My Sister Rosie Pt. 02

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All the characters in this story engaged in sexual acts are over 18.

This is part 2 of the series. Part 1 was a bit vanilla. If you liked it, that’s great but if you don’t like watersports maybe this one’s not for you.

This is how part 1 ended:

“Nice thought though, isn’t it? We make each other so horny because it’s wrong. You wanna see how dirty we can get?”

“Hell yes. I wanna do everything with you, little sister.”

“Little? I’m almost an hour older than you.”

“Yeah, but you’re shorter.”

“Doesn’t count.”

She snuggled into my shoulder. We fell silent and dozed off briefly, but a freshening breeze through the window on our wet sweaty bodies made us cold. She woke me.

“I’m cold. And we both need a shower.”

“How about a bath?”

“Oooh, nice. I never fucked in a bath before.”

“Who says I’m gonna fuck you?”

“I do. Come on.”

I didn’t know if I could cum three times in a day, but if anyone could make me it was Rosie, my lovely sister.

The bath was deep, but not long. As the warm water rose, I stepped in and helped Rosie. She had one leg in the bath, one outside, so her legs were wide apart. She saw me looking there and opened her flower for my better view.

“Like it, brother?”

“Oh yes. Such a pretty one.”

“How many have you seen?”

“Including yours? Two.”

She laughed and completed her step into the bath. We sat opposite each other, my legs between hers. The water was waist-high, steaming. Rosie splashed her tits, I looked at them fondly. Her pink nipples hardened, water glistened off the top of her rounded orbs then dripped off the bottom. She watched me watching her as she played with them, teasing. One hand went between her legs. She knelt up, so I could see as she began fingering herself and playing with her clit. I stroked myself gently as I watched.

Water dripped from her pussy lips. I saw a small spurt, pale yellow. I looked at her, she was smiling, and just said: “Watch.”

I watched. She teased her clit and relaxed, and a spurt of pale yellow liquid splashed into the water above my thighs. My sister was trying to piss for me. I watched eagerly, afraid of missing even a second. My cock was truly hard now, waiting for her show.

Patiently I waited, and I got my reward. Rosie fixed her eyes on my cock and managed a short stream that splashed again into our bath, then another, then she let go completely. I watched it stream from her pussy and heard it hiss and splash. I had fucked my sister, cum on her, licked her to orgasm. But this I found utterly erotic like no dream I’d ever had.

Rosie’s fingers lifted slightly and her arc came closer to me. She was offering, and I wanted to feel it. I lifted my body out of the water. The hiss continued but the sound changed as her piss now splashed onto my stomach. I reached for her, let her pee on my hand and arm.

I could have explored this taboo for hours, but inevitably her stream sputtered to drips and stopped. I stared as the last drops fell from her honey pot, then looked at her.

“How did you know?”

“You used to watch me, remember?”

I didn’t know she knew. “Wait. You mean you knew I was watching?”


I processed that. She was right. Before she was married we spent lots of time outdoors. Whenever she needed to pee, I’d sneak up. Sometimes I got lucky, mostly not.

“So, you peed knowing I was watching?”

“I told you, yes.” She was gently stroking her pussy, still kneeling. “And just so you know, I drank lots of water, lemonade, whatever. Always did make me pee a lot…”

She was setting it up to pee for me? All those times?

“How many times did you actually see me pee?”

“Four where I saw properly, coupla times I just saw bare bum or whatever.”

“Four? Exactly four? You remember them?”

“Every detail.”

“Hmm. Interesting. I haven’t sat in the water yet. As my reward, I want you to taste me.”

It seemed a fair deal. I touched her pussy lips and brought them to my mouth but she gripped my hand and stopped me: “I said taste me, not it.”

It was awkward in the confines of the bath, but with her standing I got my lips under her pussy. I expected it to be disgusting, so I licked tentatively. Bitter, salt, but not horrible. I licked until all I could taste was pussy.

“Good. Let me sit now before I slip and fall.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

She laughed. “Oh, did I go all ‘do as I say’ just then?”

“A bit. Comfy now?”

She replied “Yes” as she orhangazi escort swished low into the water.

