Not Quite Sleeping

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I’ve always been a heavy sleeper. I suppose no one enjoys waking up early but I’ve always felt terrible when I can’t get enough sleep. It didn’t help that my mother and sister always woke me up early even on weekends just cause they didn’t want me “sleeping all day”.

It’s always been just been just the three of us so I guess I can understand that maybe they wanted me around for family activities but it was making me really annoyed. So I figured out a way to get away with sleeping in. Being the only one handy with a computer in the household helped.

After some late night research I figured out how to edit a Wikipedia entry with some professional sounding bullshit, making it look like I had a rare condition that made me a very heavy sleeper, and that waking up someone with said condition too early could be harmful to their health. I faked some of the “symptoms” for a few weeks and then showed mom the article. I told her the school nurse had tipped me off on the rare condition, and while it wasn’t all that dangerous it was proof that I should be left to sleep as long as I wanted when possible. She bought it all, hook, line and sinker. I felt pretty proud of myself after that particular con, and it paid off by finally being able to sleep undisturbed on weekends.

Over the years the lie became my go to excuse for avoiding early mornings. I only took work that started later in the day and took evening classes on a community collage. It all fit me very well.

By the time I was 20 I was still living at home and taking courses on that community collage. Most guys would at least be thinking of moving out by then but it worked well and apartments were expensive. Besides, my mom and sis liked having me around.


It began as just a regular Sunday. I woke up, put on some clothes and walked down to the kitchen. Mom was doing some laundry, and walked through with a basket of it while I was eating my cereal.

“Good morning sleepyhead.” She smiled at me.

“Morning Mom. You know, I can do my own laundry. You don’t have to.”

“That’s okay honey. I don’t mind taking care of you a little.”

“I’d be more than happy to help Mom. I’m not a kid anymore.” She smiled at me.

“I know honey. You can help me out later.”

I resumed eating my breakfast, but as she was walking out of the kitchen I couldn’t help gazing at her ass. My mother was young when I was born, and it hadn’t escaped my notice that she was still in very good shape. Mom was blonde, tall, with shapely C-cup size breasts and was, frankly, hot as hell. It sure didn’t help the way she filled those jeans out either. So yea, I looked. But that was it, I wasn’t gonna cross that line.

If anything I just wished she’d find someone new already. The last guy left years ago. I couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t find someone nice. Every guy so far had left her or turned out to be a cheating asshole.


That evening my sister was over at a friends house, so it was only me and mom. We had dinner and then retreated to the living room to watch some TV. One of our favorite comedy shows were on and we both sat ourselves on the couch to enjoy it. Mom decided to relax and drink some white wine, and while I wasn’t quite 21 yet I joined her for one glass. Mom worked the late shift so it had become a bit of a habit of hers to enjoy a glass or two on Sundays.

It was a nice relaxed evening. We shared some laughs and just lounged in front of the TV. There was a movie on after which looked kind of interesting, some crime/thriller type film. So we both stayed and watched. Sis came home halfway through and found us upstairs glued to the screen trying to keep up with the plot.

“Hi Mom.” My sister took after her mom’s good looks, except she was shorter and more petite in general. She looked tired.

“Hi honey. You had a good time at Sarah’s?”

“Mhhm, we didn’t do much but yea.”

“That’s good honey.” She didn’t take her eyes of the TV. The guy was just being chased and trying to escape with the suitcase. My sister eyed us suspiciously.

“Sooo, you watching anything good?”

“Mhmm…” Mom answered. Sis didn’t really appreciate action packed movies, it was one of her biggest flaws. She looked doubtfully at the chase and decided against staying.

“Well, that looks great but I think I’m gonna go get some sleep. Night Mom, night Bro.”

“Sounds good sweetie.” Mom said, obviously distracted. Sis rolled her eyes at me and mouthed “night” at me. I gave her a smile and mouthed back the same.

It was a good movie, but a long one. Sis probably fell asleep in her room but mom and I kept at it. The only problem was the sex scene that showed up near the end. Somehow I always seem to forget how embarrassing that can be when you’re watching with family, but usually it’s not that big a problem.

