My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. 01

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Thank you to a keen reader who asked me to write this story on a plot line that she suggested. Hope you like the finished product Jen.


Chapter One

I guess I’ve done ok to get this far in life. My given name is Jennifer although all my friends call me Jen. My 20th birthday was back in November last. My younger brother and I grew up with a good set of parents — at least in the early years – but my little world was rocked when my dad left us when I was 14. He blamed mom, said she didn’t love him anymore. Mom blamed Dad, said he’d been chasing after this younger woman who was the mother of one of the kids in the little league baseball team that my dad coached.

I always thought of myself as daddy’s little girl so it really did my head in when he left. I couldn’t believe that he would desert me like that, let alone my brother and mother … mom was essentially the person he was separating from, the one that he claimed didn’t love him anymore. Oh, there were promises, a lot of words that the passage of time would prove didn’t mean much.

I mean, dad said we’d still catch up a couple of times a week, and we did for the first month. Then, it was more like once a week, then fortnightly. Lately, I’d be lucky to see him from one month to the next. Of course, now that I’m 20, I don’t even see mom that much. I moved interstate to attend college.

Dad had been such a key father figure, a male influence in my life, and even mom recognised that I should have one. She did her best to find a substitute man to offer guidance to me. No, I don’t mean that she tried to find a boyfriend to take dad’s place. Oh my God no, mom was so shattered by dad leaving her at such a critical time in her life that she swore she would never look for a replacement man in her life.

Critical time? Well, mom had just turned 40 — the big 4-0 — and had found that age milestone was quite a hurdle to jump over. Within weeks of hitting 40, she got the first hint from a close friend of hers about dad’s pursuit of the junior baseball team mother, the one who ingratiated herself with dad by bringing the cut-up oranges and washing the team uniforms.

So, with no dad around day-by-day, I was vulnerable as a 15-year-old teen and mom tryied to encourage me to talk with an assorted array of men that she lined up to supposedly give me sage advice that only a father should. Stay on the straight and narrow path, achieve good grades at school and don’t get mixed up with the wrong kind of guys, what life obstacles to try to avoid.

Some of these guys were passable and most meant well, a couple were neighbours and mom encouraged the husbands of two of her best friends to call by to officially counsel me. But then there was mom’s step-brother, much older than mom, he must have been way over 50. Although he had a different dad to my mom, they were quite close and their mom – my grandma — being still alive, kept them in regular contact.

This was my Uncle Harry, in his second marriage to Aunt Lynette … she was way younger than him, even a couple of years younger than my mom. I never had a lot to do with him when I was younger. I think my dad didn’t like him because I often heard him making derogatory comments about Uncle Harry. But after dad left, mom seemed to invite Uncle Harry around more often, sometimes with Aunt Lynette, but it seemed a lot of times on his own. Annoyingly, he had a nickname for me, he called me Squirrel.

It was ok when mom was home, but on several occasions, he came by while mom was out. Those times, I found that he tended to find an excuse to sit or stand up close to me, perhaps accidentally touch me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that he ever touched any private parts, like my pussy or tits, but I always worried that he could be capable of it. No, it was more like touches on my hands, my arms, my back, my knees, even a couple of times his hand would brush my ass if we passed close to each other. It was also the way he looked at me when mom wasn’t around, kind of leering and I would wonder what he was thinking when I saw him doing that. Oh, he usually gave me the creeps, fitting the image of what some of my friends would call a dirty old man. But as I said, that behaviour was usually only when mom wasn’t home.

Because of that, I became reluctant to let him in if he dropped by on his own while mom was out. He took exception to my rejecting his visits at these times, even told mom and she got quite angry with me. I tried to tell her about the casual touching, but she wouldn’t hear of it, said I was imagining it, even accused me of being rude and impolite to her brother. She said that, ‘my brother’ … I wanted to remind her that he was only her step brother, but that sounded petty on my part.

Anyway, I haven’t had to go through that lately. Not since I moved out of home and came to this town to start college last September. Yes I know, I was 19, a year older than most freshmen, but I had chosen to take a gap year. Much Porno to mom’s annoyance, dad helped fund my travels to and through Europe. I accepted his financial assistance because I figured he owed me something big like that for walking out on his family.