“Good. I’m gonna kneel and you’re gonna suck my cock.”

“Hah hah. ‘Yes, your majesty'”

She looked at me with questioning eyes: “You’re not gonna piss on me, are you?”


I was in front of her, she kissed the end of my cock and sucked the knob before saying: “Yeah, I guess that’s fair enough. Not in my mouth though.”

“Deal. Now shut up and suck.”

Between slurps on my cock she said: “You’re still a dickhead, Sammie.”

She bobbed on my cock a few times then said: “It’s kinda horny being told what to do. We should explore that game. Treat me like a slut, but don’t hurt me OK?”

“I wouldn’t hurt you. Except I intend to spank your lovely ass soon, but …”

“What? How did you know?”

“I watched your husband do it before you were married.”

“You little sneak!” She sucked some more. I was well aroused now as the image came back to me.

“How many times did you watch us?”

“Just once. In that crappy motel in Canberra when we all went for New Years.”

“Tell me what you saw.”

“I thought I was calling the shots right now.”

“We’ll play that game later. I wanna know what you saw.”

She sucked slowly, carefully as I retold the scene.

“I’d come back from the pool. I had no dry towels so I came to your room to borrow one. The door wasn’t locked, so I went in.”

“You just walked into our room without knocking?”

“Sure. I’d already figured out my excuse if I struck gold – you naked, for example.”

Rosie beamed at that admission. I continued: “I got two steps inside when I heard a slap. I looked around the corner of the wall. He was sitting on the bed facing away, you were laying on his lap and your head was facing away from me.”

“Go on.”

“Only if you keep sucking. OK, so. I’m behind both of you, you’re giggling and trying not to squeal. He was trying to get you to admit something. What was it?”

“Tell you later. What? I can’t suck cock and talk at the same time!”

She went back to her task. My knees hurt, so I lay back. She leaned over me and took me back into her mouth. I held my hips up for her so she wasn’t trying to give head underwater.

“He slapped your bum, quite hard I think. One of your buttocks was already red, the other was pink. He said “Say it!” Or something like that. You giggled no, he slapped you again. And you went “Enough, OK” then said something I didn’t hear. He said “Good girl.” Then he put his hand between your legs.

“Mmm, I remember. I was so wet. What did you do?”

“I jacked off.”

“Like this?” She jerked me now.


“Did you cum?”


“Oh really? Where?”

“In my swimmers.”

She laughed. “Is that the only time you’ve jacked off thinking about me?”

“No. Little sister, if you knew how much jizz I’ve spent fantasising about you…”

“Oh, that’ll get you a reward mate. What do you want?”

“Right now, I’m not gonna cum but I want us to just be here naked together.”

“Fuck. That’s lame, romantic and boring. Wouldn’t you rather fuck your sister?”

“I don’t think…”

“Well I’m gonna try.”

We splashed and wriggled into position, I was sitting with her in my lap facing away. She leaned forwards until I was in her, then arched her back. She gently ground against me. In that position her tits begged to be fondled, and I eagerly did so. For the first time I felt how they were at the same time yielding but firm, quite heavy. They were utterly beautiful to me.

I stayed hard but didn’t cum. The feeling was delicious though and I revelled in the feeling of my sister’s fleshy glove encasing me, milking, pulling and pushing at my shaft. Rosie’s excitement rose slowly, I wasn’t even aware she was close until she tensed, her thighs twitched inwards twice and she gasped out a rippling orgasm on my cock.

It faded quickly; “Oooh that was nice. So tell me little brother, what fantasies do you have about your big sister?”

She was still on me, I was still hard in her. I fondled her breasts and decided to go for broke – test her limits.

“Oh, I already told you one.”

“Which was?”

“I’m gonna spank you.”

“Oh yeah. What else?”

Her hands were on the tops of my thighs. She leaned forwards a little. She bounced on my cock now and I figure she was trying to make me cum after having a little climax herself.

“OK. nilüfer escort We dealt with the peeing thing.”

“Yeah. Something new, something I don’t know about.”

“Well, um.”

“Just fucking say it, will you?”

