Naughty Christmas Traditions

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Amy and Neil were just finishing the decorations on the Christmas tree. It was turning into a yearly tradition where they would have a bottle of wine, or two, and decorate the tree on Christmas eve together.

They had no children yet so they didn’t really need it up earlier, as long as it was up for Neil’s parents on Christmas day, they were good to go.

After the wine and the togetherness of the decorating, they made love by the lights of the tree. Actually they didn’t always make love, often they simply fucked.

It had actually become a tradition, one they both looked forward to, and while it had started out as lovemaking, the first time, it got hotter every year, as their sexual experiences and hungers grew.

They always gave each other one early present, something that could be used in their yule fun by the light of the tree.

This year Neil had given Amy a present that was obviously clothing. She recognized the wrapping as something from her favorite lingerie shop.

She had accepted the present with raised eyebrows and a smile. “Oooh, sounds like fun!” She said. “I think I should go get a bath. Clean up a little first.” She told Neil with a kiss and a wink, refilling her wine glass and heading off to the bathroom.

Amy took her time. She ran a hot bath with lots of soothing bubbles. She was feeling pretty good, and getting really horny. She loved the anticipation of sex, and knew Neil did too, so she forced herself to take her time. They loved to make the most of their traditional yule sex.

While the tub was filling she made sure she had everything she needed to pamper herself a little bit before the main event with her husband. She also opened her present and tried it on, getting wet with excitement.

it was a red bustier with openings for her nipples, which were like hard little marbles at this point. There was a pair of crotchless panties with NAUGHTY embroidered across the top, and a pair of red stockings, held up by straps from the bustier. The whole thing was trimmed out with faux white fur.

She loved the way she looked in it as she modeled in front of the full length mirror. She would add her red high heels and complete the outfit.

Neil, meanwhile had some preparations of his own. He put away the now empty decoration boxes and cleaned up the area around the tree, then went downstairs to get ready, fighting back the urge to join his wife in the tub.

When her tub was full and the water just right, Amy slipped in under the bubbles. She lay back and let the steamy water soothe her excited body. She sipped more wine and enjoyed the relaxing water and the buzz she was feeling.

Her hands eventually went to her pussy, wet since her and Neil had started to decorate, and wetter still since she came to the bathroom with playtime on her mind.

As she ran her long fingers into her swollen labia she sighed. She ran some sexy scenes in her mind of what would soon happen in front of the Christmas tree.

All of her fantasies involved her in the slutty red outfit.

She loved the way she looked in it, and knew Neil would too. She loved the way it presented her tits, which needed no help standing up on their own.

The opening of the panties showed off her puffy lips, and with her red heels the stockings would really show off her muscular legs. The white trim of everything highlighted her deep tan.

She slowly and gently worked her pussy as she pictured her husband, with hunger in his eyes as he explored her body. Feasting on her as he went.

She worked one slender finger up and down between her lips as the fingers of her other hand went back and forth slowly across her stiff clitoris.

Eventually her fingers weren’t enough, and she reached for her slender waterproof vibe.

She turned it on low and worked it lengthwise between her lips and across her stiff clitoris a few times before slipping it easily into her pussy.

She gently worked it in and out, occasionally slipping it up across her swelling clit, before delving back into her wet pussy as she moaned.

When she started to feel her climax coming on, and the urge to finish herself, she stopped. She wanted to prolong her anticipation, enjoying her heightened arousal.

She switched off the vibe and set it on the shelf. Then after more wine she took up her razor and shaved every hair from her body, knowing Neil would be enjoying it soon.

When she was finished she got out of the tub and dried off with a big soft towel, before she applied a scented lotion to her firm, tan body in front of the mirror. She put a lot of work into her body, and was proud of the results.

Then she carefully put on her new lingerie before combing out her long lustrous blonde hair and putting on just enough makeup to highlight her pretty, blue eyes.

She applied a bright red, shiny lipstick to her full lips, making them as alluring as the rest of her body.

She stopped by the bedroom on her way downstairs istanbul escort and after slipping on her high red “fuck me” heels she retrieved the carefully wrapped present she had hidden from Neil. She smiled knowing he was going to love it, they both would. She slipped it behind herself and continued to the dining room, where the tree was set up in front of the picture window that faced the road, the curtains wide open to show off the tree.