I’m also not in a sorority house, my opinion was that they are too regimented, so I chose to live off campus, renting a small apartment. This gives me a lot more freedom to have my new boyfriend to stay over whenever I’m feeling particularly randy … and I must confess that seems to be more and more often these days. I lost my virginity … well, didn’t actually lose it … more like generously gave it away to a wonderful French hunk while on my travels in Europe. There’s nothing like having regular sex to make a young woman feel really great. My new boyfriend? That’s Jerry, he’s a bit older than me … 23, actually finished college and is working, has a job in a bank.

Mom called me the other day, “So Jen, have you heard from your father lately?”

“No mom, not for a few weeks, I guess he’s been busy.”

“Too busy for his little girl, that’s not right. Tell you what, I’m asking Uncle Harry to drop by and see you, make sure you’re doing ok.”

“Mom, I don’t need Uncle Harry to come see me.”

“Yes you do, he’s family Jennifer. I’ll see what he’s doing this weekend.”

I continued to tell her that I didn’t need a visit from Uncle Harry, but my words fell on deaf ears.

She called me back a couple of hours later, “Ok Jennifer, it’s all set, he’s coming by Sunday morning. He jumped at the chance to see you again, says he’s missed you since you went away…”

“I’ll bet he has.”

“What’s that supposed to mean honey?”

“Nothing mom.”

“I don’t think you appreciate how much he loves you honey, your Uncle Harry just adores you. Anyway, I’ve given him your address and he said he’ll come by around ten … ok?”

“Yes mom, thanks! Is he bringing Aunt Lynette with him too?”

“No, you know she’s expecting, she’s eight months now, the baby could come anytime, so she doesn’t like the prospect of a 90-minute car trip each way.”

The last thing I wanted was for Uncle Harry to know where I lived. I’d felt much freer now that I was out of home, knowing there was no likelihood of his just dropping by unannounced. He had seemed to have an uncanny knack of knowing when mom wasn’t at home.

First thing I did that night was to ask my boyfriend if he could come by Sunday morning so that I wasn’t alone in my apartment when Uncle Harry came by. “Oh honey, I’ve got team practice Sunday morning, you know that,” he told me, referring to the softball team he signed up to recently.

“Oh, ok … do you have to go Jerry?”

“Jen, our first game is two weeks away and I’m the new guy. I want to firm up a place in the starting line-up. Why, what’s so important about Sunday morning?”

“Oh, it’s ok, mom arranged for my Uncle Harry to come visit me and I thought it would be good if you could be here when he’s here.”


“Oh, I just find him a bit creepy, that’s all. He seems so old and I find him a bit too touchy-feely for my liking.”

“Well, I’ll come by right after training, and you tell me if he’s done anything you don’t like and I’ll sort him out for you.”

“Ok, my big macho protector,” I joked.

Jerry stayed over at my place Saturday night and we had a hot wild night of sex, I’m enjoying my new relationship, having a loving and very affectionate bed partner. But that meant that I didn’t get a lot of sleep through the night. Jerry must have left for his softball team training around 9.30, but he stupidly didn’t wake me. So it was Uncle Harry’s knock on my front door just before ten that woke me from a deep sleep.

I jumped up out of bed, still naked from the hot sex workout with Jerry. I grabbed the first two garments that I could see … a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Now, this is not really the time to tell you more about me, not with my uncle waiting at the door. But I guess I should offer this thumbnail description so you can visualise the events that unfolded in my apartment. So, you know I’m 20 now, medium height, actually 5’6″ (167cms for those reading this in countries that are metric), I’m thin build, but toned, with small but perky breasts and I have long, dark brown hair, way past my shoulders when I let it hang down. Ok, got a picture? And my visitor — my Uncle Harry — is mid-fifties, about 5’10” but has a tendency to slump. Craggy face, certainly not what you’d call handsome and some of his fingers are gnarly and bent … I think he has arthritis in them. He’s thinning on top and where he has hair, he lets it grow, I guess to compensate for where it doesn’t grow up above his forehead.

I opened the door to welcome my uncle. He stepped into the front room, wrapping his big arms around me and hugging me to him, pulling me up against him. I bet he liked the feel of my perky Altyazılı Porno young breasts in only a tee, squashing against his chest. Then, inappropriately, he dropped one hand to hold my right ass cheek in his palm, pulling my body tighter against him. Fortunately, it was late winter and he wore a heavy overcoat to protect from the cold in getting from his air-conditioned car into my air-conditioned apartment.

