Night Owls

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Aidra Fox

My second year at college, I found a wonderful organization to join; the safe walk program on campus. The office that the volunteers hang out in is very small, hardly the size of a dorm room. We’d play video games or do homework until we got a call, then two people would go out in the bright green jackets with a walkie-talkie and a flashlight to escort a student, staff member, or faculty member between buildings and parking lots on campus.

One of the other volunteers in the office was a really sweet guy that I wanted to get to know better. I had asked Kevin once if he would go out with me, but he was interested in one of the other volunteers at the time. He was always the first one to pitch in for pizza, and brought the X-box so we could play Halo. While he’s usually quiet in large groups of people he doesn’t know, in the office he could relax and joke with us.

This past year I was unable to attend school because I ran out of funds. I worked hard to save what I could, hoping this next year I would be able to go back. That didn’t stop me from visiting my friends in the safe walk office. Not even having a crappy car stopped me; Kevin offered to give me a ride to school and back to my hometown, an hour drive either way. I wondered if he missed me as much as I missed him, or if he missed me only as much as I missed my other friends in the office.

On the early shift I got lots of hugs and “How’s life?” from my other friends. Just happy to enjoy being back at school, I told the story of my summer each time someone else walked into the office. We played some video games for a while, and when the late shift rolled around, many of the volunteers went home, citing tests tomorrow and papers due later in the week.

Towards the end of the late shift, it was just me and Kevin sitting in the little office. We got to talking about how we missed each other, and we sat close on the couch together watching commercials on a cartoon channel. While I wasn’t looking, he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

Startled, I turned towards him. He had a look of embarrassment and lust in his eyes. I leaned in to return the kiss, and it became a passionate embrace – right there on university furniture!

Excited by our newfound emotions, I suggested we close up the office early and head to his apartment. He mentioned that his roommate would be trying to sleep that time of night. I felt frustrated, with urges üsküdar escort I couldn’t control and no relief in sight. He continued, “It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to close up early.”

Kevin got up and locked the door, turning the light off as he returned to the couch. I slowly picked up on the idea and turned off the TV. He sat back down next to me and took my chin in his hand. “I know things are hard on you, not being at school this year, but I really miss you; I can hardly concentrate some days because a memory of you haunts me while I try to study.” I look up into his eyes, tears forming in my own. “I think I’ve fallen in love with you,” he said.

He kissed me softly, and a tear rolled down my cheek as a million and one ‘what if’ scenarios ran through my head. Had I been able to attend school that year, would I have been closer to Kevin?

After the sweet kiss, he brushed away my tear and I told him I felt the same way, had felt that way about him for a long time. We kissed again, this time it was urgent, everything had been said and now we needed to do something about it.

My light sweatshirt suddenly felt restricting, and I pulled it off, tossing it to the end of the couch. Kevin did the same, his fleece falling from the end of the couch to the floor. We didn’t care. His hands ran under my T-shirt, and I squeaked; his fingers were cold from holding the X-box controller. He laughed, pressing his palms to my back, making me squirm a little. I put my fingers down the collar of his T, and he threw his head back at the icy feeling.

Besides the cold hands, things were heating up in the office; we started moving pillows from the couch so we could maneuver better. Kevin laid me back on the couch, sort of straddling me with one foot on the ground. His hands wandered up my t-shirt, barely brushing my skin. He braced himself against the back of the couch with one hand, and pressed my shirt up with the other.

I lay there exposed in the office where I found the most comfort, feeling incredibly sexy in my black lacy bra. Kevin was pleased with my choice as well, and made a low groan in his throat. His free hand brushed against the lace, causing my nipples to stand up like the eraser on a pencil. He leaned down and put his mouth to the fabric, teasing my nipple with his lips.

I reached up and pulled on the hem of his shirt, tuzla escort and he let me pull it off. I was pleasantly surprised by a torso sculpted by years of martial arts. I ran my hands down his chest and set my fingers playfully on his belt buckle. He grinned at me as he stood up, undid his belt, and pushed his jeans to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and jeans as I admired his boxer-briefs.

