My Trouser Devil Ch. 02

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As I ate my lasagna at the dinner table, Mom and Dad were talking to Mickey about school. I used to be like Mickey, talkative, and exciting and stuff. Once popular at school. But, I went through this antisocial stage in eight grade and that was the end of that stuff, and I became more quiet and secluded. Since then my parents seemed to have forget about me, and only pestered Mickey about his day.

Usually this would piss me the hell off, but I didn’t mind today. As I played with the Stouffer’s lasagna I thought about whether I should change my mind about going to the movies with Josh. Just say no, and the kid’ll get the message that I don’t like him I thought. But something softer inside said I already promised, and that he didn’t seem like a bad guy.

There was suddenly a series of possibilities running through my head. Should I go to the movies with Josh? What excuse can I make covering for the fact I didn’t go? What would he do if I didn’t go? I closed my eyes and sighed. The very thought of a DATE with Josh Dannier made me blush, and that shouldn’t have even been the case. Why is this stuff happening to me?

“Jackson,” my mother said smiling.

I looked up to see her and my father grinning. What the hell was going on?

“Yes?” I replied.

“You’re blushing. I haven’t seen that blush on you for a long time now,” said my mom. Now I was blushing even harder!

Stupid mothers, and their supersensitivities to my love life! I lied of course telling them I had no idea what they were talking about (which made them grin harder) until I “calmly” dismissed myself to my room.

Mickey came in right after me, of course. “Did you really tell Mom to stfu, and march out the kitchen like that?” he asked.

“Shut up!”

“Bro, seriously what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since you got home from school,”

“I’m fine!” I insisted. Mickey sighed, and left to finish his dinner. Mickey was right. Josh Dannier made me act weird. And I needed to get over him! I wasn’t gonna go to that goddamned movie with him, nor was I gonna make a kind excuse for not going!

Later the next day, I was walking to the movie theaters where I met up with Josh. Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t and I hate myself for it, but he had this…mesmerizing thing about him that drew my softer side. “What’s up man?” he asked me.

“Hey what’s going on?” I replied shaking his hand.

“What movie are we gonna see?” he asked me.

“I dunno, I thought YOU were choosing,”

“Okay, let’s pick together,”

After about ten minutes, we chose this horror movie about a girl named Kate. It was called Dreams Die First. We watched the first ten minutes of the movie before realizing it was kinda lame. And AS USUAL the black guy always died first. The movie got lamer, and lamer, and soon I was hardly paying attention.

I stuck my hand in the popcorn to find Josh’s hand. I recoiled like he was acid, but noticed Josh was falling asleep. He had this adorable expression on his face as his eyelids flickered. I put my hand in the popcorn again, then slowly bought the popcorn into my mouth.

Soon Josh fell asleep, and his head fell to my chest as I stretched my arms. I froze, and I got hard. What the hell?! Why can’t this boy just keep his body to himself? I should’ve never even come. Maybe I should wake him up aydınlı escort I thought. But that would be messed up. I didn’t want to be a jerk, but I didn’t want to feel the wrong way about a boy either.

I didn’t wake him up. I surrendered putting my arm around him. For the rest of the time we were there, I looked down at him. The movie ended with a loud scream that caused Josh to wake up instantly. I lifted my arm off of him. He had morning wood, and there was a massive tent in his pants. My eyes lingered, and I longed to…go home and get away from this kid!

“Bye Josh,” I said gruffly and quickly and immediately walked home. I didn’t talk to anyone. I just went straight to my room finishing up my weekend homework, and slept.

At school, Josh became instantly popular. He was the fastest kid in the school (he ran the 400 meter dash in 48 seconds) and all the girls and our thought he was hot. In Ms. Ennis’ class, a girl named Sasha, a hot, hot blonde babe flashed her boobs at him.

My mouth made a complete “O” and Josh just gave her a smile. Josh’s life was probably perfect. He dressed nice, had a family with money, girls, and jock-potential. But Josh didn’t stick to anyone, but me. It was really aggravating. I’d sit at the cafeteria alone, but he’d approach me.

