Not Quite Sleeping Ch. 02

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This is the sequel to “Not Quite Sleeping”, my first submitted story to Literotica. All characters are over the age of 18. All (most) comments and feedback is appreciated.


A little over two weeks had passed since my first, lets say, “encounter” with mom. She kept making her visits pretty much every night after work. Always the same routine. Home at around midnight, then she’d go into her room for a bit, take a shower and lastly take sexual advantage of her sleeping son. Of course I wasn’t sleeping, but she didn’t know that.

And so, I found myself spending most nights on the receiving end of some amazing sex.

Things were good. Living the dream, so to speak, even though I’d never dreamt of this sort of thing happening. The days were better too. There might be something about actually getting sex on a regular basis as a young guy that just makes you feel better about yourself. Mom seemed happier as well. She smiled more and was more relaxed. Couldn’t have been easy on her being a single mom for so long. I can honestly say I was happy for her.


It was a day like any other when I walked down to the kitchen and found mom and sis baking. Chocolate chip cookies by the smell and ingredients on the counter. A bit out of the ordinary for them to be baking but I wasn’t gonna complain. They were both wearing these cute red aprons that hugged their forms in front and were open in the back, in a way that seemed to highlight both their, very nice, asses. Or maybe that was just me being a perv.

My sister had inherited my mother’s good looks, and with what was going on with mom and me I sometimes included her in my idle fantasies. Those fantasies happened more frequently on days like today, when I hadn’t gotten a visit the night before. It was Monday, and though mom snuck into my room like clockwork almost every weekday, weekend visits were rare. I didn’t keep track of my sisters schedule, but it seemed she had most the day off.

“Morning Mom, Sis. Though I must still be dreaming if you two are actually in the kitchen, baking.”

“Oh, look who’s up. And before noon even, incredible!” Sister said, teasing me. Despite the mocking tone she turned around and smiled at me, then almost jumped on me to give me a hug with flour covered hands. She held her arms over my shoulders and squeezed her breasts against be as she lifted her legs up behind her and hung off me, laughing.

“Whoa Sis. Take it easy. You’re not as light as you used to be you know.” She gasped indignantly at that and let go.

“Sure you’re not just getting weaker ‘big’ bro? Might wanna hit the gym instead of insulting your poor little sister.” She retorted. I smiled back at her. We always teased each other like that, in a kind of playful loving way.

“Oh behave you two.” Mom scolded. “Morning sweetie.” She said as she too took the opportunity to hug me. Mom held me much more intently than my sister as she pressed her larger bosom against me. She had gotten into the habit of being more physical with me since this whole thing started. She seemed to take any opportunity to hug or brush up against me in ever so slightly inappropriate ways.

“These look great Mom.” I said, looking at what they were baking, trying to distract myself from thinking dirty thoughts.

“Glad to hear you like them, cause you’re gonna help out too. We don’t have any more aprons though so don’t make a mess.”

“Oh come on Mom. I just got up.”

“If you think the women of this house are going to slave in the kitchen while the only man lounges around being useless then you got another thing coming young man. Now roll up those sleeves and help your sister.” Mom said, a little more sternly. Which made my sister grin and step aside to give me room at the counter.

So I helped out, and we all worked together. It went pretty well, except that Sis kept “accidentally” bumping her hip and butt into me when I was trying to work the dough. That prompted mom to join in on the fun and soon I had both of them taking turns shoving me back and forth between them, in a perhaps not entirely appropriate manner, and giggling hysterically. Not that I minded much, and I did get my revenge by smudging some flour on their clothes.

We spent the rest of the day together as a family, eating lunch and doing some minor chores until mom left for work and I had classes.


Mom came into my room that night. After two whole days without I was feeling extremely horny, and as it turned out, so was mom. She began as she often did, by throwing of my bed sheet and laying naked on top of me, thrusting her tongue in my mouth and coaxing me into kissing back. I had to sell the illusion of being asleep and gradually became more active in returning her affections. Plus, I kind of liked making her work for it.

She lay like that for a while, making out with me and whispering dirty things into my ears, perhaps wanting to fuel my wet dreams. When she was satisfied with that she pushed tuzla eve gelen escort herself forward on me and carefully guided one of her nipples into my waiting mouth. With some more coaxing she got me sucking and kissing them.

