My Slutty Step-sister Ch. 04

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Hannah knelt between my legs while I sat on the couch. I alternated between watching her head expertly bobbing up and down on my hard cock, and the movie on the television that was filling the room with the sounds of deviant sex. Before Jenna, Hannah, and myself left for school, the three of us and our mother made sure to tape all our sexual exploits. It was a way of tiding all of us over until we could get together again. As usual, Hannah and I never seemed to make it through a whole movie without engaging in some kind of sexual act.

I moaned as Hannah sucked my cock harder, one hand gripping my shaft tightly and making short, quick strokes, while her other hand was vigorously rubbing her pussy. I could feel myself getting ready to cum so I began thrusting my cock into her mouth, fucking my sister’s face. Hannah sucked even harder as my muscles tensed and I came inside her hungry mouth. She moaned in pleasure as she swallowed my load of sperm. Spent, I fell back onto the couch.

“I’ll never get tired of you doing that,” I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

“I hope not! Otherwise there’ll be a problem,” grinned Hannah, her fingers wiping the corners of her mouth.

“Are you sure you have to go?” I asked. “You look like you really need to cum.” Hannah was flushed and her eyes shone with a lust that I had come to recognize in the last few months.

“I’m late as it is,” Hannah said as she stood up and straightened her cheerleading uniform. “Coach Stevens will kill me if I’m late! Besides, if I want to make captain, I have to be on time for practice.”

“Well, if you’re not too tired when you get home, I’ll see if I feel like getting you off,” I smiled.

Hannah leaned over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue sliding into my mouth. “Like you have any say in the matter big brother,” she whispered. “I’ll be back around nine tonight. See you then,” she winked as she turned and left. I watched her leave the house, her short skirt swaying with the movement of her hips and revealing a glimpse of her panties underneath.

Classes had resumed a week ago. Our mother had convinced our dad to rent us a house to live in for the year. He went a step further and actually bought one close to campus. He also bought a car for Hannah and I to share. This was all predicated on the promise that we keep our grades up, which Hannah and I both knew wouldn’t be an issue. Even with the two of us, the house was strangely quiet. Jenna wouldn’t be arriving until January, and the house was rather large for just the two of us. Hell, it would be large for the three of us. I wasn’t going to complain though. We didn’t have to worry about rent, and despite what we had told our mother, she insisted on sending us money for groceries. I think she was worried that Jenna and Hannah would wear me out if I wasn’t well fed.

Hannah had thrown herself into her cheerleading once we returned to campus. The previous captain had finished her degree last year and the co-captain didn’t want the responsibilities of captain, so the Coach decided to hold open tryouts for the position. Hannah was dying to be captain, so she was doing everything she could to show her Coach that she could handle the position. It didn’t bother me one bit. Hannah had most of the girls from the squad over shortly after we moved in, so I made sure I had plenty of excuses to be in the same room as they were.

After Hannah left, I turned off the movie and returned it to my room. Because of our mother, we had learned not to leave our home-made movies lying around the house. After puttering around aimlessly for a bit, I figured I would get a head start on some readings for class. I must have lost track of time because the sound of voices outside the door caught my attention and brought me back to reality.

“Hey Bro!” Hannah chimed. “I invited Mindy over to watch television with us. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Hey Brent!” Mindy said, following my sister through the door. “Whatcha reading?”

“Just some stuff for school.”

“Are you studying already? Classes have just started!”

“Yeah, yeah. Forgive me for trying to make things easier for myself,” I said as I rolled my eyes dramatically.

“Do you want something to drink Mindy?” asked Hannah.

“Sure,” replied Mindy as she eagerly pounced on the couch next to me. “Bottled water is fine.”

I glanced over at Mindy, taking in how the skirt of her uniform barely covered her. She was one of the girls that Hannah had over shortly after we had moved in. She had straight brown hair with a few blonde highlights. Instead of growing it long like many of the girls on the cheer team, Mindy cut it so it fell a couple inches above her shoulders. She had small, a-cup breasts that made her look flat-chested in her uniform, but she didn’t seem to care. When the other girls on the team would tease her about the ‘lumber mill’ under her uniform, she’d always laugh and tell them that she was blessed by God; he did make his son a carpenter after all.

“How Porno was practice?” I asked. I knew Hannah would tell me all about it as she usually did, but it was the best small talk I could come up with at the moment.

