Natalya and Her Mother Natasha Ch. 04

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I woke up from the deepest sleep in years. Natalya peeked at me with her hazel eyes, glowing with excitement. “Do you know what time it is?” she asked.

I shook my head, being too tired to answer.

“Neither do I,” she laughed. She dragged me up like usual. “It’s more than you think to do here. Let’s get something to eat so you can wake up.”

She got dressed in a white skirt with red falling roses. She only wore a white top, and her tits were about to spill out of her bra. I gave both of them a squeeze. I couldn’t resist. She threw my shorts to me and a loose-fitting t-shirt. “Get dressed,” she said, “we’ll have some fun later.”

In the living room, I gazed out the window. I spotted Natasha walking one of her horses. Just another mysterious sight of her and layers of clothes I just wanted to tear away. Last night emerged from my memory. Her naked body was still ripe to my eyes. What I’d seen could never be unseen. I would never tell Natalya that it had been her mother that took her dildo. I wanted her to keep it. Even better, I wanted it to be the real thing that pleasured her.

“Let’s go get some milk,” Natalya said, disturbing my precious memory.

I looked outside again. I saw only nature. There was no cluttering advertisement begging for attention and no crammed food store with barely any breathing room. “Where?”

“Cows, stupid.”

“Take it easy. I’m new to this environment.”

“You are already warm though.” She ran her hand on my belly. The crust of my cum and her juices were dried on my skin. She got a hold of my hand and took me to the cows. I couldn’t lie, those fat animals were intimidating at first. “They don’t bite,” she teased me and went on her knees. She wasn’t afraid to get dirty. She patted the spot next to her. “I’ll teach you.” A fresh breeze fluttered her hair to the right. I sat on my knees next to her. “All you do is to pull the nipples.” It squirted so quickly a few drops splashed onto us.

“They must have been holding it in for long.”

“Their balls are a bit bigger than yours,” she joked. “Do you want to try?”

“I prefer squeezing, but sure, I’ll try to pull them.” I got hold of those jiggling nipples and pulled them. It squirted, and I got a few drops in my eyes and had to close them. “We probably will need some paper. We’ll be covered in milk otherwise.”

She patted her pocket. “I came prepared.” She brought out her yesterday’s panties. She laughed. I thought she was pulling another joke on me. “No, it isn’t what you think it is. The tissue paper was next to my panties. I accidently grabbed these.”

“Yeah right.”

“It’s true,” she said with her hands on her hips. She then extended her used panties to me. “You don’t mind?”

I wiped my face with her panties with pleasure.

“I got another surprise for you.”

“So, there was no tissue paper?”

“Yes, there was, but just close your eyes.”

She shot the milk straight at my face. I fell back and so did she, dying of laughter. I grabbed her and pressed my milk-spilled face all over her. I then tickled her, and she squirmed like a worm.

“Stop, please.”

I gave her some breathing room, but she just jumped onto me and tickled me back. Finally, our lips met and we kissed. We sucked on each other’s tongues and felt each other’s necks. We pressed our bodies closer to each other. “I’m so happy,” she said.

“So am I.”

“Where are we?”

“Next to the cow probably.”

We rose. The cow eryaman escort bayan munched grass twenty yards away from us. We shifted glances and just laughed. We went back and finished the milking.

We headed back to the farmhouse. Natasha stood in the kitchen with a pair of oven mitts on. She brought out some newly baked bread. The scents of parsley, wheat and butter were so strong. It smelled so fresh. She sat them on the table but covered her mouth and laughed when she saw us. “I usually associate this place with calm and peace.”

“It was him who started it.” I gave her a look. “What?” she said and held in her laughter.

“Let’s eat outside,” Natasha said and just smiled at her silly daughter.

I ate greedily. That the food had been handmade by Natasha made me even hungrier. The scenery made it even more special, eating outside with the sun baking our necks and skin. Natasha was getting more tanned and golden right in front of my eyes.

“I have to pee,” said Natalya as she excused herself and left.

Here I was again, one on one with her mother. “How’s my daughter treating you?” she asked.

