New Tricks

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“I said, I’ve sold you.”

I’m Louise. I’m five foot six, auburn hair, green eyes, and a fairly shapely figure. I’ve just gotten home from work.

The trim blond, five foot three Tammy was waiting in my townhouse . We’ve been dating for over a month, I gave her a house key. She’s my latest conquest.

The sheers are pulled across the patio doors so the pervert across the common can’t see in. We’re standing in the middle of the living room, and two large women wearing coveralls and carrying a tool box just stepped out of the kitchen.

“Who the fuck are you, and why are you in my home?”

“They’re here for you, darling. I’ve sold you.”


“I said, I’ve sold you. They’re slavers.”

“But, Tammy. Fuck!

They were big, but not fat. They moved swiftly. I was torn from Tammy and face down on the carpet in an instant. They took a ball gag, ropes and belts from their tool box.

Tammy put on my red fox fur jacket and was going through my purse. “Oh, here’s the car key.” She took the key as one of the big ladies handed her a thick envelope. She opened it’s flap, checked the contents, and dropped it into my purse. “Thank you ladies. Tell your Mistress it was a pleasure, and don’t hesitate to call if I can be any further service.”

She snuggled my fur’s collar to her cheek. “I’ve always loved this coat, and wanted one. Thank you darling.” She lifted the long strap of my purse onto her shoulder, and swinging my car keys from her finger walked away.

Needless to say, my Lexus was gone from the attached garage. In it’s place was a minivan with blacked out windows and ‘ City of ——- Public Works’ painted on the side.

The two ladies carried me, tied, gagged and belts every foot from just below my shoulders to my ankles, they tossed me onto the floor in the back of the van. It was a long scary drive. Some city, some highway, some gravel. I was too confused and terrified to cry.

“Strip it and put it in number seven.”

They did just that. The cage was a six foot cube of steel bars. There was a foam mattress along the back with a blanket. There was a hole in the floor for a toilet. A steel number plaque was welded to the door. Some of the other cages were occupied. There was some subdued crying and whimpering.

“Right. For now, you are Seven. Rules. Simple, do as you are told or you will be punished. No talking. This area is under full time surveillance.

“Three, stand and turn your back to the door.”

The girl in number three obeyed. She was whimpering and shaking. Her back was a colorful pattern of red stripes and blue and yellow bruises.

“Understand Seven? Three, you may lay down.”

A while later. An hour? Hard to tell. Everything I thought I understood changed again. Tammy was brought in tied up like I’d been. She was stripped and thrown into number fourteen, given the same talk I’d just had and shown number Three’s injuries.

Food arrived, well, you couldn’t call it a meal. Some slop in a plastic bowl and a plastic cup of flavored water. I think it might have had something like Valium in it because I felt slightly disconnected after. The cups and bowls were collected and the lights turned out.

‘Louise, Louise.” The bitch was calling in a stage whisper. I pulled my blanket over my head. Tammy Cunt was the last person I wanted anything to do with. Besides the fear of the whip.

In a few minutes the lights came back on. There was a lot of subdued crying. Three guards came in.

“Right, things. To the door of your cage, hands through the bars, two bars between them.” Handcuffs were locked on my wrists outside the bars, so I had to stand facing out to the aisle. Tammy was dragged out, a rope and pulley were lowered in the middle of the aisle. Tammy’s cuffed wrists were lifted over the hook on the pulley and the rope pulled until she was standing with her hands well above her head. A black braided whip was produced and the three guards took turns giving Tammy five lashes each. Her cries and screams were terrible. Everyone except the guards were crying. Our cuffs were removed, then she was lowered,dragged, then thrown into her cage. The lights went out. After a while the crying and sobbing tapered off.

A loud klaxon woke me as the lights came on. Another bowl of gruel and cup of water. One at a time we were collared and lead away.

I was taken to a cement block shower, given a towel, soap, tooth brush and comb. My guard led me away when I was finished.

The room had deep, soft ‘dusty rose’ carpet. The couches and chairs were finely upholstered, everything was very expensive, but tastefully done. The lady sitting on the couch looked like a sweet, elegant grandmother or rich aunt.

“Good morning Seven.”

The guard poked me between my shoulder blades.

“Ugh! Good morning, er?”

“You may call me Mother.”

“Good morning, Mother.”

“Looking at your file here I see that you are forty seven, divorced twice, no” title=”escort”>escort children, have had your tubes tied, and have no health problems.” She set down the device she was reading from.

I was stunned.

