Neuro Submission Transmitter Ch. 04

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Double Anal

“Maybe you’ve got the right idea, Elaine.” I overhear mom’s friend, Mary say to her. “Men are way over rated. If you’re going to end up getting yourself off anyway, why not just stay home with your vibrator in the first place?” She laughs.

“I guess last night didn’t go so well, huh?” Mom asks, as I peek through the screen door to watch Mom and Mary sunbathing on the back deck. With some of the money we got from dad, we added a swimming pool to our backyard. Mom and Mary are sunbathing on lounge chairs next to the pool, facing the back door. I stay out of sight, watching them for a few minutes.

“The evening was progressing well.” Mary says, while rubbing suntan lotion on her legs. “So I figured it was time to take our relationship to the next level, if you know what I mean.”

“I think I remember.” Mom says, smiling.

Mary is younger than mom, I guess about thirty, with long, shapely legs and an incredible ass. As she leans forward to rub lotion on her feet, I get an eyeful of her generous tits, overflowing from the triangles of material barely covering them. My cock jumps at the sight and I wonder why I never noticed her body before. I’ve certainly never seen this much of it.

“May I have some of that?” Mom asks, standing up to get the suntan lotion from Mary. Bending over, mom begins applying lotion to her own legs. I never get tired of looking at my mom’s body. She’s wearing a string bikini, with a thong bottom, that displays her firm, round ass cheeks to the world, or at least to Mary and I. Unbelievable! Two grown children and mom can still wear a thong… and make your dick hard when she does!

“Yeah, well when we got to his apartment, it was wham bam, wham bam. I ended up with his cum dripping from my pussy, the taste of it in my mouth and nothing to show for it. I still had to get myself off with my vibrator when I got home.” She laughs disgustedly, while watching Mom rub suntan lotion on her bare ass cheeks.

“He didn’t eat your pussy?” Mom asks, incredulously, while trying to reach her back. “I thought that was rather routine, these days.”

“Here let me do your back, Elaine.” Mary says, sitting up and motioning mom to stand in front of her. “Sure, he tongue fucked me a little and then sucked my clit, but it was too soon and a little too rough.” She laughs, as she massages suntan lotion on mom’s shoulders and back. I notice that her eyes stay pretty much focused on mom’s bare ass cheeks. “Where are the men who understand foreplay and gradual arousal?”

“They don’t get it, because they don’t need it.” Mom answers, clearly enjoying the back rub. “A man gets aroused, he fucks or gets sucked and he cums: end of story. He’s happy.” Mom turns around and takes the lotion from Mary. “You want some on your back?” She asks.

“Thanks.” Mary says, lying down on her stomach on the lounge chair. “You’re right, but you would think with all the sexual information out there, men would have learned something.” Mom is rubbing lotion on Mary’s shoulders and back. “But most of them don’t have a clue about how to satisfy a woman.”

“Men don’t read about that stuff; women do.” Mom says, untying Mary’s top and pulling the strings to the side. Squirting more lotion on her hands, mom begins kneading Mary’s back like an experienced masseuse. I watch her hands brush the sides of Mary’s tits, as they squish out from under her chest. “A man will only learn how to satisfy a women, if a woman takes the time to teach him.” Mom says, matter-of-factly.

“Mmmmm.” Mary sighs, as mom continues kneading the flesh of her back and rubbing her palm in a circle at the small of her back. “That feels great.” Mary sighs.

“You have a lovely body, Mary.” Mom says, rubbing lotion on the back of Mary’s legs. Mary spreads her legs, slightly, allowing mom’s hands to move freely up and down her thighs. I see a gleam in mom’s eye, as her hands apply a light touch to Mary’s inner thighs.

“Most men I’ve been with are insulted if you try to give them direction during sex.” Mary says. “How do you get them to be receptive?” She asks, as mom runs her hands along the bottom of Mary’s bikini. Mary isn’t wearing a thong, but mom pulls the bottoms of her bikini up near the crack of her ass, revealing her creamy, white ass cheeks.

“You don’t make them receptive.” Mom answers, as she massages Mary’s ass with her lotion-covered hands. “You find receptive men and tell them what you like.” Mom says, as she lets her fingers run down between Mary’s legs.

I’m stroking my hard cock through my swimsuit, as I watch the action through the door. I was originally going for a swim, but the look of lust on mom’s face, makes me want to wait and see what happens. Ever since I gave mom the suggestion about enjoying the taste of pussy, she’s practically been addicted to it. It started with my sister, Susan, but I’ve also caught her with my girlfriend’s mom, Maggie. I know the transmitter gave her the courage to act on it, but I’m pretty sure my mom had bisexual pendik escort tendencies before I gave her any suggestions.

