Neighborly Relations Pt. 00

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Cast of Characters

I am writing this after part 16D of the story, “Neighborly Relations.”

I am providing this entry in order to avoid confusion for all of us. Everything should be accurate, though a careful reader might find discrepancies in hair color, etc. between this list and the story. If such a discrepancy should raise its ugly head, please feel free to ignore it. As with any work of fiction, the characters look pretty much the way you want them to look.

I apologize to those of you who have requested illustrations because the pictures I have are only approximations of the character’s physical attributes and are copyrighted. I have never found a photograph that comes close to presenting Elaine Porter. I am, of course, compiling an illustrated version of “Neighborly Relations” in PDF format for my own use, but, as mentioned, there are copyright issues with the illustrations in which I have defined “fair use” as -Personal use.”



Listed Alphabetically

Children are indented below parents

** Denotes Characters who do not live on “The Loop.”

Names within brackets [ ] are Minors and do not participate.

Penis lengths (?-P) listed are when erect and are approximate unless the character has actually measured himself.

I didn’t include bust size because I have no idea how those numbers work in relation to real life. Breast size is noted as S/M/L-B. Use your imagination. pendik escort All other attributes are average unless noted.



Andy – 25 Average height, 6-P

Claudia – 25 (Pregnant until part 16) Average height, brunette, L-B

[Meredith – 2]


Ralph – 59 Tall, Salt/Pepper hair, 6.5-P

Betty – 58 5’4″, glasses, gray hair, L-B

Kent – 38** Tall, brown hair, 7-P

Sally (wife) – 39** Petite, Blonde, M-B

Carter – 20** Tall, Blond, 7-P

Cathy – 18** Petite, Blonde, L-B

Doris Burton Chambers – 36** Short, round, blonde, L-B

Bill Chambers – 18** Tall, Blond, 8-P

David – 37 (nephew of Ralph) ** Tall, brown hair, 6+-P

Amy – 37 (wife of David) ** sandy hair, L-B

Paul – 19** Tall, Blond, 6+-P

Ginny – 20** Skinny, Blonde, S-B


John – 31 Thin build, Blond, 6-P

Terry – 30 (PG) Medium build, Sandy, L-B

[Kyle – 4]

[Kristy – 5]


Albert – 60 Tall, Gray, 7-P

Sharon – 30 Average, brunette, L-B

Thomas – 19 Tall, Blond, 7-P

Timothy – 19 Tall, Blond, 7-P

Laurel – 18 Voluptuous, blonde, L-B

[Gail (1month)]


Robert – 45 Tall, S/P hair, 8-P

Tania – 44 Tall, L-B

Sherona – 24** Tall, L-B

Cherie – 23** Short, round body, L-B

Robert Jr. – 22** Tall, 8-P

Tillman – 19 Tall, 8-P

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Daryl – 54 Tall, silver hair, 8-P

Jennifer – 52 Tall, Sandy, L-B, broad hips & thighs

Bill – 32** Tall, 7-P

Melody (wife of Bill) 31** petite, brunette, glasses, M-B

Brenda Peterson Davis – 31** Tall, sandy, L-B, broad hips & thighs

Kyle Davis (husband of Brenda) 31** Thin, blond, 7-P


Robert – 43 Tall, blond, 6.78-P

Emily – 42 Tall, auburn, L-B

Danny – 19 Tall, blond, 7.25-P

Elaine – 18 Tall, red hair, freckles, M-B


Patty – 35 Average height, Brunette, “Bubble Butt,” L-B

Charles – 36 Tall, Sandy hair, 10-P

[Debbie – 10]

[Kelly – 12]


Karen – 28** Medium height, M-B

Ray – 28** Tall, Blond, 7+-P


Jason – 29** Slim, blonde, 6+-P

Patrice – 29** Skinny, Brunette, S-B


Kelly – 18** Medium height, Voluptuous, L-B

James Whitman – 52** Average height, portly, 6-P

Lois Whitman – 50** Petite, Brunette, M-B

Zoe Zimmerman – 18** Petite, Dark hair, L-B

Kimberly Jones – 18** Medium height, slim, M-B


GUEST LIST A (Parent’s Party)

Emily and Robert Porter

Andrew and Claudia Adams

Charles and Patty Trent

John and Terry Carter

Robert and Tania Mosswell

Daryl and Jenny Peterson (hosts)

Ralph pendik escort and Betty Burton

Kent and Sally Burton

GUEST LIST B (The Kids Party)

Danny and Elaine Porter

Cathy and Carter Burton

Tillman and Sherona Mosswell

Paul and Ginny Burton


Guest list (44 people) includes all adults from the Cast of Characters except for the Whitman family, Zoe and Kimberly. Kelly Whitman arrives during the party.


Albert Cassidy – 60

Thomas Cassidy – 19

Timothy Cassidy – 19

Robert Porter – 43

Danny Porter – 19

Charles Trent – 36

Daryl Peterson – 54

Bill Peterson – 32

Kyle Davis – 31

Andy Adams – 25

John Carter – 31

Ralph Burton – 59

David Burton – 37

Kent Burton – 38

Paul Burton – 19

Carter Burton – 20

Bill Chambers – 18

Robert Mosswell – 45

Tillman Mosswell – 19

Robert Mosswell Jr. – 22

Ray Jenkins – 29

Jason O’Neil – 28


Terry Carter

Claudia Adams

22 men & 2 women


Tania Mosswell — Robert Porter

and — Carter Burton

Jenny Peterson — Bill Chambers

Emily Porter — Jason O’Neil

Elaine Porter — Paul Burton

Karen Jenkins — Kent Burton

Patrice O’Neil — David Burton

Sally Burton — Tom Cassidy

Cathy Burton — Tillman Mosswell

Betty Burton — Danny Porter

Doris Burton — Ray Jenkins

Amy Burton — Albert Cassidy

Ginny Burton — Tim Cassidy

Sharon Cassidy — Robert Mosswell

Laurel Cassidy — Daryl Peterson

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