“Now, Louise no longer exists. Her town house was thoroughly cleaned, not a trace of her DNA was even left. Her tax and financial records have disappeared from the records. If her friends or family try finding her, police and investigators will have a hard time believing she ever existed.”

I was dumbfounded.

“So, what is your future? Well, we’ve had a special request, so to speak, for a middle age fuck doll. Unusual, yes? Usually clients want young things for fuck dolls.’

I was too stunned to speak. There must be a way of escaping. What the Hell is a ‘fuck doll?’

“So, lets start your training right now. On your knees.”

Mother lifted the hem of her ankle length pale yellow and grey vertically striped skirt. Nylons, garter belt, but no nickers. I sank to my knees. Wait for an opportunity to escape Louise .

“Smile, darling. Your owners and their guests want to know you live to please them.”

I did my best to smile. Her return smile was warm and, well, motherly. Her hand went to the back of my head and firmly, but gently guided me down. This is fucking lesbian rape!

No young puffy camel toe cunt this. Folds and flaps of soft cunt lips. Might as well humor the bitch. Pick my fights.. I began kissing and licking. Mother responded with a happy sound. Her hands stroked my shoulders and combed through my hair. Her cunt was instantly wet. I lapped her cunt. She must have used a flavored douche, cherry, soon I licked it to real womanly flavor.

“Good girl. Good fuck doll.”

Enough, I found the girl in the pink canoe and gently kissed her. Mother let out gasp and pushed me back.

“Tammy was right about you. Too bad she wasn’t able to enjoy her finder’s fee. Guard, take it back to it’s cage.”

I sat on my bed, trying to get my head around everything. Sooner or later I’d escape.

The others came and went.

Then two guards and a tall, solid black man came in. He was very handsome and extremely well dressed. They went to Tammy’s cage.

“Come Here.” His voice was deep and very sexy. I couldn’t place his accent. Tammy cowered to the back of her cage.

“Wild and untrained. Just what I’m looking for. Package it, my jet is ready to go.”

The guards went into Tammy’s cage and forced her to her knees. As they hog tied her a third guard rolled in a plywood crate on a trolley. They lowered her into it, closed and padlocked the lid, handed the key to the gentleman. That was the last I ever saw of her.

Same routine for supper, then again in the morning.

I was taken to what looked like clothing store without windows. A severe looking man looked me over. “Try this on, dear.” He handed me a red sundress with a sweetheart front. There was no changing room, but I came naked anyway, so why be shy?

“Well, don’t you look adorable? Gracie, take her to the shoe department. That a dear.”

Red two inch pumps were chosen.

There was a dark haired hunk waiting in the room. “Good morning Sir.”

He slapped my face. “Fuck dolls never look a Sir or Mam in the eyes.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

He grabbed my arm just above my elbow and pushed me to the couch. He handed me a condom and, standing in front of me pulled out his quite impressive cock. “Put it on.”

I started to roll it onto him.

“Don’t you know how to do that with your mouth, fuck doll?”

“No Sir.”

Three condoms later I could do it without using my hands.

He yanked me to my feet and shoved me over the couch’s arm. He lifted the hem of my dress. Then he violated me. He stuck his cock into my rectum. I screamed. He rammed all the way in.

“Cunt. Cunt. Cunt.” He grunted with each ram.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I cried with each ram. Tears ran down my face. Pain, humiliation.

He pulled out, spun me around and pushed me to my knees. “Take it off and lick me clean, fuck doll.”

I sat on the carpet with my back to the couch crying when he left. A guard took me to Mother.

“Come, give Mother a kiss, dear.”

Her kiss was very friendly.

“Why, you’ve been crying. How sweet. By the way, the gentleman was very impressed with your service. Now, come, it’s lunch time.”

We went through a door to a room with floor to ceiling windows. In the distance I could see the haze and skyscrapers of the city, a city. There was a table with a white tablecloth and real silver ware set for two. A cute young thing wearing a skimpy black dress with white lace trim that didn’t quite cover the little pink nipples on her sweet handfuls size boobs brought a tray with two garden salads, then poured the white wine.

“Thank you Cathy.”

She curtsied then went to stand by the kitchen door.

“Go ahead and eat,Seven.”

As we ate Mother talked.

“Are there any other sex acts you don’t like, other than sodomy, dear?”

“No, well, not that I know of,” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan er, Mother.”

“Good, if you think of any, Coach would like you to tell her.”


“You’ll meet her after lunch. And dear? Fuck dolls never speak or ask questions without permission. Understand?”

“Yes, Mother.”