“Yeah, well, it’s pretty hard to know if a man is going to be receptive to a woman telling him how to make love to her.” Mary says, squirming a little under mom’s expert hands.

“I know.” Mom says, leaning her head down next to Mary’s while her fingers play around between her legs. “Actually, the best head I’ve ever had wasn’t from any man.” Mom whispers, conspiratorially, as Mary turns her face towards mom, questioningly. Mom nods her head, confirming Mary’s understanding.

“I haven’t done that since college.” Mary says, her eyes wide with anticipation.

“Women are the best pussy eaters, Mary. Trust me.” Mom smiles.

“I’m not a lesbian.” Mary says.

“Neither am I.” Mom says, brushing her hand over Mary’s bare skin. “But I know what a woman likes and I enjoy pleasuring one, occasionally.” Mom says, stroking her fingers up and down between Mary’s legs. Mary stares into mom’s eyes, apparently weighing what she’s just heard.

“Show me.” She barely whispers, as she rolls over on her back, ignoring the fact that her bikini top isn’t tied. Stroking my rock hard cock, I stare at Mary’s naked tits, rolling across her body as she turns over. Her hard nipples are surrounded by wide, dark areolas and her heavy tits hang slightly to the sides of her chest, as she settles onto her back. Mom leans her head down and licks around the areola of the closest one, while her hand roams over Mary’s flat stomach.

“Nick is home this weekend, he’s sleeping in his room.” Mom says, glancing towards the house, without seeing me. “We may not be able to finish this today, if he wakes up.” Mom cautions, as she continues to lick all around Mary’s nipple, while slipping her fingers inside the front of her bikini bottoms.

“Sleeping in the middle of the day?” Mary asks. “Is he sick?”

“College students would sleep all day, everyday, if we let them. Then they stay up all night.” Mom laughs, while continuing to lick all around Mary’s dark red areola. She doesn’t say that I was up all night because we were fucking our brains out, making up for lost time while I’ve been away at school.

“Mmmmm. This is exactly what I’m talking about.” Mary says, running her fingers through mom’s hair. “Most guys jumps right for the nipple, sucking and biting. But, you take it slow, teasing all around the nipple. It’s very erotic.” I’ve been too busy stroking my cock and trying to see what mom’s doing with her hand, to realize that I might learn something here.

“Mmmmmm.” Mary moans again, as mom shifts her attention to her other tit, still just licking all around the nipple and massaging her pussy mound. “You were married for quite a while, Elaine. Was Daryl receptive to direction as a lover?”

“Daryl was an exception to the rule.” Mom says, lifting her face from Mary’s chest. “Maybe one in a hundred guys who gets it. He was an amazing lover, he knew instinctively what to do and responded to every reaction.” Mom is pulling Mary’s bikini bottoms off, revealing a patch of brown hair, neatly trimmed into a narrow triangle. “I had no complaints in that department, Mary. Actually, that’s part of my problem, I doubt if I’ll find anyone like him.” Mom says, somewhat drearily. “If he wasn’t such an asshole and a womanizer, I might miss him!” She laughs.

Mom returns to licking Mary’s breasts, finally sucking one nipple into her mouth, while she lightly runs her fingers up and down Mary’s inner thighs. Mary has her legs spread and her thick pussy lips are glistening with moisture.

“God, you are sooo good at this!” Mary moans, as she pushes her ass off the lounge chair, trying to make contact with mom’s hand. Mom teasingly, keeps avoiding contact with Mary’s pussy, while she nibbles on her tits. Bringing her hands back to Mary’s tits, mom squishes them together and sucks both of her nipples into her mouth at the same time.

My cock is aching for release, as I push my swimsuit down and begin stroking my shaft vigorously. I can’t believe that mom has Mary completely naked in the backyard, in broad daylight. I wonder if she knows I’m here. Could this be a show for my benefit… or even my education? Whatever, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

“Kiss me, Mary.” Mom says, releasing her tits and gliding her hand down across Mary’s stomach. Mary leans her head up to meet mom’s lips. Starting gently, or maybe hesitantly, their passion slowly builds, while mom strokes her fingers through Mary’s pubic hair. She extends one finger down and lightly strokes Mary’s wet slit, as I start to cum.

I grab a napkin from the table to catch my cum, clumsily, bumping into a chair, as I shoot my load. It makes enough noise to stop the action on the deck.

“That must be Nick.” My mother says, standing up and tossing Mary her bikini.

