Night Visitor

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Angel heard her bedroom door creak open. It didn’t surprise her. She’d been lying awake, awaiting the sound. It caused a small, pleasant flutter in her lower stomach. She knew he’d slipped into the room and this was confirmed when the door quietly shut.

The room was in complete darkness, but she sensed him move across the room to her bed. Wearing only a t-shirt, Angel took a deep breath and rolled onto her front.

In her last year at High School, 18 year old Angel had been out with her boyfriend the previous three nights. Her visitor never came to her room on nights she went on dates with her boyfriend.

So it’d been four nights since he’d last visited her. The game was always played in the same manner. Other family went to bed first, then some time later Angel would announce she was going to bed. There were never any words or looks. She’d say goodnight and he’d grunt without turning his head to look at her. She’d leave him sitting, watching TV. However he never watched for long. Fifteen minutes later she’d hear the door creak open.

Angel felt a small vibration, telling her he was standing at the end of the bed. The sensation in her groin had now grown immeasurably. As she felt the sheet drawn slowly off her, she swiveled her butt in anticipation.

The first time he’d come to her bedroom, he’d grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees. She’d only been half awake. By the time Angel registered what was occurring his cock was pushing into her. He’d held her head in the pillow and taken her roughly that first night; but not any longer.

She lifted her naked butt up off the sheets of her own accord, keeping her chest firmly pressed into the bed. He would not seek out her small breasts; he never had. He appeared to like her butt and the first touch was always his hands traversing her two moons. She welcomed their warm touch, his fingers spread wide.

A small moan escaped Angel, when his thumbs pressed in, tuzla escort closer to her lower lips. His massaging alternately drew them apart; then pressed them back together. The thumbs moved ever closer to her lips, tantalising her, before moving away. She wiggled her ass, signaling her delight at these actions. When the hands left her she awaited the next act.

She heard him altering his position. Angel pulled her knees up along the sheets, raising her pelvis, to allow him to maneuver beneath her. She felt his stubble rasp along the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

“It’ll leave a rash,” she thought. “It always does.”

She felt his breath, and lowered herself, craving that first touch of his tongue. Fingers clenched onto her pert buttocks. The first touch of his tongue saw her almost orgasm right there; such was her anticipation. It dragged along the length of first one nude lip and then the other. On the third pass it dipped deep into her wet slit, which she knew would be saturated.

Angel could hold still no longer and began to move her pelvis, seeking out increased pleasure. The hands on her butt kept her in check, allowing the tongue to remain in charge. She moaned again in frustration.

The teasing continued. Each pass avoiding her clitoris. Then the fingers on her butt crept inward to enter the game. They teased her lips along with the tongue, then gently circled her entrance, before one eased into her. Her pussy automatically tightened around the invading digit, trapping it inside her. The tongue now circled her engorged bud.

The wet finger was pulled out and dragged up along her perineum. She knew where it was going.

“A new dimension to our little play. Pleasure and pain. Relax Angel; relax girl,” she thought, feeling the finger dragged up to her tight button hole.

Just as lips finally moved to suck lightly on her clit, two fingers entered her pussy. Her first instinct pendik escort was to grip the fingers and hold them in her. However she knew she must relax, or else the next finger would cause pain. She released her breath and relaxed her pelvis. The wandering finger pushed onto her back entrance. She felt the pressure increase until it pushed into her.

This time her moan was audible despite the pillow. The play on her nether region ceased briefly allowing her to regain composure. When it resumed her clit was attacked feverously, while the fingers moved forcefully in and out of her holes.

“Oh god, oh god, oh dear god…” she repeated in her head, now feeling the certainty of blissful release almost upon her.

As he pumped and licked it grew and grew, before arriving like a crashing wave.

“Aghhhhhhhh,” she moaned into the pillow; the fingers jammed inside her.

Angel’s thighs shuddered around the head of her tormentor as she milked her pleasure, losing all knowledge of time or place.

When she finally began to calm and return to reality, Angel felt the fingers removed and the head slip out. She let out a long contented sigh and altered her position. She arched her back in order to raise her butt, so as to present herself from the rear. She never heard a zip or belt loosened, knowing he must come to her bedroom naked.

He never loitered and she heard a shuffle as he returned to the bed behind her. His knees bumped hers wider apart before she felt a touch on her still sensitive pussy lips. Again she fought to relax knowing he never entered her gently. The first entry was always demanding, owning.

Sure enough, after two quick swipes to collect her juices, Angel felt her lips seperated as the head entered her. Now it was her turn to hear a low moan of satisfaction, while the thick rod filled her in one slow push. He never loitered, immediately withdrawing, then beginning to fuck her with aydınlı escort short stabbing thrusts.

The bed shook and bounced methodically against the wall, in time with each smack of his hips upon her buttocks.

“Others in the house must hear this. They must know,” Angel thought, barely caring.

With her pussy being pummeled, Angel felt a touch on her smaller hole again.

“His thumb,” she thought with trepidation, not much liking this recent addition to the night visits.

However, he left her no choice. Away from the bedroom they were civil, but neither made any attempt to discuss their night trysts. They just occurred; as if in a vacuum.

Now his hips were slamming into her butt and the bed was really moving about. One hand on her hip; the other on her mid ass; the thumb pressed firmly against her button hole. Angel was scared her small bed might collapse and began to use her muscles to clamp down on his cock as he withdrew. It was clear to her that he enjoyed this.

She heard his throaty groan of satisfaction, before he pushed the thumb into her anus, while he continued to roughly fuck her. Angel moved to meet his thrusts as she charged toward another orgasm.

“Christ,” she screamed into the pillow, when the thumb was driven in deeper and the cock jammed hard inside her.

Again he groaned.

The knowledge that his cock pulsed, spraying her womb; while his thumb was jammed in her rectum, sent Angel over the edge for the second time. Warmth flooded out through her pelvis and washed over her body. She was enveloped by a deep seated vaginal orgasm.

This one was always different from the oral orgasm. Deeper, more fulfilling and seeming to carry on and on. Again she lost track of time.

Finally he withdrew his cock and thumb and patted her gently on the butt. No word was spoken. She felt him get off the bed and move directly to the door. Another creak, a brief shaft of light and he was gone.

Angel slumped down onto her stomach, legs splayed, too exhausted to move. She felt fulfilled, but knew in the night she would wake to a cold damp spot, where his fluid had leaked out of her. For now she drifted into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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