“Tiring! Coach Stevens seems to be treating us like we’re all trying out for captain, even though most of us don’t want it. Your sister doesn’t seem to mind though.”

“Yeah, well she may put up a good front, but when she gets home, all I hear is how tired she is,” I laughed.

Mindy joined in and leaned close to me. “So… Hannah says your cock is huge. Is it?”

“How the hell would she know?” I said, feigning confusion. “And what kind of question is that? I ask how practice was and you ask how big my dick is?” I didn’t know what Hannah had told her, or anyone else for that matter, but I didn’t like where this was going.

Mindy shrugged her indifference. “She said she caught you coming out of the shower once. You didn’t know anyone was home and you walked out of the bathroom naked,” she giggled.

“You should have seen the look on his face when he realized I was home!” Hannah laughed as she returned with Mindy’s water. “It was kinda like the look he has right now!” Both girls broke into laughter at that point. Even I had to chuckle a bit at how off guard Mindy caught me.

“Why the hell were you talking about that?” I asked.

“Mindy was saying that she had seen some of the new guys on the basketball team going through their initiations. They had to streak across the rugby field and then through the whole gym. One of the guys was apparently pretty big,” Hannah grinned.

“Hannah said that you’re bigger, so I just wanted to know if it’s true,” laughed Mindy.

“She’s just looking for an excuse to see it,” Hannah smiled as she stuck her tongue out at Mindy. “She hasn’t stopped talking about how hot you are since she met you. I told her that if she asked you nicely, maybe you’d let her see it.”

“I’m not a piece of meat you know,” I said grinning. “I have a brain too. Why does no one ever want me for my brain?”

“Probably because it’s the smallest part of you!” Hannah said bursting into laughter. Mindy and I both joined in, and then laughed even harder as we watched Hannah collapse into the chair in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. By this point, we were laughing at her, more than her joke.

Finally the laughter died down and we managed to get control of ourselves. “I don’t know why that was so funny, but it was,” Hannah said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “Anyway, I’ll leave the two of you alone. I need to take a shower. Coach is running us ragged.” Just before she left the room, she winked at me and gave me a nod of approval. Apparently Mindy was a present.

“So…” Mindy said once we heard Hannah go upstairs. “Do you think I can see it?” Mindy’s hand was now sliding up my leg to my groin. “You don’t have to show me if you don’t want to,” she whispered in my ear as she licked my earlobe and gently bit it.

“Ask nicely,” I teased. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?”

“Please?” she asked, giving me a puppy dog look that rivalled Jenna’s. She kissed my lips, and immediately her tongue slid into my mouth looking for mine. I kissed her back and felt her hand rubbing my cock through my shorts. Noting my lack of resistance, Mindy undid my shorts and slid her hand down my boxers. I felt her hand grasp my cock and squeeze it. My hips moved instinctively, sliding my cock in her fist. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect. I quickly pushed my shorts and boxers down and kicked them off. “Hannah wasn’t joking,” Mindy gasped as she saw my cock. “You’re huge!” Before I could say anything, Mindy had her lips wrapped around my cock. The only sound that came out of my mouth was a moan. Mindy’s mouth slid up and down my cock, taking as much as she could in her mouth, while she rubbed my balls. I hiked her skirt up around her waist and slid her panties down her thighs so I could rub her pussy. She was dripping wet and I could hear her moan around my cock.

Mindy’s tongue circled around the head of my cock, teasing the tip while she stroked my cock, spreading her saliva over it. I began to tease Mindy by sliding a finger inside her wet pussy, causing her to moan on my dick. I slowly worked my finger in and out of her, making her ass wriggle in response.

“Fuck that feels good,” she moaned as she sucked my balls into her mouth while she jacked me off.

I moved my finger faster and faster, while Mindy rocked her hips. She sucked my cock back into her mouth, swallowing it so deep in her throat that it caused her to gag. My hips and balls were covered in her saliva and a small pool had begun to form on the leather seat of the couch.

“I want your cock inside me,” Mindy gasped as she finally came up for air. “I want to feel your big cock in my cunt!”