“OK. Three things”

“These your favourite fantasises?”

“With you, yes. One: I wanna fuck your bum.” No reaction, she still fucked me as if I’d said nothing. I went on: “Two, I wanna fuck you in public. And three, I wanna piss on you, fully dressed, also in public.”

“Mmm. Interesting. Deal on one condition.”


“I get to piss on you in public too. And I have another to add.”

“Which is?”

“Which is a surprise for the right moment.”

I wondered briefly what it could be but my cock began to burn. Rosie felt my increased excitement. She reached down and cupped my balls, still gently riding me. I was very uncomfortable but I was going to ejaculate and that took over my senses, as it always does.

“OK Sam. Cum in your sister.”

I tried to say, as part of our game, “yes your majesty” but I only got as far as “Yesss.”

I pushed up. She kept her hips and ass in place, I fucked hard and fast into her. The water sploshed all over, then the sensation peaked and my hot goo began its journey.

I splashed inside my sister’s cunt. I spasmed, thrust, spasmed again until I was spent, all the time my mind kept repeating her phrase: ‘cum in your sister’…”

I collapsed back, still inside her. Almost immediately I felt the pain of cramps. We untangled from each other and got out of the bath. I reflected briefly that it contained her piss, her pussy juices and my semen. I smiled like only those who engage in incest taboos would know.

We ran the shower, which was unfortunately too small for both of us. I washed in there, Rosie attached the ancient shower head to the bath taps and stood in there washing herself.

In seconds she’d discovered the ‘jet’ setting and played it on her clit. I watched her, drying myself. “Jesus girl are you ever satisfied?”

“I haven’t been this horny in, well ever. When I do this…”

I saw her shudder as she put the jet in her pussy. The water cascaded out of course. I asked “What’s it like on your clit?”

“Too powerful.”

I got into the bath and stood in front of her. My cock was flaccid but I needed to piss and I’d had an idea. Her face questioned me. I simply said: “Try this then.”

Looking down she saw where I aimed my cock. She aimed the shower jet away, then had another idea. Reaching behind me she shot water up my ass. It wasn’t exactly horny, but it felt great. I took it off her and placed the nozzle just below her anus. As she cooed and wriggled, I pushed out a stream of hot piss that hit her clit front-on. She opened her flower for me, and I made sure to hit her clit with my stream. She held my hand to steady the jet of water I was spraying up her bum. I saw a pained look on her face, which I now recognised as the face of building desire.

Still I pissed on her clit. When my bladder was empty, Rosie clung to my shoulder with one hand while the other assisted my aim. We played the jet into her ass, into her pussy, obliquely over her clit. She frigged her button furiously. I helped with two fingers in her box. Between us we stimulated every erogenous point and hole she had down there.

I smiled as I watched her tits shudder, her shoulders shake, as she came briefly again.

Afterwards, we broke the last awkward taboo which we hadn’t yet crossed. Rosie kissed my lips, I kissed her back.

“Wow. Who knew a hose could be so sexy?”

“Oh I knew little brother. Not the fist time I’ve used one.”

She was full of surprises. “OK. So tell me. Honestly. Back when you wanted me to watch you pee, is that all you wanted?”

“Hell no. I wanted you to fuck me too. And now you have. Sammie? This might have happened a long time ago if not for, well, I guess we had to try the normal before the taboo broke through.”

I hadn’t been able to formulate those thoughts before, but she was right. Now that it was a crystal clear thought, I knew the truth of it. It was destiny.

I pulled her into a hug. The hose still splashed warm water between us. I only had one more question I wanted to dispense with.

“Rosie, I hurt so bad when we caught my girlfriend and your husband together. But I never asked how you felt.”

“Same. Hurt. But you know what?”


“I bet they’re not having half the fun we are.”

We turned türbanlı escort off the water, dried, and ordered pizza for lunch. Rosie flashed the delivery driver, pretending her towel had come undone. I laughed and told her she needed to be punished.

The pizza was getting cold, but I put her over my knee. Lifting the towel, I slapped her bare behind. It hardly made a sound.