He held me for longer than an uncle/niece hug should go on. Feeling awkward to have my uncle holding me against him like that, I managed to twist my body out of his arms and pointed to a single chair, “You sit there, Uncle Harry.”

“Thank you Jennifer, you’re a sweetie, it’s so nice to see you again. And look at this lovely apartment you have, do you live here alone?”

“No, my boyfriend Jerry lives here with me,” I lied — Jerry still lives at home with his family and stays over here only on selected nights when he or I or both feel hot to fuck. “He’ll be back soon, he just went off to softball training. He’s quite a sports jock, you know.” I was saying all the things I could think of to deter him from trying to grope me like he used to do when he came to our house when mom was out.

We got to talking, mainly family type stuff. I thought I would be on safe ground when I asked about Aunt Lynette and how her pregnancy was going, but he managed to find a way to turn that around.

“Yes, she’s good Jen, only a month to go now. Say, who’d have believed that I would still have this kind of potency at my age, eh? My balls sure do make potent sperm, we had no problem with Lynnie conceiving as soon as we began trying. Now you keep that in mind for the future, Squirrel. If you ever have trouble getting pregnant … I mean, when you’re ready to start a family, your old Uncle Harry would make a good back-up, you know, if you have trouble conceiving.”

What an unpleasant thought, and really quite an off suggestion for my old uncle to make to his young niece, “I think I’ll be fine thanks Uncle Harry. Besides, that wouldn’t be right, me being your niece and all.”

“Oh honey, that’s all old-fashioned stuff, nobody worries about that sort of thing these days … and you wouldn’t need to tell anybody if you didn’t want to. Just keep my advice in mind Squirrel, I have the real potent stuff in my balls.”

“I think that’s too much information Uncle Harry,” I was trying to be as polite as I could in deference to my mom, “I’d feel better if we talked about something else.”

But the subject matter didn’t alter all that much, “So tell me about this new boyfriend of yours Jen, is he hung?”

I squirmed uneasily, surely even this older man could see how uncomfortable he was making me feel, “I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

“Honey, you got to get a guy — a real guy – someone who can do the job, make you cum big time and often. No use getting some guy with a teeny wiener,” then he laughed a dirty sort of snigger.

You can get some idea of the way the morning went. His conversation was generally gross, even much worse than I’d ever found him to be all those times he’d drop by our family home. Did he consider I was fair game now that I was out of home and living well away from my mom? I suffered an hour of his grotty innuendo before I heard a knock at the front door. “That will be Jerry, must have forgot his key,” I said to try to explain why my boyfriend wouldn’t have a key if he was living with me.

I went to open the door and Jerry burst in, all hot and sweaty from his workout.

He tossed his workout bag on the floor by the door and gave me a kiss. Unfortunately, it was only a quickie. I really wanted Jerry to come on passionate in front of my uncle, let him see how much of an item we are. I introduced them, “Oh Jerry, this is my Uncle Harry.”

Harry raised himself from the chair and stepped forward with his hand outstretched to Jerry, a big smile on his face, “Hi Jerry, it’s so good to meet you, I believe you’re the young man that’s now looking after our lovely Jen. I’m the brother of Jen’s mom.”

As their hands clenched together and they shook forcefully, I added, “Step … Harry is mom’s step brother.”

“Oh, that girl,” said Harry, looking directly at Jerry, “she likes to bring that up all the time. I don’t know what her problem is, her mom and I are brother and sister, same mothers. What’s the big deal?”

“Yeah, shouldn’t make any difference,” my new boyfriend sounds like he’s on Harry’s side, much to my frustration. I would have to have a word with him after Harry leaves.

Sitting here in my own lovely little apartment, I watched a transformation come over old Uncle Harry. I wasn’t watching the same man … the obscene lecher with his filthy innuendo never appeared once. He chatted on to my boyfriend like they were old friends, knocking back a couple of beers. They talked about every general thing under the sun … a lot about sport, even a bit on politics Brazzers and nothing about sex, no lewd comments about how potent his seed was. It was like another man had walked in with Jerry and replaced my lascivious old uncle.