“Anybody home?” I yell, stepping away from the door while I pull up my swimsuit.

“We’re pendik escort out here!” Mom yells, after checking that Mary has her bikini back on.

“Wow! Nobody told me that Sports Illustrated was here doing their supermodel swimsuit shoot.” I say, smiling as I step through the sliding glass door and give mom a hug. While hugging my mom I realize that my cock hasn’t fully deflated after my orgasm and the bulge in my swimsuit presses against mom’s thong covered pussy. Out of Mary’s view, I squeeze mom’s bare ass cheek.

“Well, aren’t you the charmer. “Mary says, her face flush, either from her arousal or embarrassment, but her eyes appear to be glued to my crotch. Her swimsuit top is askew, displaying half her areola and barely covering her hard nipples, while a moist spot is spreading across the crotch of her bikini.

“How’s my man of the house?” Mom asks, smiling as she returns my hug. “Did you sleep well?” She asks, winking at me.

“Yeah, thanks.” I answer. “I’m fine.”

“You certainly are.” Mary says, surprising me. “He’s a full grown man, isn’t he?” Mary says, finally pulling her eyes from my bulge to smile at me. “Don’t I get a hug too?” She asks, standing up and holding her arms out to me. Mary has never offered to hug me before. I wonder why today is different.

“Sure.” I answer, stepping over to hug her. “Good to see you, Mary.” I say. She squeezes me tightly against her nearly naked body, not quite grinding her mound against my bulge, but pressing very firmly.

“And strong too!” Mary says, squeezing my biceps, while keeping her pubic mound crushed against my rapidly recovering cock. “The college girls must be fighting over you.” She smiles, as she grazes her hand across my chest and lets it slide down to my stomach before stepping back.

“Not really.” I say, walking over to the pool, conscious of the bulge in the front of my suit. “Either of you going to join me in the pool?” I ask, before diving into the deep end.

As I come up for air, I see mom squeeze Mary’s ass cheek, while kissing her on the lips.

“I’m going to walk Mary out and then I’ll swim with you, Nick.” Mom yells, as Mary slips a t-shirt over her swimsuit

“Bye Nick.” Mary calls. “I hope to see more of you.” She smiles and I wonder about the double entendre.

“Bye Mary.” I yell and then take a deep breath and dive underwater.

A few minutes later, mom is standing on the first step of the pool, rolling her thong down her shapely legs. Tossing it on the deck, she sits on the first step and curls her finger at me, motioning me towards her. The first step is only a couple of inches below the water level and when mom leans back, her ass is in the water but her pussy isn’t.

“I need the use of your wonderful tongue for a while.” Mom says, spreading her legs and displaying her smooth, hairless pussy to me. “That is, if you don’t mind.” She adds, teasingly.

I swim up to her and rest my hands on her wide-open thighs. Taking a clue from her earlier conversation with Mary, I begin licking up her inner thighs, teasing her, before I just plunge into her pussy.

“Mom.” I say, looking up at her from between her legs. “Do I do enough foreplay to sufficiently arouse you when we make love?” I ask, as I lick higher up her thighs.

“You heard my conversation with Mary, didn’t you?” Mom asks, leaning up and looking at me. “Were you watching, too?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” I answer. “Well, do I?” I ask again.

“Nick, you are an amazing lover, especially for your age.” She says. “I’m always fully aroused and I always orgasm, usually more than once.” She reassures me. “You had me completely exhausted and satiated last night, couldn’t you tell?” She asks, teasingly.

“But that part about women being better pussy eaters… you really believe that, right?” I ask, my tongue getting closer to her wet pussy lips. My thoughts are on Maggie and my sister, who have both eaten my mom’s pussy.

“Well, part of that was for Mary’s benefit.” Mom says, thinking for a minute. “But yes, generally, women are better at eating pussy, just like guys would probably be better cocksuckers, if they weren’t so homophobic.” Mom says, smiling. “Now, come on, I don’t need a lot of foreplay today; my pussy is already soaking wet. Just get your tongue up here and work your magic, okay?” She asks, leaning back against the deck and closing her eyes.

I’m still determined to take my time, so I start licking around the outside of her pussy lips, flicking them sideways with my tongue. After circling around a few times, I flatten my tongue and slowly lick from her asshole to the top of her slit.

“Mmmmmm.” Mom moans, spreading her legs a little wider. “That’s more like it.” Using my tongue to spread her pussy lips apart, I gradually insert it in her pussy, while covering her entire opening with my mouth.

