Niles “Steel” Trapp Ch. 04

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You’re shitting me!” Linda says.

“No,” Mary says, pausing for emphasis. “No, Linda. She’s serious. Uma is fucking her son.”

“Uma,” Linda says, flustered. “Uma. I can’t believe it.” Linda’s voice trails off as if she’s going into a la la land.

I begin to say something, but Mary beats me to it. “Earth to Linda. Earth to Linda. Believe it. I do. I’d fuck Niles. No offense, Um – “

“None taken,” I say. “He’s 100 percent American prime beef. No body fat. My son is awesome to gaze at when he’s naked and awesome in bed. However, just remember, Mary, Niles is mine. All mine.”

“However, back, Uma,” Mary quickly says, “and I believe you; Niles is all yours. I’d fight for your right to fuck your son. However, again, though, you gotta ask the question: why do you find it necessary to tell Linda and me that you and Niles are having sex? I mean, why us and why now?”

“Oh, Mare,” Linda says to her twin sister. “You’re way ahead of me. I haven’t wrapped my head around this…this…this! This…”

“Incest,” I say to Linda in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Well,” Linda says. “I’m glad someone called it what it really is…it’s incest, and it’s hot. It’s primo fucking!”

“That it is, Sis. And, Uma, my friend,” Mary says, “if you ever reconsider your position…as it were…on me fucking your son, don’t hesitate to let me know. Now that I know Niles is bedding you, I’d let him fuck me in a heartbeat. Just sayin’.”

I’m not angry with Mary. I am somewhat shocked she’s so blatantly telling me all about how she’d fuck my son. No respect. Yet, there is a side of me that would allow her to at least give Niles a handjob. One condition, though: I’d have to watch her as she strokes my son’s cock.

Maybe I’d let my son fuck her. And Linda. I’d let her, too. Maybe.

Don’t want to show my hand now, but I can tease them with it a little. I will be a dicktease with Niles’ dick.

“Oh, fuck, Uma!” Mary exclaims. “I’m sorry. You were silent. I just pissed you off. I’ll take it back!”

“No, no,” I say. “Think nothing of it. I can’t answer for Niles, though. He tells me I’m his first and only – “

“You mean, your son’s a college football stud, what, twenty one years old, and he lost his virginity to his mommy? He never fucked anyone until you fucked him – “

“Repeatedly, Mary. And, Linda, too. I’m not leaving you out of this because you’re disgusted with me – “

“Wait, Uma!” Linda exclaims. “You have that wrong. I didn’t say I was disgusted with you. I said it’s primo fucking. I said I’m just trying to get my head wrapped around it. I’d volunteer to fuck Niles, too!”

“Wait, Linda,” Mary says. “I’m here first, goddamnit. And, Uma, you were saying?”

“Oh, yes,” I say, “I’ve fucked my son repeatedly, girls. It’s been going on for two weeks. Least was three times in one day, the third day we fucked. Niles fucked me silly six times the day after our first day. That was a day he didn’t have a spring workout, so we just spent the day naked with our phones turned off, the window blinds open, the doors unlocked, begging for someone to catch us. To catch some hot mother son incest.”

“You’re making my pussy wet,” says Mary.

“My pussy’s wet, too,” Linda says.

“I’m first, dear sister. Linda-come-lately,” Mary says, pointedly.

“I’m not finished,” I say. “Six times in one day. Oh, the beauty of youth. Six times, and his cock was hard after number six when we turned in to sleep. So, I jacked him off. To relieve him.”

“Oh, Jesus, you’re making me so horny, Uma,” Mary says.

Fortunately, we’re at her home and her husband Roger is out-of-town because beautiful Mary with the 34Ds takes this opportunity to sit on the carpet, lean her back against her sofa, hike up her short denim skirt to her waist, place her left hand under the front of her thong panties, and proceed to stroke the clit on her shaved cunt.

“Mary!” Linda says, in protest. “Don’t get yours without me!”

“Keep talking, Uma,” Mary says, ignoring her sister. “Tell me all about it.”

“Yep. I jacked that seventh erection, ladies. Seventh. In one day. If you’re wondering, my son’s cock is a huge nine inches. It’s straight when fully engorged with his blood and I’ve seen as many as two prominent veins running the length of his cock – “

“Have…you…ever sucked Niles’ cock?” Mary barely asks while rubbing her clit furiously. She’s going to come soon.

“Not seriously,” I reply. “Niles is cute about blowjobs. He says he’d rather have his face either next to my face or his face planted in my cunt.”

“He said…oh, Christ! Your son said the word cunt? In reference to your cunt?” Mary asks with emphasis on the words ‘your cunt’ and still more emphasis on her blurry finger.

