Naked Greed

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Part of a series of short stories with the common connection of ‘Naked’ and placed in various sections on this site.

Some of them are funny, some are sad, some are quirky but all reveal the many facets of human emotion in all its naked rawness.

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The bowl of melted chocolate sat on the dressing table next to the bed, a plate of strawberries and a jug of whipped cream next to it. The bottle of ice cold champagne, its cork already popped, was in Will’s hand as he dribbled it into Becky’s open mouth. Giggling as the bubbling fluid spilled out down the side of her cheek and into her hair, she went to wipe her face with her hand but Will shook his head, deliberately pouring a little of the ice cold liquid onto the bare skin between her breasts so that the champagne flowed down towards her neck and pooled in the crevice at the base of her throat as she lay back on the dishevelled bed.

Bending over he licked at the stream of flowing alcohol and skin, making Becky arch her neck with pleasure.


The taste of the bubbly semi tart liquid and the salty taste of her skin exploded on his tongue sending ripples of pleasure to his groin, his cock twitching as the blood flowed into it.

Sitting up, his legs astride Becky’s naked body, he scooted back so that he could see her torso lying before him, her arms crooked up above her head, her blond hair falling tumbled across the pillow, her freckled body, small firm breasts tipped with dark brown nipples pointing upwards. Her flat belly, the Tuzla Escort skin taught and golden waiting for him with the small dip of her navel just asking for attention.

Tipping up the bottle so that the cold champagne poured into the small indent and ran down her sides it made her laugh as it tickled her, and he bobbed his head down, and then with his long tongue lapped at her wet belly button, slurping loudly as he moved it in and out, then swirling it around causing Becky to writhe, which in turn sent the fluid running down her skin, soaking the sheets below her.

Straightening up onto his knees and placing the bottle to his lips he took a deep drink, the bubbles rushing to his stomach, whilst his other hand splayed out over her tummy rubbing into her skin the wetness, making her body glisten in the half light in the bedroom. Her freckles stood out against the glorious colour of her skin, and the smell of grapes, sweat, sweet musk and vanilla assaulted his senses as it rose up to his nose from her wriggling glorious body.

Pouring some champagne over his cock he lent over her face, moving his hard prick towards her mouth, which opened eagerly to suck the wine off his turgid member, and then licked it like it was a popsicle. A popsicle of skin and champagne, her pointed tongue greedily tasting every small inch cleaning it and driving Will insane with pleasure.

“Ahhhh……..” he breathed as the air whooshed out of his mouth, his eyes closing at the wonderful feeling of her mouths ministrations to his now rock hard penis. The forgotten bottle of champagne in his right hand lay on its side, the last of the liquid spilling out onto the sheet, the watery looking stain spreading out dark against the white of the sheet. His body moved in a steady slow rhythm above her as he pushed his Gebze Escort hard organ, trying to get it deeper into her small open mouth.

Becky’s hand reached out, almost knocking the bowl of strawberries onto the floor and dipped her fingers into the bowl of warm melted chocolate, scooping up a big glob of the sticky mixture and then pushing up at Will with her other hand removed his prick from her mouth only to rub the gooey brown mess onto it with her fingers.

Replacing her mouth she sucked his cock, now covered in chocolate making small mewing noises of pleasure as the sweet sugary taste assaulted her taste buds, her saliva increasing as she worked the hard rod deep in the cavern of her mouth.


Faster and faster she bobbed her head, deeper and deeper into her oral cavity it plunged, harder and harder she sucked and swirled her tongue until Will exploded, his white thick cum shooting out to join the food inside her mouth.

The white sheets was now further stained with a mixture of brown chocolate, saliva and cum. Becky’s face, especially around her mouth was a sticky mess. Will’s cock was glistening, the creases showing remnants of the chocolate and semen.

Laughing out loud the two lovers sat up, kissing, Will tasting the mixture of sweet and salty as his tongue met Becky’s in a deep wet French kiss. Running one of his hands through her hair he reached out with the other and picked up a strawberry and popped it in her mouth as he broke the kiss.

Dribbling Strawberry juice from the corner of her mouth, Becky smiled up at him, and as his head came back down, his tongue licking the dribbling liquid from her chin her eyes closed in pleasure. Wills hand reached out and grabbing a really large and heart shaped piece of fruit he smiled as he lowered his Aydınlı Escort hand holding the berry and eased it up between Becky’s spread thighs, slowly sliding it in-between her folds and into the entrance to her hole. Moving her body so that he could push it up higher, her hands holding onto his shoulders, her eyes twinkling with fun, she felt the fruit squidge in, until only the rounded small end hung out.

Watching as Will lay down on his back his head under her spread thighs, his golden skinned body spread out before her, she felt his mouth at the entrance to her sex as he used his teeth to nibble at the fruit poking out of her, consuming it bit by bit as he pulled at it until he had eaten it all, his lips and tongue teasing at her as he did so.

Scooping up a handful of the whipped cream Becky rubbed it over her cunt, and Will continued to lick it off her with wide, long licks, hitting her clit with each slow movement, causing her to moan with pleasure as he cleaned her off.

The sheets were now a mess of chocolate, champagne, cream and strawberry juice, a tangled mess below them, reflecting the mess on their bodies/

Laying back down and opening her thighs as Will sat up, grabbing the bowl of cream and placing it on her belly, he scooped up another handful, rubbing it into her sex, and bent down to finish her off, driving her up to climax with his tongue his face buried itself against her. The writhing of her body sent the bowl over, spilling the whole of its contents on the already messy bed, and her restless body rolled about in the white cream, coating the rest of her torso and arm.

Replete and content the pair of lovers lay among the mess of food happy.

Looking across at Will the food covered woman asked him, “What do you think about trying honey and ice cream next time?”

“……and maybe a very nice Chablis……what flavour ice cream?”

“Pistachio……or maybe chunky monkey.”

“Sounds like a meal made in heaven………… buy the wine, I’ll get the food……same time next week?”

“It’s a date babe…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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