Coach was a pleasant lady about my age. She was dressed in a fairly conservative charcoal pant suit.

“Come in dear. Have a seat. Call me Ellen.”

Her office was more like a living room. Pastel shades, comfortable furniture. One wall of drapes with a desk along it. We sat on armchairs arranged at ninety degrees around a small coffee table.

We talked about all sorts of things. She drew out my life story. We drank tea.

I’ve no idea to this day how any of my visits to Coach Ellen ended. Somehow, it would be morning and I would be back in my cage.

After my morning routine I as taken to the store and given a silver, white and blue printed sarong, and silver lace up stilettos.

I seemed to recognize the room and the dark handsome man. I lowered my eyes. “Good morning, Sir.”

He patted the couch beside himself. We kissed and cuddled. It was so nice feeling his hands all over me.

“Stand up and take off your dress.”

I realized that’s exactly what I wanted to do. For him.

He stood and dropped his trousers to the floor and handed me a foil package. “You know what to do with this.”

Using just my lips and tongue I rolled the rubber along his hard beautiful cock. he stroked my hair. “Good girl.” I felt so proud.

“On your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

I realized that’s exactly where I wanted his big beautiful cock.

God, it was beautiful! He drilled me so so well. His strong hands gripped my waist as he pounded my ass. I came with a whoop of joy as he plowed me. Then he let me take off the condom and lick his gooey member clean.

I felt so special as I licked and kissed his dick. He stroked my hair and told me I was a very good fuck doll.

Mother again gave ma a very tender kiss. Lunch was soup and sandwiches. Cathy looked yummy as always. Today she wore a French blue ankle length skirt, and a little bikini top with French blue fur cups.

Ellen was wearing a snug cream long sleeve knee length dress when I got there. We sat and talked. We looked at picture books, although for the life of me I don’t remember what the pictures were about.

I woke up in my cage. I’d had a nice dream, although I couldn’t remember anything about it.

I was escorted to the shoe department of the store. They gave me the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever worn. They were gold four inch spikes with thin gold leather straps and lots of little gold buckles.

Then to the jewelers. A thin foot long gold chain was locked between the ankle straps of my shoes. Another gold chain was locked around my waist. It had foot long chains hanging on each side of my tummy. Gold chain bracelets were locked to my wrists and the short chains.

I was taken to a kitchen, given a tray of finger foods and told to serve.

There were lots of smartly dressed people in the hall. There was some sort of architect’s model of a building. Some sort of presentation was going on. At a bar, serving coffee and tea, was another girl I recognized from the cages, dressed the same as me.

Towards the end of the meeting, as we picked up the cups and saucers she whispered to me. “Isn’t it wonderful to be allowed to serve such important people?”

I realized how right she was. I was proud to have served.

“Come Kitten, kiss.”

Mother’s hand lingered on my left butt cheek as we kissed.

Lunch was salad and red wine. Cathy wore a short, pink, sleeveless dress of translucent chiffon folds. It did nothing to hide her trim body. A dribble of drool hung from her lips, spread by a red ball gag.

“Mother. May I ask a question, please?”

“Yes, go ahead Kitten.”

“Why is Cathy gagged?”

“Well, you see dear, she was a bad girl last night. She said ‘no’ to one of my guests.”

Ellen asked me the strangest question. “Now, tell me, what was your name before it was ‘Kitten’,dear?”

“I don’t understand?”

“Think hard, dear. Your name is ‘Kitten’. What was it before you came to live with Mother?”

“I don’t know what you mean. I’ve always been Mother’s. My name has never changed.” I began to cry. I didn’t want to answer incorrectly. “Please, I don’t know what you want. Please. Don’t have them whip me. I’m Kitten.” I was sobbing.

Ellen gently held me. “That’s OK Kitten. No one is going to whip you. You’re right. You’ve always been Kitten. I was mistaken.Calm down Hun. Lets have some tea and cookies. Kitten is a very good fuck doll. That’s a good girl.”

“Come, Kitten.”

Mother sat on the couch in her parlor. She wore silver slippers, an ankle length maroon linen skirt, with a wide pink leather belt, and a pink angora sweater with a big collar that flowed so softly over her shoulders.

Cathy” title=”izmit sınırsız escort”>izmit sınırsız escort and I were dressed alike. Black flats, knee socks, blue grey and white plaid mini kilts and white cotton short sleeve blouses over pink lace bra and panties. Cathy had already been ‘inspected’.

