Nathalie, Denise, and Catherine

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What turned out to be one of the most unforgettable, shocking, and delicious nights of my life almost never happened.

As the head of the Freestyle Skiing Association of Canada came up to the podium to introduce the Tremblay sisters on stage, I applauded with everyone else. But I was thinking about what an enormous hassle it had been to get these three girls from Quebec to attend our gala charity dinner at a ballroom at Canada Place just weeks before the 2014 Olympics.

It was a joint venture between the ski association and the Vancouver General Hospital, which had brought me in from Seattle as a consultant to organize the sale of thousand-dollar tickets, a silent auction, and a 50/50 raffle supporting both the athletes and the purchase of new diagnostic equipment. There had been a lot of talk about “innovative partnerships between the sport and health care sectors” and so on.

With my six-month contract wrapping up, I’d worked with the hospital’s event organizing committee to confirm the attendance of the Olympians. The Nordic skiers and the bobsleigh team turned out to be easy. But Nathalie, Denise, and Catherine Tremblay took forever. They were doing aerials training up at Whistler, and the team PR manager was very uncommunicative. He told me it depended on whether the coach would agree to a break that weekend.

Finally, less than three days before the event, I got a one-sentence email directly from Nathalie: “We will be there!!!!!” Well, thank God. Christmas was saved.

There was an empty seat next to me at my otherwise packed Table

7 in the corner of the ballroom, and I put my purse down on it as I rummaged for my new smartphone. I was supposed to contribute a few photos for the event blog. I zoomed in on the podium as the girls stepped up to say a few words, and I couldn’t help a murmur of pleasure at what I saw.

They were even cuter, fresher, and more feminine than the photos on the ski association web site indicated.

Nathalie, the oldest and tallest at 24, had a wonderfully honest and fresh-faced complexion with long brown hair tumbling past her shoulders. She wore a lavender lace dress cut well above the knee and sheer black tights. You could tell she was a smart girl and a leader. She had a big designer watch on her left wrist.

“It is a fantastic pleasure that we are here with you tonight in Vancouver,” she said, flanked by her younger sisters. “We hope only to make Canada proud in Sochi. We have trained so hard, and now to support the hospital also is a great privilege…”

Denise, age 21, was the one who described herself as a bit of a fashion princess. She had a quintessentially French woman’s face and her brown hair was tied back in a bun. She smiled shyly, nodding as Nathalie talked. Denise wore a faux-fur collar and a floral-themed cotton dress cut a little lower than Nathalie’s, along with see-through blue tights.

Catherine, who was 19 and had won a silver medal last year on the World Cup circuit in Norway, still had that teenage insouciance about her. She kept reaching up to adjust her long blonde hair, her lips pursed with a bit of a “let’s get on with this” attitude. She scanned the crowd to see who was looking at her, clearly aware she was the prettiest of the sisters. She wore a red silk evening dress with daring, diamond-patterned sheer black stockings and a bracelet of white pearls.

Very nice, I thought, as I finished snapping my photos. Naturally, my filthy mind turned to which of the girls I would most like to have if I could choose. Nathalie, I decided quickly. An oldest sister, which I’ve always liked, well-spoken, and the bustiest of a modestly endowed trio. Probably unshaven too, based on the Quebec women I’d met. Lately, I’ve been dating older and fucking younger, if you understand what I mean. Wouldn’t it be lovely to make a beautiful young Olympian my latest conquest? Well, a lovely daydream anyway…

The girls chorused into the microphone: “Thank you, Vancouver! Merci Canada! Bonne chance a tous!” As everyone clapped, they filed down the stairs at the front of the stage, teetering enticingly in their high heels. The waiters began to bring bread baskets and salads. I sipped my water. There were over 500 people here and I wasn’t in charge of the assigned seating, so who knew where Nathalie would…

Wait a minute. As Denise and Catherine peeled off to other tables, Nathalie was casino siteleri coming straight toward me. With a dazzling smile, she came up and placed her hand on my bare shoulder.