“Oh, yeah,” I say. “My son’s body is ripped. He’s built for two things: a) to hit opposition football players punitively and b) to give his mother endless kurtköy escort sexual pleasure with his cock and his lips and tongue.”

“Oh, God, I’m coming soon.” Mary yells, hips thrusting as Linda begins to rub her cunt. “Fucking correct that, I’m going to come now! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Oh. Oh. Oh. OH! Fuck! Fuckfuck! Fuck, girls! Whew. Thank you, girls. I needed that! Oh, thanks, Uma. Thanks. That was a brief yet awesome orgasm. I enjoyed that. Hope you did, too!”

“Oh, Mary!” Linda says, as she spreads her gams and pulls the tiny strip of crotch cloth to the side of her short short jorts to expose her hairless pussy. “Just like you, Sis. Always the first to masturbate. Always the first to come. From teens to today. Well, it’s my turn. Tell me more about your son, Uma.”


Niles is due home after football workouts in an hour, so I’ll simply enjoy my day off from the rigors of being a high-priced attorney by lying on my king-size bed naked from the tits down. What a sight my son will be greeted with!

After all those hitting drills and the live scrimmage, during which aggressive Steel Trapp undoubtedly has lit up people with monster tackles, nice Niles Trapp will crawl between his mother’s sheets and give her what she has done without since, oh, say, 4:30 am. Waiting seven hours for my son’s cock is a burden I’d rather not face, but it does give me enough time to occasionally stroke my hot, hard clit. Keeping my pussy at simmer while I wait for Niles makes the fucking between a mother and her son that much better when he arrives.

So, on the surface, my morning with Mary and Linda was, how does one say, fucking interesting. As a result of all that happened, we have now established:

a) The twin sisters Mary and Linda, as expected, stroke their cunts while together, which is a wonderful visual because the two mid-height late thirtysomething brunette women are absolutely walk-into-a-parking-meter gorgeous with identical 34D tit racks and long legs up to their fine asses; Also, I’ve seen Linda’s junk up close and personal when she became one of the women I’ve had sex with aka don’t tell Mary…yet.

b) Mary would do fucking anything just to lay her eyes on my son’s cock and may be satisfied if I just simply allowed (and witnessed) her mutual masturbation with Niles; the way she came by merely listening to my description of sex with my son lets me know she could bring herself to multiple orgasms while watching Niles beat off, especially if he promises to shoot his always-massive come all over her D-cups.

c) I’ll have to talk with Niles about getting naked with the twins – yes, sex with twins is a standard fantasy of men around the globe – and I’ll up the ante by offering to be naked with the three of them or even fucking my son in their presence, although I’m not too thrilled about the exposure of my sagging 36Cs and my large 51 year old ass, even though Linda has seen and licked it all and Mary has professed her love for me and everything attached to me aka don’t tell Linda…yet.

d) Linda and I had some really bitching sex last week. She’s attracted to me more lately due to the fuck vibes I’m emitting. It’s been two weeks today since Niles and I first fucked and, I must say, the mirror is looking better, men have picked up on my scent, and there is a bouncing spring in my stride. Linda acted a tad strange with her sister this morning, even though I informed her about fucking Niles the afternoon she and I did the cunt-diving deed. She thinks it’s hot that I fuck my son. I think it’s hot she masturbates with Mary, yet my life is becoming so complicated even I need a scorecard to keep up.

e) Just to keep the record straight, 1) the only man I’ll fuck is my son sweet Niles, although I have more information as to how my aggressive son Steel would be in bed, 2) men may have my scent, and they may want to fuck me, finally, but they all would be complete disappointments compared to my sons Niles and Steel, 3) Mary and Linda cannot pull the twin trick on me because I know Linda intimately enough to say her cheekbones are a bit wider, a trait imperceptible to those who have not both fucked Linda and French kissed Mary aka don’t tell them…yet, 4) I’ll talk to Niles about Linda and Mary while we’re fucking this afternoon; he and I have had a few super discussions while he’s giving me his cock since our heads are clear then, especially mine because I’m enjoying at least eight orgasms every time my son fucks me, and finally, 5) Niles has turned out to be a wonderful lover, able to fuck his mother 51 years of age as gently as she needs it, but in turn giving his mother the raunchy nine inch cock motherfucker sex she craves sometimes. Oh, fuck, yeah!


“Well…holy fuck, Son. This is all your fault, baby. Your mother has come…often…but seriously has come to expect wild sex from you. I lost count at six. I can’t count any more. Jesus…”


“Oh, Niles, that was funny,” I say. “Ask Mary Magdalene if Jesus fucked like you.”

