pose Crystal in a half-dozen different sexy positions. They shot scores of shots and then asked her to take her pants off.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” she said to one of the photographers. Her bra landed near her bag not far from me. I checked it out. 36B.

Dan the photographer was helping her get into the right position. “No panties is okay. Just take it slow,” he told her and she began slipping her pants off. She had a nice, round ass and her mound was hidden from me, leaving me eagerly wanting to see it. I was so eager to see more, I walked over and stood a few feet behind the photographers and watched them work to get the shots they wanted. Now she was on her knees on the edge of the couch, arms on the back looking over her shoulder. They had her spread her knees and I got to see her shaved vulva for the first time. Oh my, I thought to myself. My cock was has hard as an iron pipe.

I decided to limp back to my chair and quit tormenting myself.

They shot her for another ten minutes, getting crotch shots and masturbation photos from a host of perspectives with her on the couch. I got up twice more and the second time almost had an accident when I saw her fingering her pussy with her legs spread wide.

They then called that set done and told Crystal to put on some of the lingerie she had brought. She came over to where I was sitting, utterly naked, and gathered her stuff into her bag.

“Having a good time?” she asked me, as she was putting stuff in the bag. I almost felt guilty leering at her naked body there next to me.

“Are you kidding?” I asked her.

She gave me a peck on the cheek and took her bag and went back to the bathroom.

While Crystal was in the bathroom getting dressed and touching up her makeup, I walked over to the guys and asked my friend Dan how he was able to concentrate on what he was doing.

He looked down and saw my boner and laughed.

“Joe, believe it or not, it’s work to concentrate on getting good pictures and thinking ahead to how and where you want the model to move and not screw things like lighting up. She’s working too. She’ll be a lot more tired than she expected when we’re done. This really is work,” Dan said. He looked down at my boner again. “Looks like you’re going to have some blue balls, my man. I’m sorry.” He laughed.

Jim, his buddy, brought back a Gatorade for Dan and one for himself. He opened his and downed about half of it. Crystal came walking out of the bedroom area. “Hey, Joe, if you need to rub one out, feel free to go in the bathroom while we’re shooting. Just knock before coming out so we can stop shooting if we’re in the bedroom with her.” He was chuckling as he took another drink.

I was thoroughly embarrassed and of course, Crystal looked down and noticed my hard-on with a wet spot of pre-cum that had soaked through my khaki pants.

“Wow, someone’s excited!” she said with glee.

She was wearing a pair of blue bikini-style sheer panties and a blue sheer babydoll lingerie top, neither of which left much to the imagination. She walked over and put her arm around me and hugged me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and put her hand on my hard-on.

“Oooh! You know, Dr. Joe, it’s okay if you want to go in the bathroom for a while. I know guys masturbate,” she said, grinning playfully. She seemed to be getting the desired effect.

“You’re not helping me out here,” I muttered to Crystal.

They all shared a hearty laugh at my expense as I returned to my seat in the kitchenette area.

I tried to pay less attention to the action escort marmaris on the other side of the room and time progressed much faster to me. The shoot continued through about five outfits or so. I stayed in the kitchen most of the time so as not to unduly torment myself, but every once in a while I just had to go see how things were going. I had seen Crystal in all sorts of intimate positions wearing various sexy lingerie or nothing at all and had the aching balls to prove it.

Each time they would take a break and she’d change into a new outfit and come over to see me and give me a hug and peck on the cheek and thank me for hooking her up.

“Thank you for the blue balls,” I whispered into her ear the one time. She just giggled.

Finally, the shoot finished after almost five long hours. Crystal was getting tired and we were both getting hungry. They must have taken 3000 or more photos between them. They showed her some of the photos and she got paid with a check. We stopped at Burger King on the way home and I picked up some food in the drive through on the way back to her place as my treat for the day’s entertainment.

When we got into her place, we sat down at her dinner table and enjoyed our burgers and fries.

“I saw you were a little uncomfortable at the shoot this afternoon,” she commented, glancing downwards towards my crotch that was blocked by the top of the table.

“Yes, my balls ache. A lot.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “So, I hope you had a good time and didn’t get too bored sitting there.”

“Are you kidding? I must admit I got my eyeful and then some. Made me wish I was one of your boyfriends,” I said, looking down at my fries, trying not to blush too much.

“Well thank you,” she said. “You did look like a kid in a candy store.”

“Well, why don’t you finish up here and pick up and watch some TV. I’m going to go take a shower and I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere, okay?”

“Sure thing,” I said. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I didn’t have anywhere else to be.

She disappeared into her bedroom and I did as I was told after I finished the rest of my burger and hers. Nothing much on TV – she didn’t have cable, not that there would have been anything on that. I picked up a copy of Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress that she had on her coffee table.

“She has decent taste in authors,” I thought to myself.

She came out about a half-hour later, walking over to me. My mouth dropped when I looked up. She was stunning. She had her hair still done up and had put on fresh makeup. She was wearing a big smile and the cute black sheer babydoll outfit she had posed in a bit earlier. It was the one I commented on in the car on the way home. She asked me how much I liked it and before I could answer, she touched my cock and found her answer growing rapidly.

She swung one leg over and straddled me, settling in with her butt on my crotch, gently rocking back and forth as she gazed into my eyes dreamily. It was then I smelled the perfume she was wearing. I wanted to melt.

“Oh, I love that perfume. I could just eat you up!” I told her.

She just held me close and rocked those hips. I remember moaning and smiling before our lips and tongues met. The kisses were passionate, as was our breathing. It felt strange touching and kissing a woman barely dressed while I was completely clothed, but that evaporated almost immediately. I ran my fingertips up and down her back as she continued to grind on my painfully folded-down cock struggling to stand at attention.

She lightly touched my face with both hands and caressed my shoulders and chest while I ran my hands over her back, thighs and waist.

She was a wonderful kisser, too. It seemed so effortless making out with her and so arousing. I wanted to tear her clothes off and stuff her full of my cock as we kissed.

I cupped her breasts through her top and she leaned into my hands to show her approval.

We made out for quite a while, yet time passed quickly as I had my hands all over her delightful body, feeling her soft skin, the texture of the lingerie covering her breasts and her ass. I savored the firmness of her breasts and felt the bumps of her nipples through the fabric. Her hands surveyed my shoulders, arms and chest when she wasn’t running her fingers through my hair or touching my face as we kissed.

Crystal got up and began to undress me. She seemed genuinely pleased when she got my pants and shorts off. Personally, I was ecstatic at the relief of the pressure when my cock could swing free and firmly erect. It was hard as granite and throbbed with each heartbeat.

“Oh. That’s a nice cock you got there!”


She smiled and put her hand on it. I moaned a bit when she first touched it as an almost electric shock swept up my body. I had a similar response only much louder when she took my cock into her mouth. Her lips were so soft and her mouth so warm and wet. I groaned when I felt her tongue working its magic on the head of my cock and my moans of pleasure continued freely.

Crystal seemed to be enjoying herself as well, offering up her own moans as she worked her talented tongue and hand on my cock and fondled my balls with her other hand.

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