Nilofar Pt. 03

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Welcome back,

Sorry for the long delay, this part is all about the buildup and understanding the characters, anyone looking for a quick sex will be highly disappointed.

Happy reading.


I’m smiling and rubbing the tears away at the same time as I run back toward the hive. Every evening I spend with Jessie brings something new and unexpected and today was no different.

Yes, it’s normal when she doesn’t play fair during the guessing game, but neither do I! I intentionally make wrong guesses so she’ll win every time because I love the way her eyes shine when she scores a point or wins an argument.

But that’s not the reason my heart is overwhelmed. I’m touched, again! I know she’s attracted to me and there’s been situations when I could’ve pushed further, and might’ve succeeded to lead her to bed, but I don’t want to be an anonymous sex experience for her.

I was totally surprised when she asked me to join her and her friends on their girls’ night out. I know she’s not taking me on a romantic date, but at least she’s going to introduce me to her friends and that’s very important to me!

As I enter K’s room, I catch her off guard with her panty pulled aside and a dildo inside of her pussy.

“I need help!” I exclaim, leaning on the door and trying to get my breth back.

As K pulls the dildo out of her gaping pussy, and before shoving it under her pillow, she shouts.

“Geez, girl! Someone needs to teach you how to knock before entering!”

I should leave, but I’m completely out of breath after running all of the way back from Jessie’s. Besides, seeing K naked is nothing new to me. It’s been almost three years since I’ve moved to a separate room, but during the time we did share a room, I saw K naked several times, including while she was masturbating.

As a matter of fact, she’s the one who taught me about sex so if I’m any good at pleasing girls, it’s because my knowledge came from spending endless nights with my face buried between K’s legs.

“It’s nothing new to me, Mommy!”

I can see K shiver. I’m not sure if she has a taboo fantasy or not, but during most of those wild and endless nights, she always insisted I call her mommy. K likes to talk dirty during sex and, while grinding her pussy all over my face, she used to ask.

“Do you love licking your mommy’s pussy?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

That used to turn her wild. Maybe she looks at me as a daughter? Knowing the sacrifices she’s made for me throughout her life, I couldn’t ask for a better mother.

While pulling her robe together to cover herself, she asks.

“How much this time?”

“I need a dress.”

Her eyes immediately become wide open and I shrug. I know I’m in for some teasing.

“Oh, really! For what?”

I feel my cheeks heating up as I speak.

“Jessie wants me to wear a dress. Something sexy”

“I’d guessed that. I want to know where she’s taking you!”

Oops. I should’ve asked Jessie before leaving, but I was so excited, I forgot.

“I don’t know. Jess has made all of the arrangements.” I decide to tell her the truth, though I’m aware that K is going to tease me more about it, but, I have no other option. I don’t want to lie to her and I need the dress, too.

“Oh? Am I talking to the same girl who single-handedly destroyed all of the plans for my birthday party last year? The same girl who dragged everyone to the Mexican restaurant instead of the Sushi restaurant that we’d agreed upon, only because she wasn’t in the mood for Chinese that night?”

That wasn’t the only incident when I’d acted like a stubborn bitch within our little group, but things were different with them—I wasn’t hopelessly in love with them the way I am with Jessie.

“Come on K. There’s nothing I can do because her friends have already booked the seats for us.” I say, trying to defend myself.

“My, oh, my! Don’t tell me she didn’t ask you before booking the seats?” Her voice is full of humor and I blush as I look away without answering her. What am I supposed to say now? I’ve already created a mess by trying to stick to my point and, if I continue babbling, I’ll be in deep shit…soon!

“Oh, god! I seriously think I need to meet this girl, personally, so I can try to figure out what spell she’s using on you! I want to have Antonio wrapped around my little finger the same way she has you wrapped around her’s!”

I’m not usually one to stay quiet and allow others to constantly tease me. On any another day, I would’ve immediately snapped at K, but not today because I’m not angry. I know it’s true—I’m completely smitten to Jess,but, hearing that from K makes me feel all mushy inside and a shy smile forms on my face.

“Is it that bad?” I ask, still looking away from her.

K steps closer, puts her fingers under my chin, and turns my face to look into my eyes.

“No, not at all. In fact, I think you’ve made, at least, one correct decision for your life and I pray it works for you.”

