My sexual past with Margret chapter 1

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Big Dicks

I just had the best sexual adventure so far in my life,and it was with Sue,a woman 8 years older than I.

I now knew it was now time to finally make love to my old friend Margret, a childhood friend that I grew up with. Margret and I had many close encounters but I dared not to go too far. I really liked her and felt she liked me too, but I just didn’t want to rush things and lose her.

I was still a virgin when we decided to take some time away from each other.First love generally does not last we thought so we decided to date others before we got too serious.

We did however manage to get some time together once in a while basically to keep our fires burning. Usually it was taking her out to dinner and a movie and then parking somewhere to be close.

I was thinking that I have now had sex with 7 different woman and I wanted to make Margret number 8. Since Margret only a few hours ago had asked me to take her to the drive-in on Saturday, I went to tell her that I would.

I went back to the store where she was working and waited until she had no customers ,then I asked if she could talk.I timed it just right ,apparently it was her break time and gladly went outside with me .

She lit up a smoke “so are we going to the drive in this Saturday”she asked,then smiled.The smile that she gave me always melted my heart, I knew she was sincere from all the times we have had together.

“Your request is right” I said “ I really would like to spend some time with you. To be honest I have been thinking a lot about you lately, “ I said.

Margret smiled again “same here” she said “when I saw Sue trying to catch you today I knew I wanted you”.She held my hand “we have a lot of things to talk about ” she said, then said “pick me up at 6 o’clock”.

“You bet” I said,she then surprised me with a kiss, it wasn’t just a peck on the cheek kiss either. As I watched her go back to work I felt very different about her now. It had to be the first kiss she has ever given me I was thinking , a kiss that sent a message that she does want me.

Now let me describe her to you, her parents and mine have always been close. We spent many years growing up and having fun with each other and are the same age. She is a farmer’s daughter and is the oldest of 7 siblings ,she is very patient and caring as well. She is someone that makes you feel special when you are around her,she can also be rough when needed.

She is 5’9” wavy brown hair ,usually in a ponytail or wearing a hat. She gives off a tomboy image and rarely acts lady-like. I guess that is something I have always liked about her,it certainly was Bostancı Escort not for her body.

She is thin ,has long legs, and if turned sideways she would look like a boy. The only way you can tell that she has tits is from the front where you can see her nipples .

Now that I have had sex with other women I feel like I can have a sexual relationship with Margret .I think that she has already been with other men is the why she has never tried any thing with me. I was looking for Saturday to change all that and show her that I want her sexually too .

I couldn’t wait until 6 o’clock on Saturday and showed up at 5,but since her mom and dad knew me well ,we had a nice talk.Margret came down stairs a short time later with her hair up. She smiled and placed her hand on my shoulder “I will be ready in a few minutes”she said then went into the bathroom.

Her dad yelled out to her “you’re wearing a dress,what’s the special occasion”.Her mother slapped his hand “she can me a lady sometimes “she told him, then we all laughed.

A short time later we were on the road”you really look nice” I said “thanks for coming with me”.We had our usual conversation talking about what we have been doing and other stuff like that.

She did surprise me when I stopped to get some beer and she said “get soda instead”. She took my hand and then said “I have stopped drinking months ago”.

“Soda it is, any snacks to go along with it”? I asked her.

“Some chips” she said then “get me some chocolate too, I have been craving it lately”.

When we got parked at the drive-in she opened a soda and a candy bar and got comfortable. Her usual getting comfortable has been to sit back over my lap and have my arm under her neck. I have always liked having her body against me because it has always hidden my hard on from her.

The movie hadn’t started yet when she placed her soda down and placed her hand on my chest. “I have to tell you something”she said “please hear me out before you say anything okay”.

“You know you can tell me anything”I said, fearing the worst I said “what’s up”.

“Well I thought just being friends was the best way to bring us closer.Accepting the fact that we would be seeing others could make us want each other more. Many times I loved you like I loved my brothers and there were times I wanted you as a lover.

I can’t count the times I laid here like this hoping you would touch me like a lover would,but you didn’t”she said.As I started to speak she placed her finger on my lips,here me out.

I have been seeing someone and he did things that I hoped you would have Bostancı Escort Bayan done with me”. She then said “I have been having sex with him,not just once but may times. I didn’t know at the time that he was married and he only told me when he left town to go home”.

