My Wife’s Stockings

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As I grow older I become increasingly convinced that people’s sexual kinks are as individual as their fingerprints. This is one reason why porn can be so unfulfilling. You spend hours trawling the net for the perfect image or video clip, and when you find something that’s close you realise the girl is wearing the wrong necklace, the guy has a stupid voice or, most often in my case, the shoes are wrong.

For me the footwear and clothes that I want a girl to wear for sex has become so specific to me, that I’m certain the only way I’m going to get gratification on the web is by creating my own site.

Strangely though it has become a lot easier for me to realise these desires in real life. This is due to my beautiful, sexy wife, who not only dresses in a smart, understated and sexy way but has also grown to understand and love my sexual taste and wants to satisfy it much as I want to satisfy her.

For instance one thing I know my wife loves, and it really is such a simple thing, is to be eaten out long and slow whilst lying on her back. She likes to be comfortable, I prop her head up with soft plump pillows and she lies there, like a lazy girl, with her long legs wide apart whilst I put my head in her crutch and lick her sweet smelling cunt slowly for up to an hour.

The secret for her is that I never speed up; I just lick slowly and softly for as long as possible. My erect cock is swinging beneath me as I lick on all fours. She loves it when I get her juice all around my face and I rub it up into her belly, smearing more of her pussy juice over my chest. We both love to smell of each other.

Often she will want to finish by turning me over and grinding herself down hard into my face. I love being used like that. Sometimes at the end she grinds her cunt into my face so aggressively I feel she is going to break my nose.

The fuck that follows this is usually short and furious. She has had her orgasm and is happy for me to fuck like a virgin would, filling her up with cum in seconds.

That’s what my Wife likes, but me?

My wife gets ready for work before me in the morning. One of my favourite things is to lie there in bed with a huge erection watching her get dressed.

I love girls that have to get dressed prim and smart for work.

My wife is five and a half foot tall. She has dark brown shoulder length hair. She has a soft rounded figure. She is not fat, she goes in perfectly at the middle and has wide hips, though she does have just the slightest tummy which I love. She has gorgeous 34D tits, which jiggle as she walks around the bedroom. Her best feature is her legs. She is very high wasted and has long, strong, perfect legs that wrap around me and hold me tight when we screw.

First she puts on her underwear. We both love for her to wear expensive underwear, and we both love for me to buy it for her. The bras and pants must always match and she prefers the subtle colours; black, deep red, blue. She’s the sort of woman who knows her bras size and buys ones that fit her perfect breasts. We both favour the short style panties, though they are often lacy, and several pairs are completely sheer and see through at the back, so I can see her arse crack.

In the winter she bursa escort will pull on nylon tights over her long legs. Almost any tights turn me on. I like the deep, black, tights that are barely opaque but I also love light flesh coloured hosiery as well. I remember one of our first fucks, when I had bent over a chair. She hadn’t taken any clothes off, she just had her flesh toned tights and knickers pulled down around thighs. Her legs were straining to get wide enough. I drilled her hard from behind with her skirt bunched up over her creamy white arse.

Next she will put on a crisp, freshly ironed blouse. As she buttons up I will adore the way her tits stand out underneath the perfect fitting cotton shirt. She will pull a straight black skirt up over her legs and ass. Once again it will fit and shape around her bum, with out being too tight.

Even though my wife has perfect legs I rarely need to see her in a mini-skirt. The sexiest thing for me is to see a beautiful woman in a dress or skirt that stops just above the knee. This means that when she crosses her knees I can see flashes of thigh. This means I have somewhere for my hand to explore later.

My Wife then puts her shoes on. Now here I must be specific, I don’t care for the default porn shoes. I do love a heel but not excessively high. I like a heel to be between two or three inches long, and quite thick. For me it is important that the shoe is sexy, whilst remaining practical for the woman to wear. I do not like strappy or open toed shoes. I like the foot to be neatly contained. One ankle strap or a tee-bar drives me wild however. I guess ultimately I’m thinking of something retro, the type of shoe that a secretary might wear in a fifties movie.

My wife loves that I like buying her shoes, and she loves the shoes I buy. She loves to wear the shoes for me whilst we screw. I love to fuck her on all fours doggy style with her heeled shoes splayed out behind her. I love to her fuck her on her back with her legs around me, digging her heels into my arse, so it hurts me when I come. I like her on her knees, so I can see her heels behind her arse. Her big brown eyes, looking up at me, begging me to fill her mouth with my cum.

You see, our tastes have grown into each other. She loves to dress in a way that pleases me. Like wise the way she likes to dress has completely influenced what I find sexy. What I find sexy are women who dress like my wife.

Stockings and hold-ups is the area where we had to work harder to find a common ground. When I first met my wife she had rarely worn stockings. She thought they were silly, and more importantly impractical. I have always found stockings to be deeply erotic. The sexiest thing for me is the flesh between the stocking top and the ass. I have rarely seen a woman in stockings and not immediately got a huge erection. Only once before meeting my wife did I get to fuck a girl in hold ups. Claire, my girl friend before, wore some fishnet hold-ups for me as a treat. I came in from work one night and she was sitting on the sofa, in a sea-through vest top, and her nylon clad legs wide open. She had short red curly hair, and a big fat arse. I took her from behind and let the cum dribble down her thigh on to escort bursa her stockings.

