My Wife’s Birthday Celebration

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I am Kumar from eastern India, working in well known corporate sector as chief engineer, 52 yrs old. My family consists of my wife, Vijaya and two children. We stay in company provided flat; our neighbours are all family persons. The ladies are having good understanding between themselves. All the gentlemen are working in same group companies in important positions. They are having one or two children, having good relationship with us. As our companies are doing well, we are all happy and well off. Our elder one is doing engineering from a reputed private college and younger one is in standard seven. Both are in their hostels.

Vijaya, 45 yrs old, a classic beauty, figure is 36C-33-38. We still love each other a lot crossing 20 years of married life, but honestly speaking our sex life is bit monotonous nowadays due to lack of spice. We see XXX films sometimes showing group fun, swapping, cuckold or threesome or lesbian actions; but not having the guts to go for all these things. Sometimes I face erectile dysfunctions too due to my age. Above all we don’t have much satisfaction in bedroom nowadays.

I want to share with you one incident happened with us last rainy season while celebrating my wife’s birthday with our apartment couples.

On that special evening it was raining cats and dogs. They were present in our flat to celebrate the party. Let me introduce them with you. Three couples were there- Priya/ Jiten from Madhya Pradesh, Sritama/ Padmakh from Tripura, Swati/ Prashant from Bihar. All of them are in 40s. There was another lady Jyotsna from Bihar, age around 45 years; her hubby was out of station that day in official trip. The housewives are all just sex bombs having nice curves; to be very frank I would die to fuck each one of them though I am loyal to my wife. Their husbands are having good figures too.

I am coming to the main story. I brought the birthday cake and placed it on the dining table, to be cut by the birthday girl. All of our neighbours came well dressed.

It was around 9 PM. Vijaya was getting dressed in a gorgeous saree in master bedroom where four ladies were present. I was preparing myself in front of the wardrobe of another room wrapping a towel around my waist. I found men gossiping in drawing room together, as if some secret discussion was going on.

I was about to come to the drawing room, these three gentlemen pushed the door of master bedroom and forcibly entered like whirlwind. Vijaya got stunned, but I found four ladies quite prepared for the incident. Jiten pulled my wife’s saree which was then loosely bound on her body. Naturally it fell on the floor.

Vijaya anticipated the situation and ran away towards drawing room with her remaining cloths on.

Swati shouted, “Catch her, don’t let her go.”

Three gents and four ladies all chased her in bedrooms/ drawing room/ kitchen; I got mesmerized. Ultimately they could catch her between master bedroom and kitchen. Jyotsna held her hands tight, Sritama held her legs. A funny little ran through me as I saw Prashant’s hand glide over Vijaya’s big tits. Padmakh’s hand snaked under her petticoat gaziantep jigolo and my wife stiffened. The hand continued to fondle her cunt, her hands and legs still held tightly. “Stop it!” my wife gasped as all the hands were groping her lusty body. Jiten started to fondle my wife’s buttocks. Jiten was trying to unhook her blouse, but probably due to the rusted hooks he couldn’t. Then there was a sharp rip as her blouse and bra were torn away by Jyotsna.

Her huge tits tumbled into view. Her big brown nipples already erect and puckered from being fondled. A thrill streaked through my tummy as I watched Jiten and his wife Priya started to feel my wife’s bouncing melons in their hands. Sritama tried to pull the thread of the petticoat, but she was somehow unable to disengage it. Then there was a second sharp tearing sound, and suddenly my wife was stark naked, her panty and petticoat having been torn away by both Sritama and Swati. More whoops and laughter as my wife blushed, choking and twisting in their tight grip. My wife is nothing but a bundle of curves and dimples. They were quite gentle and careful with her even my wife was furious. The gents were squeezing her tits, tugging at her nipples, petting her buttocks. My wife choked and twisted. Jyotsna then suggested bringing her to master bedroom. My wife was suddenly lifted waist high by other ladies and gents. They brought her to the bedroom, placing her on the bed on her back. Sritama winked Swati to close the only window found open then and to switch off the door bell. I entered the bedroom. Her knees were forced wide apart and pushed high into her chest. Vijaya’s legs and hands were in tight grip. She had a lot of hair on that thing! All these thick patch of dark hair covering her mound was an evidence of our rare sexual activities. They all admired her beauty. Then I saw the men getting undressed. I saw thick cocks wobbling onto view, already erect and skinned back; wrinkled balls swinging there loaded with semen.

My wife saw them. “No, no…” she choked. I won’t tell she was frightened. She was very offended that they were doing this. The hands of the ladies continued to roam all over her body, rolling her big tits here and there, caressing her thighs and belly, fondling her big pussy.

Swati uttered in complete excitement “Please fuck her!” “Don’t! Please don’t….” my wife whimpered softly. I got confused, which side was I on? Then Jiten positioned himself on top of her with his massive erection, settling his nude body between her wide open thighs. His big sized crown touched her parted slit and pushed gently in. She knew by that time what was going to come. “Noooo…..” she still cried in low voice.

He went sliding right into her and my wife took his big cock in one gulp. I watched Jiten pumping my wife. He was taking long, deep strokes which were not possible at my age level. My wife’s soft flesh was rocking by his violent thrusts. I could see his huge balls thudding silently against my wife’s rear end. The creamy flesh of her thighs was jiggling firmly in rhythm. I had never jigolo gaziantep seen people fuck before, I felt that it was a beautiful thing to see. Jiten declared as he rammed faster “Here I go!” My wife cried gently “Nooo…”

Big dimples suddenly blossomed on Jiten’s ass and his ass-crack narrowed to a slit. Each contraction signalled a spray into Vijaya’s womb. I counted eight shots.

