My Sister, My Lover, My Wife

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Ashley Fires

It should go without saying; all characters engaging in sexual activity in this story, are at least eighteen years of age, or older.


It was a dark, and stormy night as lightning flashed throughout the old house. Thunder rattled the windows threatening to shake them right out of their panes. Boom, boom, boom went the deafening roar of thunder as Lily ran into my room in just her underwear, and dove into to my bed.

“I’m so afraid.” she cried as she wrapped herself around me.

“Jesus you’re shivering.” I said, becoming acutely aware of her warm, almost naked body next to mine. It’s okay. It’s just a thunderstorm. I’m here with you.”

We lay there in each others arms; her jumping at every thunder clap for half an hour, until the worst of the had storm passed. Finally, I heard her softly snoring. I too closed my eyes, and faded away.

I awoke somewhere around five. Our bodies were twisted together in a lovers embrace. We were not yet lovers at this point, but we shared an unspoken bond; a sexual need that we had denied for years. We had come close to fucking a couple times, but we had always stopped.

Her head was tucked into my chest as it rested on my arm which in turn was curled around to her opposite shoulder. My other arm was draped around her. My leg was between hers, while hers were both wrapped around my leg.

The warmth, and softness of her nineteen year old body is forever etched into my consciousness. I slid my free hand slowly down her back, around the curve of her bottom, and down her leg, and back up again. Her body was an exquisite masterpiece of femininity. I was already hard for her.

I lay there for an hour, just enjoying the feeling of having her curled up in my arms. Finally the morning dawned, and light of day begin to fill my room once more. She stirred, and her eyes popped open. She suddenly pulled her head away from my chest.

“What are you doing?”

“I didn’t want to wake you. Do you have to get up right now? I was enjoying it.”

“Ira, you know, I’m your sister, right?”

“Why does this feel so perfect? Why do you feel so good in my arms?”

She giggled the way excited girls do sometimes, and buried her head back into my chest hugging me again.

“I don’t know.” she softly said. “I feel it too.”

She grabbed my aching cock which was straining against my underwear while simultaneously asking, “Are you hard?”

“Sorry. It just happened.”

“Jesus you’re huge.”

“Um, thanks.”

“David’s is nowhere near that big,” she said giving it a little squeeze causing my cock to pulsate in her grip before finally letting go.

David was her ex-boyfriend. It looked like things were going great for them, until she became pregnant than lost the baby. He blamed her for everything, and ghosted her. All of that had happened six months before.

She suddenly pushed her groin into mine as we embraced once more. I in return, pushed back. I think we both moaned.

“I want you, so bad Lily. You know I do” I moaned. “We’ve avoided each other for far too long.”

“Ira, I’m afraid we’re about to finally cross a line we can’t uncross.”

“We’re grown adults. We can do what we both want to do?”

Our lips met, as we finally gave into pure unbridled, incestual lust. My hand slid up her back unhooking her bra with one twist of my fingers.

She rolled over thrusting her hips in the air to remove her panties. I quickly removed my underwear as well. As soon as I had finished removing them she was climbing on top of me pushing my cock down with her crotch.

My Porno sister’s breasts are not overly large. She’s a tiny thing, but her breasts are really nice sized for her frame with silver dollar areolas. Her nipples are a little large in length and width, and beg to be sucked. I fondled her breasts rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumb while trying to work my cock upward.

I was struck by how smooth her pubic mound was. There was not a single bump, or razor stubble on her obviously bald cunt.

She began gyrating her hips, and working her pussy up, and down the length of my cock. I could feel my cock getting wet from her excessive pussy juice. It was pure carnal torture. The girl I had longed for since I was fifteen, was right there, her pussy against my cock positively begging to be fucked. All I could do was hope this wasn’t an elaborate tease.

“Please don’t tease me,” I muttered. “I need you Lily.”

She leaned forward to kiss me on the lips, as she did I felt my cock head slide between her pussy lips. I had never felt anything so amazing. All my attention was on pushing my cock in there, but once again she had blocked me. The only direction I could push my cock was upward, and she was in front of it.

“What do you want,” she asked seductively.

“I want to fuck you.”