I was deeply in love with my wife from the moment I met her. I loved her unconditionally but knew I would love to see her in her sexy stockings. We started to talk about during our love making, me telling her how I would love to see her dressed for me.

I said, “I would fuck you so hard and long if you wore stockings for me. My cock would be stiff for you all night, if you let me screw you hard in your shoes and hold-ups.”

I would say this whilst I gently pushed my finger against the rim of her ass hole. I would say this in between flicking her clit with my tongue. I say this with my cock in her mouth.

One night we met in an Italian Restaurant. She was wearing a long red satin skirt. Before we had started ordering she said, “Guess what I’m wearing?”

She was wearing smooth black hold-ups, which ran all the way up her long curvy legs. She was wearing pink, heeled shoes. I had to think about this all through dinner and when we got home I had started to take my cock out before we got through the door. She was slipping her knickers down as we got to the hall. We didn’t make the bedroom, I fucked her on the stairs. Her red satin skirt pulled up over her bare ass. She stuck her cheeks out and I took her from behind stroking her nylon covered legs up and down as her filled her up. My balls had produced so much spunk over dinner that when I pulled out, my cum was oozing out of a perfect cream pie collecting in a pool on our carpet.

My wife started to wear hold-ups more often. She would always wear them when went out so that I had to spend the entire evening thinking about them before sex.

I remember a really good fuck in Paris. The hotel had a long mirror, which we put in front of us so that as I screwed her from behind, she could watch my cock sliding in and out. She said she loved seeing my balls slapping against her.

Once in Berlin, she wore a skirt that was too short for her hold-ups. She said that she couldn’t go out dressed like that. As soon as she sat down anywhere, people would see the tops of her nylons. They would see the soft white skin of her thighs. She decided to change, but before she did she let me fuck her standing up, again from behind. Her heels made her the perfect height for me to fuck her up against the wardrobe. My hands played with her ass. Her long legs quivered and shook as I kept on banging my gorgeous wife.

She still wasn’t keen on the idea of proper stockings with a garter belt. However she did bring, other ideas to the bedroom that I hadn’t considered. One day we were out shopping and she started to buy long socks. She bought a maroon pair that stopped below the knee. She wore these out one night, and I had to spend all night looking at her bare knees poking out underneath her skirt. When I got her home I fucked her on the bed and she bought her legs up high and hooked them over my shoulders, so that I could get good and deep.

She also bought, these woollen stockings that stopped above her knees, they had white bows and looked like the sort of thing a whore would wear in an old western. I wasn’t sure when she put them on. She walked into the kitchen wearing bursa escort bayan them and nothing else bar her black patent leather shoes and a pearl necklace. She put her hands on the kitchen worktop and jiggled her ass cheeks. These filthy woollen stockings sent me over the edge. I got my cock out and gave her a quick fuck, pulling out at the end and letting my cum fill up her ass crack.

My wife loved where this was going, and adored seeing how it made me feel. She also found that wearing the hold-ups made her feel sexy. She loved it when a cool breeze fluttered up her skirt and brushed her bare skin. She would love to go out sometimes wearing hold-ups and no knickers, that way at work she could slip into the girls’ room and stroke her pussy for a few precious minutes.

Eventually she could not resist and bought the full get up, expensive stockings with a seam up the back, lilac and black panties with a matching belt and suspenders. She wore it all, with her black heels and her pearl necklace. The seams were something I hadn’t considered, so sexy with that line running up the backs of her thigh. Also where as the elastic tops of the hold ups would pinch into the flesh of her legs a little, now the suspender belts held them gently in place allowing the curve to flow perfectly from her legs round to her beautiful round arse.

She knew it was too much for me, so she got on her knees, slipped her tits out and wanked me off, so that I came over her left breast. Then she put her tits back into her beautiful bra without cleaning the cum off.

She let me spend the next few hours taking photos of her. She would spread her legs wide and pull open her pussy lips. She would get on all fours and slip her knickers down. I took pictures of her cunt and asshole, perfectly framed by the stocking tops and the suspender belt. As I took the photos I rubbed my erect cock against the fabric, running it against the seam. When I fucked her again, this time long and hard and she begged me not to waste any more cum. She wanted it all inside her dripping cunt. She was on her back, her strong stocking clad legs wrapped tight around me. She dug her heels in as I let my load flood into her. She lay there in a heap, dressed like a sexy whore with my cum in her pussy and my dried cum on her tit. She started to scoop some of my jizz out of her slit and tasted it. Her eyes closed in ecstasy.

That night I had a dream. My wife and me were out at a club. She had on a sexy one-piece black dress, underneath she had on the same stockings, bra and panties set. The skirt had a slit and when she danced and curved her body the slit revealed the tops of her stockings. The men in the club noticed and started to gather round her. She danced sexily, and ground her ass against their crotches. She moved to a stool, and made the men form a queue. She asked each of them to wank themselves off and when they were ready that each one of them should come over her stockings. She pulled up her dress high, and crossed her legs. She ran her hands up and down her legs and played with her stocking tops. The first man, came up and shot his load over my wife’s knees. The second aimed higher across her thighs. The third went too high and got some cum on my Wife’s dress and panties. She reminded them that she just wanted the cum on her long stockings and shoes. There were twenty men in the queue now, and they all took their turn. They all wanted to shoot their jizz over my beautiful wife and her sexy legs.

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