Nicole , Damian Ch. 01

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Accidental Nudity

Nicole was the kind of girl who loved attention. Being the youngest in her family made her outgoing and independent. She grew up with a perfect older sister who always put school first, never fooled around with boys, and always listened to their parents. Don’t get me wrong, Nicole was smart too and by no means a slut. However, she always found herself loving the attention boys gave her.

She was often told she was pretty. She was average height and had green eyes, big pouty lips, olive complexion, and thick, curly brown/blonde hair. Throughout high school and university, she’d had some fun with a few boys, but it was never anything that stirred her carnal desires. Nicole loved to flirt with all the cute boys, but it was innocent and she got bored of it quickly. To her, all the boys at her university were the same. Vanilla.

When Nicole met Damian, she was at a club wearing a tight black skirt that showed just enough cheek when she bent over to get her all the free drinks she’d need that night. Damian, wearing a skinny tie and expensive looking jeans walked up to her and said “When you get bored of all the guys here, you’re gonna want to call me.” And just like that, he slipped her a napkin with his scrawled toronto number on it and walked back to his friends. She didn’t see him for the rest of the night.

About a week later, she was getting ready to go out with her best friend again when just as she was about to leave her condo, her friend called saying she wasn’t going to be able to make it out that night. Frustrated, Nicole threw her bag on her bed and its contents spilled out of it. Picking up her lipstick and keys, she found the napkin Damian had given her with his number on it. Feeling spontaneous and figuring she was already dressed to go out, she decided to call him.

He picked up on the fourth ring- “Hello?”

“Hey, you gave me your number at the club last week, I figured I’d give you a chance to impress me tonight.” Replied Nicole.

Nicole was used to getting her way in conversations. Boys always buckled under her Escort Bayan natural dominance and she didn’t expect Damian to be any different. She’d soon realize that this 26 year old was nothing like what she was used to with the boys her age.

“Oh hey, yeah I remember you. What’s up?” asked Damian casually.

Nicole smirked, of course he remembered her. How could he not?

She started to reply “Nothing much, I’m just ready to-“

But he cut her off saying “you should come over. We’ll smoke a spliff and hang out. I live downtown near the club we were at last week.”

She was taken aback by his forwardness and without realizing it, she agreed to come over.

When she knocked on his door, she was surprised to feel as nervous as she did. He opened the door and she was speechless; he was wearing low-cut jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and had just enough stubble to look like he didn’t care how hot he was. His hair was dark brown and it matched his eyes. His eyelashes were long and his teeth were perfectly straight and white. He was a typical Italian guy. As he hung up her coat, she could see his perfectly toned shoulders tense up and fill out his t-shirt in a way she’d only seen in magazines.

They sat on the couch and he rolled a joint to split between the two of them, their conversation flowed effortlessly and every time Nicole made a careless sexual comment Damian casually returned one equally inappropriate.

Finally, after about an hour or two of innocent flirting, Nicole couldn’t help but give Damian a proper look over. When her gaze met his, Damian didn’t look away like all the other boys did but instead he locked in on her stare, grinned devilishly and said “enough of this, you’re going to be mine now.”

Just like that, he leaned in towards her and started kissing her with such force that he was almost on top of her. She couldn’t explain why, but Nicole couldn’t stop kissing him back. His assertiveness turned her on so much that she could feel the electricity running from her tongue all the Bayan Escort way to her groin.

Her pussy was getting wet and she grabbed his shoulders in an effort to kiss him even deeper. The feeling of his strong, muscular shoulders moving against her made her hornier than she had ever been in her 21 year old life. She could feel his growing hard-on practically bursting out of his jeans and it was almost enough to send her over the edge. Stifling her groans, she put a hand over his pants and started massaging his bulge. She started to unzip his jeans and slid her hand into his boxers. She couldn’t believe how thick he felt. Trying to regain her composure, she pulled out his cock and started moving her hand up and down his hard shaft. The sight of him getting harder for her made her instinctively squeeze her thighs together. She had never been this wet and desperate.

Suddenly, Damian stopped kissing her and pulled back. She didn’t want to stop. Looking up at him in surprise, she didn’t know what to expect. It was always her that decided when to stop kissing. She had always been in charge.

“I think we should take this upstairs.” He said. Nicole somehow managed to nod. She wanted more of him and she wanted it now.

He picked her up off the couch and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her effortlessly up the stairs into his bedroom.

Throwing her roughly on his bed, she realized that for the first time she was completely powerless. And she loved it.

He ripped off her clothes, exposing her small and firm breasts, her shaved pussy and her tight round ass. She couldnÕt get him naked fast enough. After his shirt and pants were thrown on the ground, Nicole couldn’t hold back a gasp; His cock was huge.

Damian chuckled and deftly grabbed her by her upper thighs and pulled her pussy towards the bottom of his bed where his tongue was waiting.

Nicole was at his mercy. His tongue made its way lightly across her hole, then he started lightly sucking and biting her clit. Suddenly he thrust Escort two fingers deep into her pussy and she let out an animalistic groan. He was so rough, ramming his fingers deep into her but it wasn’t enough

“Oh God, fuck me Damian!” She yelled.

She was spiralling out of control and she couldn’t bear the teasing anymore. Damian started thrusting his fingers into her wet pussy and she could feel herself getting wetter and tighter. When he started to flick her clit it was almost too much teasing to handle.


She was begging and desperate for him. Damian chuckled and moved so that he was on top of her, his hard 9 inch dick barely resting on her pussy that was already gleaming with her own juices.

As if he wasn’t already in complete control, he told her “I’m going to fuck you now and I’m not going to stop until you’re screaming my name and can’t take it anymore.”

At this point she would do anything if it meant he’d stop teasing and just ram his long hard cock into her. She nodded and managed to say “anything Damian. I’ll do anything you want me to.” between hard animalistic pants.

She hadn’t even realized what she’d said when Damian rammed himself into her.

He was so big that she screamed with pain and pleasure, arching her back in an effort to make him fit inside her.

He moved her legs so that each of her ankles was on his muscular shoulders and shoved his hard, thick cock downward and into her. For the first time Nicole could feel her losing control of herself as she felt herself collapsing into uncontrolled convulsions, letting out a wild orgasmic scream as he burst inside of her, filling her with his hot cum.

After catching her breath she look at Damian. His toned chest was almost dewy. No doubt he had worked up sweat throwing her around for nearly an hour.

Finally getting up, she realized how sore her pussy was. They got dressed and as she was walking out of his condo, Damian said “we should do this again sometime.”

Nicole already knew that this wasn’t a suggestion. All of his suggestions were meant as statements and she knew that. He was going to get anything he wanted from her, and she was going to be completely powerless against his dominance.

To Be Continued…

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