“Excuse me, I believe that I am sitting next to you?” Nathalie said.

I returned her smile. “Let me just move my handbag,” I said. She slid in next to me, our thighs brushing. She turned to the Asian real estate agent on her other side and politely introduced herself with a handshake before turning right back to me. “I’m Nathalie, and you are…?”

“Frederika. I’m with the hospital. We emailed about you attending.”

“Oh!” Her eyes lit up. “It is so wonderful that now we meet at last night.” She hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks without reserve. She was wearing a lilac scent and her hair was almost as her lips. I held on to our embrace a little longer than necessary, enjoying her firm curves.

Nathalie nibbled on her salad as they poured the water. “May I say that you look magnificent tonight, Frederika?”

“Why, thank you. It’s a new gown.” And it was. Black velvet, shoulderless, low-cut with straps at the back, custom-made by a new dressmaker who had just opened up near Pike Place Market. It showed off my amazing cleavage as much as possible, barely within the bounds of propriety.

“I like very much your earrings as well,” Nathalie said. She artlessly reached up and touched one of the large gold hoops.

Before Nathalie’s arrival, I’d been the subject of many lustful glances from my tablemates. Now I could see everyone envying my very natural interaction with this 24-year-old girl. At the neighboring table, envy showed in the eyes of two of my lesbian colleagues. I enjoyed having what they couldn’t have. Just that thought alone was making me hot.

I touched Nathalie’s thigh with my hand. “Who did your makeup tonight? You and your sisters all look fabulous.”

“We did each other,” Nathalie said with a smile. “We always do. It’s more simple, you know?”

“I understand perfectly.” The image of the three girls applying one another’s eye shadow and lipstick held immense appeal for me.

We continued to converse, completely ignoring our tablemates as course after course arrived. Nathalie occasionally got a text message and exclaimed, “Oh, pardon! I must answer!”, which was a tad distracting but understandable in a girl her age.

She mentioned her family always went sailing in the summer, and I told her about my love of fishing trips.

Nathalie told me that I reminded her of Shannon, the freestyle ski team’s longtime masseuse, who had unfortunately had to return to Ireland in the summer when her work permit expired.

“We have now a new masseuse, but she’s not so good as Shannon. With Shannon we were very close. She even taught us to do massage because we thought it’s not fair she always massages us and we don’t help her, you know? So we all three gave her a massage sometimes,” said Nathalie with a giggle.

“How very lucky for Shannon,” I said knowingly. “I wish I had three lovely masseuses like you girls to give me a rub when my back gets stiff.” My pussy was throbbing at the thought.

In an interesting coincidence, Nathalie told me that she, Denise, and Catherine had been doing dry-land training in the summer in Seattle at Argo Fitness. “Really?” I exclaimed. “That’s where my personal trainer is based.”

“Is she named Rebecca?”

“Why, yes, she is.”

“Unbelievable! We also did resistance band work and circuits with her. What a small world!”

“Isn’t she the best? She does a wonderful job.”

“Yes, I can see that,” Nathalie said, touching the back of my arm and winking at me. Her skin was incredibly smooth. God, her desire for me was palpable, and that heightened my longing for her.

“Where are you girls staying?” I asked.

“At the hotel here. The Pan…something?”

“The Pan Pacific. You’re right upstairs, then.”

Nathalie smiled at me without saying a word. She looked down before raising her eyes again with more than flirtatious intent.

“You know, I prefer the company of women to the company of men,” Nathalie said in a low voice. “The conversation is so much more stimulating.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said, staring deep into her eyes.

Just then, a bell rang. “Ladies and gentlemen, our silent auction is now over,” said the MC. “We’ll have the results canlı casino up on the board at the far end of the ballroom momentarily. Please go check to see if you’re one of the lucky ones.”

