Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 03

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This is a fictional account.


May and Jenny raced to get to the hospital on time. They just made it there on the dot and it was a good thing because Doctor Sandler was looking for Jenny. They had just transferred a patient out of the ICU to a room in Jenny’s wing. He was wounded in the bombing attacks. He was missing his lower left leg below the knee and his left hand just above the wrist. He had been heavily sedated in the ICU but they needed to wean him off the heavy doses of sedative now. The doctor wanted to talk with Jenny about his recuperation.

“Jenny, the patient we just moved into 12A is Brad West,” Doctor Sandler said.

He described his injures and his state of mind. Charlotte was standing there too.

“Jenny, we are worried he might be extremely depressed about the loss of his limbs to the point he might try somehow to kill himself. He has given the ICU nurses reasons to worry. I need you to keep a watchful eye on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash,” Doctor Sandler said.

“I’ll watch him closely, Doctor,” Jenny replied.

“Good. Hopefully it’s nothing but he needs to be watched all the same.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep monitoring him,” Jenny assured the doctor.

As Doctor Sandler and Charlotte went to leave, Jenny stopped Charlotte with a touch to her arm. When Charlotte did not follow the doctor, he looked back at them.

“I’ll be along in a second, doctor,” Charlotte said, with a smile.

Doctor Sandler then proceeded down the hall. Jenny thought she noticed a more than casual look at Charlotte as she smiled at him and it struck her for a brief second.

“What is it, Jenny?” Charlotte asked.

“Charlotte, Viv and Dorrie will be a little late. They should be along shortly though.”

“Oh, anything wrong with them?” Charlotte asked.

“No, no just running late,” Jenny offered.

“Okay. Mary Jane and I will stay until they get here.”

“Thanks,” Jenny stated.

“No problem. Do watch that amputee patient, will you?” Charlotte asked.

“Sure thing,” Jenny responded.

Jenny watched for a brief second as Charlotte walked off briskly after the doctor. ‘Why is she trying to catch up with him?’ Jenny wondered?

Jenny got right to work. She started making her rounds. She breezed right through the first rooms, checking charts and noting times for medications. As she neared Jerry and Ben’s room she ran into Joan finishing up her shift.

“Hey, Jenny,” Joan said.

“Hi, Joan.”

“Wanted to tell you the doctors looked at Jerry today and changed his bandages again. They removed the bandages completely from his hands. We are to soak them at least twice a shift. The instructions are on the chart. They are still worried about two fingers on his left hand. His eye bandage is basically down to black patches over both eyes. The problem is he still can’t see. In the dark, he is allowed to use his eyes now but he only sees blurry shapes in his right eye and very little right now in his left other than light,” Joan instructed her.

“Thanks for the update,” Jenny said.

“You’re welcome. I know how much you watch out for that boy,” Joan said, with a mischievous wink, and then walked away.

Jenny stopped in two mores rooms before she got to Jerry’s. When she entered she found him asleep though. She looked at his face. The newly visible part around his eyes showed definite scarring and burns. It looked to be healing okay and he might only have some minor scar tissue afterwards. His hands were worse, especially the forefinger and middle fingers of his left hand. His hands looked oily like they were covered in KY jelly. He was sleeping soundly so Jenny went to check on Ben, who was awake.

“Hi, Ben,” Jenny whispered, not to disturb Jerry.

“Hi, Jenny.”

“How are you feeling today,” she asked, as she examined his chart.

“I’m doing okay. They redressed my bandages earlier. They’re smaller now,” Ben added.

“Let’s take a look,” Jenny said.

Jenny helped him pull the sheet down. He had his gown on so Jenny untied it from around his neck and pulled the top down. She got it down to where she could see the area of his shrapnel wound to the side. It was healing nicely from what she could see without disturbing the new bandages. She pulled his gown up and tied it again. Then she pulled the gown up on his legs to see the thigh wound. It too looked to be healing nicely.

“Everything looks good,” Jenny said.

“Not as good as you,” Ben quipped.

“Well, I don’t have two nice shrapnel wounds,” Jenny answered, trying to keep it light.

“You’d still look better. Even if our roles were reversed,” Ben stated, with a big smile.

“You must be feeling better,” Jenny replied. “Can I get you anything before I go see a new patient?”

“I could use the head,” he said.

Jenny checked the chart again. He was not to walk on the leg yet for fear it might start bleeding again.

“Bedpan okay?” Jenny asked.

“I can’t go to the bathroom yet?” Ben asked.