“Mmm… Son. I couldn’t wait to get home today baby. Mommy was dripping wet all day thinking about you. Uhnng… that’s it baby…” She purred as she let me suck on her breasts. “Suck mommy’s titties Son. Like a good little boy.”

She moaned as she stroked my hair, swapped breasts and put her other hard nipple in my mouth. She was moving her pussy up my leg as she did this, obviously getting herself worked up by the attention of my tongue and lips.

She could keep this going for quite a while, I knew from experience. A week or so back she had kept me licking and sucking her breasts for about an hour. Not this time though, as she sat up after ten or so minutes and changed position. Mom reversed herself on me and immediately engulfed my cock in her mouth as she lowered her pussy on mine. She worked her lips vigorously on my shaft and her tongue slid over it greedily inside her warm mouth.

She stayed locked on my erection while seemingly doing everything she could to make me cum as fast as possible. She was moaning deeply inside her closed mouth, sending vibrations over my cock when she pushed herself down to force it down her throat. I didn’t last long. I let out a muffled moan of my own into mom’s cunt as I came. She let my sperm unload into her mouth with a delighted sound from her closed lips.

After several gulps and a thorough cleaning of my shrinking cock she released me from her warm embrace. She let out a long breath and sighed with pleasure.

“Mmm… Son, you taste amazing. So nice of you to give mommy her late night snack.” She leaned back a bit to give me better reach into her dripping pussy. “Here’s yours baby. Hnng… Make sure you eat all of it…”

I shoved my tongue into mom’s, frankly very nice tasting, pussy in response. Almost like fucking her I pushed my tongue as far as I could in and back out again. Then I moaned and uttered half finished words, as if dreaming, while my lips were still pushed into her cunt. At that, mom shivered and let out deep groans of pleasure that almost made it seem as if she was in pain.

She kept riding me like that for a while, her pussy grinding my face while she stroked my cock in anticipation of my second wind. These sessions with mom usually let me cum two or three times. In the meantime she always found things for me to do.

Mom was very… oral, I suppose would be the right word. Anything that involved licking and sucking, whether on me or her, she could do for hours. And she had, on occasion, made me eat her pussy that long. Not that I would have protested, but it left my jaw hurting like hell the next day. Though it was amusing seeing mom’s reaction to me complaining about it the next day.

I made her cum three times, and she me once more before she climbed off. She sat and rubbed my shaft for a moment as she waited for it to get harder. I carefully snuck a peek at mom as she sat there in her naked glory, sweaty and gazing upon her son’s naked body with her hand on my slowly growing erection. She was beautiful. Sometimes I couldn’t believe my luck, to have such an amazing looking mom to begin with and to have gotten myself into this situation.

When she was content with my progress she got on top of me again and guided my cock to her entrance. With a deep satisfied sigh she let herself slide down on my erection.

“Aahh…” She let me push all the way in and stayed like that for a moment. I could feel myself filling her up, her walls holding my cock tightly. “Mmm, you always feel so nice in me Son. Much better than any dildo.”

Then she started moving back and forth on me, gradually increasing the tempo and the pleasure in her voice as she chanted for me to fuck mommy. Mom rode me hard and desperately, like she was making up for the previous nights she hadn’t got to fuck me.

She came twice, but had to get off me and finish herself off the last time. Holding herself up over me with one arm, looking at me and masturbating furiously until she came and collapsed on top of me. Again, we laid like that for a while. Our naked, sweaty bodies pressed against each other.

Eventually she got up and proceeded to put everything in order. As was usual now, she got rid of the juices of my face and some of my body using her tongue. Mom thoroughly lapped everything up and finished with a passionate kiss. I would definitely have gotten another erection if I hadn’t just cum thrice. She finished the rest of her clean up and whispered a loving “Good night.”


The next day we went jogging. Mom ran two or three times a week and if I felt up for it I sometimes tagged along. I like to think I keep myself in good shape but it’s always a challenge to keep up when I’m running with mom. tuzla otele gelen escort We ran the usual course of about five miles and collapsed on the front yard. That is to say, I collapsed after coming back a minute or so after mom. She had already had time to cool off somewhat and had just begun stretching.

