Nights in Orlando Vol. 02

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This is a continuation of Nights in Orlando vol. 1. If you have not read the first one please take time to read through it. And as always any feedback is welcome. Also if you would like to see the story continue please let me know.

“I guess you were a bit surprised to see me today.” Jon said as I slumped to the floor in total satisfaction. He could still feel his legs spasm from one of the best blow jobs he had received in a long time.

“Well, I am surprised, and rather happy to see you so early.” Kelly said with this little impish grin on her face.

Jon removed his pants fully and then sat upon the couch. Kelly composed herself more, though her mouth still tingled with the phantom presence of his cock still present in her mouth. She got up from her comfy computer chair to move to the couch next to him. They snuggled close to each other for a minute or two, before they noticed that the bottle of wine was half empty and all the way on the computer desk.

Jon had a little idea. So he sprang retrieved the bottle of port and the two glasses. “Honey bear, want to play a game?”

Kelly seemed a bit hesitant since she knew Jon a little too well and this could not be a “good” game, but it would be absolutely fun. So she poured another half glass of wine, downed it, and said, “Sure, why not. What do you have in mind?”

Now feeling a slight buzz, Jon’s evil mind begins to race. ” I think we should play a little drinking game.” He sees the little glimmer in her eye as well as the naughty grin that signals agreement. So he suggests truth or dare. With the option of two shots if dare is not taken, or more than two truths are taken in a row. A game he that they have done some very, very fun things while playing a few times in the past.

“So do you agree.” He asked to make sure she would abide by the new rules. She agree and Jon allowed her to be the first to venture forth. A moment or two passes as she attempted to think of something ever so evil. And then the question comes.

“Truth or dare?”

Of course Jon chose truth since he felt the need to tease and be an evil sort of bastard.

“So are you REALLY in love with my ex- roommate Rebecca?” she spoke with an utter arrogance.

Jon respond the only way he could, “I told you I am not into sex with lesbian, anymore.” They esenyurt escort both laugh at the notion of Kelly’s former roommate was just a little too close to her. They both finish off their drinks and pour another. And another. Even though no one had done anything to warrant a drink by the rules of the game.

And then Jon’s turn is up. TRUTH or DARE?!

With a lot of “liquid courage” she became bold and said, “Dare!”.

His eyes are all lit up and the evil works are now in full swing. “Ok Kelly, I DARE, you to lick off your newest favorite thing off of me.” Jon was referring to her new obsession, spicy honey mustard. So she sprung up, and bobbed and weaved toward the kitchen. Seems the port hand taken its toll on her. She quickly returned back to the computer room. With her hands behind her back.

“So are you going to take the dare or are you going to drink bad girl?” John said smugly. Kelly looked all pseudo offended but quickly finish the last bit of wine in your cup and knelt between his legs and slowly pulled his boxer briefs down to his ankles. Then she just stopped and pulled his shirt up over his head.

Kelly began to squeeze the cool paste upon his nipples. Jon was somewhat shocked and pleased knowing what was about to follow. Her tender lips now enclose upon his left nipple. Her touch was gentle but with the proper amount of pressure and sucking that made Jon’s eyes close tightly. Sensory overload was imminent. Just as it nearly became too much she drug her tongue across his chest. It seem to be happily dancing unto its next destination, his other nipple. Which soon experience the very same tender pleasurable treatment that began to arouse Jon’s cock.

That soon became very noticeable. His ever hardening cock began to press against her stomach. Kelly was very well aware of it and began to grind down against him, teasing him more. And just as suddenly she began she stopped and said, “truth or dare?”

“Dare, absolutely.” Stated, knowing the game has now gotten really interesting. So she thinks a minute. And Kelly stands before Jon and lowers her pants and her little thong and say, “I dare you to lick me, here.” She points directly toward her clit.

Jon took her into his arms and brought her down upon the couch and he knelt avrupa yakası escort between her beautiful smooth thighs, and dove directly at his primary target. His tongue began this sensual tango with her clit. Just circling, circling for minutes on end. Next he took the little clit between his lips and began to suck on it. Kelly began to try to move away from Jon’s touch.