After seeing her eyes fill up as she spoke,” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan I try to change the topic to prevent K from becoming too emotional.

“You can pray later, but help me with the dress, first. You know I’m no good at things like this.”

“Ya, ya. It’ll be tough to make a monkey look like a human, but nothing’s impossible for K!”

“Shut your fucking mouth and show me if you actually have a dress good enough to wear.”


It’s been almost three hours and, after trying on almost a wardrobe full of dresses, we still haven’t agreed on a single one.

“What do you think about this one?” I ask, referring to the black, knee-length dress I’m wearing.

“It makes you look as if you’re coming directly from a funeral.”

Being exhausted and almost ready to pull my hair out, I snap back.

“That’s better than people thinking I’m coming from a porn shoot!”

I’m sure I made a mistake or two…maybe!

First, I would’ve never asked Jessie what to wear if I’d known choosing a dress was going to be such a pain in the ass. I’d be fine with wearing jeans and a top and, maybe, a jacket or the sweater she’d given me to go with it.

Second, I should’ve asked anyone else, apart from K. During the last three hours, K has made me wear almost all of her: party gowns and cocktail dresses; tube tops; short skirts; tunics; and long, medium, short, and extra short dresses of all patterns and designs before canceling most of them herself. I liked a couple of them, but she canceled them as well, saying

“It makes you look ninety and not ninteen”

The few she does choose would easily make a porn star ashamed.

“It’s your call. You said you wanted something sexy.” She says, blaming everything on me now.

“Yes, but there must be other ways to look sexy apart from flashing my thong to everyone around me.”

“Sure there is! You can go without the thong and flash them the real thing instead, if you want.” She says, giggling; while handing me a red dress from the wardrobe.

I take it from her.

“I’m going to wear this one.”

“But you haven’t tried it on, yet!” K exclaims, amazed by my sudden decision.

I know I should try it on, but I’m also sure we can play this game all night long without agreeing on a dress. I remember a couple of years back when K wore this dress on her birthday and it looked very good on her. It’s backless, but compared to most of what I’ve tried on, so far, it’s not as flashy and it has a short, three-quarter jacket on top which will be good enough to cover the exposed backside, if needed.

“I don’t need to try it on to know it’ll look good on me!” I snap back.

“Okay, if you think so.” She replies with an evil grin on her face, before adding

“Do you need anything else, such as shoes or makeup, to go with it?”

I sigh. Though I’m still pissed at K for her taunting me, there’s no denying the reason why I go to her rather than anyone else. She knows almost everything about me, including the fact I only wear boots or sneakers, and can easily assume what I might need. It saves me from asking for favors over and over, again.

“A pair of heals can help.”

K bends down to take out a red, four inch heel from the lower rack, before handing it to me, and points toward her range of makeup.

“I’d love to do your makeup for you, but Antonio is back in town and he’s already invited me to lunch, tomorrow. I’ll try, but I can’t promise, to be back by the time you leave. You can take whatever you might need, though, if that’ll help.”

I walk up to the dresser to look at her vast collection of cosmetics. K was one of my prime customers throughout the years. Most of these products were stolen, by me, from different shops around the neighborhood. I was in the business of stealing for more than three years and most of the girls living in the hive, and also a few outsiders, preferred to buy from me instead of a shop.

They knew the product was genuine and the cost, as compared to a store, was almost half. Some girls also gave me orders for certain products, which was difficult, risky, and took more time, compared to stealing random products. For orders like those, I simply charged a little extra.

Over the years, I became the girl to go to whenever someone needed anything related to beauty products.

Now, here I stand, completely clueless and trying to figure out what I might need. Yes, I know it sounds unrealistic, but the truth is, I simply have no idea about the proper use of makeup.

I’m not dumb. I know eye liner and mascara are for the eyes and I know what foundation is, and how to apply it, but I have no clue as to which shade will match the dress I’m going to wear tomorrow.

I’m cursing myself for not trying to learn how to apply makeup, but there’s nothing I can do about it except hope K comes back before I have to leave, tomorrow.

I sigh as I show her the matching lipstick and nail polish I’ve chosen from all of the products.

“I think these are all I can handle.”

She” title=”izmit eve gelen escort”>izmit eve gelen escort smiles.

“You don’t need much at all. Makeup is for people like us, who aren’t born as beautiful as you are!”