“You call that spanking, I’ve had worse… OWWW!”

I slapped hard, immediately leaving a pink patch behind. She rubbed it. I pulled her hand way and slapped the other side.

“Oww! Fuck.”

“You want me to stop?”

She rubbed her butt but said: “Not yet. I’ll say when.”

I think I spanked her on each buttock four times before she put her hands there and said “Stop! Oh fuck. Put your fingers in me. I’m dripping!”

She was right. Still over my lap, I looked at the angry red patches I’d left on her bum while I shoved three fingers in my sister’s pussy. They went to the third knuckle easily. Wet slickness oozed from her, over my fingers. She was pushing her hips at me, fucking my fingers. I had an idea. With my thumb I pressed against her clit, and with my other hand I crooked my middle finger over her butt, pressing her knotted asshole until it yielded and I fingered her there, too.

She stiffened as my finger probed her ass. Her hands, that had been rubbing her sore ass cheeks, now opened them for my finger.

“Oh fuck yes. I always wanted to be double-fucked.”

“You haven’t been yet…”

I Bent her over the chair, got behind her, and placed my cock at the tight hole of her ass. I pushed, my cock bent painfully. Gripping it to keep it straight, I pushed it into her pussy for lubrication then tried again. This time I eased it past the obstruction. Rosie was sweating, trying to relax her sphincter muscles to let me in.

Half-way inside her butt, I leaned over her. “Fist yourself. If you wanna be double-fucked, now’s your chance.”

She contorted her arm and wrist to make it happen. Looking down I saw her four fingers, up to her knuckles, pushed hard in her cunt. My cock pressed against her last resistance, it yielded, and I gasped as it slid into her impossibly tight, hot asshole.

My breath was in her ear. She leaned her head sideways to look at me: “You dirty Pervert. You’re fucking your own sister’s ass!”

“Is she loving it?”

“Oh yesss.”

“Talk dirty. What are you doing to yourself?”

“I’m finger-fucking myself.”


“I’m finger-ff-fucking my cunt while my brother’s cock is up my ass.”

“Mmm. Not ‘finger-fucking, is it?”

“N-no. I’m fisting my cunt. And my brother is -ooh – my brother – oh fuckkk. I’m fisting my cunt and my brother is fucking my – aaahhhsssss!”

She almost head-butted me as she came. I felt her fingers sliding past my cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. Incredibly, I felt my own jizzum boiling yet again, so much had her words inflamed my deepest fantasies. She pushed back, I pushed forwards so hard that I thought my foreskin would rupture, then I felt a warm gush against my thighs as she squirted.

My cock pulsed in her ass, gently, as I emptied my balls. Rosie’s orgasm was intense but short, then she took her hand out of her pussy. Half a minute later she pushed against my hipbone to get me out of her, saying “Slowly, it hurts.”

My cock had already started to deflate so the outward journey was easy. I watched her ass pucker closed as my knob left it, drawing a tiny white pearl of my cum with it. She was breathing heavily, her face flushed.

She got up awkwardly. I helped her to sit on my lap. She pulled the towel round herself and looked at me.

“Sam. That was really nice. But I’m sore now. Think you can leave me alone for a while?”

“Not sure.”

She giggled. In truth I was sore too. That last encounter had left me drained, I wondered at the impossibility of so many erections, ejaculations in such a short period.

“You know Rosie, I can’t believe how hot you get me. Before, I was lucky to cum twice in a day. I’ve cum buckets with you.”

“Hmm, I know. I don’t always cum at all, but I keep sort of flicking into little ones with you. And that one yesterday! I thought I’d faint!”

“Maybe it really is because we’re brother and sister. Naughty is nice, forbidden is fantastic. And incest is incredible.”

She kissed my forehead. “So you’re a fuck-poet now? Incest is supposed to be an ugly word, but I think it’s not any more.”

We washed our hands and returned to the pizza.

“It’s cold.”

“Not really. Here.”

She gave me a piece. We ate in silence, except for knowing glances and giggles.

I thought my sister was the sexiest creature alive. I knew it to be true when she reminded me: “We’ve still got to do stuff in public…”

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