I moved Mindy so she was seated on the couch and pulled her toward me so her ass was right on the edge of the Altyazılı Porno seat. I quickly took off my shirt and pulled her panties off the rest of the way while she removed her top, exposing her pert tits. Slowly I slid inside her, feeling her pussy tighten around my cock reflexively. My hips moved slowly at first, pushing deep inside her, and then pulling back until I was almost out of her wet pussy. Gradually I picked up speed, settling into a comfortable rhythm. Mindy was moaning loudly and telling me to fuck her harder. I grasped the top of the couch and placed a leg up on the seat so I could penetrate her even deeper as I continued to fuck her, plunging my hard cock deep inside her velvet pussy. Movement in the doorway directly ahead of me caught my attention. Hannah was standing there completely naked, one hand playing with her breasts while the other rubbed her clit. She was hidden from Mindy’s view, and unless Mindy turned around and looked over the back of the couch, she wouldn’t know my sister was there.

Hannah and I both stared at each other as I continued to plunge my cock in Mindy’s cunt. “You love this, don’t you?” The question was directed at Hannah who smiled and nodded in return, but Mindy assumed I meant her.

“Fuck yes!” moaned Mindy. “Your cock feels amazing.”

“You look so slutty,” I continued. “I bet doing this makes you feel like such a dirty whore.”

“I love it!” cried Mindy. “Especially since your sister could walk in at any minute and see you pounding my wet cunt with that big fuckin’ cock!”

“You like the thought of that, don’t you?” I asked Mindy. “Imagine my sister came in right now and saw you getting fucked. I bet she’d start playing with her pussy.”

Hannah smiled and fingered her cunt, licking the juice off her fingers and slowly coming closer. She could easily see me fucking her friend over the back of the couch now, but she was still hidden from Mindy’s view.

“Oh god that’s hot!” moaned Mindy. “Thinking about your sister watching us is making my pussy throb!”

“I bet her pussy would be throbbing while she watched us,” I said. I was still looking at Hannah, watching her play with herself behind Mindy’s back. She seemed to really enjoy the dirty talk between Mindy and myself. “She’d be so wet her cunt would be dripping all down her thighs.”

“Mmmmmmm… yesssssss,” Mindy groaned. “I want her to see you cum all over me like a slut! I want Hannah to see me covered in her brother’s hot cum!” Little did she realize, Hannah would get to see exactly what she fantasized about.

I kept staring at Hannah, her fingers working furiously on her pussy. I increased my thrusting into Mindy, and if she hadn’t started screaming in pleasure, I wouldn’t have realized she came. Her screams were enough for Hannah and I watched as Hannah’s body spasmed with her orgasm. I was surprised that she was able to stay silent.

“I’m gonna cum Mindy,” I moaned as I gave her pussy a few more thrusts.

“Shower me in your cum Brent,” she gasped, her body still shaking with her orgasm.

I could feel the cum rising in my cock so I pulled out of Mindy’s dripping pussy and aimed my cock at her tits. I shot a large stream of cum which landed between her breasts and started running down her tummy. I stroked my cock as I kept cumming, covering Mindy’s stomach with my hot load. She leaned forward and began to suck the head of my cock, trying to get the last few drops for herself. After she had sucked the last of my cum out, I collapsed beside her on the couch.

“That was great,” said Mindy as she tried to catch her breath. “I never would have guessed what you were packing down there.”

“I guess you’ll have to thank Hannah.”

“I guess so.”

We sat in silence for a few moments, catching our breath and enjoying the post-coital bliss. “I should go,” said Mindy as she pulled her top on without bothering to clean my cum from her body. She bent down and picked up her panties. “You can keep these,” she said as she licked my ear.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. You fuck me and then leave. I thought only guys did that?”

“If your sister wasn’t home, I’d stay. I don’t want it to get awkward.”

“You liked the idea of her watching you a minute ago,” I replied.

“Well a minute ago I was out of my mind horny. I can get pretty wild when I’m like that. I’d feel awkward if she came in now while I’m covered in your cum.”

“Sure, sure,” I said smiling. “You haven’t even asked for my number.”

Mindy laughed. “I’ll just get it from Hannah.”

“Like I haven’t heard that one before.”

“Tell Hannah I’ll see her at practice,” said Mindy as she opened the front door.

“No problem. I’ll see you later Mindy.”

“Definitely,” she said winking as she closed the door behind her.

Hannah must have been hiding in the hallway because she crept up behind me the second the door closed and ran her hands down the front of my chest. She was still naked.

“Sounds Brazzers like you had fun,” she whispered in my ear, her tongue sliding over it.