He leaned over me on the couch and undid my jeans, pulling softly on the zipper. He moaned his surprise as he found out I wasn’t wearing panties. The bulge in his underwear was too tempting to me, and I reached out to caress it. His eyes snapped shut and he made a primal noise that made me wet.

The couch proved to be limiting as we attempted to get closer to each other. Kevin turned and brushed away video game controllers, magazines, and puzzle boxes from the coffee table that took up much of the floor space in the center of the room. He then turned to me and helped me up from the couch. While I was standing I kicked off my sneakers. Then I sat seductively at the end of the coffee table.

Kevin stood at the end of the coffee table facing me, and I was at just the right height to fondle his package some more. He pushed me back gently across the cold wood table and tugged roughly at the waist of my jeans, pulling them off and tossing them into the bulletin board on the wall, knocking down the calendar. Neither of us noticed.

Kevin knelt on the floor between my legs, and I leaned up on my elbows to follow his movements. He brushed my trimmed pussy with his fingers and I nearly lost my balance. He made a remark about how wet I was, that he could probably…

He trailed off as he stuck a finger deep inside me. I gasped at the intense sensations that it set off. He moved the finger in and out, and I set myself back down carefully on the coffee table. I couldn’t help but push my hips up in time with his motions, and he shifted his weight a little. I didn’t understand why until I felt his tongue on my clit.

Explosions came to mind, as his fingers and teasing tongue worked me up to an orgasm I didn’t expect. As the feelings washed over me, I shuddered against the wood beneath me and missed when Kevin stood up. When the aftershock wore off, I sat up on the table, finding myself face to face with seven glorious inches of manhood.

I quickly pendik escort put my hands on him, rubbing up and down the shaft and teasing his balls. He moaned and asked me to put it in my mouth. I didn’t right away; instead I kissed and licked the head and up and down the shaft. Then I took just the head in my mouth and sucked gently, using teasing circles with my tongue. He put a hand on the back of my head and ran his fingers through my hair.

I took him in further, using my tongue to spread my saliva over the shaft so I could move easily in and out. He set the pace with his hand on the back of my head, and I took him as far into my mouth as I thought I could. Then he began to move his hips, and I found out how well I could deep-throat.

Kevin pulled away from me and went to his back-pack. “I could swallow it,” I offered. “I want to cum inside you,” he replied, returning with a familiar square package. He opened it and I offered to put the condom on for him. He watched intently as I rolled the latex up his shaft.

Once again he pushed me back on the table, and then he spread me gently with his fingers. I waited with anticipation as he set his cock against me. Instead of diving in as I expected, he rubbed the tip against my clit. I moaned at the unfamiliar sensation and enjoyed it, but I wanted him inside me. I begged for his cock, and he rammed it into my wet pussy. Pressed against me, he leaned down for a kiss, and then began a slow, even rocking motion in and out of me. I was too hot and bothered for this easy loving, I needed to be fucked.

I wrapped my legs around him and set the pace, which he followed eagerly. Now he was pounding me, pulling nearly all the way out before each thrust. I couldn’t believe the sensations. As I began to climax, I could feel him starting to fill the condom. It sent me over the edge and we had our orgasms together.

Kevin and I rested there a bit, a sweaty mess in the middle of the office. He pulled away gently and wrapped the spent condom in paper toweling, then handed me a square to clean up before we got dressed.

Cleaning the office had never been so much fun. Every pillow out of place and hand print on the coffee table were tell-tale signs of what we had done, and we shot each other knowing, lusty looks as we put everything right.

The drive home is usually sad and quiet for me, but this time I made it special for Kevin, a treat for picking me up to spend time with my friends. I was careful not to do the best I could have, as road head tends to distract the driver. I made it home safe and we shared a passionate good-bye kiss before I went inside.

I can’t wait until I have another weekend off to go visit my friends at school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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