As I stood to attention in front of Mother she slid her hand up the inside of my thigh. Her thumb pointing up. As her index finger touched the hem of my kilt, her thumb pushed my panties hard against my cunt. It felt so nice.

We were playing ‘naughty school girls in the principal’s office’.

“The hem of your skirt does not meet school dress code. Lift up it’s hem so I can inspect your undies.”

“Those are not regulation either. Take them off. Now.”

I was already so excited.

“Instead of the cane, you two little sluts will entertain me. On the rug. Now.”

There was a big white fleece spread out on the carpet. Cathy smiled. “Lay back, Kitten.”

On her knees between my legs she pushed the hem of my kilt up and began to kiss and lick at my pussy’s lips. I lay back and enjoyed the attention. I unbuttoned my blouse and pinched and pulled my nipples through the material of my pink lace bra. I pulled my bra straps off my shoulders and got my boobs free. Her tongue and lips, her fingers and warm breath were doing everything perfectly. I came. She kissed some more. I came again. She kissed up to my mouth. I held her snugly as we kissed. Something fell on the fleece beside our heads.

“Put that on and fuck Cathy’s brains out.”

I got to my knees and finished removing my blouse and bra. I wiggled out of my kilt, than strapped on the big cock Mother had tossed down. Big and purple, veined and circumcised. Cathy let out a delighted squeal as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

No need for extra lube. Her cunt lips were glistening. Using both hands I guided ‘my’ cock into her. She bit her lower lip so sweetly as I buried it inside her pussy. I began to stroke. She reached up and began to fondle my big swaying hooters. She pinched and pulled my nipples. I picked up the pace. She made the sweetest little whimpers as I nailed her to the soft fleece. I slowed the pace and dipped my mouth down to her lips. We kissed as I drilled. What a yummy kisser. No wonder Mother kept her close.

“Kitten. Roll her over and bugger her.”


“What did you say Cathy?”

“No, please. I haven’t cum yet. Please, please. Let her finish me. Please?”

“Do it. Now!”

She rolled over and whimpering , put her cheek to the fleece and her rump in the air.

“Now, Kitten, or you will share the discipline.”

I tried to be gentle as I worked my big cock into her rectum. Deep deep in it went. Cathy emitted a pitiful little grunt. I slowly stroked her sexy little ass. In and out. Long slow strokes.

“Pound her. Pound her harder. Fuck her naughty ass. Harder!”

I obeyed, pounding hard into her hole. Ramming and ramming. I knew the cost of disobedience.

“Stop! Kitten, stand over there. Cathy, get it from the cabinet.”

From the glass china cabinet behind Mother’s couch she retrieved it. Two feet long, as big around as my thumb, pink rubber. It had a molded grip at one end, the last three inches of he other end were a flexible flap.

On her knees she presented it to Mother on upturned hands. Mother held it to Cathy’s lips. She kissed it from Mother’s hand to the flap end, then licked it with one long stroke back to Mother’s hand. Cathy had an odd,almost pleased smile as she looked into Mother’s eyes.


Cathy stood, went to the middle of the room, locked her fingers together and put her hands on the top of her head. She spread her feet apart and stood straight.

Mother appeared to really enjoy beating Cathy’s back until it was covered with red welts. Cathy screamed in a high pitch voice with each lash.

“Go fix your self. Wear your silver backless gown. I’ve given you to Lady Victoria tonight. Make sure she’s completely satisfied. Go.”

Cathy picked up her cloths and left after thanking and kissing Mother.

“Come, Kitten, it’s lunch time.”

There was a waiter. Young blond sculpted body. He wore a leather harness, no shoes and a chrome wire cock cage. Like the one I kept my second husband in. What! Wait. Where did that thought come from? I’ve never been married. I’ve always been a fuck doll. Must ask Ellen about that weird thought.

One morning at the store I was given a white bra and panty set, the softest powder blue, long sleeve scoop collar sweater, blue jeans and ankle boots with two inch heels.

My minder took me to a part of Mother’s home I hadn’t been before. A grand entrance hall.

Ellen was waiting for me, wearing a long white fur coat, snug black jeans and knee high soft beige leather spike heel boots.

My minder held a red fox fur jacket that seemed somehow familiar when I slipped into it’s luxury.

“Let’s go for a drive Kitten.”

She drove us to a mall on the edge of the city. I wasn’t sure about this. We went into the mall. I held onto Ellen’s hand for security.

“See this clock? I have to go to meet someone in the mall office. Let’s meet here in, say,half an hour. You walk around and window shop. I’ll see you here. OK?”

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