“I’d say you enjoyed yourself too from the looks of it.”

“I did, but not as much as I would have liked.”

I smiled knowingly. “Despite what Mindy was saying while I was fucking her, I don’t think she’s ready to join us just yet. Hell, I don’t think I’m ready for her to join us just yet.”

“That’s fine. I like having you all to myself… most of the time.” Hannah was now trailing kisses along my neck and shoulder. I knew where this was going to end.

“Come on,” I said as I stood up. “I know you won’t leave me alone until I give you the same treatment that Mindy got.”

“Am I that transparent?” asked Hannah, her face wearing a mask of mock shock.

“Only without your clothes.”

***************************** The next two days were quiet. Mindy hadn’t made a return visit, but seeing Hannah come through the door exhausted each night after practice made it obvious why. Thursdays were easy for me in terms of workload. I had class in the morning and was free the rest of the afternoon. Once the assignments started, Thursday would be my homework day. Since there weren’t any as of yet, I found myself laying on the couch and watching television. I had planned to do some reading for class, but the trailer trash on Jerry Springer was too good to pass up.

I must have fallen asleep because the sound of the doorbell woke me from my own Springer dream. I dreamt that Mindy had discovered me and Hannah having sex on the front lawn and then got into a fistfight with her over me. I kept waiting for them to start making out but apparently girl fights never end that way – even in dreams.

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and answered the door. A tall, fortyish woman with long brown hair smiled at me. The first thing that struck me wasn’t how tall she was, but the air of command that she seemed to radiate. She was wearing a white t-shirt with the words ‘Athletic department’ written across it in dark blue. Her large breasts stretched the writing, the way you can stretch newspaper writing with silly putty. Her long, tanned legs were shown off by the dark blue shorts she wore.

“Hi,” she said in a thoroughly pleasant voice.

“Uh… can I help you?” I asked. Being awoken by this woman was the last thing I expected. Her clothing didn’t help to loosen my tongue.

“I’m Stephanie Stevens. I’m the cheerleading coach. You must be Hannah’s brother Brent.”

My brain finally seemed to get in gear. I could almost feel the spark of electricity as it started up. “Oh! You’re Hannah’s coach! Sorry, but she’s not here right now.”

“Actually, I’m here to see you. Mind if I come in?” she asked.

“Uh… sure.” My brain seemed to revert back to its semi-retarded state at her question. Why did she want to see me? I closed the door and watched Stephanie slowly walk around the room, her eyes taking in everything like she was David Caruso from CSI: Miami. I bet she takes her sunglasses off as dramatically as he does, I thought smiling inward. “Can I get you something to drink?” I asked.

“No thanks, I’m good.”

Not quite sure what to do, I sat down on the couch. Stephanie seemed lost in thought, yet she still gave off a commanding presence. She seemed like the type of woman that knew what she wanted and did what was necessary to get it, regardless of who she had to step on along the way. I had a feeling that she hadn’t changed much from high school.

“Are you renting?” she asked, finally taking note of my presence once again.

“No. Our Dad bought the house. He thought it was a good real estate investment, while also giving me and Hannah a place to live that’s close to campus.”

“I see.”

“So what exactly did you want to see me about,” I asked. I was curious, but for some reason I felt like I needed to take control of the situation. She had only been in my house for a few minutes, yet it felt like I was interrupting her day.

Stephanie turned to face me, a slight smile upturning the corners of her mouth. “Well, you’ve been causing a distraction amongst my girls and I thought I’d better put an end to it before it gets out of hand.”

“A distraction?” I asked, completely confused. “How am I being a distraction? I’ve never even gone to watch your practice.”

Stephanie’s laugh was light and high pitched. It came across as condescending. “Oh, I think you know exactly how you’ve been a distraction.”

“No, I don’t.” I began to think that sitting down was a bad decision. Stephanie had remained standing and it seemed like she had all the power in this interaction.

“Fine,” she sighed. “I guess I’ll have to spell it out for you.”

“Yes. Please spell it out for me,” I said. The anger in my voice was easy to detect.

“Mindy has been telling all the girls how… well equipped you are. Needless to say, they’ve been more focused on your dick than on practice. I can’t have you distracting my girls.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “And how is that my fault? I can’t help what other people think or say. If your team is distracted, then perhaps you’d better find a way to get them to focus. That’s your responsibility, not mine.”

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