This one scene however was quite raunchy and explicit. To make it worse the characters were a young man and an older blonde woman. I suddenly became very aware of just how close mom and I were sitting. It was one of those embarrassing tuzla escort moments that seem to last forever, the movie going into excruciating detail. I couldn’t deny that the scene was very hot though. Even trying to focus elsewhere I couldn’t help but notice how much they resembled mom and me. Being young and horny I felt myself getting hard as soon as the thought hit me. My face must have gone beet red as I tried to hide my erection and I carefully glanced over at mom hoping she hadn’t noticed. She hadn’t that I could tell.

She was staring straight ahead trying hard to look normal. To my surprise her face was a few shades more scarlet as well. She was looking… affected, by the scene. Her breathing was uneven and she was angled slightly away from me. I guess it wasn’t so strange that she could get worked up as well but it was shocking to me then, to see that side of her.

Anyway, we made it through the sex scene and “cooled down” for a bit before we both managed to relax again. We finished the movie and things were back to our normal routine. We shared comments about the dumb mistakes the villain had made and pointed out some dumb plot holes before leaving to prepare for the night.

That sex scene was stuck in my mind though. I couldn’t help replaying it in my head and thinking of mom sitting beside me on that sofa, her face as she was trying to hide the effect it was having on her. That got me really hard and I figured “fuck it”, I just had to take care of it right then and there. Normally I’d stay up, check my phone, Facebook, maybe play some video games but this time I threw my clothes off and jumped on to the bed. I didn’t even bother getting beneath the sheets as I tended to my erection.

I guess I should have figured that was a dumb move, but I wasn’t thinking with the right head at the moment. I was laying there trying to convince myself that it was the woman on the screen I was thinking of and that I shouldn’t be feeling so guilty when the door suddenly opened.

“John? I’ll prepare dinner for you two tomorrow is there anything you…” She stopped suddenly as she realized what she had walked in on. For long seconds I lay there, stunned, and mom stared at my erection. Now, I wasn’t exactly huge but at well over the average length and decent thickness I was proud of what I had. And it was as large as it could be right then. By her reaction, perhaps it was bigger than the last guy’s at least.

“I… tha…” Her eyes remained focused on my dick. Another second passed before I sprung to action and quickly grabbed the bed sheet and, in a rolling motion, wrapped myself in it. Mom seemed to realize then what she was doing and went several magnitudes redder in her face then she had been before.

“Sorry! I… I’m so sorry Son!” She closed the door and continued.

“I’m so sorry John! I should have knocked. I… I didn’t know you were…”

“No, it’s… it’s okay Mom. I mean…”

I didn’t know what to say. If the situation before had been embarrassing then this one was down right painful. She stood on the other side of the door for a moment and I sat on my bed, not knowing what to say.

“I guess… um…” I thought back to her question. Food. Right. “Anything is fine Mom. Food I mean. Whatever we have in the fridge.” She took a while to respond.

“Yes. I’ll make something. You… um. Well, good night.”

“Good night Mom.” I almost whispered.

She left for her room. Holy shit. My heart was beating out of my damn chest. My mom had walked right in on me jerking it like a fucking maniac. I thought I’d successfully avoided that, that’s the sort of thing that only happened to others. Other dumb people who didn’t lock their doors or waited until there was no one else awake. And while I was thinking of her as well? Fuck. Tomorrow was gonna be difficult.

I tried to do other stuff for a little while. Get my mind off it. It didn’t work. I was still horny as hell after all that had happened. But there was no way I was jerking off now. After a while I managed to drift off to sleep.


I was woken late in the night.

“Johnny? You awake?” She shook me and tried again, a bit louder.

“Johnny? Wake up.”

Mom? What the hell? The previous events didn’t feel real yet, like an embarrassing dream. Was she testing me again? For my made up condition? It had happened before, but I thought they stopped with that shit years ago. I was trained in pretending to be asleep though so I just groaned softly and rolled over to my side.

“Come on baby. Wake up. Wake up Son.”

I wasn’t gonna budge. She should know I wouldn’t wake up unless she really put some effort in. If she was having doubts about my “condition” then well, I was just going to have to reassure her it was real. She turned me on my back and looked at me for a few seconds, then stood up.

I carefully opened my eyelids a little to see what she was doing, just enough so you couldn’t tell they were open in the dark. This was another skill I’d perfected while selling my lie. Mom was only wearing tuzla escort bayan a long t-shirt and underwear. Just what she slept in, I assumed. She stood there a bit longer and then walked to the door. She opened it as if she was leaving and then stopped. What the hell was she doing?

