My Therapist’s Hands Pt. 02

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Part II:

It had been a week since my last session and I was flush with anticipation for my weekly session with my therapist James. Since our last session, when he teased my thighs and had me lay defenseless in his arms, I thought about his touch almost every night.

The night before our next session I lay on my bed and gently toyed with my nipples, which were hard in anticipation of my nightly fantasy. I thought about how James likely saw my nipples harden as he stroked my body, how he was intent on making me moan to get him to keep touching me. And as much as I hated to admit this, him denying me direct sexual pleasure made me crave his touch more. It made me trust that his gentle caresses of my face and body were innocent, not unlike the comforting touch I’d crave from my dad even to this day. He told me he wanted to teach me how to trust an older man without viewing intimacy in a sexual way, and I believed he meant this.

But as my hands reached down to play with my wet pussy, I knew I’d do whatever it would take to get him to cross that line tomorrow. He might be acting as a therapist but I needed more from him. I craved his touch and closed my eyes while I thought about our session tomorrow. I tried to tease my clit as long as I could, riding the wave of pleasure. I stuck a finger inside myself and quietly gasped James’s name. I loved the idea of him picturing me completely naked playing with my young pussy, and teasing myself like he teased me last week. I whimpered his name when I came and licked my fingers to taste my arousal. I’ve never masturbated as much as I had since last week, and I was ready to see what this week’s session would bring. I wondered if he thought of me like his adult daughter who was around my age, and whether he connected how similar in age we were.

Tuesday at 4pm finally came. I walked into his waiting room in a jean skirt and low-cut black tank top, which was not unlike what I’d wear to our sessions before this. The truth is, even before our relationship progressed, I wanted him to think of me as attractive, and wanted to tempt his imagination just a bit. I crossed my legs and tried to seem casual, and flipped through an old magazine on the front table. I thought about how I had whimpered in his arms last week, begging for him to pleasure me, and felt a flush come over my body.

At 4:03, he walked out and greeted me. “Hi, June, come right in.” I was instantly, embarrassingly aroused at that point. It was part the anticipation of seeing him and part the conduct I’d been partaking in the past week. I craved this moment and now it was finally here. I stood up and followed him into his office, and could feel my pussy leaking in excitement.

We stared at each other for a minute before either of us talked. He smiled slightly, almost goading me to reveal the heightened state I already found myself in. Even though he couldn’t have known what I’d been up to, and how my pussy was throbbing for him across his small office, his smile felt like it saw right through me.

“So last time we explored your feelings about older men, is that right?”

I nodded in assent.

“And how have you been feeling about those men since we last met?”

I struggled to remember what men he was even talking about. Who did I fantasize about before my therapist, the man knew my secrets, who teased my pussy, made me beg for it, and then denied me more. Who knew every button to press but declined to do so, all in the name of our therapeutic artemisbet yeni giriş relationship.

“Well, those thoughts have subsided, I guess,” I answered honestly.

“And have you had any other sexual thoughts? Anything you want to talk about today?”

All I wanted him to do was pin me up against his wall and fuck me. Or to force me onto my knees to service him.

“My sex drive has been higher than normal, but I haven’t been thinking about my teachers, and not even my dad anymore.”

He knew that taboo was something recurring that I had a lot of shame around, although he always told me it was normal, and more common than I thought.

“Well, a healthy sex drive is normal, particularly in a woman your age. I’m glad our sessions have been helping you decouple your desires with unavailable targets.”

I needed his hands on me. It was 4:08 and I knew I only had so much time to feel his hands manipulate my body. I sat quietly and nodded, and played with my long brown hair. I looked down at my mostly exposed legs and back up at James for my next move.

“I think our last session was good for you; would you agree? I know you struggle with trust, and I’d like to continue working on that today. Should we carry on where we left off, June?”

“Sure–happy to try,” I tried to reply nonchalantly, as my pussy throbbed and leaked down my leg.