When she got downstairs she found the Christmas tree lights were the only illumination in the room. The sparkling, multicolored lights and the Christmas Carols playing low gave the room a festive, yet under the circumstances, erotic feel.

She didn’t see Neil, he was probably doing some preparations himself, so she knelt down to put his present under the tree.

As she was on her knees, leaning down and forward to reach under the lowest branches, she could feel the silky fabric of her crotchless panties pull tight around her pussy, the faux fur tickled her aroused labia.

She could just imagine what she looked like from behind, she knew her meaty lips were peaking out from between her swollen outer lips, and it gave her a thrill when she heard from behind, “Ho Ho Ho! What have we got here? Looks like a naughty little girl putting presents under the tree!” Neil’s voice, always deep, was exaggerated lower than usual and he spoke loudly.

Amy wiggled her ass at him and looked back over her shoulder to see the lusty look on his face. He was wearing a Santa hat, along with a white wig and beard. All very traditional. But from the neck down, tradition ended.

He had on a red coat with white furry trim, but it was open to show off his masculine chest and Harley Davidson tattoo. The sparse dark hair was a contrast with the white fur of the jacket, and it ran down his flat torso to disappear in his red speedos. Below that he wore his black biker boots. He was by far the sexiest Santa she had ever seen. “I was just putting a present under the tree for you Santa.” She told him sweetly.

She took a good look over her shoulder before she straightened and turned to face him. Still on her knees she looked at his semi erect cock bulging in his skimpy underwear, and her mouth watered, hoping he would walk up to her and whip it out.

But Neil had other plans, for now. “Santa would love a present from you little girl.” Neil told her as he hungrily looked her up and down. “But Santa doesn’t see the drink that should be left out for him. I guess that is another check on the little girls naughty list.” He pulled a sheet of paper and pencil from the pocket of his coat.

Amy saw her name on the paper as “Santa” unfolded it. He said in his deep voice, “This is a pretty long list already, you have been a very naughty girl this year. Very naughty indeed. You may not get a present this year little girl! You might just get a lump of coal.”

He made a show of licking the end of the pencil and writing a notation on his list.

Amy lowered her head and raised her eyes to him, she bit her lip and tried to look as apologetic as possible. “I’m sorry Santa! What can I do to make up for it?” She lowered her eyes to his bulge and said, “I would really like a present from you!”

She tried to sound as innocent as she could, but the last sentence came out as pure lust, and her eyes smoldered as she gazed at the present she really wanted.

“Well first of all little girl, you could get Santa a drink. Some of your husbands best bourbon would be nice.”

Amy sprung to her feet “Right away Santa!” She grabbed the bottle and a glass from the nearby side table and poured a few fingers for Santa.

When she presented the tumbler to him, she also gave him the present, which he slipped casually into his coat pocket.

She kept her eyes lowered, trying to look as submissive as possible. She was actually still looking at his cock. She was sure it had grown more.

Neil took a sip of the strong drink, enjoying the warmth that flowed through his body. It matched up well with the heat he already felt for Amy.

He looked at her and enjoyed the restlessness he saw as she waited for whatever he had planned. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and looked at him hopefully.

“You would probably love to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas, wouldn’t you little girl?” He said before taking another sip of the top shelf bourbon.

“Yes.” She answered quietly, still looking at the erection inside his tiny underwear. It had grown even more as she looked on, and now the bulbous head was starting to peak out next to his hip.

Neil was enjoying the hunger in his wife’s eyes as she gazed at his cock. That look alone was making him harder.

“Very well,” He said in his Santa voice, “you can sit on Santa’s lap, but we must discuss all your naughty adventures from the year, before you can tell me what you avcılar escort want.” He waved the list at her accusingly.

Neil pulled a chair over and sat down, pulling Amy by the wrist. She followed along and settled easily into his lap, enjoying the first feel of the erection she had been lusting over. She couldn’t help but wiggle her ass against it with a little moan.

“Now you need to behave little girl, Santa needs to go over the list of naughty things you’ve done this year!” He told her as he wrapped an arm around her and ran his hand up and down her body.