Then she seemed to change her mind and came back in. But this time she closed the door behind her. I heard the lock click. She locked it? Why would she lock it? There was still enough light from the window to see as her beautiful long legs strode back towards me. She stopped at the side of my bed. She looked odd, anxious somehow.

She suddenly reached down and pulled at my bed sheet. She pulled all of it off and then went down on her knees next to the bed. At this point my brain just locked up. I couldn’t process what was going on and kept acting asleep.

“Mmm Son. You’ve grown into such a fine young man.”

I was naked except for my boxers. Mom put her hand on my chest, then slowly moved it down to my stomach and up again to my face. Letting out little moans as she did.

“So beautiful. Don’t wake up now baby. Please don’t…”

She was keeping her other arm between her legs, breathing loudly and moaning as she sat on her knees leaning over my body. With shock I realized that she was touching herself with her other hand. Mom was rubbing herself while caressing what she thought was my sleeping body. This was insane. But also insanely fucking hot. She noticed the effect her touching was having and stopped herself just long enough to pull down my boxers, revealing my erection.

“Jesus Son…” She mumbled. “If I had known I had such a fine cock in my house before I…” She stopped, hesitating. “I… What am I saying, I shouldn’t be thinking these things. He’s my own son…” Her voice got quieter and I couldn’t catch the rest. Was she talking herself out of it? I hoped not.

“But if…” She brought her face up to just a few inches of mine. I tried to maintain even breathing. “If he’s asleep… Does it really matter? I’ll just clean up and he’ll never know. Just to get rid of these thoughts.”

I carefully opened my eyes again. Mom sat there, staring hungrily at my erection for what seemed like forever. “Fuck it.” She suddenly exclaimed and reached out. She grabbed the base of my cock, a bit too hard, and then started kissing my shaft.

Mom licked and sucked on the side of my dick while pleasuring herself. She was moaning loudly and breathing even harder now. Her warm, quick breath on my cock alone felt like it was going to make me cum. I had to concentrate very hard not to finish right then and there.

“Mmm, Son… mmm… you taste wonderful.” Mom kept finger fucking herself and lapping at my cock. Then she started licking, like really licking, me in long strokes all the way from the base to the tip. She moved her arm faster between her legs and moaned louder. I tried not to moan too loud myself at her attentions and the intense pleasure of it.

After a while she stopped licking, let go of me and leaned her head forward on my dick, pushing it down on my stomach. I could feel her hot breath on my stomach quicken as she brought herself to orgasm. She spasmed, groaned and let out a few beautiful high pitch screams as she came. Mom was panting and kept moaning silently. The moans sounded… pleased, I guess. She resumed kissing and licking my stomach and still very much erect cock slowly.

“So good baby… That was so good.”

I was shocked. Amazed at what had happened and painfully horny. I was just planning to take care of that as soon as she left when she suddenly grabbed my dick again. Before I knew it she had taken it in her mouth. Mom sucked my cock and moved her tongue playfully inside her mouth. I came in seconds. For some reason mom kept her lips sealed on my shaft as I came in her mouth in long powerful streams. I couldn’t help but push my hips up and down as I did but she still seemed determined to not let anything spill.

She sat up and, in a display i’ll never forget, leaned her head back and swallowed.

“Ah… ah…” She panted. “I can’t believe I just did that…” She smiled to herself. “I did say I was going to clean up though.”

She ran her tongue and mouth over my shrinking cock once again to get the last cum off, then pulled my boxers back up and replaced the bed sheet. She inspected her work one last time and left the room.

I was overwhelmed by what had happened. I’d never seriously fantasized about having sex with mom before, but now… I couldn’t stop replaying what had happened in my mind. I had to masturbate three more times that night before I could get any sleep.


The next morning I woke up earlier than usual. I got up, took a shower and got dressed. I could hear mom downstairs in the kitchen. I was a little afraid of going down there but also curious. What would she say? How was she going to react? I hoped she wasn’t regretting what she had done.

I took a deep breath and then walked down the stairs. I made an effort to act as normal escort tuzla as possible when I walked into the kitchen. Mom was doing dishes, sis was probably at school already. She didn’t say anything as I entered so I just started preparing my usual breakfast. I glanced at her. Mom was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans again and a purple sweater with a bit of cleavage hugging her form. Maybe it was just me, but she was looking sexier than ever before.