Her eyes didn’t lie, and neither did yesterday’s dildo. I wanted to kick away the food and jump right into her arms. I wanted to taste her tongue and squeeze her breasts. My erection now became ten times harder. I knew how she looked naked. There was no imagination between us now. She knows how to tease me.

“I hope she hasn’t caused you too much pain then.” She glanced between my legs.

“There’s been a few times I had to clench my jaws together…but,” I was about to say the blue balling you caused me was way greater.

She laughed. “You can finish. It’s just you and me here.”

Just you and me here. Those words warmed my chest and melted in my heart. I had to get a hold of myself. Say it right to her. Say that you wanted to fuck her so badly. She leaned over and touched my thigh. “I’m listening,” she reminded me.

Natalya came running down. Natasha leaned back. I already missed her warm fingers on my skin more than anything. “So, have you finished eating?”

“Yeah,” I said in a low voice. Natalya raised an eyebrow. I cleared my throat. “Yes, I have finished eating.”

Natalya was just about to take her plate to the kitchen, but Natasha stopped her. “Go enjoy yourself. I’ll take care of that.”

Natalya reached for my hand. “Let’s go to the barn.”

We went to the barn, hand in hand then she suddenly let go and ran ahead. A gust of wind blew her skirt up and flashed her pussy. She raised her hand over her mouth and made a fake shy-face. That’s right, she’d given me her panties to wipe my face with. I grinned. I ran after her while the wind still held her skirt up. I spanked her little ass.

We entered the barn. I was already having a few questions about this. “What are we doing here?”

She stood on her toes and drew in a deep breath. “Don’t you just enjoy the scent of fresh hay?”

The smell of her pussy was strong without her panties on. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than the scent between your legs.”

“I’ll convince you.” She led me to a ladder that went up to the second floor. She stepped aside, beckoning me to climb it first.

“Ladies first,” I told her.

She rolled her eyes. “Okay then.” She climbed and I followed right after her. Her vagina looked even hotter from this angle. I tried to climb faster. I wanted to bury my face inside of her. She stopped suddenly ankara escort and I got my head inside her skirt. “I didn’t wipe myself properly, do you mind licking up the last drops?”

I licked her greedily for a few seconds then she just hurried up the last steps. “You didn’t even let me finish.”

“You can lick me later. Come I’ll show you something.” She showed me the view on the second floor. We were just right above the treetops. The sea of trees extended to the horizon. It sure was beautiful, seeing the branches wave and the tops of the trees ripple in the wind. “What do you do here when it’s just you and your mother around?”

“Not much, but when I bring Tiffany, we usually have a lot of fun here. Sometimes when I’m by myself, I just like to stand here and stare. But there is more to see… I have a surprise for you.”

I couldn’t wait. She reached for my hand again and led me to the edge of the second floor. Below us was a room filled with hay. “Go and have a look.”

I thought I could hear how she suppressed her giggles. I stepped to the edge. She pushed me, and I felt right onto the hay. I had a soft but humiliating landing. I spat out the hay from my mouth and tried to rise. She rolled around up there laughing, slapping her thigh. She rolled slightly over the edge and shrieked as she fell. Now it was my turn to laugh. She got a hold of my shirt and rolled me around till we were both covered in hay. “Does hay turn you on?” I asked.

“They used hay for beds in the older day, so it was here all the fucking went on.”

“Common it’s too dry.”

“Touch me.”

I touched her cunt. “Gosh your fluids never stop trickling.”

“And your boner never softens.” She touched me with her soft fingers. “I’ve been mean to you, throwing you down here and spilling milk and not letting you finish licking me– I deserve to be punished.”

“I’ll punish you.” I tried standing up, but I wobbled. She got her foot in front of my feet and lifted me when I was just about to take a step. I fell and she laughed. I got up, grabbed her leg and pushed her to the wall. I pulled her skirt down and rammed my hard cock right inside of her. I didn’t care if I hit her cervix walls. I pushed her harder against the wall and pressed her face onto the wood. My body smacked her ass so hard it turned crimson red after only a few minutes of fucking her.

“I deserve harder punishment,” she barely managed say.