“I’ve prepared an exercise to help you totally relax here, and concentrate on physical sensations in a nonsexual way. This will require some vulnerability on your part, and we can stop at any time. Just say the word.”

I nodded.

“You can stay in your skirt, or if you prefer, you can take it off. Keep your underwear on and approach me when you’re ready.”

I slid off my denim skirt and without asking took off my tank top as well. I stood in front of him in my black bra and nude polka dot thong.

“Good girl, June. I was hoping you’d make that choice. You look lovely.”

My heart pounded. He was inches from my face and he stared into my eyes intently.

“Are you nervous? Don’t be. You can trust me.”

I noticed a wet spot on my thong and wondered if he saw it. I felt the moisture spread across the edges of my panties and murmured something unintelligible. He chuckled and stroked my face and hair. He ran his fingers through my long dark hair and again murmured, “good girl, June.”

I felt so proud that I was pleasing him. I wanted to please him more. I wanted so much to know his body, and to break his stoic exterior. I wanted him to use me, to use my body to make him proud of me. I wondered again if he knew how aroused I was.

He stopped stroking my hair and sat down on the couch. I stood in front of him needy, half-naked, vulnerable, desperate. I needed friction on my clit but waited to be told what to do. I waited for his direction, his therapeutic vision, but he said nothing and locked eyes with me for the better part of a minute.

“What would you usually do in this situation with a man?,” he said. “Describe it, in detail. If you wish, you may touch yourself.”

I thought about the question.

“Well, James, I would want to please him.”

“Go on.”

“With a man I’m this attracted to, I tend do everything I can to make him satisfied. Especially when there is an age difference, like with you.”

“And why do you think that is?”

I thought about all the fantasies I’ve had and the dysfunctional relationship I’ve had with my father. I thought artemisbet giriş about how many times in the past week I had pinched my nipples and finger fucked myself, while sprawled out naked on my bed. I thought about my recurring dream of him shoving his cock down my throat as he told me how good of a girl I was being.

“I just want to make you proud. I’d do anything to make you proud, James.”

He nodded approvingly.

“I notice you’re not touching yourself. I find that interesting that you admit to being aroused around me yet are denying yourself pleasure.”

“I want to focus on your pleasure.” He looked up at me as I said this and almost imperceptibly opened his legs. It was the smallest of moves but we both noticed this shift.

With that, I put my hand on the middle of his pants and found he was rock hard. I moaned out and bent to my knees. I felt lightheaded from lust and felt a new surge of desperation to feel his cock. And to taste it.

“Please,” I begged. I groped him and for a moment lowered my head so I was licking the fabric above his member.

“Please what, June?”

“Please let me suck you. I’ll do anything. I need to taste you.”

He lifted my head to look at him and gazed into his eyes.

“You may take off my pants, but I’d like you to dance for me today. Use all the parts of your body, not only the ones you’ve used for other men. Concentrate on making yourself feel good, too. Dance for me, June.”

I was a shy person and he knew this. I was sexual, and knew how to give sloppy head, but I can’t say I’ve given a lap dance before.

“Just let me suck you, James. I promise it’ll feel good.” I could hear myself whining again.

He shook his head and I looked at the clock. Fuck. Only 25 minutes and I’d be done with therapy for the week. I needed his cock.

I took a deep breath and unzippered his pants. I put them gingerly on the floor and considered what a lap dance for my therapist would look like.

First, I took him up on his offer. I made eye contact with him and slipped my right hand under my panties. I was sopping wet, and lightly teased my clit.

“Fuck!” I cried out as I played with myself. “Oh god, James!”

I was in a depraved, animal-like state. I circled my clit harder and cried out in pleasure. I took a deep breath, and looked at my therapist’s bulging black boxer briefs. I loved knowing what he chose to wear under his slacks and button down, and loved knowing he was hard for me.

“Dance, June. Grind on me, baby.”