“You sleep well Mom?” I said after I finished with the fridge, watching carefully for a reaction. And get a reaction it did. She jumped at my voice and dropped a plate back in the dishwater.

“What? Oh yes, sure. Sure.” She didn’t face me, probably trying to hide her face. “Um… did you also sleep well?” I could see her getting tense at that question.

“Oh yea. I actually slept better then I’ve done in ages. Must have had good dreams.” Mom gasped and quickly turned bright red at that. I pretended to be too busy with my cereal to notice. I admit I was having fun messing with her. I looked up from my breakfast.

“Oh, are you okay Mom? Did something happened?” She stood facing me now, looking embarrassed and very guilty.

“No! I mean, maybe I’m feeling a little sick today. I’ll just go and rest for a bit.” She quickly left for her room. I was feeling a bit guilty myself now. I shouldn’t have teased her like that. Besides, if possible, I wanted her to take advantage of me again.


Mom avoided me the rest of the day. Later, she left for work as usual and I kept busy with school stuff. I couldn’t stop thinking about last night so I stayed awake in my room waiting for mom to get home. I could hear her getting back home almost at midnight, and take her usual after-work shower. I got in bed and waited, hoping for a repeat of last night. That didn’t happened though. I’m not sure how long I laid there, thinking and hoping, but eventually I fell asleep.

Next morning was much the same as the last, mom seemed more in control of herself but I could tell she was still feeling guilty. I could see how it was wrong of her to do what she did, thinking I was asleep and all, but I really didn’t want her to feel bad about it. I decided to hang out with her more and try cheering her up.

Two days later I was going with mom to the store to help with the shopping. She seemed to have gotten her confidence back. Then she suddenly asked about my love life.

“So how come you haven’t brought home any cute girls lately John?”

“Um, I don’t know. It’s not that easy.” Mom raised her eyebrow at that.

“Really? Come on Son, I’m sure lots of girls would love to be with you. You’re an attractive young man you know.”

“Oh, thanks Mom. I don’t really meet a lot of girls though. Besides, I kind of prefer older women.”

“You do? Why? I mean men always go for younger women don’t they?”

“Lots of guys my age want someone older Mom, it’s kinda of a big thing.”

“Really?” She didn’t seem to believe me.

“Yes. Really. Tons of guys are into MILF… I mean older women.” Hopefully she didn’t know what that abbreviation meant.

“Mhmm, if you say so sweetie.” She smiled wryly at me. “Older women huh? You think your mom could get one of these young guys?” She was obviously teasing me.

“Of course you could Mom. You’re way hotter than most young girls anyway.”

“Wow… uh, thanks Son.”

“No problem Mom. I mean it, any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Hmm, yea. Well, I don’t want just any guy though. It has to be someone special.” She looked at me as she said that. Unfortunately that triggered memories of Sunday night. I could feel my dick react instantly. In moments my erection was pushing against my pants and would be clearly visible if she looked.

I tried to cover myself up as mom continued talking about what sort of food we should get. I didn’t do a good enough job though because as she turned to ask me something she suddenly gasped.

“Oh… Son. Is that your…”

“I’m sorry Mom.” I blurted out. “I can’t really control it.”

“No, that’s okay… You’re a young man. I shouldn’t have commented on it.”

We didn’t say anything else. But as we drove on I could tell mom was catching glimpses of it when she thought I wasn’t looking. She looked like she was getting horny. That sure didn’t help my problem go away.

When we got to the store I had to tell mom to go ahead and I’d catch up in a bit. She didn’t protest and silently left ahead of me. She didn’t seem bothered when I caught up with her in the store and the rest of the day went by as normal.


That night I went to sleep as usual. I’d given up on having a repeat of Sunday, thinking it was a one time thing. As it turned out though, I was wrong.

I was woken by mom pulling off my boxers. I was surprised, but immediately realized what was going on. I didn’t let on that I was awake and slowly opened my eyelids just enough to see.

Mom was naked this time, and she looked just as hot naked as I’d imagined. Hotter even. She exercised and went to the gym regularly and it had produced results. She had a body like a swimsuit model, just not as sickly thin as some of those. Her breasts were surprisingly firm and her ass was slightly bigger than most but well toned and perky.

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