Neighbourly Neighbour – Homecoming

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“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks again for the ride.” I winked at Shannon.

My neighbour Shannon McClean was nice enough suggest to her husband Dan to give me a ride out of town when my car crapped out. The night before, I helped Dan pack his car to the gills leaving the two front seats and one back seat clear. But when Shannon brought out her huge “overnight” suitcase, the only solution was to place it in the front and for Shannon and me to share a seat in the back. The perpetually, sex-starved, sex-crazed, raven haired hotty and I fucked pretty much all the way to my destination.

Since I had move to next door from that past fall and during the time to present, Shannon and I developed a very friendly relationship… with benefits. A lot of benefits! Her husband Dan was oblivious to her needs and to her activities to which I was more than happy to try and satisfy.

As I watched them drive away, I was greeted by my Bed and Breakfast host. I was immediately taken aback at how young and attractive she was. Too young to own such a place. She extended her hand. “Hi there. You must be Jerome. I’m Jessica.”

“Call me Jerry.” I took her hand. There was an electric attraction that happened between the two of us. I looked directed into her sparkling blue eyes that seemed to laugh and loved her warm, sincere smile on her full lips. She was much taller than I was; over six feet at least. “Sorry, I was expecting some one older.”

“Yeah, both my parents are on vacation. I’m just home from University and watching the place.” Jessica explained. “Don’t worry. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years ever since I was eighteen.”

The BnB was a beautiful country style home. The main floor had a living room with a fire place; large dining area and a refurbished kitchen. My room was some private upstairs. It was basically half the upper floor with a king size bed, large flat screen TV, huge picture windows and a huge en suite bathroom.

“The bed is new and should be nice and comfy.” Jessica sat and bounced on the mattress. She patted her hand beside her. “Here. Sit and try it out.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I sat beside her and immediately grabbed a handful of her long blond hair. She pulled my face to hers and crushed her pouty lips against mine. I brought my hand up and cradled her young, firm, full breasts beneath her tight tee shirt. She pushed me on my back and rolled on top of me.

Even after having just cum inside Shannon, my cock had recovered enough to get a strong erection again. No way was I letting this opportunity go.

Jessica stripped off her tee shirt. She fell forward and shoved her tit into my mouth. I sucked as much of it in as I could. As I sharply pinched one of her red cranberry sized nipples with my fingers, I bit the other one. She moaned hard and loud. “Oh gawd!”

She rolled off of me and pushed her tight jeans down her long legs along with her thong panties. “Get those shorts of yours off.”

I was naked in a sec.

We centred ourselves on the bed. Jessica was on her hands and knees facing my legs. Her hairless, glistening slit was inches from my nose. She lowered herself on to my mouth as I felt her lips around my meat. She held my ass as she rocked her cunt back and forth on my face. I could barely breathe.

“Gawd you have such a nice cock!” Jessica told me. “I could suck this all day, but I want you inside me!”

Jessica crawled down over kartal escort my dick. I slapped her firm round bum leaving a slight red hand print. She giggled. I slapped it again. She cooed back. “Oooh… Yes, I’m a bad girl!”

Jessica held my ankles as she wiggled her bum to position my knob against her tight, dripping gash. In the perfect reverse cowgirl position, she slowly sat down. The feeling of my bone entering her was nothing less than sensational. Once I was fully inside her, Jessica started to grind herself into me.

I pushed her bum cheeks apart and started to rub my thumb against her asshole. She screamed back at me. “Oh! Fuck yes!”

Taking that as approval, I licked my finger and slowly penetrated her butt hole. She grunted as she pushed back even harder. “Uuhh..! Uuhh..!”

I brought my hand down hard on her fleshy ass.

“Auuuhhh…!” Jessica came as I slapped her ass again and again. “Yes! Fuck! Yes! Harder! Yes! Ooo…!”

She suddenly stopped moving but her body was involuntarily quivering. I thrusted up hard. She orgasmed again and panted out. “AAaauuhh! No! No! Stop! Please!”

After a few minutes, Jessica recovered enough to move and roll onto her back. “Jerry. Do me mish!”