He grabbed at her waist and sits her back down on the couch. Jon then took his index finger and totally exposed her pleasure button. And began this side to side assault with his tongue. This was much more than what Kelly could take. She began writhing around, moaning, “Jon, oh, oh, oh , oh, yes, that’s it yes, yes, yes, yes.”

As she rapid was brought to orgasm her hands clasp behind Jon’s head. “Oh GOD, fuck yes!!”

Jon sits back on the floor and just winks at her like a conquering hero, and says to the shaky woman before him, “Dare or dare?” The game had now escalated to this point and both knew neither of them would be taking a truth from here on out.

“Well I do not have much of a choice.” Kelly said while she slipped a hand up her shirt

“Well I dare you to demonstrate that wonderful deep-throating ability I have heard so much about.”

Jon took his place next to her on the couch, and she took her place between his knees. It became almost a competition in her mind that she had to suck is cock better than he ate her out. Jon looks down at Kelly as she grasps the shaft of his cock with her hand and just begin to lick the underside. A sharp shiver runs down his back. She was going to take her time and make every moment count.

He was doing what he could to watch her at work. Nothing is more sexy than to see a beautiful woman sucking your cock, and Kelly new this and looked up at him, directly in his eyes. Slowly she began to stroke his cock, as her tongue darts all over his balls. Kelly once again looked up at Jon and this act alone nearly sends him over the edge. But thankfully he showed a little restraint. And then the dare begins.

Jon looks down to see Kelly open her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate his head entering her mouth. Then she closed her lips around it and begin a gentle sucking. Jon’s hands anadolu yakası escort are now off the couch cushions and are grasping her hair as if this is the only thing keeping him on solid ground. Kelly’s mouth begins to envelop more and more of his swollen cock. Driving him absolutely insane. His hands stop gripping Kelly’s hair and are now behind her head helping her to take more of him into your throat.

And then he feels one of the most wonderful feelings, his cock touch the back of his lover’s throat. Then what he thought was impossible happened. Kelly swallowed and the head of his dick passed into her throat. Kelly pulled off of his now throbbing cock and said, “There is the demonstration. Fuck this Jon, I want that cock in me now.”

Kelly moved to the side of the still sitting Jon, and knelt in front of the couch. Reached back and spread her ass and wiggled it as she moaned, “Fuck me now.”

Jon was up in a flash and had his rock hard cock at the entrance of her pussy and just inched his member into her. She cooed, as she was being filled by his hot man meat. He kept this slow entrance in to her, until he was fully lodged balls deep inside. Jon grabbed her hips and began to grind his cock deep inside of her. Pulling her back against him. Attempting to get deeper and deeper while just grinding in her.

Kelly’s face is just clenched up from the intense pleasure she is feeling. Jon took his knees, and spread her legs farther apart and letting him get even deeper, touching places no one has touched within her before.

Jon finally began to stroke his cock in and out of her. Within the first few strokes Kelly could not contain herself anymore and began to convulse in pleasure. Orgasm one had just taken hold, her pussy began to grip Jon’s dick.

Jon grabbed her and stood her up while still in her and began to slamm his cock deep into her. With an animal like intensity. Thrusting his cock forward while pulling her back on to him. The sounds of their bodies crashing into each other echoed throughout the room. The only thing that was louder was Kelly’s screams, ” Oh my GOD I AM STILL CUMMMMING!!”

She could feel the result of these violent orgasms running down her legs. And Jon, did not could not let up. He was not totally possessed by one thought orgasm. He kept pounding , and pounding, filling her pussy over and over again. Kelly was experiencing higher levels of ecstacy with every stroke. She finally felt his cock swell inside of her and began to twitch as it coated her insides with his hot cum. This was all she could handle, she went limp with the last orgasm triggered by Jon ejaculating deep inside her warm wet hole.

To be continued…

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