“Really Josh?” I snapped.

“What?” he asked holding his lunch tray.

“Why do you insist on sitting here?”

“Because we’re friends.”

“No we’re not.” Josh looked at me solemnly for a second, but flashed me one of his heartwarming, time-stopping, adorable, orgasm-inducing smiles before he sat down.

Eventually, everyone noticed that I was Josh’s best friend, so people started flocking to me too. Girls were suddenly all over me, a lot asking for Josh but a lot who suddenly realized that I was cute. Jocks who haven’t talked to me in years were suddenly friends again, and before I knew it I was back on the top of the food chain, and boy did it feel good.

I appreciated Josh, and didn’t deny his company anymore, but I still avoided his touch or staring at him. He started coming to my house, getting to know my parents who amazingly talked to me now, and wrestling my brother Mickey all time. This kid seemed to improve my whole life!

Josh became like a new part of the family. Summer vacation eventually came, and I was as happy as ever. Josh was throwing a beach party and he gave me and Mickey an invitation. The party that came a week later was awesome.

Josh had the whole beach reserved, and there was awesome Music especially from my favorite bands. There was barbecue, and Josh and Mickey were playfully flirting with girls making a North and South pole of women.

If only I had the skill. I saw Mickey with his arm wrapped around Kayla. He caught my eye, and I glared. Mickey looked away smiling and whispered something into Kayla’s ear. I was about to take off to put my brother in his place before a girl grabbed my shoulder. She was a hot redhead in a bikini. She was so hot I thought she might make me break my trunks. “Everyone’s goin into the water! Come on Jackie,” she said.

I followed along looking at this Ariana-Grande-looking girl’s body. There was a large sandy slope that led to the beach water. I stepped onto it sliding as the sand burnt my feet. “Holy bağdat caddesi escort shit,” I said aloud as we slid down the steep sandy slope. The redhead girl was screaming too and I picked her up as we slid down.

We were both laughing as we fell into the water. We went under than up. It had been so many years since I gone to a beach. I saw that I was covered in red stuff. “What is this stuff?” I said rubbing salt water out my eyes.

“It’s just kelp,” she said.

“Like from Spongebob?” I asked causing her to laugh. The redhead and I swam around getting to know each other. Her name was Arielle. We were so into each other we didn’t notice how the beach became deathly quiet. When she pointed it out, I turned to see why, and saw Josh in the air doing a series of flips before he finally dipped in the water and disappeared under. Everybody cheered at the remarkable entry and waited for Josh to resurface.

It was a long three minutes, and Josh was still nowhere to be seen. “Where is he?” someone asked. Oh no! Did something happen??? Everyone started to panic, and some people went underwater to look for Josh. Everybody was screaming and shouting for Josh to come out. “It’s been five minutes, he’s probably dead!” someone said. A jock punched him in the face. “Don’t talk like that!”

I was watching the bedlam in shock when hand grabbed my ankles and pulled me down. I yelled out loudly in fear. Josh resurfaced laughing as he tried to breathe again. Everyone was laughing and clapping at his performance as my face reddened with anger. I turned to the redhead girl to see if she was laughing too, but she was already in Josh’s arms giggling.

Damn you to hell, Dannier! That wasn’t funny at all, I was worried about you then you scare me and take my girl. I suddenly got up and out of the water going back up the slope, onto some stairs towards the front of the beach. “Hey, Jack where ya goin?” asked Josh getting out the water.

“To get more barbecue,” I muttered.

“Come on man, don’t be like that!” he got up and followed me. He grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me around. I glared at him but my eyes went down looking at his wet soaked body, and his muscles, and how his wet pants gripped his thighs. I could even see an outline of his length.

Josh suddenly hugged me. “I’m sorry, okay?” he asked. I awkwardly hugged Josh back, then released my arms, but he didn’t let go. And I got a boner against him. And…then he had a boner rubbing against mine. Josh released me. “I won’t do it again,” he told me, and he did that smile again.