“No, there something else you want to do even more.”

“I want to cum.”

“Where do you want to cum.”

“Your pussy, I want to cum so deep in your pussy, Lily.”

She kissed me slowly undulating her hips, so that the tip of my cock barely felt the opening of her hole.

“I’m on the pill,” she whispered, “Cum in me Ira.”

She finally pushed her cunt down allowing my cock into her. She was so tight, despite the copious amounts of vaginal fluid, it took several thrusts to get my cock all the way in.

“You’re so fucking big,” she moaned. “Fuck me with that big cock, Ira. Fuck me.”

I would like to say I was a complete stud, and rode her for a long time. The truth is we had both been far to excited to begin with. I am a man who prides himself on his longevity in the bedroom, but I doubt we fucked five minutes. She was cumming almost as I entered her. I forced my cock as deep as it could go into her, and shot rope after rope pent up cum into her.

We both collapsed on the bed for a few minutes.

“Did that really just happen,” I asked my trying to catch my breath.

“Yes it did brother. You were a fucking beast.”

“ah… Move over. I just found the wet spot. God, you were wet.”

“It’s stating to drain out, anyway. I better go.”

She got up to go to the bathroom. I followed after to see her sit on the toilet, grabbing toilet paper to clean herself up with.

I stepped into the shower, and within a minute the hot water had me hard again. My sister then opened the shower curtain and stepped inside as well.

“I’ve never has so much cum in me,” she said before seeing my newly engorged cock. “Jesus, you’re hard again.”

“I was just thinking of you.”

Our lips met again, as our tongues explored each others mouths. She put her arms around my neck jumping to wrapping her legs around my waist. I pushed her up against the shower wall holding her up as my cock pushed into her once again. I fucked her as the hot water rained down on my back. I am not sure which was hotter the water, or her cunt.

This time I lasted much longer. I must have fucked her fifteen minutes strait. Until at last I busted a nut in her again. She came simultaneously. Her eyes Altyazılı porno rolled back in her head, glazed over from pure pleasure. She closed her eyes a second then opened them again, took a deep breath, and smiled.

“My God that was awesome. I’ve never been taken like that before.”

I kissed her again, and gently lowered her back down on her feet. My legs were trembling from the strain of holding her up, while fucking her for so long. We kissed passionately once again.

“Thank you,” I moaned. “Mom will be up soon. I don’t want to fuck you and then leave, but we better not go down stairs together. We might look guilty.”

“It’s okay. This isn’t going to be a one time thing is it?” She half asked, half stated.

“Not if I have a say so. Love you, sis,” I said, kissing her once again.

“Love you too. Now get out of here before we start fucking again.”

I hurried downstairs, and began making pancakes from a boxed mix. They are Lily’s favorite breakfast. I wanted to do something thoughtful for her.

Our mother got up a few minutes later.

“Lily not up yet, she’s usually the first one up, and why are you up so early?”

“Woke up, and couldn’t go back to sleep. Stupid storm kept me awake half the night. Lily’s up. She had to wait for me to get out of the shower.”

“That storm was horrible. I do worry about that girl.”

“Mom, Lily is fine. She’ll find another guy.”

“It’s rough losing a baby. A part of you never feels whole again.”

I was suddenly reminded that mom had lost a baby a couple years before I was born.

Just then Lily’s footsteps could be heard coming down the steps, so we quickly changed the subject.

“Morning sis,” I called, as Lily entered the kitchen. “Hope you’re in the mood.. for pancakes.” I said, instantly regretting my poor choice of words. Mom was getting her coffee, and was oblivious to Lily’s reaction. I had an obvious grin on my face.

Lily smiled back at me, “I’m always in the mood for some things; Pancakes in particular.”

My sister seemed to glow. She was positively beautiful. No wonder I always wanted her. Her figure was perfect.

We had our breakfast, and mom announced she was going to wally world.

“Would you like to come along Lily?”

“Actually mom, I had plans with the girls.”

“Oh okay. No worries. I’ll see you two later then.”

Our mother wasn’t out of the house ten seconds before Lily was naked in my bed again getting her pussy creamed in a third time.

“Ira you’re a sex god.”

