My Wife’s Present to Me Pt. 02

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I awoke the next day to Brian slowly sucking my cock, when he saw my eyes open he ran his hands up my chest as if to acknowledge he knew I was up.

I laid back and said, “Oh my what a nice way to wake up.”

Brian sucked my cock until I shot my load in his mouth after he gobbled up every last drop of my cum he lifted his face to mine kissing me and saying, “Good morning.”

“Yes a very good morning, what would you like to do today we have until around noon before Alison said she would be home?” I asked

Looking at the clock Brian asked, “well it’s 9 now so we have at least a couple hours, think you could take my cock inside you again?”

“Well I’m still a little sore from that big beautiful cock you have but I’m game for trying.” I said as I turned over sticking my ass up spreading my legs leaving my man hole open for him to ravage.

“Mmm what and ass.” Brian said as he lowered his face to it sliding his tongue all around my ass crack until reaching my dark hole. Burying his face to my hole his tongue dove as deep inside as it could get his saliva both exciting and lubing my ass it puckering and tightening around his tongue as my excitement grew.

Pulling his tongue out Brian said, “your ass is so good so fucking good.” As he reached for the lube on the table by the bed slathering my ass with it.

“Are you ready cause here it comes?” he asked.

As I felt the tip touch my crack I pushed my ass hard against his cock so he knew I was in fact ready, willing and able to have his hard huge cock in me. Brian feeling this pushed his cock inside me just a little at first and the deeper and deeper with each push until he had as much as possible filling my ass the holding it there for a minute or so.

“Please don’t tease fuck my ass please.” I said as I kept pushing and pulling my hips as if to imitate a fucking motion.

“Oh you want this huh?” Brian asked.

“Yes please fuck me hard!” I yelled

Brian hearing this started pounding my ass sometimes hurting as his huge cock bottomed out in my ass. I could feel the sides of my hole expanding to almost proportions beyond it’s capabilities. I felt he could almost split my ass apart if he pushed to far but didn’t care.

“Do you want me to cum in your ass or on your ass?” Brian asked.

“Where do you want to cum?” I asked him.

“I want to cum in your ass.” he said

“Then cum yes cum in my ass I want your hot cum inside me.” I said.

Brian was ramming my ass for what felt like an hour when He suddenly started breathing harder and harder as his cock moved faster and faster until his cock explodes ribbon after ribbon shooting in my ass. My ass unable to hold the load he was shooting had cum streaming out running down both cheeks. After his final load shot he pulled his cock out of my ass, I could feel my warm cum but also my ass hurt as if it was on fire, the friction from his cock was no match even for the lube.

Brian reached for tissues to wipe the cum from my ass and upon seeing beylikdüzü escort it told me, “Wow I’m sorry your ass is so red and a little swollen does this hurt?’ he said as he ran his finger near the red area.

As his finger touched me it felt like someone putting a fingernail on a sunburn and I yelled, “Oh shit that hurts man it’s gonna hurt like a bitch for a while.”

Brian asked if Preparation H and he then went to the cabinet to get it. He put the ointment on my ass which calmed it down enough to be able to get up.

“Well I guess we won’t be doing that again for a while.” Brian said.

“I knew I was sore from last night I guess I should have waited but it feels much better now.” I told him.

“Well it’s almost 10:30 now should we get ready since your wife will be home soon?” Brian asked.

“Yes we can save a little time if we shower together.” I stated.

Brian & I went to the master bedroom shower. I took the hose with the showerhead spraying it all over his body then took the body wash and lathered his chest down to his stomach and then finally reaching his cock. I washed his cock my hand stroking the soap up and down his shaft his cock almost spent from fucking my ass finally sprung up to action. I continued to wash his shaft with one hand and now his balls with the other, Brian must have enjoyed this as he fell forward the sidewall of the shower holding him up.

Taking my hands from him I washed the soap away and knelt until he cock was now level with my face. I took his cock inside my mouth one hand again returning to massage his balls and the other slid a finger up his ass, Brian moaned as he leaned on the wall. I then started bobbing my mouth up & down the shaft of his cock taking it as deep in my throat as I could his huge tip stretching the opening as wide as it could go. I suddenly felt Brian tense readying his load to shot in my mouth, feeling this I tightened my grip on his balls trying to give him both pleasure and pain as my other hand pumped my finger in and out of his ass faster and faster until his hands tightened his body shook and his load shot ribbon after ribbon of cum straight down my throat after sucking the last drop I kissed the tip then licked the last little bit of cum off it.

“Oh my that was good.” Brian said as I rose up and then we kissed.

Brian broke our kiss and started washing me stopping when he got to my cock and stroked it asking, “Shall I do you now?”

“No I think we need to get ready for Alison to get home.” I said so we finished our shower and after cleaned the house.

“Well do you know what to expect tonight when Alison comes home?” Brian asked.

“I really don’t know Brian, I have no idea I guess maybe what happened on my birthday she’ll watch maybe let me eat her while you fuck me I don’t know.” I said.

When I looked at the clock it was about 11:45 so I decided to call her, when she answered I asked her, “are you almost home?”