I didn’t bother as my wife that day was within safe period of her menstruation cycle. For the first time other than me someone had come in her.

After few seconds he stood up shivering. His cock was rapidly losing its hardness, beads of his foaming cum slowly dripping from his slit. He looked tired from exertion. Priya and Jyotsna held him tight while Priya wiped her husband’s limp dick with tissue paper. He sat on a nearby sofa.

Then Prashant mounted her. His cock was not as thick as Jiten’s, but nicely curved. Prashant is always an energetic guy. He pumped her hard, his bouncing ass was just spring driven. His nuts were banging hard against my wife’s ass. Vijaya’s naked body was being rocked as he pounded in and out faster and faster. She had fallen silent, waiting for them to fuck themselves out on her. Her hands were no more in tight grip. Everybody likes to fuck, don’t they? The bed was rocking in full swing. He was howling rigorously. Suddenly he pulled out and directed his rock hard cock in two hands like a gun. The jets of pearly semen flew in air and landed directly over my wife’s lusty body wetting her abdomen, belly, chest, her cheeks even reached her head. With every jerk of his cock, more and more drops spouted from his pisshole, ultimately splashing over her naked body.

The ladies now got time to look at me; they all smiled as they saw my towel tented out in front of me.

Jyotsna suggested me to shed the towel and I tossed it aside immediately.

My firm cock was noticed by them, they poked each others to watch me. The smile in ladies’ faces confirmed me that they knew about my erectile issues nowadays. I was enjoying tremendous sexual excitement after a long time. I started to masturbate rapidly. I was carried away by that evening incident. As a host I offered them bit loosely, “would you like to have tea or coffee?” They declined politely, telling they were enjoying the session.

Vijaya looked like a hot mess. She had her hair loose, cum gleaming of her naked body, sweat on her forehead, and looking quite sticky around her pussy area. All this time Padmakh was anticipating and jerking his meat. He went to pee as my wife looked at surrounding in doubtful way, if she should continue further. She finally spoke “Ok, I should go..hmm…I am going to shower.” My wife sounded weak and as if she was asking for permission to leave. The ladies sensed it as well. Right at that time Padmakh entered the room and quickly positioned himself between her wide open thighs. Sritama told her to lay down, my wife just followed instructions. It was like she was in a dream. He was rock hard and needed some relief too. He climbed on the bed to fuck gaziantep escort my wife.

My wife also observed me shaking my erection wildly. She is a human being; her body was enjoying the powerful thrusts which are so dear to feminine cunt. Probably for months we didn’t have any sex.

She ordered in husky voice, “Come here, I want to see you close”. I went near the bed shaking my cock.

Padmakh grabbed his swollen cock at the base, mats of thick hair surrounding the root. I watched as his tip was going into my wife all the way in. Sritama blamed her husband’s long official tour as the reason of his thick pubic hair. By then both of their pelvises touched each other and his rock hard balls touching my wife’s ass. He stayed motionless, my wife soaked up the moment by closing her eyes. She held onto the bed sheets. Padmakh was being arrogant and said “wow, this pussy is tight and has the right amount of wetness. Sritama cleared her husband’s doubt, “she doesn’t get it in awhile.” I shouted while shaking my cock with two hands, “fuck her man, fuck her.” All the ladies echoed, “Yes, hubby ordered it, go for the banging”.

At this point he picked up the pace. Her hips were jerking upwards to meet his thrusts. She would say “ughhhh, oh my……yesss.” Suddenly, emitting a sharp choking sound, he grabbed her body passionately into his arms and dug his manhood deep inside her cunt. I could only guess that he was squirting inside my wife’s delicate pussy. He ultimately pulled out of my wife.

I couldn’t resist myself to mount my beloved wife and we fucked like a sex starved animal. After a couple of turns she mounted me, started to ride wildly from top and moan in between.

The men were laughing and chortling, proud of themselves saying terrible things about my wife’s pussy. They started to tell filthy words on my wife. Jiten told how he used to see Vijaya’s gorgeous curves over her cloths and always wanted to fuck her. Prashant claimed how he knew my wife’s bra to grow from 34B to 36C while buying lingerie for his wife from the same shop, even used to shake cock while Swati went to her parents. Padmakh confessed as he stealthily checked my wife’s panty size at the time of outdoor drying and always wanted to bang her hard gripping her buttocks tightly. For all of them, dream had come true.

My wife went wild then; her moans were transformed into howling. She shouted on me “Should I pump you harder?” I was not in a position to respond, her ass began to rock wildly. All the ladies shouted together, “Fuck him hard, babe…makes it cum”. She was coming with a violence that sent my cock rocketing with pleasure. We had massive sex after a long time.

I felt a sudden rush of pride for my wife. None of my neighbours could last long with my wife. She out-fucked them.

All of them apologized because they torn away her clothes. We are matured couples, agreed that it happens in sexual excitement. I told them to forget that part. They became free from the guilty feelings.

We all took bath one by one; my wife took a longer time in bathroom getting rid of sticky semen over her body.

We put on proper cloths after taking shower and then enjoyed the evening together on the occasion of my beloved wife’s birthday.

I came out of my mental dissatisfaction as I regained my erection. Even if I face later on the same sexual issues due to my age, we have our good neighbours to take care of my wife’s physical needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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