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My hot breath on the back of your neck makes you shiver.

My hands reach around you and are filled with your breasts. They are full and heavy in my hands, I squeeze them and pull you back against me.

Your back is pressed against my chest. My hands work and feel your nipples, even through your clothing, my fingers rolling and pushing them. I feel them stiffen as I hear your soft moans.

My lips kiss your ears and move across your neck, pushing your collar down so I can lick your shoulders as I cross over them.

My hands squeeze and fondle you and I feel your breaths now coming faster and deeper.

I have you now.

My kisses become harder and wetter, and I whisper into your ears. Short and brief messages.

“I want you”…”Your nipples are excited”…My cock is hard for you”….”You are mine now.”

Words that alone mean nothing, but in this moment, they stir you and thrill you with their implications and promise.

You push back against me. I know you feel my cock hard against your ass. You shift your weight a little and open your stance.

If we were undressed in this position, I would enter you easily. That barrier of clothing between us challenges me to push you further and stimulate you more.

This delicious play thrills me and I want to continue.

We will have time to sate our urges when we join, but now I seek to heighten our desire as we feel our needs increasing to a point of desperation and uncontrollable passion.

I press my cock against you as I pull you back against me. You wiggle your ass slowly over my cock in response.

God, I want you so much now. My hands paw halkalı escort at your tits. Fondling and squeezing, molding them, and pushing them together, and pulling them back against your chest.

Your face is turned to mine as we kiss…deep….wet…hard…tongues probing….lips sucking….mouths open and wanting….grinding against each other.

Your hands are back, pulling me against you and feeling between us, rubbing my cock. We move faster together, hands on tits, mouth on mouth, hands on cock, and our bodies hard against each other.

I unfasten your shirt and pull it open. I reach inside and lift your breasts out of the cups. They spill into my hands…hot flesh…soft yet firm….nipples hard like erasers, standing out… begging to be teased.

My fingers pull them and twist them as I listen to your response…low gutteral moans and “yes” sounds come from your throat, and I pinch and flick your nipples harder to hear your responses louder and more panicked.

Your hand grips my cock hard.

I release one of your tits and move my hand below your waist. I rub between your legs, pressing deep against your mound.

You tighten your grip as I press harder and rub further down between your legs.

We writhe against each other as you feel and caress and rub. Our passion and need growing by the second.

I stop and undo your belt, then unfasten your jeans and lower them.

My hands now feel your legs and your crotch. Your panties are wet and I can easily feel the slit between your lips. My fingers define it and slide up taksim escort and down, as they push some of your silky fabric bewteen your lips and inside you. I press harder and push deeper.

You have stopped all movement and just stand as I play with you. You move one leg so I have better access.

My fingers slide under your elastic panty leg and then slowly feel their way to your swollen lips. Curled fingers slip inside and massage you gently. They are soaked from your hot wet juices which are now leaking out.

Your head is back and you are motionless…given to me as I continue.

I grip your panties with both hands and pull them down.

I unzip my jeans and lower them.

My cock eagerly springs out, hard and ready. I move forward a little and my cock fits between your legs, up against your pussy.

I move further forward and my cock rubs between your legs against your lips.

I slowly pull back and repeat this movement, feeling your wetness against my cock.

Your thighs fit nicely around my cock holding it tight up against your pussy.

I push your shoulders to bend you over.

You know what to do and bend over, bracing yourself with your hands on a chair. I push your legs further apart, and now as I stroke forward, my cock slides into you.

I feel your soft, hot, velevety opening.. so tight and welcoming around me.

I push all the way in until my balls rest against your legs. Oh, what a rich and delicious feeling…My cock secured deep inside you..warm and tightly held. And as I look at you bent before me, your ass under my hands, I feel so powerful…. şişli escort as if I could fuck you forever.

And I reach under you and feel your tits hanging down, swaying slightly as I gently bat and slap them.

Your groans encourage me to play harder, so I swing them a little harder and pinch your nipples.

Your hands feel my balls and rub your clit as I fondle your tits.

I pull back and stroke deep inside you, then without stopping, withdraw and stroke in again, and again, and again.

Over and over, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

My cock is hard and eager to fill your pussy. Hard and hot, throbbing and pulsing inside your wet little pussy….filling you and caressing you inside.

We are like two animals, mounted and humping, as I ram and slam my cock into you, ravaging you….filling you….pushing you around.

Thrusting and plowing my cock all the way in. We sweat and moan and scream and urge each other on as minutes pass and we weaken from the effort but will not stop.

My hands on your ass and waist holding you so I can ram my cock into you. I am mad with this desire and am out of control. You push and hump back against me, wanting as much as you can get.

“Fuck me”……”Oh yes, baby”…..”Ram it in me”….”Harder”…”Fuck my little pussy”….

You drive me on and on with your words. I cannot speak as I gulp for air and hump on and on.

My mind is full of images of ancient matings and machines running faster and faster, with pistons ramming unceasingly. I feel like a monster animal/machine as all of my thoughts focus on us in this, the oldest dance of nature.

And too soon, we give in and reach our climaxes.

My cum shoots deep inside you, mixing with your orgasmic release, and we melt into a softer union, still together, but calm now and unwilling to let go.

I lift you up, still impaled on my cock and hold you on me as I sit down.

You turn to face me and we kiss forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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