“Oh yeah!” Mom cries, as I start pistoning my tongue in and out of her sloppy, wet hole. I pendik escort continue tongue fucking her, sliding my stiff tongue in and out of her delicious pussy, until she’s bucking her ass off the step. Shifting my tongue to the top of her slit, I use it to peel back the hood of her clit, while pushing two fingers into her soggy pussy.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Mom whimpers, as I suck her clit into my mouth and start flicking my tongue against the tip. I continue finger fucking her, twisting my two fingers around inside her hot, wet hole, while I suck and flick her engorged clit.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing!” Mom yells. “Keep… doing… exactly… that!” She pants, while thrusting her pussy against my face and my hand. I have no intention of stopping, but I’m struggling to keep my mouth on her clit, as she thrashes around on the swimming pool step.

“I’m cumming, Nick!” Mom breathes. “I’m cumming!” She clamps her legs around my head, trapping my fingers inside her pulsating pussy. Her thrusting has created waves in the pool and water is slapping against her thighs and over my head. I’m wondering if I might drown by the time she relaxes her legs, just as her shaking begins to subside and I can push her legs apart.

Catching my breath, I start lapping up her steady flow of juices that are gushing from her bald pussy. Her taste and aroma are intoxicating and my cock is rock hard by the time I slurp up the last trickle. I slip out of my swimsuit, letting it drop to the bottom of the pool. Placing my knees on the second step and kneeling between her legs, I plunge my hard cock into mom’s still quivering pussy.

“Ohhhhh yeah!” Mom cries, as I pump my hard shaft in and out of her enflamed hole. My balls slapping against the cool water, creates an amazing sensation, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I start pumping faster and faster, slapping my balls harder against the water with each stroke.

Mom’s ass is coming off the step to match my rhythm and she’s pulled her bikini top off so she can squeeze her own tits. She’s pinching her nipples and stretching them out from her tits. I lean my head down and suck one of them into my mouth, biting and nibbling as I continue to jackhammer my cock into her steamy hole. Mom reaches her hands around me, cupping my ass cheeks, as she frantically bucks her pussy against my cock.

“Oh fuck!” Mom cries, digging her nails into my ass cheeks. “I’m cumming again, Nick!” She says, pulling me tightly against her and jerking convulsively against my body. Her nails digging into my ass, coupled with the cool water slapping my balls, puts me over the top and I erupt deep inside her quivering pussy.

Collapsing on her chest, I press my lips against hers and suck her tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately while we ride out the aftershocks of our intense orgasms.

“You’re always the best, Nick.” Mom whispers, breaking the kiss. “I love you.” She says, running her fingers through my hair and holding me tightly against her naked body.

“I love you, too, mom.” I respond, nuzzling my cheek against her rising and falling breasts.

We stay in the pool for a while, swimming, touching and teasing, while enjoying the cool water against our naked bodies. My cock responds quickly and in a few minutes it’s my turn to sit on the top step, while mom applies her oral expertise to my fully recovered cock. She licks, sucks and nibbles my throbbing cock to an incredibly powerful release, swallowing every drop before releasing my spent cock and kissing her way up my body.

“I could eat your cum all day.” She smiles, kissing me on the lips, while pressing her tits against my chest.

“I feel the same way about you, mom.” I answer. “We could probably save a lot on grocery bills.” I joke.

“Okay, smart ass.” She says, standing up to get out of the pool. As she spreads her legs to step over me, I get an unobstructed view of her hairless pussy. Beads of water are dripping from the edges of her parted pussy lips, which are puffy and swollen with arousal. My cock stirs.

“God, mom.” I breathe. “You are the sexiest woman in the world.” “Right.” Mom laughs. “I’m going to get dressed.” She says. “I’ve got things to do.” She picks up her bikini and walks into the house. I watch the sexy sway of her naked ass until she disappears through the sliding glass door.

Mom and I spend the evening behaving as a more typical mother and son. We go to a movie at the mall, grabbing a bite to eat at the food court. While we’re in the mall, mom buys me a couple of shirts and a blouse for herself. We go to bed, cuddling our naked bodies together, sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms.

In the morning, I awaken to a delightfully, wet blowjob. Mom has her lips wrapped around my saliva-coated cock and I am rock solid before I fully gain consciousness. I start humping my ass off the bed to match the rhythm my mother has set with her tantalizing mouth.

“Didn’t want you to miss you plane.” Mom says, lazily stroking her hand up and down my rigid cock, as she takes a breath.

“Jesus Christ! Mom.” I moan, as she slides her lips back over my throbbing hard-on. “You can be my alarm clock anytime!” I groan, as she expertly flicks her tongue along the length of my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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