“Don’t aydıntepe escort wanna push that one, Mom. It’s bad, and good, and really good that I’m fucking my mother. I guess we’ll pay for it in the afterlife. You like this slow, comfortable screw I’m giving you, by the way?”

My son is giving me all his nine inch cock deliberately. He has shown the ability to fuck me like this until I pass out.

Our love is so natural.

“Where were we?” I ask. “Oh, yes, let’s promise to deal with the afterlife together later. And, yes, your slow, comfortable screw is addictive. Carry on, Son.”

I lie underneath my son as he softly drills me with a low-torque fuck. He seems nice and comfy now, hovering his six foot 220 pound frame over me effortlessly with a push-up plank, so it’s probably time to approach the subject of sex with Linda and Mary as any good attorney would who’s worth her high hourly fees.

I’ll begin with him. “Niles, have you told anyone about our fucking?”

“No, Mother. I guess that’s the right answer based on our talks.”

I pause to dig on my son’s cock as he continues with the screw.

Oh, fuck. Oh, yes.

“Well, Son. I’ve been thinking about it, and you and I would have to discuss who this person is and such things, but if you really want to tell a person about our fucking, it would be okay it, but you and I could and should talk about it.”

And, I let it hang right there.

“Mom,” Niles says after a poignant pause, “my friends are my teammates, my age, full of vinegar and testosterone, like me, and they’re studs on the prowl, unlike me. They just wouldn’t get it. I have some street cred since I hit like a fucking freight train…”

“Oh, yes, Son! You certainly do,” I say, feeling some of that Steel in my cunt.

“That’s right. Street cred. Damned straight. Even so, they wouldn’t understand. It’s just better to keep this interesting, wonderful part of my life at home where it belongs.”

My son is gazing into my bedroom eyes with his bedroom eyes as his hips drive his hard cock into my sloshing pussy, continuing the low-torque fuck.

Niles looks as if he has a question.

“Do you have anyone you want to tell, Mom?”

“Oh, Son – “

“Sorry to interrupt,” he says, still giving his mother his cock, “but, I just want you to know I’m proud to be your lover and your son. As you say, they’re not mutually exclusive. I just think teammates, cheer squad girls, boosters, coaches, teachers, professors, anyone I’m associated with, would all find out through the grapevine…it would go over their heads, they’d get scared, and that would hurt you in the long run. That’s what I think.”

My son is protecting his mother, protecting the same mother he’s now fucking with his blood-engorged nine inch cock.

It only makes sense to us.

“Son, you’re…I love you so. I want to ask you something a little later, but now I have to enjoy a quiet, yet awesome orgasm. Just keep fucking your mother. Pound your mother a little harder with that huge cock of yours, go ahead, give it to me, go ahead and fuck your mother like you masturbate every night thinking about fucking your mother…”

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Yes! Oh, yeah! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Christ!

That was…great. Just a quick, quiet come. A quick come after five nice orgasms after a half hour of low-torque fucking, a Niles Trapp specialty.

“Thank you, my son. You’ve greatly improved my quality of life. I’ve had more orgasms in the past two weeks than the average 51 year old woman will ever have. Oh, now, here’s my question: checking with you first, I might want to tell a couple attorney friends, women friends, about the awesome fucking you’re giving me. They’ve shared secrets with me recently, so I was thinking about making things even. What would you think?”

Niles’ cock grows a little in length and girth when I asked ‘What would you think!’ Hmm…he’d like other women to know!

The cad!

No. Just kidding. I want my son to want other women to know he’s fucking his mother. Niles is aware he fucks me well, so there’s a lot of male sociobiology happening as well as competition. I always mention natural selection with regard to my son; considering his brawn, good looks, and brains, women would pay thousands of dollars for Niles’ come in a bottle. They’d pay even more to have him deposit that come personally.

Interestingly, my son has picked up the fucking pace in my cunt. The nine inch cock is closer to ten. His breathing has accelerated. As if he and I needed more spice to our fucking relationship, getting other women involved has become a sexy prospect to Niles.

And, guess what? Who will benefit most from my son’s piqued interest?

His mother.

Oh, fuck, yes.

“Son, you appear to like the idea of my women friends finding out about us,” I say. “Well, you’ve satisfied me well this afternoon, so go ahead and come. I need one huge orgasm from you to go along with my six or eight or so. tuzla içmeler escort Do you need to come, my son?”

“Oh, I’d like that, Mom. I want to come in your pussy. I need it.”

“My friends’ names are Mary and Linda. You like them, you have told me. They’re so pretty. Well, they’re going to know all about us. They like you, too, Son. They think you’re very handsome and virile.”