I know I’m not the prettiest girl around, but I won’t argue because I know she’s trying to boost my ego.

“Thanks, K.” I reply, with a little smile.

I check the time—it’s half past ten. I should leave, but there’s one more thing I desperately need…I’m completely out of cash! Since I’ve met Jessie, I haven’t stolen anything. In fact, I’m afraid to steal anything, now.

Jessie simply hates stealing. I don’t think she’d ever forgive me if I got caught, again. If I did pull it off, she’d be equally pissed when she’d come to know about it. There’s no way I can take the risk of losing her, forever.

“I should go. Good night, K.” I finally turn to leave because I’m unable to ask for another favor after the dress, shoes and makeup she’s already provided me.

“Wait a minute!”

K’s voice stop me dead on my track.

I turn around and see her walking toward her locker, she takes out some cash, comes back and, with a little smile on her face, shoves it into my pocket.

“Good night.”

I’m not sure if she can read minds or not, but that doesn’t stop me from shoving my hand into my pocket and taking out the cash. My eyes goes wide, immediately.

They’re fifty dollar notes! I count them twice—there’s not one or two, but four of them! Two hundred dollars! I’ve never had this much cash in my pocket.

I look up at her and see she’s quite happy and smiling from ear to ear as she sees my shocked expression. It’s true, I thought about borrowing money, but I would’ve been looking for fifty or sixty maximum…not two hundred!

“Thanks K, but this is way too mu—”

She stops me before I can finish by putting her finger on my lips.

“You call me mommy, right? There’s nothing I won’t do for my little girl so I’m lending you some money. You can repay me whenever you can.”

It’s true. I often borrowed money from K and, in return, I always gave her cosmetics I’d stolen. I’m not sure she was able to use all of them, but she took them anyway.

“I’m not sure when I’ll be able to return this. I don’t have a job and I’m not about to steal anymore.”

“Thank, God! That’ll save me from buying another dresser (for makeup), at least, and don’t worry about the money. If my assumptions are correct, I’ll be getting it back after you come back from your date tomorrow, or maybe Sunday morning, if you get lucky!”

She winks and, once again, I blush deeply. I’m not shy by nature, but whenever K says something about Jess and me, I feel butterflies in my stomach. I don’t protest or say a word, only let her continue.

“I’m quite sure she isn’t going to let you spend a single dime, and you don’t have the guts to stand up against her, but I still want you to have it in case of an emergency. Knowing you have enough money with you, as you walk into a nice restaurant, will surely give you some confidence.”

K is finally finished talking and I’m looking at her with my jaw hanging wide open. Not only amazed by her thoughtfulness, but, for the very first time, someone has questioned my guts. I’ve been a part of a gang for over five years! I took some serious beatings and broke my arm in a gang fight, but I didn’t quit fighting! I stole cosmetics from shops without being afraid of getting caught or going to jail! If I don’t have guts, who does?

I know I’m definitely going to try to pay my share, but that’s it. I’m not sure Jess will let me and if she doesn’t , there’s nothing much I can do except protesting weekly, while hoping she might reconsider her decision. My submission toward Jess must be pretty obvious to K to say it.

“Thanks, K.”

I’m not sure why I’m not protesting. Maybe because I know she’s right or maybe it’s the submissive part of me that likes the humiliation?

“Don’t sweat it and, in return, I want to hear all of the details after you get back from your date!”

She winks and I stick my tongue out at her before running to my room. I’m not sure if this is a date or not, but I can hardly wait.


“Jessie! Two more” Mike announces, smiling, as he walks up to my counter.

I sigh. It’s almost four in the afternoon and two extended hours is the last thing I’m hoping for, today.

“I’m sorry, Mike, but I have plans for tonight.” I force myself to reply, just as he turns to return to his office.

He freezes on the spot, turns toward me, and looks stunned.

“Whao! After three years, I simply can’t believe you’re finally saying no to extra money!”

“I’m sorry if I’m disappointing you, Mike, but this is very important.” I say, while keeping an eye on his expression and hopeing he understands.

I’m taken completely off guard as he starts to laugh. I’m not sure if my rejection has been too shocking for him, or if he’s lost his mind, until he finally speaks.