“No I was beyoğlu escort just gonna call you, the girls and I are going out to lunch I’ll be home after that we have 2 o’clock reservations so I guess I’ll be home by 5 if that’s ok.” she said.

Taking my phone to the other room I asked her, “are you alone or with the others?”

“I’m alone why?” she asked.

“I was just wondering, Brian asked me if I knew what to expect when you come home and I wasn’t sure myself.” I told her.

“To be honest I don’t know myself.” she said. “Did you two have a good night together?” she asked.

“Yes we did and I want to thank you again as I am sure so does Brian.” I said.

“I don’t want to know what you did, but I have to ask is it better than when your with me and I have to ask again is our relationship good?” she asked.

“Yes being with you is great as good as ever but being with him is also, if I had to chose between you and him I would chose you but I’ll be honest I would always be thinking of him also.” I said. “Why are you asking are you having second thoughts?” I asked.

“No I just needed hear our relationship is ok, I know you have these urges and I want you to be happy and i guess it’s better than you messing around behind my back.” she said.

“What do you want for dinner?” I asked.

“I don’t know surprise me, but no fish I had that last night, I got to go now the girls are calling me downstairs.” she said.

I went back to the kitchen and told Brian she wouldn’t be home till 5, I swear I could see his eyes light up.

I turned to pour a cup of coffee and when I turned around Brian had his pants off with his ass in the air as he saw me look he asked, “see anything you like?”

Putting my cup down I told him to put his pants back on, he frowned, then I told him we can go to the hot tub in the back, his frown turned upside down.

Brian & I went to the hot tub which is enclosed with only a few windows and a skylight, my neighbors live far enough away and with my tree lined property nobody can see the goings on inside. Undressing Brian & I got in the bubbles feeling so good around my body except for my ass which still hurt. Brian reached over and kissed me his tongue finding mine and we embraced for a while when Brian broke our embrace and stood up leaning against the side stuck his ass in the air for me to take.

“Do you want me to lube you?” I asked thinking about my own sore ass.

“No your spit should be enough, you know your not big enough to make me sore.” he said with a chuckle.

“Well that just made my cock deflate.” I said.

Turning around Brian started licking my cock getting me really hard until I finally couldn’t take it. I grabbed Brian spinning him around so I could take his ass. Brian leaned against the side and I lowered my mouth to his ass my tongue licking him then spitting on my hand I spread my spit into his hole.

Standing over Brian I asked, “are you ready?”

“I bizimkent escort was born ready for you.” he said.

Lining my cock up to his hole I rammed my cock straight into his hole pushing it as deep as it could go, Brian let out a quick moan as my cock filled his musky hole.

“Well how does my little cock feel in there?” I asked.

“Feels great and I never said it was little just that it wouldn’t hurt me.” Brian said.

I started pushing my cock in and out fucking him as hard as I could his ass tightening around my cock each time I pushed it in until I could feel my load getting ready to shot, I yelled out, “Brian I’m gonna cum.” My shot load inside his ass so many spurts of cum filling it until I collapsed my cock shrinking until finally slipping out of his ass.

Turning around Brian kissed me and said, “Thanks that was great.”

Dressing we returned to the house, I saw the time was now almost 4, we put the dishes we used in the morning in the dishwasher. The rest of the house was clean, we looked for what we would make for Alison’s dinner finally deciding on some Filet Mignon we bought when shopping Thursday, we decided to wait till the last minute to make them and retired to the living room.

“Well I for one had a great evening and day today, how about you?” Brian asked.

“Better than expected, I hope Alison allows this to continue in at least some way.” I said.

“Me too, but what if she decides we need to stop this?” Brian asked.

“I don’t know I can’t give her or you up, I just don’t know.” I said.

“If she says no and we continue what do you think would happen if she found out?” he asked.

“if she decides we should end this and we continue I’m not sure what she would do, she might throw me out and then I would have to stay with you.” I said with a laugh.

“If she throws you ok you can gladly stay with me, my bed is big enough for 2 and you would get your cock sucked at least once maybe 10 times a day.” He said with a smile.

“Don’t tempt me, I guess I would have to reciprocate that many times?” I said with a laugh.

Brian walked to me and kissed me then whispered, “I would take as much or as little as you could do as long as you were with me.”

My mind was thinking, if she threw me out what would it be like to live with him but also then I wouldn’t have her and I did love her pussy and making love to her. Hmm I thought to myself, “I hope I never have to decide between them I don’t want to hurt either one of them.”

Just then I noticed it was 4:45 and got up to start dinner saving putting the steaks on till she got home.

Finally the door opened it was 5:10 and Alison walked in, put her bags down and gave me a kiss. After she went to Brian giving him a hug & kissing him on the cheek.

“Mmm smells good in here, what’s for dinner?” she asked.

“Filet, corn & potatoes.” I said.

After the steaks were cooked we sat down having dinner together as what felt like a family dinner, a different kind of family.

After dinner Alison asked, “what do you boys feel up to tonight?”

“It’s your call, you are the boss tonight.” I said.

“Yes whatever you want, well almost whatever you know I’m gay, is ok by me.” Brian said with a laugh.

“Well Let me see,” said Alison thinking hard.

Only time will tell.

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