“There you are slowpoke.” She smiled at the way I practically threw myself on the grass. I lay on my back with both arms pointing straight out, panting heavily.

“Beaten by your old mom once again. You need to work on your stamina Son.” She teased.

“It’s not a fair fight Mom.” I paused to catch my breath. “You’re not that old, and I doubt many mothers are in your kind of shape anyway.” She smiled broader at that.

“Oh yea? You think your mom is in good shape, huh?” She twirled around for me, showing off her body, and giggled at my sudden coughing fit. She was wearing a gray running tee and black tight pants. Not yoga pants, but pretty damn close. Looking at it from below I couldn’t deny that her ass, at least, was in extremely good shape.

“Yea, I mean I would be lying if I said you wasn’t. I don’t think it’s normal for a 38-year-old to run that fast.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. Haven’t I thought you never to mention a woman’s age?” She frowned.

“All I meant was that you’re in insanely good shape Mom. If I didn’t know you I’d guess you were in your twenties.” I said, meaning every word.

“Oh, you’re such a sweetheart.” She winked at me. “Twenty, huh? Looks like I still got it.”

“I said in your twenties Mom, not twenty.” I smirked.

“Hah, I’ll take it.” She stood there, still smiling, and looked at me for a moment. Like she was thinking about something.

“Well, better get stretching young man. If you ever wanna be as limber as your twenty-something mother.”

I got up, wiped the sweat off my forehead and began my post-running ritual. As mom and I stood there stretching together I just so happened to be positioned to have a great view of mom as she bent and arched in front of me.

“Honey,” she said when I was just about to round up and head inside, “would you mind giving me a hand?” She motioned for me to come closer and then took hold of my shoulder with one hand.

“Thanks. I can never keep my balance when doing this.” Mom stood with one leg bent back and holding it in her hand, stretching her thigh. She switched legs and smiled appreciatively at me for acting as her lamp post.

“One more thing.” She said as she finished. “I haven’t been stretching my hamstrings properly. Think you could help?” She lay down on her back and lifted one leg up slightly.

“Um… What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Just push.” She raised her leg straight up as she waited for me. “Push my leg forward. But not too hard.”

“Sure, um, I could do that.” I got down on my knees over her resting leg and took hold of the other, pushing forward.

“You have to do better than that though. Push with your body instead, come closer.” She instructed.

Right. I scooted forward so that her leg rested on my shoulder, moving against it with my body instead of pushing with my hands. I stood on my knees leaning into her hips, in a very suggestive position.

“That’s better… Uhgnn… Hold it there.” She groaned a little at the pain of it. “Okay, let up. Good. One more time, a little more.”

I helped her stretch both legs in the same way, all the while hoping no one would walk by to see what pretty much looked like me slowly humping my own mother. She looked erotic, lying sweaty and groaning on the ground under me. I did end up getting a bit ‘excited’ but I don’t think she noticed. I stayed on the ground for just a few seconds after to make to give myself time to calm down, just to make sure.

“Thanks honey, that feels much better. You really got in there.” She said almost seductively and with a mischievous grin.

“No problem Mom. Any time.” I said before I could think of the possible connotations. She raised her eyebrow at that, but didn’t comment.

We both went inside to take a well deserved shower, separately. Part of me really wanted to bust into the bathroom to see how she would react though. After a change of clothes and some time laying on my bed, wishing it was night, I got up and started on some school work. Mom was lounging on the sofa, playing some kind of game on the tablet, I noticed as I walked down to the kitchen to make myself a snack.

There was something about that moment, when I’d been helping her stretch, that I just couldn’t let go. I’d actually been thinking about it for a while, how it would feel to fuck her. Not like when she was riding me, using me, but actually ‘fucking’ her. Taking command and being an active participant, without having to pretend to be sleeping. Not that I didn’t like being used by her. I’d come to realize it was, or had become, a huge turn on for me to pretend to be asleep.

Still, tuzla sınırsız escort I wanted more. But did I dare do anything? Reveal to her that I’d known for all these weeks? I felt like it might chase her away, maybe make her too embarrassed. I knew it was wrong, on some level at least, since we were mother and son. I was kind of afraid to have that discussion and end up concluding that we couldn’t and shouldn’t continue. Better to let her believe her ‘transgressions’ were going by completely unknown. Or was it?