“Not according to the chart. You are to remain illegal bahis in bed as much as possible. You can only get up for full bowel movements. If you just have to pee, we should use the bedpan.”

“Okay,” Ben said. Then he paused as if gathering the nerve for the next request, “How about you hold it for me like you do for Jerry?”

“Ben, you know Jerry could not use his hands before,” Jenny scolded.

“Lucky guy,” Ben mused.

“Come on you,” Jenny said.

She got the bedpan and helped him move the covers. She had seen Ben’s penis before when she washed him. It was not quite as large as Jerry’s but still nice. Ben was more dark-featured and had brown, almost black hair. Jenny moved the bedpan into position for him and he moved to grab himself. Before he did though, he spoke.

“Last chance.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Jenny stated.

“No…it’d just be a whole lot more fun if you did it,” Ben claimed.

“Ben, are you going to be satisfied with me just holding it while you pee?” Jenny asked.

“Maybe,” Ben mused with a smile.

“I bet,” Jenny said. “Alright.”

Jenny took hold of his flaccid cock and aimed it at the bedpan. He managed to start going but as soon as he was done it started to lengthen and stiffen. Jenny put it down and took the bedpan away.

“Ahh…that’s it, huh?” Ben said, acting depressed.

“You wanted more?” Jenny asked, knowing the answer.

“Sure,” Ben said.

“I have to go see a new patient. Maybe I’ll stop back later,” Jenny offered.

“Okay,” Ben replied.

Jenny left to go check on the new patient. As she entered his room she saw a sleeping figure with huge bandages on his left leg and arm. She examined the chart and felt sorry for Brad West. He was nineteen years old also. Jenny looked at him sleeping and he looked so peaceful. Not like someone that might be suicidal. ‘He is actually quite handsome,’ she thought.

Jenny checked a few more rooms and took care of administering some medicine. She kept thinking about poor Ben and decided to go back. When she walked into the room, Jerry was still asleep. She quietly pulled the curtain closed between Ben and him. Ben had started to doze.

Jenny looked at him and began to wonder what she was doing there. How could she even be thinking of doing this? She had a boyfriend. She had never even done these kinds of things with him. But first with Jerry and now maybe with Ben, she felt sorry for these wounded men. If she could relieve some of their suffering she told herself why not. How wrong could that be?

Jenny wasn’t sure what made her reach her hand out to Ben. Was it a sense of duty to comfort these wounded men or just plain excitement on her part? Was she becoming fascinated by cocks, especially spurting cocks? Was this wrong or a kindness she could provide? All she really knew was she could not get the images of Dorrie and Viv sucking and fucking those sailors and marines out of her mind. Her hand rested lightly on Ben’s chest and he opened his eyes.

“Oh, you’re back,” he groggily said. “Thanks.”

“Shh, we don’t want to wake Jerry,” Jenny said.

“Okay,” Ben whispered.

Jenny looked into his eyes as she pulled the covers from his lower body. She had to look away from his face as she pulled up his gown. Jenny was still conflicted whether she was doing the right thing. She tried to tell herself that with Jerry it had been his need and bandaged hands that made it necessary for her to jerk him off. But she knew better in her heart. She knew she had loved doing it for him. Was that why she now stood over Ben taking his flaccid cock into her soft small hand.

“Ben, I’m nervous.”

“Why? You’ve been doing it for Jerry, right?”

“Yes, but only because he couldn’t,” Jenny replied, with uncertainty.

“Please, Jenny,” Ben asked.

“This must be our secret,” Jenny told him.

“Sure, sure thing,” Ben stated.

“Okay, but please close your eyes. It will be easier if you’re not watching me,” Jenny requested.


Jenny looked at the soft dick that was already expanding from her little hand holding it straight up. She tried to remember her first few times with Jerry and how she had done it. Her hand began to move, pulling the loose foreskin slowly up and down. The pink head poked completely out with each down stroke. Ben’s cock started to stiffen more as she moved her hand. As promised, he had his eyes closed and laid perfectly sill.

The feel of Jenny’s hand on his cock felt wonderful to Ben. He couldn’t remember the last time something felt this good. The twenty year old had to think back to over a year ago, before basic training, to the last time a girl had touched his dick. It had been a one-night-stand pick-up at a bar and the girl was not nearly as cute as Jenny. He had fucked that girl but somehow Jenny’s hand on his cock felt ten times better.

Jenny watched as Ben’s cock expanded to its full length. It had grown at least three inches and gotten much thicker. Her little hand barely was able to enclose all the way around it now. It fascinated her the illegal bahis siteleri way a guy’s cock could expand and become so stiff. It also intrigued her to know that it was her hand that had done it for him.