“Would you excuse me for a moment?” I said. “I put in a couple of bids right before dinner and I have a good feeling about tonight.”

I rose and walked off, hips swaying, feeling Nathalie’s eyes glued to me.

Five minutes later, I was back, toting a big white bag with the ski federation logo. The table burst into a applause. “What did you get?” Nathalie asked as I sat down.

“Well, it’s my lucky day, or our lucky day,” I said. “Weren’t you telling me that today is your ‘cheat day’ diet-wise?”

“Precisely,” Nathalie said. “We also have the day off tomorrow. Don’t tease me. What’s in the bag, Frederika?”

I reached in and produced a bottle of red wine. “This is the Merlot, from California. I also got a nice full-bodied Cabernet from France.”

“Le vin rouge, I love it!”

I leaned in and lowered my voice. “I’m enjoying our conversation so much, I’d like to continue it over a glass of red wine in your room, Nathalie.”

“Nothing would give me greater pleasure.”

After dessert and coffee, we made discreet separate exits. We met up outside the elevator.

Heading up to the seventh floor, we had the elevator to ourselves. I took full advantage. I placed my hands on Nathalie’s waist and ran them slowly, savoringly up her body. I cupped her sweet face in my hands and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. Our tongues touched as I caught a glimpse of our passion reflected in the mirror. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Nathalie gasped. “Oh my God. We have a word in French, ‘expérimenté.’ You know this word?”

“Your French is better than mine except when it comes to kissing,” I told her.

“Expérimenté, it means ‘experienced.’ You are expérimenté, I can tell from how you kiss me. But I like also this word because it sounds like the English ‘experiment,’ and I like very much to experiment.”

“Taboos don’t concern me,” I said. “Pleasure does.”

The elevator door opened. We walked hand in hand down the hallway to room 769.

The harbour lights twinkled below. Both the queen-sized beds were strewn with clothes, makeup, and magazines belonging to the three sisters.

Nathalie tossed a bunch of stuff on to the bed closer to the wall as I put the wine on the floor. I took her in my arms and we lay entangled on the other bed, making out and exploring each other’s bodies with unbelievable excitement.

She had just kissed her way down to my throat and I was reaching up underneath her lavender dress when I heard two voices outside and the door opened. Denise and Catherine burst into the room. Nathalie let out a little shriek of surprise.

There was no way to deny what I’d been doing with their older sister, and frankly, I had no desire to. I faced Denise and Catherine with a questioning look.

The three of them burst into some excited Quebecois chatter, punctuated by many giggles. I heard several references to Shannon, their former masseuse. Denise and Catherine kicked off their shoes and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Nice to meet you, Frederika,” said Catherine, sticking out her tongue. She had clearly had a bit to drink. “Denise, open the wine.”

Nathalie looked at me. “You’re OK that they are here?”

“It’s their room too,” I said, smiling.

Denise uncorked the wine, poured everyone a glass, and gave me mine with a light kiss on the lips. Nathalie made no objection.

I proposed a toast. “To a magnificent evening that is only beginning.”

Our glasses clinked as we all made eye contact. After taking a deep sip, I put my glass down and kissed Nathalie again, my hand caressing her hair, keenly aware of the other girls’ eyes on us.

I am an exhibitionist and I always will be. God, I felt so fucking good. My cunt was soaked.

Catherine’s eyes flashed with undeniable enjoyment. “It’s good you are not so, how you say, inhibited like most Americans, Frederika.”

And then Catherine put her arms around Denise and kissed her full on the mouth, tongue to tongue. There was no mistaking what was going on. My clit was swollen beyond belief. Now I knew what those text messages Nathalie had sent at dinner were about.

Catherine tossed her golden hair back. “Did you kaçak casino like that?” she asked provocatively.