“You are right,” I said close to her ear. I spanked her already red cheeks. I spanked her again. It felt so satisfying. The sound and feeling of each spank on her guilty ass. I pulled her hair to the side so she flashed her tits for me. That stiff nipple. It was like a little boner. I stared at it while I continued to ram my dick inside of her. I pulled her hair to the other side so I could see her right tit. Just as hot and stiff as her left. I got my hand on it and kneaded as if it were dough. She breathed heavily from the pain and pleasure. I knew her well. The drops of her moist vagina splashed up to my face. One landed right on my lip and I licked it. What an amazing taste. I breathed heavier. Her tight walls clenched my dick. I spanked her some more. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed them so tightly she gasped for a breath.

I was right there. The warmth overwhelmed me and with all that pleasure from fucking her, I couldn’t hold it in. I leaned back and moaned. I released it all inside of her.

I just sincan escort bayan fell back on the hay. It had felt like an explosion. I caught my breath. The impact. It was too much. I couldn’t find any words. It was like I’d arrived at Nirvana. She fell right on top of me, and I caught her in my arms. Her body so hot from all that fucking. Hot of so many sensations.

I groped and felt her body lightly. I hugged her closer to me. Human flesh felt so amazing. “Ouch,” she suddenly said. She plucked an insect from her leg and flicked it off her finger. “You’re red and swollen,” I said. It didn’t look all too great but nothing probably to be worried over.

She held my arms and kissed my lips. “I’m alright. Let’s go outside and get some sun– naked.”

She led me behind the barn, obviously there so her mother wouldn’t see us. We took each other’s clothes off and lay down on the grass next to each other. We didn’t do much except for watching the clouds pass and occasionally touching each other’s skin. I noticed that she wasn’t as flirty or excited as earlier.

“Are you tired?” I asked her.

“I’m getting a bit hungry.” She extended her hand. “Help me up.”

I pulled her up. We got dressed and went back to the farmhouse. “Time passes so quickly when you’re having fun,” she said and yawned. The sun was sinking, and it was already time for dinner.

Natasha was in the kitchen. I could smell the lamb stew from here. Just another one of her amazing dishes. She laughed when she saw us walking up the veranda steps. “You two again.”

“It was him who started it,” Natalya said.

I just rolled my eyes.

We sat down to eat. Natasha wasn’t eye-flirting with me but had an eye on her daughter. “Are you alright, sweety?”

Natalya nodded and it took a few seconds for her to answer. “I’m just a bit tired.”

Halfway through, she put the spoon back on the bowl. “What happened?” Natasha asked me.

“She got bit by an insect,” I told her. I showed her leg, slightly more swollen and red.

“You were playing in the hay. I think I know what has bitten her.”

She swayed, and a wave of dizziness washed over her face. “Mum, I’m tired.”

Natasha caressed her shoulder and kissed her forehead. I can’t lie. When I saw her filled red lips touch Natalya’s skin, it turned me on. “Rest your head on Tom’s shoulder. I’ll go to the garden and find something.”

Natalya leaned her head on my shoulder. I stroked her arm.

It got dark and Natalya was almost asleep. Natasha came back with a bag in her hand. “Can you help her up to the bedroom? I’ll come and help her with the tea.”

I got her arm draped around my neck and carried her to our bedroom. I lay her down and wrapped her body around the bedsheet. I still saw the moistness from Natasha’s lips. I kissed her on the same spot, but slightly longer. I tried to absorb as much of her flavors as possible.

Natalya smiled. “That was a deep kiss.”

“I care about you.”

“Thank you.”

Natasha came knocking on the door with the tea in her hand. “Can you leave us two for a moment?”

“Sure.” I stepped out but my mind was spinning. A night, one on one with Natasha. I halted when something suddenly crossed my mind. Why did she want to be alone with her? The pineapple text, the dildo and the poem came to my mind. I turned around and fixed my eyes on the door. It wouldn’t hurt just to peek. I went there on my tippy toes. “It’s just an insect’s bite. You’ll feel better tomorrow.”

“I want him to hold my hand.”

“I’ll tell him… did you ride him like I taught you?”

“Yes… he loved it.”

She kissed her and stroked her forehead. “I love you more than anything, Natalya.”

“I love you too mum.”

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