I moaned at him calling me baby. I climbed on top of him with my legs straddling him. I felt his covered cock press against my panties and we both moaned at this first contact. I’ve never heard anything hotter than that sound–a peak into his psyche which he guarded so closely. I swung my hair to one side and looked him in the eyes.

“Like this, James? Admit you want me, too.”

I took his hands and held them above his head. I slowly gyrated my body on his, making sure his cock felt every sway of my body. I licked my lips and whimpered in his ear. I kissed his ear, letting the tip of my tongue lightly explore and nibble the lobe. Although I wasn’t rewarded with another moan, I heard him inhale sharply. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of his grey stubble on my neck, and even his smell set my senses on fire. I needed more.

I stood up and unhooked my bra. He sat there, observing me, as I exposed my breasts to him for the first time. My nipples artemisbet güvenilirmi were as hard as they were when he touched me last week, and I swayed in front of him. I let my brown hair fall in my face and cover my nipples. I touched myself again and cried out. I crawled back on top of him and kissed his neck, and I felt his hands grip my ass.

“Spank me, please. Just touch me today, I fucking need it. Please.”

“Say it again.”

“Please spank me. Spank my ass, James.”

His hand lowered quickly onto my left cheek and I cried out.


He slapped my ass again and grunted, as I moaned and grinded on him. I slipped my panties off and pulled his cock out of his briefs. He spanked me again, harder. I whimpered and fondled his cock.


“Tell me why you like it.”

“It proves you’re in control of me. I like how much you own me. You own me, and you’re allowed to punish me if you think that’s best.”

“Good girl, June.”

I sat totally naked on top of him and gripped his cock with my right hand. I used some of my own wetness to make his cock slick, and looked at him expectantly. I continued to kiss his neck and raised my hips off of him, ready to impale my eager snatch on his hard cock. My therapist looked at the clock and took my hand in his, stopping my stroking. He wouldn’t give me his cock this week. I saw a drop of precum drip off his member and felt my ass burn from his repeated spanking.

“Can I touch myself, James? Please?”

“Yes, June, go ahead.”

I stayed straddled on him and leaned back, furiously fingered my clit and occasionally slipping a finger inside my pussy. He gripped my ass on both sides, and observed as I gasped and pleasured myself on top of him. James looked on approvingly as I neared climax, seeing me throw my head back and arch my back. I was so close, and I needed to come.

“Keep going, baby. But you’re not allowed to orgasm today.”

I gasped in exasperation; I needed a release and with fifteen more seconds would have come. But I did as he said and removed my hands, placing them on his shoulders as I panted and whimpered.

“Please touch me,” I begged.

James squeezed my sore ass cheeks and snaked his middle finger to press against my quivering ass hole. I had told him so many times how I craved anal pleasure, and his touch against me, right after he deprived me of clitoral stimulation made me cry out in frustration. I loved the feeling of having my ass filled, especially when my body was already extremely sensitive.

“Keep going,” I whispered. “Push it in. I want you to fill me.”

My ass was already wet from my pussy juices and he pressed his finger inside me, locking eyes with me the whole time. I leaned in to kiss him on the lips for the first time, as I felt his finger slide into my tight ass hole. I loved the light touch of his lips, loved how I could only gasp as I felt his finger push deep within my ass.

“Fuck! Fuck. Touch my clit, James, please. Let me come, please. Fuck my ass and finger my clit.”

He kissed me firmly and pulsed his finger in and out of my ass. But he left my pussy and clitoris empty and longing, and after a few moments, motioned for me to get off his lap.

“We’re running out of time today. Let’s pick this back up next week.”

I whined and nibbled on his bottom lip one last time, but did what he said, and got off his lap. I collected my panties and bra from the floor, and started to get dressed. He watched from his seat approvingly, as I scrambled to put my clothes back on. I felt like an absolute slut, a powerless slut for him, but loved that my ass cheeks and hole knew his touch. I left his office with only my fantasies to sustain me and could not wait for next week’s session.

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