“Yes, but now I want to taste your lips too,” I said. I reached out, taking her by the wrist and pulling her to me. As our wine-stained mouths came together, Catherine reached up and placed her hands directly over my full breasts, stroking my nipples through the black velvet. God, her lips were even softer than Nathalie’s. I clutched hungrily at her 19-year-old ass, squeezing it and fondling it, my fingers reaching up under the hem of her tights. I gasped and moaned with pleasure as I got what I deserved.

My eyes were closed but I could feel the heat of the other two sisters pressing in on either side of me. I caught a hint of Nathalie’s lilac scent before Denise put her arm around me and I joined the Tremblay sisters in an incredible, four-way, tongue-to-tongue kiss.

Oh God, it was everything I wanted. It seemed like forever before we pulled away.

“We share everything,” Nathalie said. “We don’t date men. We are always training. Always together. Shannon taught us how last year. You can keep our little secret?”

I nodded. “I want you. All of you. I want to do everything tonight.”

We began to play an exquisitely sensual game. I reclined in a huge leather armchair in the corner of the room, my gown rolled down and bra cast aside to reveal my magnificent tits. Each sister took her turn coming over to me and saying something provocative before kissing me on the mouth and tonguing my nipples.

“I wanted you from the moment I saw you,” said Nathalie, running her tongue around my right areola before pinching it and sucking it in. God, she knew how to suck me.

“Will you sit on my face later tonight while my sisters watch?” said Denise. “That is my fantasy.” She took as much of my left tit into her mouth as she could while I stroked her hair. Nathalie and Catherine were removing each other’s clothes in the background.

“Outside the bedroom, Nathalie leads us, but in here she likes to do what she’s told,” Catherine explained between hot impulsive kisses. “I’m a top like you, Frederika. I’m the youngest sister and I want to get what I want!” She sucked my tits as if she couldn’t get enough.

I took Catherine by the wrist again and we got on the bed, lying back and spreading our thighs in a wide V formation.

As the older two girls came toward us in the nude, Catherine yanked off her tights and underwear. I simply yanked my black lace thong to one side, while both of us hiked our dresses up. It was intensely exciting to feel our dominance over Nathalie and Denise.

“Go on, girls,” I said commandingly. “I want to feel your tongue between my thighs, Nathalie. And I want Denise to eat Catherine out — for my pleasure.”

As Nathalie went down on me, I groaned loudly with pleasure as her tongue tantalized my inner labia before lapping at my clit in circles. “Fuck! I need this! I fuckin’ need this…”

My head turned to the side. I seized Catherine’s hand and the raw pleasure on her face mirrored mine. Denise was tongue-fucking Catherine’s 19-year-old slit. “Oui, oui!” gasped Catherine. “C’est ca, ma fille…c’est ca! Ah, sur le clito…mon Dieu…”

I couldn’t make out everything she was saying but her words just got me even more soaked.

Nathalie started fingerfucking me and now I needed all three sisters on me. I pulled Catherine into me. “Suck my fuckin’ tit again! Do it!”

Denise came around the other side and took my breast fully into her mouth again. I was stiffening up as the two younger sisters worshipped my tits and Nathalie fucked my spread-open cunt. I was getting ready to explode. “Jesus Christ…oh motherfucker…fuck the shit out of me girls…ahhhhhhh…I need to come so fuckin’ hard.”

I screamed out and rolled to the side as my orgasm made my whole body convulse. The three girls wrapped their arms around me, kissing me feverishly, the heavenly feeling of smooth sensual bodies enveloping mine. It was one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had in my life.

I fell asleep as they stroked my hair and kissed me. When I awoke, I was disoriented.

Nathalie was sitting at the end of the bed, wearing a white fluffy bathrobe, her cheeks flushed and her hair charmingly dishevelled.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Only 10:45,” Nathalie said.

I heard a splash from the bathroom and a gasp of delight.

“I think you should go in there,” Nathalie said. “Denise and Catherine have something they want to show you.”

This unforgettable, shocking, and delicious night wasn’t over yet.

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