She ran her hand up to my cheek ,”that was 2 months ago “she said “ I am glad he is gone too. I never want to see him again,but I never want you to be out of my life”.

Her hand moved from my cheek to the back of my head pulling herself up to give me a kiss. I met her half way and our kiss was more passionate than I have had with any one.

After minutes of kissing ,Margret laid back down with her hand still on my cheek “I know you love me”she said.”Do you love me enough to still want me as a lover and a friend”. Again she put a finger on my lip when I started to speak. She then looked deep into my eyes and said “I am pregnant”. I saw some tears forming in her eyes as she waited for my reply.

When I didn’t answer she moved up and sat away from me,and I heard a sniffle from her.I moved over and laid her down, I perched over her and gave her a kiss.

“I have loved you more than you know,I never tried to have sex with you because I didn’t want to lose you.I have never had sex with anyone until just a few months ago. I wish now that I would have taken the chance and that baby was from me.Do your parents know that you are pregnant” I asked her after I wiped her tears away and kissed her .

She was still crying when she said “no,I just found out a few weeks ago”.

I pulled her up and held her tight “let’s just skip this movie, get a hotel room and screw the night away”I said.” Then in a few weeks you can tell them it is mine, besides I have always wanted to make love to you. I then kissed her again “now I don’t have to use a condom either”.

“I love you”she said “let’s do it, but you may have to stop for more chocolate “.

30 minutes later I had Margret on the bed stripped naked and sucking on her tiny nipples.”She had her hand on my head when she was telling me that they will get bigger.

“It is not the size of the breasts “I said between sucks “it is the size of the heart that’s behind them”.She then placed her hands on my head and kinda moved it lower. I soon was kissing her pussy, a pussy I had only dreamed about for many years.

I was glad that I had some practice when she cried out yes and pushed her hips up.She was already wet and her juices had already been seeping out between her lips. I could tell she was enjoying my tongue licking up and around her clit by the way my two fingers Escort Bostancı slipped easily inside her.

You could hear above her moans just how wet she was getting from my fingers fucking her. I fingered her fast then slowly wiping her cum up into her pubic hairs. Margret has been the first girl that has gotten this wet so I knew fucking her was going to be great.

She grabbed my head as I positioned myself to slip my cock inside her “my turn”she said . She moved down as I moved up and soon had her hand on my cock.”I have only felt this before,now I get to have it”she said then moved her arms around and out behind me.

I knew what she was going to do so I lowered my cock into her mouth.She began sucking me and with her hands on my hips she drew me deeper inside .Marie, and Sue have been the best at giving me a blow job but with Margret it seemed even better. I believe it was because she was doing it out of her love for me.

She was taking me all the way into her throat without gagging, I could feel her tongue licking on my balls the whole time. I tried several times to pull out of her mouth but she kept her hands on my hips keeping me in. I finally after twenty minutes of her ravishing my cock I said “I am going to cum”.

That was the only time her mouth came completely off my cock and then it was just to say “go ahead , I want you too”. So I began fucking her mouth each time going deep and bring me closer to cumming. When I finally stopped mid stroke I started cumming thinking that she would pull her mouth away, but she didn’t.

Her hands did leave my hips but that was to grab me by the balls tugging on them while fingering herself. When she finally let me pull out it was only when she was sure she drained me completely.

As I moved back down I gave her a big kiss, I paused looking for a reaction but she grabbed my head and pulled me in for a deeper kiss. I think she was surprised at first but we kept kissing for quite a while until I pulled away and laid down beside her.

She then rolled on her side and snuggled against me “I love you” she said and kissed my chest.

I kissed her forehead “I know you do,who else would have sucked me until I came then swallow. You’re the first one to do that” I said “ I would say I loved you doing that , but I have loved you forever”.

“First one “ she said “how many girls have you been with”? Then traced her fingers upland down my chest waiting for my answer. “Oh right”she said after I told her 8 and all of them I was picturing in my mind they were you .

“You are my second”she said then laughed when I said that she has some making up to do.

We ended up screwing several more times that night with every one of my loads emptied out in her womb. I spent many more nights after that with her .

there will be more coming

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