As she pumped up and down on the cock, she shifted hands. She used her left to jerk his cock and her right to caress his balls. Ben’s balls had more hair on them than Jerry’s and it was dark hair. Though his dick was about an inch shorter than Jerry’s, it was at least as thick and his balls were somewhat larger. The feel of them intrigued Jenny as she lightly squeezed his balls between her fingers. This brought groans from Ben and Jenny noticed a clear drop of fluid forming at his little slit.

Jenny started to feel her own pussy getting aroused as she worked Ben’s cock. She could feel increased wetness and would have liked to put her hand down there but held off. She also felt an urge to lean over and lick the clear drop from the head of Ben’s cock like Dorrie and Viv had done. She restrained herself from that too.

She continued to pump Ben’s cock, drawing moans of approval from him. Jenny looked at his face and he still had his eyes closed. She looked back to his cock and stroked it harder. With his eyes closed, Jenny felt more comfortable to let herself go. She worked his cock trying to make him cum. Ben started to groan and tremble slightly as she worked his cock.

Jenny just stared at the engorged red head of Ben’s cock as she pumped his dick. It was leaking pre-cum almost continuously and Ben was groaning louder now. Jenny’s hands picked up speed and she could tell he would be cumming soon. She squeezed harder and increased the speed of her hands on his cock and balls. Seconds later, Ben gasped loudly and then his cock shot a huge blast of cum into the air. As it landed on his chest, a second blast followed with equal intensity.

Jenny decided she loved watching a cock cum. It was like a fountain going off and she was the reason. She was the maestro directing the rhapsody of his cock cumming. She watched the next several ejaculations fire into the air and then land with decreasing force on his chest and abdomen. It was like a garden hose when you turned the water off and the remains kept pumping out. Jenny realized she was squeezing his balls tightly and released them hoping she hadn’t hurt him. She looked to his face.

Ben’s was still moaning as Jenny looked upon his face. Her hands slowed and she even removed her hand from his balls. Seconds later, Ben opened his eyes and smiled weakly at her.

“Thanks, Jenny,” he murmured.

“You’re welcome, Ben,” Jenny said, still feeling a great wetness between her legs.

Jenny wiped him with some tissues, cleaning up the cum from his chest and groin. She held his cock one last time as she wiped it clean. The dick was softening and that too was something that intrigued Jenny immensely. When she was done, she pulled the gown down and the sheets up.

“Thanks again,” Ben said.

“Remember, Ben, our secret,” Jenny whispered.

“Okay,” he said, putting a finger to his lips to show quiet.

Jenny went to leave but Ben spoke.

“Jenny, you are the greatest! Thanks. I needed that!” Ben stated.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ben,” Jenny said.

“Will you do it again?” Ben asked.

“Maybe, if you’re a good boy,” Jenny said, with a cute smile.

Jenny patted his good leg and left leaving the curtain between him and Jerry closed. As she rounded the curtain she saw Jerry was awake. She walked over to him. He was looking right at her even though he had eye patches on.

“Hey, sleepy head,” Jenny said.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Jerry said.

“You have a good nap?” Jenny asked.

“I was dreaming of you. But I think Ben had a better one,” Jerry said, with a huge grin.

“You heard?”

“Not everything,” Ben said.

“You okay?”

“Sure, just don’t forget about me,” Jerry asked.

“Not likely,” Jenny quipped. “You need anything?”

“Besides the obvious, you mean?”


“I could use the bathroom soon,” Jerry said.

“Can you wait till I check on one patient? Then I will come back and take you,” Jenny asked.

“I can wait.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Jenny offered.

She left to check on her new patient. He was awake and staring at the ceiling. As Jenny approached she could see his one good hand clenched in a fist.

“Hi, Brad,” Jenny said. “How are you feeling?”

“How do you think I’m feeling?” Brad said, sarcastically.

Jenny avoided the obvious sarcasm and said, “My name is Jenny Wells. Nice to meet you.”

“How can it be nice to meet me, nurse? I am only half here,” Brad said, referring to his missing limbs.

“The important parts are still here,” Jenny said. “You still have your heart and your head and can use both to make a positive new start.”

“The only important part left is between my legs, nurse, and I’m not even sure it still works. You want to check that for me,” Brad said, dripping with anger and resentment.

“Maybe some other time,” Jenny said, canlı bahis siteleri not sure why she did. But she continued, “Brad, can I get you anything?”

He looked at her for a second, and then said, “No, I’m just great.”