Jerry even invited my uncle to stay for lunch and I was forced to sort out something to feed him. I somehow whipped up a salad and some sandwiches.

Uncle Harry at last suggested he should leave around 2.30. He again shook Jerry’s hand, telling him how nice it was to meet him. Then he turned to me and planted a big sloppy open-mouth kiss on my tightly closed lips and turned to leave. With his back to me, I brought the back of my hand up to wipe the saliva-soaking from my face.

Jerry closed the door behind him, turning around to face me, “What a nice old guy your uncle is.”

“What? You’ve got to be joking. Jerry, he really turned on the charm for you. If you could have seen and heard him in the first hour, before you got here, he was talking all this crap about how good he was at sex and how potent his seed is. Even suggested that if I ever had trouble conceiving when I want a baby, I can call on him because his seed is so strong. Darling, it was disgusting.”

Jerry looked at me dismayed, “Are you talking about the guy I just met?”

“Of course I am,”

“You must have misconstrued what he said, maybe he was joking.”

“Jerry, you weren’t here, you didn’t hear the gross crap that poured from his dirty mouth.”

“I find that really hard to believe, honey.”

“Jerry, are you saying I’m lying?”

“No, of course not honey, I’m just saying it’s hard to believe. I’ve just spent three hours with the guy and he was a gentleman around you.”

“That’s only because you were here.”

“Oh come on, surely not.”

Chapter 2

I had been fearful that Uncle Harry could become an unwanted regular visitor now that he knew where I was living while at College and that mom wasn’t around. But I didn’t see him for quite a while. Maybe he believed me when I said my new boyfriend is living with me, it might have scared him off, even though Jerry was so friendly toward him.

Mom called to tell me that Uncle Harry and Aunt Lynne had a baby daughter less than a month after he visited me. They named her Ava. But it turned out that there was much bigger news to come. Again, it came through a call from mom. She called to tell me that my uncle had won a million dollar-plus prize in a lottery.

I softly cursed his good fortune, wishing it were me. But Jerry had a different reaction when I told him, “Jerry, remember that uncle of mine that you met here with me one Sunday a couple of months ago?”

“Err … yeah, I think so. Older guy, you thought he was a lech, but as I recall, I liked him and we got on pretty well.”

“Yes you did, to my annoyance. Well, mom called me today to tell me he won over a million in the lottery.”

“Hey, isn’t that something else? How close are you to him?”

“No, I’m not at all really, although he might think I am. Don’t you remember me telling you how from when my dad left when I was 14, he hung around our house a lot more? He always seemed to be pushing the boundaries when he was around me.

“How do you mean?”

“I don’t know, there was never anything serious enough for me to complain to mom about, but he always seemed to find a reason to be close to me, maybe touching me or sometimes rubbing up against me, but like it was an accident. My mom never saw him like that, but I’ve always thought of him as an out-and-out lecher with no redeeming features. He scares me a bit Jerry.”

“Well honey, I can only go on the way I found him that Sunday we met, but I thought he was a great old guy. Are you sure you didn’t imagine those things? But hey, from what you tell me now the big thing is that he’s got a shit load of money. What’s he going to do with all that, has he got a big family?”

“No, he and his first wife never had any kids and he hates her these days, so there’s only his current wife and their new little daughter. And he owns his home so who knows what he will spend it on?”

“So he’s your mom’s older brother…”

“Step brother!”

“Yeah, yeah! And you’re his favourite niece?”

“I guess I am, he always gives me that impression.”

“So Jen, you’re in a great position to cash in. You know you’re always telling me how you struggle to pay the rent.”

“What are you suggesting Jerry?”

“Sweetheart, I’m suggesting that the guy obviously likes you very much, so I’d think he’d do pretty much anything for you.”

“What, even give me some of his money?”

“If you told him you were doing it tough paying the rent, and if you didn’t act like little miss uppity whenever he’s around.”

“Jerry, you’re making me sound like I’m the bad one. I don’t know, I’ve always thought of him as such a lech, that if I was ever silly enough to show him any encouragement, who knows what he’d try on with me.”

“You don’t know that for sure, and if he did, what does it matter?”

“What do you mean what does it matter?” I was getting quite indignant, “I don’t want him getting all hot and heavy around me … that would be gross.”

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