Still rock hard, I moved between her thighs and slipped my bone into her freshly fucked, steamy, gaping hole. Jessica wrapped her long legs around my hips and used her heels to spur me to fuck her. I used long, hard thrusts as I slammed my body into hers. She came twice before I came in her.

Whatever cum Shannon had left in my balls, emptied into Jessica’s young womb. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

I collapsed exhausted on top of Jessica. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and hugged me warmly. Then she confided to me. “Tee-hee…! You’re a much better fuck than my daddy! You’re certainly much bigger. I think you’ve spoiled him for me!”

After taking a quick shower to wash the stench of Shannon’s and Jessica’s sex off of me, I met up with my business associate. I was expecting a portable satchel of documents but got a couple of boxful instead. I thought that since Dan and Shannon would have dropped off the car load of crap we came up in, a box or two would be easy to bring back.

I invited Jessica to join me for dinner. We ordered some terrible Chinese. We left most of it. Instead, she ate my sausage and I dined on her sweet pussy. We drank wine on the private back patio in front of the gas fireplace. Not much talking but a lot of fucking. It was late night by the time we went to sleep… in my bed. Not such sleep either.

I was still exhausted by the time I got up to an empty bed. I found a naked Jessica down stairs. I guess the beauty of youth was incredible energy and quick recovery. She wanted to do it again but I needed at least coffee first.

I had not noticed until later that Dan had left me a text saying that they’d be by around 5P. It gave Jessica and me a couple of hours to fuck and frolic. We did practically every room in the house, including her parent’s room. It was difficult to stop Jessica when I had to get ready for my lift back home. Every time I managed to pull on my shorts, she’d pull them down and suck on my cock. I was exhausted and told her I couldn’t do it anymore but Jessica’s talented mouth got me rock hard. Stupid prick.

It was near seven when I heard a car pull into the drive. I quickly pulled Jessica’s kaynarca escort mouth off my cock and pulled up my shorts. I greeted Shannon and Dan while standing behind the door to hide my tent. “Hi. I hope you don’t mind but I have a couple of boxes I need to take back with me.”

Dan’s eyes rolled back. Shannon gave me a sly glance. I looked over at the car and it was still packed solid. Dan shook his head. “Yeah. We couldn’t get rid of the stuff and now we have to bring it all back. I’m sure we can find space if you don’t mind sharing your back seat with Shannon again.”

“Yeah. No problem. Thanks.” I answered.

Dan loaded my stuff in the front seat as I said my good-byes to Jessica. Of course we exchanged contact info. We gave each other a warm hug before parting.

Shannon was waiting for me beside the open door. As well used as my cock was, it still stirred in my shorts. Shannon was wearing a low cut, front button, yellow sundress. The top button strained to hold her big boobs in. The bottom two buttons were already undone.

I slid into the back seat as the first few drops of rain hit the car. Shannon slid on top of me and shut the door. Dan didn’t even ask if we were ready before he back out of the drive. By the time we got on the highway, the cloud cover was heavy and the rain was pretty steady. The traffic was heavy and slow with all the other people returning home from the weekend. Dan was pretty peeved and fumed that Shannon caused them such a late departure.

“So… Your hostess seemed to be a very pretty girl.” Shannon said to me in a quiet but suspicious tone. “You fucked her, didn’t you? I can smell her on you. I certainly hope she didn’t tire you out too much and you still have enough for me.”

A gentleman would not answer those questions. Shannon raised her bum and slipped a hand beneath. She took hold of my balls below my semi-firm shaft and squeezed them firmly. “Ow! Okay! Yes, I fucked her. Pretty much from when I arrived until you came to pick me up.”

Shannon let go of my sack. “There. That wasn’t too difficult to admit was it?”

With Dan concentrating on the road and traffic ahead, Shannon grabbed my wrists and placed my hands on her luscious boobs. Her chest was already heaving. I released the strain of her top button and slipped a hand inside. She wore half cup bra that left her nipples exposed. I dropped a hand to her lap and guided her legs apart. My hand glided up her stocking thigh over her garter strap and up to her hot wet snatch. Unlike the trip down, she wore panties; tiny thongs. And they were soaked. She lifted her bum so I could push them off. My fingers found her sensitive clit under her hood. She started to hump against my hand. “Oh fuck I love you! Uh! Okay! Okay! Uh! I forgive you… Uh! …for fucking that young thing. Ooh! I probably would have fucked her too if I had a cock! Aaahhh… Oh yes!”