I was in shock. Did he care that I got a hard-on by hugging him? Was he…attracted to me? Or was that boner just chance? God why did Josh always have to complicate things?! I went home.

In bed, I thought of Josh, how good he felt pressed against me. Then, the door opened and I heard a thud on the bed next to mine. Then another…thud. It was Mickey and someone else. Mom and Dad were on a business trip so no one was here. Was Mickey…I heard a moan.I could hear the bedboard hitting the wall, and Mickey grunting. I was as quiet as a mouse so I wouldn’t be noticed.

There was a final grunt from Mickey, as he got up with the girl. “Thank you Mickey,” she said.

“Your welcome, Kay,” he replied. bahçelievler escort Kayla! Mickey slept with Kayla! Why would he do that when he knew I liked her. Kayla walked over to me (I know because my eye was peeked open just bit)and Mickey’s eyes widened with shock when he noticed my presence. I could hear the thoughts in his head whizzing by. Why’d he get home so early?!

“You know, he looks like you,”

“I used to think you liked him,”

“I did, but that was a long time ago before he started acting distant and stuff. And he needs a tan.”

I was shocked. Kayla used to like me? I liked her since the 5th grade! Kayla sighed. “Bye Mickey,” she said.

“I’ll see you out,” he offered.

“It’s cool,” she said.

Mickey sat down and put his face in his hands. “I know you’re awake Jackson,” he said to me. I didn’t reply. Mickey groaned. “Jack, stop faking. I know you’re up,” he said. How did he know? I ignored him. Mickey got up. “You sleep on your stomach dude, not your side,” he said knowingly. He pulled off my cover knowing I usually slept nude.

“I’ll take this naked picture of you and make sure everyone gets it,” he said. I heard the, Hello Hello Hello of his metro. “Okay, I’m up,” I snapped wrapping myself in my covers. I glared at Mickey with an intensity I’ve never used before.

“I hate you,” I told him and I instantly regretted it. He looked hurt, and shamed. I got up and smacked him across the face sending him to the ground.

“First you’re teasing me wit her at the beach, then you come in and fuck her right next to me? How low do you fucking get?” I yelled.

“I know…I’m sorry,” he said, “She seduced me. She told me she liked me for a long time, and that she only liked me. I couldn’t help myself. I know I’m a bad little brother,and I hate myself too.”

I sighed and grabbed my brother. He wasn’t a man of many words and I knew this apology was heartfelt. “It’s okay. Kayla is hot…I guess I can forgive you,” I said. I couldn’t believe how fast I got over that. But suddenly I didn’t care much about Kayla, Mickey could have her. “She’s all yours bro,” I told him smiling.

“You sure cause-“

“I’m sure.” I didn’t want to have a discussion. I just wanted everything to be normal and all of us to be happy the way it was before Josh ever moved here. And I knew right there, me and my brother were as tight as we’d ever been. I bumped fists with him and he still seemed to be shocked I wasn’t that mad at him.

“Hmm…there’s someone else huh? That’s the only reason you’d act like this. I think…you got yourself some sorta Trouser devil and that’s why you’re being so strange. Who is it, that redhead girl from the beach?”

“What? No, you idiot. You got it all wrong. I just….don’t care,” I said to him. Mickey squinted at me, but I stared back. Mickey sighed and shrugged knowing he wasn’t a thinker. “Okey-dokey then,” he said. But I thought. What if he was right? What if I did like Josh? But why would I have a crush on a boy in the first place? I know I’m not gay. I can’t be…I’ve liked girls my whole life. I went on the internet putting in “am i gay” and read articles, and even took a gay test. The test said is was 28% gay, definitely not gay but could be manlier.

This gave me comfort but I know this was no way to solve the problem. I gulped and put on clothes, and went outside. I think Josh and I needed to have a talk. By this time, it was dark.

So I bought a sleeping bag in case I was over there late. Josh slept over my house before so it’d only be fair I could sleep at his. But I refused to share the same bed with him, no more of this provocative stuff. I would sleep on the floor.

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