Niles pounds my cunt harder and harder. I grab his athlete’s ass to guide his cock home. It doesn’t hurt that the twins are beautiful and they’ll know details about his sex life.

Of course, they already know aka don’t tell my son…yet.

“Come, Son. Come in your mother’s pussy. Come for your mother. Come because of your mother.”

Niles breaks his silence with a guttural, primal yelp.

“Oh, my God! I’m coming! I love you, Mother! Oh, I just shot! There! It keeps…”

My son breaks his record set during our first fuck as he shoots incredible amounts of his jizz in me. I feel it seeping out as he jets more spasms in.

Thank you, Linda and Mary.

“Oh, Niles!” I exclaim. “What a manly orgasm! You must be really attracted to your mother, Son.”

“Oh, yes, Mom,” my son says. “You’re gorgeous and sexy and you fuck like my dream woman, because you are. I love you, Mother.”

“And, I love you, Niles. I’d also guess you like my twin sister friends judging by the way you pounded my pussy at the end of our fuck. Is it true, Son?”

“Well, you did mention them,” he says. “But, I was fucking you, you know, it’s what you always say, fucking you like I jack off everyday thinking about fucking you. I surely did that. Football. Studies. Steady sex with my gorgeous mother. I have a great life, Mom.”

“Yes,” I reply. “We do.”


My son and I excuse ourselves with Mary and Linda and walk to his bedroom.

Upon his arrival from football practice popping his muscles in a sleeveless shirt and tight compression shorts, Mary barely allowed Niles to have a seat before she sat directly on lap and kissed his cheek.

“Hel-lo, Handsome,” she said.

Predictably, Niles was clearly agitated, and became most erect because of Mary almost instantly, so we’re going to discuss things.

“This is odd, Mom,” Niles says as we stand in his bedroom down the hall from the living room. “Strange. I mean, I don’t want to, you know, piss off your friends, but Mary, or Linda, just sat on my lap right as soon as I sat in the chair. It freaked me out.”

“It was Mary, Son. She likes you.”

“No shit,” he says. “The thing is, I don’t want Mary to, I don’t want to, you know, offend her…is this okay with you? Mother? I gotta know before it goes on.”

“Yes. It is okay. It’s okay with your mother, Son. Mary likes you. She’s a cougar, Niles. She can’t help it. And, you’re cougar bait with,” I say, motioning to the huge fucking bulge in his tight shorts, “a hard-on! You always have a hard-on, Niles.”

“I do, Mom. Always. I’m lucky. And, I know about cougars, Mom. Mary’s going to expect more than a lap sit from me.”

“And do you like the attention, my son?” I ask, innocently.

“Well, what red-blooded American college football player wouldn’t? But, Mom, doesn’t this kinda make you…jealous? Are you mad at me for…liking it?” Niles asks. He’s more than upset.

I probably should not have set him up like this, but some women just cannot resist watching her man fuck another woman, especially if her man is her…son.

I guess I’m one of those women.

“Niles,” I say, reaching to hold his hand. “You gotta trust me. I’m okay with it. I’m happy you checked in with me about it. Trust me. I’d never do anything to harm our special mother son relationship. I’d never do anything to harm our fucking. So, let Mary lead the way. You’ve only been with me, Son. Explore with Mary. Fuck her if she wants that. It’ll probably make us hotter when you fuck Mary only to discover no woman fucks her son like Uma Federico Trapp.”

I kiss Niles, full on the lips, tongue and everything. I’m wearing his favorite stilettos. I feel his big cock knot against my pussy. My son is always great in bed after a hitting workout. Mary’s going to die loving it. It’s all making me very wet just thinking about Mary getting that nine inch cock, knowing that’s my cock and she’s just borrowing it.

“Are we good, Son?”

“Yes, Mom,” he says, still a little reluctant.

“I’ll tell you what,” I say, massaging his pecs through the sleeveless shirt. “Tonight, after Mary gets hers, let’s you and I fuck. I mean, fuck hard. I mean, let’s really pound one off. I’m going to ride you on top like a cowgirl who hasn’t been fucked in months. Then, you can get on top and crawl between Mother’s legs and fuck her cunt. After Mary fucks you, I’ll definitely want to get my claws back in you. Whaddya say?”

“Sounds hot, Mom. Let’s do this.”

We slap a high-five, then return to our living room. Niles walks to Mary with his obvious cock erection, extends his hand to help her stand, then swoops his cut biceps and forearms behind her back and legs, and sweeps her off her feet!

Linda and I gasp. Mary is silent.

“I’m sorry, Mary,” says Niles. “I was rude when I left you just sitting there. Please accept my apology. How can I make it up to you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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