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You’re at your girlfriend’s apartment and she asks you to help her with her laundry that’s just finished drying. As you’re helping her fold the clothes you can’t help but notice several pairs of her panties. Although you’ve always had a thing for panties you at first try to act as though it’s no big deal. But in a sudden inspiration to be funny you pick up a pair of her panties and hold them up to the front of your shorts. This gets a giggle out of her, so you think ‘mission accomplished’ as you both go back to folding her clothes.

You think that’s the end of it until she holds up the same panties saying, “Well are you going to put these on for me?” You laugh again thinking she was joking but she said it again. You tell her it was a joke, but she said it looked like you really wanted to wear them. Although part of you still thought she was joking you continue to try to talk her out of it. You know she’s really not kidding when she gives you her pouty face complete with puppy dog eyes. With that your resolve completely collapses and you agree to put on her panties.

Right there and then you strip off your clothes and pull up the lavender solid lace panties. The lace tickles your junk as you pull them into place, and it isn’t long before you’re sporting a full woody. She giggles as she looks at your hardon pressing against its lacy confines.

You’re quite embarrassed standing there wearing nothing bursa escort bayan but a pair of lavender lace panties, but soon she’s on you petting your junk and a make out session quickly ensues. She pushes you up against the washer and continues to stroke your hardon through the lacy panties.

The lace is tickling your junk just the right way under her stroking and it’s not long before you’ve reached peak arousal. You almost melt back into the washer and hold still as she continues to tease your erection. She leans up and gives you a quick kiss on the lips and says to you, “It looks like someone likes wearing lacy undies.” You feel yourself get warm from embarrassment as you feel her hand move from stroking your erection to tracing the waistband right over top of it. This almost drives you even more crazy as her finger is tracing mere millimeters above your now raging hardon.

Now all you can do is to keep completely still as she continues to tease you. You look down to see her fingers move from tracing the waistband of the panties to placing them on each side of your hardon and drawing them up to the top of the panties. This sensation was beyond incredible, and your cock gave a couple of involuntary twitches in response. She then moved her hand down and rubbed it over your balls causing the lace to tickle them and remind you how full they were at that point. You’re experiencing gorukle escort absolute bliss and would be entirely content letting this continue for as long as she wants to tease you like this.

Unfortunately, after a few more kisses where she’s moved back to tracing the waistband, you’re both jarred back to reality as you hear a key going into the door lock. You both know in a flash that it’s her roommate getting home. You both scramble from your spots as she picks up your clothes and tosses them to you and urges you to put them on. You have your shorts and t-shirt but not your boxers, so you say to her, “My boxers.” “No there’s no time” she calls back as you see her stuff your boxers in between the layers of her folded laundry. You realize she’s right as by the time you pull your clothes on her roommate is there.

You both try your best to appear nonchalant as her roommate says hello to both of you and your girlfriend comments on how you’ve been helping her with her clothes. Then you notice her roommate eye the stack of panties at the top of the basket and comment, “I’ll be he didn’t mind helping you with those.” “He sure didn’t” your girlfriend replies as you try not to appear embarrassed and her roommate giggles and heads towards her room.

Unfortunately for you that while that little awkward moment would pass you then realize your girl has discovered her bursa merkez escort bayan wicked streak. As you follow her with the laundry basket of clothes into her room you then ask again if you can have your boxers back and she replies, “Why? You clearly like wearing my panties!” As you help her put her clothes away you try to argue that while it’s been fun you can’t keep wearing her underwear. As she puts your boxers in her dresser with the rest of her panties you know you’ve lost.

You now begin to really notice the effect of stopping the action so suddenly as your erection has a dull ache to it. So, you then try to get the interrupted action going again but she won’t allow anything more than a few kisses saying with her roommate there it would be too awkward to start again. And besides that, she tells you she’s getting hungry so it’s time to go out.

You tell her you’re still rock hard and unzip your shorts to show her you’re still very tented panties. All this does is send her into fits of giggles causing you to go red in embarrassment again but to your surprise and further embarrassment does not cause your erection to shrink but actually cause it to throb a couple of times involuntarily. After her giggling as gone down enough for her to talk, she says, “If I had known my panties would have that effect on you, I would have given them to you a long time ago. Now zip up macho man it’s time to go.” You hear her giggle more as you zip up your shorts over your tented panties.

As you walk out of her room back through the living room you can’t help but feel your aching hardon that the lace is continuing to rub against as you move. As you leave you know it’s going to be a long night out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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