“After” title=”izmit otele gelen escort”>izmit otele gelen escort working extended shifts for three years, do you actually think I’ll be disappointed if you can’t make it for this one? I know you get paid for the extra hours, but it’s not your sole responsibility to make up for all of the shortage. I can find someone else to do it so don’t worry about it.”

“Thanks, Mike.” I say, feeling relieved.

“Forget about it. Tell me, have you decided on a place, yet? I know some of the nicest restaurants around and it’d be my pleasure to arrange a nice, romantic dinner for you lovely ladies.”

“Thanks, Mike, but my friends ha—”

I stop mid-sentence after realizing he said ladies! I have no clue as to how he guessed the person I’m going out with is a girl and not a guy!

I know three years is a long time and he’s been friendly, but not enough to discuss sexual preferences. I haven’t dated any girls to give him such an impression. The way he said the words gives me the impression he’s not guessing but is quite sure.

“Am I that obvious?” I ask, wondering.

“I don’t think so, but don’t forget, I’m the one who offered you a job at this store and, as manager, it was my responsibility to do all of the background checks and get detailed information about you before making the offer. So, I’ve always known you prefer girls over boys and now, since you’ve finally found someone, I’d love to meet her.”

[Devil snaps]: For what? You almost sent her to jail the last time you met her!’

“I’ll try.” I say, trying to divert the topic.

I take the bottle full of water from the corner of my desk and take a sip to help calm myself. I’m happy Mike isn’t homophobic, but I’m also feeling nervous because I’m not sure how he may react after learning I’m actually dating a girl who’s been caught shoplifting in our own shop!

“It’s an order and you have to do more than try. You can invite her for lunch or maybe to our shop sometime. I don’t think she’d dare to steal again after being warned by you last time.”

I spit a mouthful of water all over my desk and the cash register and I choke…badly! Thankfully, Mike is standing at my left and not in front of me, which saves him from being splashed. He starts rubbing my back, to help me recover, until I finally stop coughing.

“Are you okay?”

Okay? How can I be okay? I’m shocked and he’s grinning like a cat after getting the canary. I accept he might’ve done a background check and someone from my past (either my schoolmates or colleagues from my previous employments) must’ve given him the information about my sexual preference, but this is too much for me to take.

I haven’t told anyone about Nil…not even Becca! We haven’t gone out in public together so I have no clue if this is a wild guess or not because there’s no way he could’ve known about Nil.

“How do you know?” the question is out of my mouth even before I have time to think about the consequences.

He’s smiling from ear to ear. I guess he’s enjoyed dropping the atom bomb on me.

“I’d like to say I’m a psychic who can read your mind, but after working with me for more than three years, I don’t think you’d buy that. In fact, after sending you to search her, that day, I came back to my office. I was looking for the video footage for evidence of her stealing when I saw you walking out of the storage room and toward your locker.

I was quite surprised because you’re supposed to come to my office with the retrieved products, but you didn’t, so I became interested as to why. So, I continued to watch your movements, by switching from one camera to another, in order to try to figure out what you were up to.

I saw you taking money from your purse and you were in such a hurry, you didn’t close the door of the storage room before shoving the money into her pocket. I was torn. I didn’t want you to spend your hard earned money on a thief, but I knew there was the rare possibility you might’ve known her well enough to lend her the money.

Eventually, I decided to let her go since she’d paid for the products. It wasn’t hampering the business any, but it also made me more interested to know why you were so desperate to help her. Frankly, I suspected that, maybe, you were also involved in the whole act.”

He stops and I’m finding it hard to answer him. Why did I help a shoplifter? I don’t think anyone would believe me if I told them the truth. They’d think I’m pulling out some ridiculous excuse. I didn’t think helping her would actually raise any questions against my loyalty toward the shop! Though I know I was only trying to help her and I wasn’t involved in the shoplifting ordeal, I have no evidence to prove my innocence.

I knew the cameras were there and if she could be caught on them while stealing, I could be seen, too. I was so confident no one would actually be looking at me that I didn’t think to care. I acted too carelessly and, if they penalize me, I have nobody to blame except myself.

“It’s true, I did help her out by giving her money to buy the makeup, Mike, but I wasn’t involved with stealing. Please believe me!” I plead.

I need this job and don’t want to be terminated, especially on grounds of treachery within my own company. No one would ever offer me a job if they thought I’m a thief and a traitor!

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