I pushed a couple of fingers inside of her and was immediately rewarded with a wet spray soaking my hand as Shannon pressed her back hard into my chest. Panting, Shannon put her lips near my ear and said. “I really hate you! Oh fuck! You make me cum so hard… so fast!”

I mindlessly continued to play with her cunt. Shannon spasmed every once in a while.

“You know, last night I wore my sexiest lingerie with stockings, garters and super high heels for Dan and you know what he did?” kozyatağı escort Shannon related to me. “Nothing. He had already fallen asleep. I crawled on top and started to hump him… Nothing! I’d call him a fucker but that would be a lie.”

I tried but failed to suppress a chuckle at her joke.

“Dan!” Shannon called out suddenly. I panicked that he would turn around. “What did you do with my purse?”

“What? Oh… I stuck it in the back.” Dan answered without looking back. “I don’t remember if it’s on my side or yours.”

In the cramped quarters, Shannon managed to turn around and unbutton the rest of her dress. Her legs straddled mine as she pretended to rummage around behind us. Her big boob smashed against my face. She forced her nipple into my mouth. “Mmm… Uh! Not here. Maybe the other side.”

Shannon shifted right and shoved her other nipple into my mouth. I bit it firmly. “Ooh! Oh, here it is!”

Still astride of me, Shannon sat on my lap with her purse in hand. The under part of my rock hard shaft rubbed against her sopping wet slit as she humped against me. I grabbed handfuls of her tits and pinched her nipples hard between my fingers and thumb. She moaned out. “Auuh!”

“Huh?” Dan called back to her. “Did you get what you were looking for?”

“Pretty much!” She cried back. She raised her bum and lowered herself down onto my cock. “Got it now!”

Shannon started humping and rocking harder and harder as I drove my cock into her deeper and deeper. Her fast rhythmic humps became hard driving humps. She grabbed the back of my head and came hard. We didn’t realize how hard until Dan said. “Must be getting windy out. The car is swaying a lot!”

Shannon and I stifled our giggles.

We slowed our pace just to enjoy the feeling of each other. With the rain coming down a little lighter, the traffic moved a bit better and a few more miles before our exit. I reached around and played with her asshole. I felt her relax as she purred in my ear. I pushed my finger into her hole. She groaned softly. “Oooo…”

I started fucking both hole in earnest. Her breathing changed into a heavy pant. Even after fucking Jessica all day, I knew I could cum inside Shannon one more time. “I… go…ing… to… cum in… your fucking… CUNT!”

“Yes! Cum! Oh fuck! Yes!” Shannon begged “Now! Cum in me now! Cum in my C..U..N..T!!”

Whatever cum I had left in my balls shot out and into Shannon. I felt the hot flood of her spray soak my groin. “Ooo…Ooo…Oooooo…”

Dan turned the car off our exit. It would be another ten minutes before we reach our respective homes. Shannon buttoned her dress but we remained in our fuck position. Dan turned onto our street. Shannon still stayed on top of me. Dan pulled into their drive way and put the car in park. Shannon jumped out of the car first leaving me exposed and very little time to pull up my wet-with-our-cum shorts.

It was raining harder now so everyone’s clothes got soaked quickly. When Dan had ran to their door, Shannon called out. “I’m going to help Jerry with his boxes!”

I grabbed my bag and carried the heavier box into my house. I barely made it past the entry when Shannon dropped the box and dropped my shorts. Her mouth was around my mostly limp cock in seconds. It was dead. No coming back to life for a while. That didn’t stop Shannon as she fingered her cunt while still sucking on my dick.

“Shannon!” We hear Dan call out.

Shannon quickly spat out me out and stood up. I had to yank my shorts up around my waist.

“You coming home or what?” Dan asked in the open doorway.

“Yes, I was just about to come.” She answered with a sly smile across her lips.

“Thanks for the ride!” I said to Dan but meant it towards Shannon.

“Ok. See you later.”

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