“I’ll me back to check on you again soon. I hope we can talk friendlier then,” Jenny stated.

Brad looked at her, not sure how to take this cute nurse. “We’ll see,” was all he replied.

“Back soon,” Jenny said and left.

She checked a few other rooms and gave two people medicine. She soon made her way back to Jerry. He was awake still. All the poor guy could do was just lay there. He was not supposed to use his hands much, especially the left.

“I’m back,” Jenny announced.

“Oh, great. I do have to go now,” Jerry said.

“Okay, let’s get you up and in the bathroom, mister,” Jenny said, helping Jerry from bed.

“You smell nice. What is that perfume?”

“Thanks. It’s called Passion,” Jenny told him.

“It smells wonderful on you. Are you a passionate person, Miss Jenny Wells?”

“What do you think, Jerry?” Jenny countered.

“I think you could be, very much so,” Jerry stated.

“Oh, you do, huh?”

“Certainly,” Jerry claimed.

“Okay, well, enough about me. Let’s get you to pee,” Jenny said, with a chuckle.

“Are you going to hold me?” Jerry asked, as Jenny raised his gown in front of the toilet.

“I think you can do that now with your hands unbandaged.”

“But I’m not suppose to use them much,” Jerry complained, with a knowing smile.

“You can use them somewhat,” Jenny corrected him.

“Oh, come on. Please. I heard you with Ben before.”

“You did?”

“Yes. You were giving him some of my special treatment, huh?” Jerry inquired.

“Oh, gosh! How did you hear that? We were quiet and you were sleeping.”

“I’m a light sleeper, I guess,” Jerry said, now with a huge smile.

“Alright, I’ll hold it for you,” Jenny offered, taking his cock in hand and aiming at the toilet bowl. “You can go now.”

Jerry started to pee but kept talking, “Will you do more than hold it?”

“I only give one handjob per room per day,” Jenny said, joking with him now.

“Oh, come on. That’s not fair especially since I was here first,” Jerry countered.

“Tell you what, sailor. I’ll give you your shower instead,” Jenny offered.

“That’s not much of a consolation prize,” Jerry stated.

“That’s my offer.”

“How about you come in with me? It will be easier to wash me and you won’t get so much water on the floor like last time,” Jerry tried to state in a serious tone.

“I can’t do that,” Jenny said.

“Sure you can. I can’t see you, so what’s the big deal anyway. It just makes sense.”

“It wouldn’t be right,” Jenny claimed, struggling with the moral aspects.

The excitement of it intrigued her though. The fact he couldn’t see somehow made it seem okay. He did have a point about being easier for her to wash him. The last time she gave him a shower her uniform got wet and the floor needed to be mopped afterwards.

“You can lock the door again. No one will ever know but you and me,” Jerry claimed.

“I don’t know. It’s not something I should be doing,” Jenny said, struggling with it.

“It makes good sense,” Jerry offered.

Jerry had finished peeing and Jenny was proud of herself for her aim. Holding his dick while he peed hardly seemed like a big deal anymore. She dropped his gown, flushed, and positioned him over by the shower. She turned the water on, locked the door, and shut off one of the lights to protect his eyes. She then helped him out of his gown and removed his eye patches. When the water was nice and warm she helped him step over the small lip of the shower and under the warm water.

“How does that feel?” Jenny asked.

“Great! You should try it.”

Jenny reached in to get the soap and got the top of her uniform sleeve wet. He was right about how much easier it would be in the shower. She would have to keep her hair dry though.

“Just stand there a minute, Jerry,” Jenny said.

She set the soap down and took her uniform and undies off, setting them down on top of his gown. Jenny then walked to the shower but hesitated before entering. Jerry was still looking forward in the shower so she felt better that he really couldn’t see her. He turned his head though at the delay and might have sensed her presence.

“Jenny,” he called out.

“Right here, Jerry. I’m going to step in,” which she did.

She had remembered to grab the soap and standing out of the spray as much as possible, wet her hands and the soap. Her eyes were on his face. His eyes were open and she could see cloudiness in the left one. The right looked clearer but not too much. He had scar tissue all around the eye sockets. His eyebrows were burned off but coming back in spots between the scar tissue. He was a handsome guy and she hoped the scars would heal for him without to much lasting damage. The most important though was his vision to return.

“Step toward me a little,” Jenny said, to get him a little out of the spray too.

Jenny started soaping his chest, shoulders, and under his arms. Jerry was ticklish and complained to the point they were both laughing and she had to keep telling him to stand still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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