“Me? Look at you.”

Our mother had injured her knee years before, so we knew she would never come up the stairs. There after, Lily moved into my room where we began our sex lives in earnest. We were literally shacked up inside our mother home. After the first few weeks, we settled down to just fucking nightly.

A few months later, Lily sat me down. “Ira, we need to talk about the sex.”

“Crap I thought. She’s going to cut me off.”

“So, listen, I don’t know how to say it. I had it confirmed. I’m pregnant.”

My jaw hit the floor. “You said you were on the pill.”

“I know, but I wanted a baby. Your baby.”

“Are you insane. Do you know how messed up a baby of ours could be.”

“I know, if there is any sign of anything wrong, I promise I’ll have an abortion.”

I didn’t know what to say, keeping the baby was ultimately her decision, so I sat there thinking.

“Doctor Grossman knows. She’ll be keeping a very close eye on everything.”

“You told the doctor Brazzers we had sex? Jesus Lily.”

“I told her, I didn’t know who the father was because I was screwing around, and there was a small chance we had sex, because we were both drunk off our gourds, and woke up together.”

“I honestly don’t know what to say, Lily. I wasn’t prepared for this. Give me time to think.”

Lily told mom she met a guy at the club named Aaron, and they had sex in the toilets.

“It was stupid, I know, mom, but I’m not giving it up unless I have too.”

She had given all her friends the same story, about this guy named Aaron. Our last name is Nichols. My name spelled backward with the N attached is Arin, pronounced Aaron.

The weeks ticked by slowly. Lily and I were still having sex.

“She can’t get more pregnant now, so I may as well enjoy that pussy,” I thought.

Every pregnancy test came back with great results, and the baby was healthy.

She finally gave birth to our daughter, Iris. Yes, she was named her after me. Our daughter was beautiful, and above all else healthy. As she grew older she proved to be quite intellectual as well.

I counted her fingers and toes. I inspected her face, and eyes for anything I could imagine. She was adorable. I loved her the first second I laid eyes on her.

It was difficult for me not calling myself daddy to her. I took care of her of course, as any self respecting father would. A few years later, I got a fantastic job offer in Seattle Washington. Now it was my turn to sit Lily down.

“Lily, I have a job offer making twice what I am now.”

“That’s great.”

“It’s in Washington state.”

“That’s not ideal, I know that’s a lot of money, but our daughter needs her father in her life.”

“Lily, I was hoping, you and Iris would go with me. No one knows us there. We could be a real family. Like husband, wife and child.”

Her mouth dropped open.

“Lily Nichols, will you run away with me?”

“Yes,” she said before kissing me.

“Wait, did you propose to me?”

“Did you say, yes?”

“I did.”

“Then, yes, I did. If I could marry you, I would in a heartbeat.”

We stumbled strait to the bed removing our clothes along the way.

The only reason I had still been living with my mother, was she desperately needed the rent money. I promised her I would continue to send it, and then some. She didn’t understand why Lily wanted to move, but accepted it. I told her, I’d watch out for her and Iris, and that I had gotten Lily a job as well.

“Davids been texting her lately, and she want’s nothing to do with him now,” I said. “This could be a whole new start for her. I promise, I’ll watch out for her, and Iris.”

So, that’s it. I moved to Seattle with my sister, and our daughter. I went on a tour of the company, and their facilities. I introduced my little family to the hiring supervisor.

“This is my wife Lily, and our daughter, Iris.”

I didn’t expect anything to come of it. I definitely didn’t intend to commit fraud. The person listed them on my insurance forms, and employment records, and W2 forms. It was all printed out. All I had to do was sign the papers.

No one ever questioned us at all. Over continuing years we just kept listing each other as a spouse. Lily remained a stay at home mom for a while. As our daughter got older, Lily started teaching first graders. She loves her job.

Iris just graduated high school this year. She’s going to college next spring. It’s hard to believe it’s been eighteen years since Lily and I started having sex. We celebrated by reenacting that first night.

Lily is everything to me. She is my sister, my best friend, my teenage fantasy, my lover, the mother of my child, and yes, my wife. Honestly, she is the best wife I could have hoped for.

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