Neighbor Made Me Scream Pt. 01

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I was stuck in this big house all alone since it was summer and my parents decided to go on a cruise without me. They told me since I just turned 18 that I should gather up my money and go on a cruise by myself. But of course, I had just graduated from high school and I hadn’t saved any money. I was extremely bored and I have nothing to do… Until I saw something from the corner of my eye make my curiosity jump.

My eyes slowly wonder to the window, where I saw the movement. I could perfectly see my new neighbor. Our windows were very close and I could probably climb easily into her room. She was hanging up some pictures and posters on her wall, and her age seemed to be 18 or even 20. She has dark red hair that was just past her shoulders and she was wearing shorts, and a black top that was beautiful… She was very beautiful.

I got up closer to the window so I could get a better look of her. She had a button nose and perfect, juicy lips. Her eyebrows were perfectly plucked and had a good arch. I was surprised she hasn’t even noticed me yet, but she seemed too busy trying to perfect her room.

After observing her for a while, she stops and stares at her room, smiling. Oh wow, she had perfect teeth. I looked past her mouth and see that she is petite but is built amazingly in the breast department. I was amazed at how beautiful she was.

What she does next is what catches me by surprise. She slowly pulls down her shorts to reveal she was not wearing any panties. Her ass was tan and was round. The girl bent down to pick up her shorts and I got a peak at her pussy. The angle I saw it from was not that great, but from what I could tell, it looked fully shaven or waxed. But she sticks a finger in her pussy, just going in and out real quick a couple times. She stops and quickly turns around and faces my window, she stops and gasps as she sees that I am watching her play with her pussy. I awkwardly turn away, but my curiosity gets the best of me and makes my eyes turn back around, where I see her staring at me with a smirk.

She slowly takes off her her blouse and squeeze her boobs together as they were in a black bra. beyoğlu escort Her lips purse and I can imagine the sound she was making as she played with her breasts in her bra. I watch her face turn into a moan as she never removes the eye contact from me.

My hand slowly slides down my pants and into my panties where I can feel the wetness from my pussy. I start to massage the outside of my pussy, just teasing it until my neighbor did something more exciting. I look down for one second to watch myself and I watch her hands slide up and down her body.. I watched her cup her breast and quickly lick both nipples. She laid on her bed, and began massaging her pussy, which was clearly shaven. I moan as she starts to thrust her fingers into her self.

Her fingers move fast and I move up the pace of my fingers and I could feel my pussy just pouring of juices, so I decide to slide off my shorts and show off my clean shaven pussy. She looks back at me and moans, oh I wish I could hear her.

I saw her breast bouncing up and down, and that made me wiggle my finger in my pussy. My finger was wiggling fast as she started rotating her hips on her two fingers, and I moaned at her.

I watched as she roughly grabbed her own breast with her other hand and brought it up to her mouth, and started licking her nipple. Her tongue was swirling around and I decided to do the same. Her eyes never left mine and I quickly took off my shirt and cupped my breast. I could just barely bring my nipple to my mouth by the way I was laying but I made it work. I sucked my titty as I watched the girl next door moan.

She put a third finger in her wet pussy and starts thrusting hard and she rolls her eyes into the back of her head and starts to shake. I began pushing my fingers in harder as I watched her cum. She was still shaking and moaning, she cupped her breast again and started licking all around her nipple. Her eyes danced around at my body and she stopped and stared at my hand that was massaging my pussy. I knew she was waiting for me to cum.

As I thrusted hard, I needed her to do something to take me over the edge. Just as I thought that, she sarıyer escort crawled to the end of her bed and stuck her ass up in the air and her breasts were laying on the bed. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and spread her legs slightly, pounding her pussy fast.

I gaped and put three fingers in my pussy and began thrusting hard. I started to moan softly but began to scream with passion. Her fingers was going in and out of her pussy and she moved her ass back and forth, making me want a taste of her dripping wet pussy. Her juices was squirting everywhere and I wanted to suck it all up.

“Ohhhh, yes. Fuck your pussy harder!” I yell at her through the window. “My pussy needs to be finger fucked by you. Uggghhh fuck me harder. Fuck. Fuck. Ohhhhhhh ahh. Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”

I felt my body rapidly shake and I starts thrusting my hips into my fingers and I moaned loudly. My eye sight was getting blurry and I started cursing and screaming at the hot girl. She turned her body around and watched me cum. I kept cumming and I slowly rubbed my pussy as I groaned at the thought of her watching me moan.

We made eye contact again and she stood up from her bed and walked to her window. She motioned me to walk towards my window and I quickly walked to the window and opened it. She opened hers and she slyly smirked at me and licked her lips.

“Your pussy looks overworked. Do you want me to massage it?” Her breasts hung low as she put her chest out of the window and she started rubbing her pussy against the window.

“Please come over and massage it and kiss it better.” I reply, bringing a hand down to my pussy and I spread it for her.

She moans, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Sarah. What’s yours?” I ask and I bite my lip as I watch her start to dry hump the wall from the window. She makes me groan loud.

“My name is Macayla… Do you want me to bring a toy over? I know you like to play with things.” She moans softly as she watched me rub myself.

“Yes,” I close my eyes, “Bring a toy, your fingers, and your tongue… I am feeling hungry so bring your tasty pussy.” I take my soaked fingers out maslak escort of my pussy and bring them to my mouth and I stick them in. I taste myself and I moan, I suddenly hear her groan and I open my eyes.

She had brought a computer chair and she was sitting on it. Macayla was rubbing her pussy once again and I lie back down on my bed, just watching her. I want- needed her to come over now and suck my pussy dry.

“Before I come over, please start playing with your pussy again. I want to watch you again and I need you to talk dirty to me. You’re hot from my window and I want to keep the fantasy going until I come over and lick you clean.” Macayla tells me, whining as she noticed I wasn’t touching myself.

“Once I make you cum again, you must come over and make me cum. I just want your lips pressed against my clit. I need your tongue pounding my hole.” I was beginning to talk dirty to her and she was moaning loudly. I throw my legs into the air and I stick one finger in my pussy, slowly thrusting in and out.

“You’re so hot and make me so wet. Do you like my finger going in and out of my pussy? Do you love watching my face moan as I watch your tits bounce as you thrust your fingers in and out? I love your face as you moan at me. I love how you cum for me. Do you want me to come and devour your pussy?”

She groans and thrusts her hips into her pussy. “Please… Ahhh- don’t stop, Sarah. You make me so horny.”

My eyes watch her face and she closes her eyes. I start humping my hand and I think of another thing I could hump.

So I grab my pillow and I lay my stomach on it, slowly dry humping it and I stick three fingers in my pussy. “How do you like that, Macayla? I wish it was you that I was humping. I want your pussy to be humping mine and our juices to be connected! Huh! Do you like seeing me fuck my pussy? Why don’t you come and finish me off? Yeah? Cum for me. Cum!” I say loudly as I moan onto the pillow.

Macayla opens her eyes and one look takes her over the edge.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Oooohhhhhhhhhhh.” She groans in pleasure. She’s shaking and rubbing her clit fast as she stares at me. She closes her eyes and finishes her orgasm.

“Oh Macayla, that was so sexy.” I moan.

She opens her eyes, “You are so fucking hot, Sarah. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I begin, “Now come over and fuck me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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