“Okay Santa, I’ll be a good girl.” She replied. “I always TRY to be a good girl!”

“Maybe so little girl, but you always end up being naughty. This year, you didn’t make it two hours!” Neil told her as he read from the list, “At the Hansen New Year’s party, you drug your husband into the laundry room, dumped the dirty laundry on the floor and sucked and fucked him right there!

She felt herself getting even wetter remembering that encounter. It was so hot with all the people partying in the next room.

“Then later,” Santa continued, “you flashed your bare, cummy pussy at a few men at the party while sitting on the couch! What do you have to say about this?”

“I, I don’t know what to say!” Amy muttered. “I was a little drunk I guess.”

“Really?” Santa countered. “Were you drunk when you blew your husband in the parking lot of the adult bookstore on February 10th”

“Well, no. But Valentines day was coming up, and I got so turned on shopping for toys..” She answered.

“You knew that trucker was watching you. Neil told you he was there. And you didn’t stop. Just kept right on sucking that cock! That, little girl, is naughty behavior of the first order!” Neil continued in his Santa voice.

“But Santa, Neil wanted me to keep going! He said it turned him on! And I know it did, because I felt his cock get harder in my mouth!” Amy said defensively. “He was the naughty one! I was just being a good girl, doing what my husband wanted!”

“You can’t blame Neil little girl,” Santa explained. “Neil is a man, men are just inherently bad! It’s a given.”

“Is that why you are so hard Santa? Because you are a man? A bad man?” Amy asked as she wiggled her ass on Santa’s raging erection.

“We aren’t here to talk about Santa’s magic cock little girl.” He told her, as his hand came up and cupped her tit and gave it a rough sqeeze. “We are here to talk about you!”

Santa continued “We aren’t even going to talk about all the naughty things you do to yourself while Neil is at work, I don’t have time, I have many more homes to visit.”

“But Santa, that doesn’t involve anyone else! That shouldn’t count.” She told him.

“Ok, so on Valentine’s day, when you picked out that slinky black dress that barely covered your sexy body, and you didn’t even wear anything under it for your date with Neil?” He asked.

“I did that for him to!” She gasped. “He wanted me to dress sexy!”

“Maybe so, but he didn’t tell you to flash the waiter at the restaurant! And that involved someone else!” Santa continued, “And that poor boy got in trouble for spending too much time in the men’s room that night, because of you. He had to go jack off after your little show!”

“But Santa, he wanted to see me, I caught him trying to look up my dress. I was just giving him what he wanted, being generous. That makes me a good girl, right?”

“Is that what you think? Any time you misbehave? That you are being generous? And not naughty?” Santa asked. “So when you brought Sally Simpson over to fuck your husband, you were just being generous?”

“Well, poor Sally hadn’t gotten laid since her divorce.” Amy explained. “She really needed it! So yes I was being generous.”

“Did she need you to attack her too? Once she was naked, you were all over her. That was very, very naughty!”

“She must have needed it, she sure responded like she did!” Amy giggled.

“And the idea that Neil might let you fuck Tim Johnson two weeks later never entered your mind?” Neil/Santa asked accusingly, reaching up to elicit a groan from her by pinching her nipple.

“Well,” Amy countered, “Tim and I had a thing going on for awhile. And Neil kind of encouraged it. And he always fucked me hard after he would see me flirting with Tim.”

“Maybe he fucked you so hard because your pussy was so wet. And because you needed it so bad, because you are such a naughty girl.” Santa told her. “That makes Neil the generous one. He did let you fuck Tim after all. Because he knows what a naughty girl you are!”

“Well, he didn’t do it just for me, he was so hard that night. He got his rocks off too!” She said remembering her husband fucking her mouth that night and cumming down her throat while she rode Tim’s cock.

“Maybe so little girl, maybe so. But like I told you, he’s a man.” Santa told her as he ran his hand down her silky side to her leg.

She şirinevler escort felt Neil’s warm fingers slide over her leg and she spread it for him, hoping he would reach up her inner thigh to her needy pussy. But he stopped just short of where she wanted him, and she squirmed in his lap, trying to make contact.

“Stop moving around little girl, being restless is not going to help us get through this list. We still have a lot to discuss!” Neil told her sternly.