I ended up sitting staring at my computer screen for hours, thinking, and not getting any work done. In the end I hadn’t come to a conclusive decision. Part of me knew what I wanted though, and that part was growing bigger (and no, I don’t mean that part). The real problem was lack of courage, or idiocy depending on your viewpoint.

I didn’t masturbate that day, and I pretty much never did anymore, even though I really wanted to right then. I felt like abstaining improved my endurance for our nightly sessions. Luckily, mom showed up as usual.


She came in wearing a towel. She glistened in the soft light and as she leaned over to give me a kiss I noticed that her hair was still wet from the shower. Mom immediately climbed on top of me and guided my cock to her vagina, seeming inpatient. She didn’t put it in just yet though and instead used my engorged cock head to massage her pussy lips, sliding it up and down the length of them.

When she was ready she inserted me carefully, just a little bit at a time, and then lifted off me again. She slowly put me further and further inside of her as she worked her clitoris with the other hand. She kept going like that, increasing her pace and the volume of her moans until she couldn’t take it any more and sat down almost violently on my full length.

“Ghaaa… Yes! Mmm… fuck your mommy baby. Fuck that sexy young mother of yours!” She pounded away at my cock as she sat in the cowgirl position, facing up and above me. Obviously my compliments on her body earlier today had had some effect.

As she thrust away at me I was struck again with the desire to grab her, to flip her glistening body over and take her with all I had. My thoughts from earlier that day replayed in my head. Should I tell her? Did I want to? Well, yes. Hell yes. But I was still deathly afraid of her reaction.

What finally decided the matter was lust. Lust from being pushed almost to orgasm by the breathtakingly hot blonde woman riding me like her life depended on it. I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust back. Feeling her warm skin in my hands and the way the walls of her pussy seemed to contract and squeeze in response sent me over the top. I came as hard as I ever had, deep inside my mother, with a loud moan.

For a moment it didn’t seem like she’d noticed. But then she stopped, and looked down on my face. I tried to think of what to say as her face changed from lustful to mortified in two breaths. She went still.

“Oh, no… Are you… Um… Are you awake? This isn’t… I…” Her face turned dark red with embarrassment as she fumbled for words to try to explain why she was sitting naked with her son’s cock, and now semen, inside of her.

“Mom, I…” I began.

“This isn’t what it looks like!” She blurted out with a shriek before I could finish. “Please… I didn’t mean…” Her eyes were wide with bewilderment.

“I know Mom! I know. I wasn’t really sleeping. I never was.” I almost yelled.

She stopped. For a few long seconds mom just sat there, looking confused. I considered pointing out that she still had my dick inside her, but figured it might upset her further.

“I’m sorry Mom. The whole thing about my sleep was a lie and I didn’t want to upset you and I… I liked it. You shouldn’t feel bad. Please Mom.” I rambled. “You’re amazing. You’re so fucking hot Mom and I didn’t want it to stop and…” I didn’t know what else to say. Couldn’t figure the right way to say it.

Mom didn’t speak. She just got up to leave, still red in her face from embarrassment with a stunned look. She paused to look back at me as I sat in my bed, her hand to her mouth and the other hugging her waist. Then she left, leaving the towel on the floor and my mind in turmoil. I spoke the only word that came to mind.



The following morning was probably the worst I’ve felt in terms of anxiety and apprehension in facing the day. I sat in my room until well after lunch. I sat at my computer doing whatever I could to occupy my mind. Watching Youtube, Facebook, news, whatever.

I had to face the music eventually though, and I was getting hungry. I walked down to the kitchen slowly, trying my best to keep composed. Mom turned out to be sitting at the table, almost like she was waiting for me.

She didn’t say anything as I walked up to the sink, took a glass and poured myself some water. I could feel her gaze following me though and I froze in place, waiting for her to say something and pretending to be absorbed in the monumental task of drinking some tap water.

“Son,” she started, “I think we need to talk.”

Oh shit.

“Look, Mom…” I began.

“No.” She cut me off. “Let me begin John.” She said with a serious look on her face.

“Do you find me attractive?” She asked.

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