“But Santa, I can’t help it! I can feel that magic cock against my ass, and your magic fingers are sending tingling through my body!” Amy explained defensively.

“Well little girl, maybe Santa is just testing you? Maybe Santa wants to see if you can behave?” He said in his deep voice, but softly, into her ear.

“Or maybe Santa has a naughty streak too!” Amy exclaimed. “Maybe Santa gets off on naughty little girls like me, and that’s why his cock is so fucking hard right now! Santa wants me to be naughty, and do naughty things to him!

Amy ran her manicured nails up Neil’s bare chest, and knew she was right by twitch of his cock under her, and the low “Ho Ho Ho!” she heard.

“So is that it Santa? You know who’s been bad or good. There are probably a lot of bad little boys and girls that you have to keep track of all year. And you like that, don’t you?” Amy asked softly into Santa’s ear. “You enjoy knowing about all the naughty things that boys and girls do.”

His beard tickled her neck and sent shivers through her body. She knew she was going to get her present soon when she heard him moan, “So many! So many naughty girls!”

“I bet you are so horny, tracking all the naughty things people do all year, aren’t you Santa?” She asked as she scraped her nails across his chest to circle his nipple.

She could feel the heat of the cock under her ass as she asked, “Does Santa do naughty things when he knows what all the naughty girls do? Does he play with his big magic cock?”

Amy felt the hard cock throb under her ass and heard a deep growl in Santa’s chest. “Look little girl, we aren’t here to talk about Santa’s magic cock, we are here to talk about you!” Neil told her. He gave her tit another rough sqeeze for emphasis.

It was Amy’s turn to moan, she reached a hand down between her legs and started to diddle herself. “I’m sorry Santa,” she whimpered, “It’s just that I can feel the heat and throbbing of your cock under my ass and it’s very distracting.”

She turned her head into his neck and continued softly, “I can feel how excited you are. Are you excited because you think I’m sexy Santa? Or because I’m naughty?”

“It’s true that you are a very sexy little girl, but Santa is here to decide whether you get a present or a lump of coal.” Neil told her. “And if you can’t behave yourself, then you will have to get a lump of coal little girl!”

“I just thought that if we could give each other some relief, we could concentrate on the list better.” Amy appealed to him. “I am trying to be a good girl Santa. Won’t you let me be a good girl for you?” She asked in a very naughty voice, softly into his ear.

She felt the familiar twitch under her ass as Neil replied, “You may be on to something there little girl, what did you have in your naughty little mind?”

“Well,” She said, looking him in the eye, “I could suck off your magic cock for you.” She ran her manicured nails through the hair on his chest and continued, “Then I wouldn’t be so distracted by the thing poking me in the ass.”

Neil told her, “That does sound like it would be very helpful. But Santa has been watching you a long time, little girl. And Santa knows what a naughty pussy you have. I think you would have to have some sort of relief too, for your plan to work.”

Amy certainly liked that idea, and she was about to suggest the present she had given him, but he reached into his coat pocket again and produced it, as if reading her mind. He tore the wrapping paper off and opened the box. Inside he found a candy cane.

Her eyes smoldered with desire as Neil held the candy cane out for her to examine. It was no ordinary candy cane. While it was red and white striped, it was not made of sugar, but plastic. And this one had a fat bulb on the long end, and the curled end had ears like her rabbit vibe. it was also bigger in diameter than the typical candy canes. Also there was a switch on each side of the curve. Amy felt her pussy leak some fluid as she gazed at it in anticipation.

Amy had found it online, and when it arrived in the mail, she needed all her willpower to wrap it without trying it out first.

“Would this help you little girl? Would this satisfy your naughty pussy?” Neil asked her, his Santa voice now forgotten. He was rather excited by the new toy also.

Amy’s voice trembled as she answered, “I think it would Santa.” She was already spreading her legs in anticipation.

Neil held it out to her mouth and said “Get it wet little girl, and Santa will show you how it works.”

Amy opened her mouth and Neil slipped the fat end of the toy across her tongue and into her hungry mouth.

Amy groaned around it as she imagined how it would feel in her pussy. Neil pushed it in and out a couple of times, twisting it as he went, to be sure it was good and wet.

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