Oak Street Talents

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This is the continuing saga of the families of Oak Street. To all outward appearances the families are typical conservative upper middle class households but what goes on behind closed doors would shock the rest of the neighborhood. For background on our seven lust-filled families check out “Oak Street Beginnings” and the other four prior chapters of this series which will conclude with the neighbors Christmas party in a future chapter. (Chapters in this series are in alphabetical order.)

Janice heard her mother hang up the phone after talking with Ben Rashid and was a bit disappointed that it appeared her parents were going out for the evening as she wouldn’t be able to play with them. But, as she thought about it she realized that this could be an opportunity to have some friends over and see what might happen. Innocently she asked, “So, Mom what’s going on?”

“Oh honey, that was the Rashid’s they want us to go over and play cards in a little while; we won’t be home until late,” Maggie smiled broadly at her daughter knowing that Janice was cooking up her own plans for the evening. Janice gave her mother a sensual hug and then scurried off to her brother’s room.

“Hi Sis,” Jerry said as he saw Janice walk into his room. He saw a devilish look in her eyes and knew tonight would be interesting. He sat up on the edge of the bed waiting for her to reveal the mischief she wanted them to get into. Janice sat down beside him and placed her arm on his shoulder.

“Guess what? Mom and dad are going to the Rashid’s and leaving us all alone in the house until late tonight.” With her other hand she squeezed her brother’s cock through his pants as they kissed deeply.

“I take it you have something particular in mind Janice?” He couldn’t wait to hear what would come out of her lips.

“Oh yes brother dear I have a wonderful plan. How about inviting another pair of siblings over and seducing both of them?” Janice was practically purring as she asked her brother the question.

Jerry asked, “Like whom do you have in mind?”

“You pick, but it is between Rex and Patty Olson and Paul and Gracie Allen as both of them only are a couple of houses away and I bet they are horny enough that we could succeed.” Janice waited expectedly for Jerry’s answer.

“Oh shit Sis that is hard; all four of them are so damn fucking sexy. How about starting with Gracie and Paul and see what happens. I’ve always wanted to suck on her titties.” Janice was surprised that Jerry blushed slightly as he finished speaking so she gave him a big smile patting his knee knowingly.

“Ok, as soon as I hear mom and dad get ready to walk out the door I’ll call them and see if they want to come over and have some fun.” They began wondering if their parents would ever vacate the premises. Finally Maggie called out that they were leaving and the kids gave their parents each a kiss and Janice walked over to the phone.

“I hope they’ll come over as I want to show them how great fucking their brother or sister can really be,” Jerry purred in Janice’s ear. As she dialed the phone Jerry nibbled on his sister’s neck as she dialed Gracie’s cell phone. As she talked he ground his cock against her ass crack and tenderly fondled her luscious breasts.

“Hey there Gracie, this is Janice, Jerry and I were wondering if you and Paul wanted to come over for the evening and maybe swim and play games. Our parents are out for the evening so we can do whatever we want.” Her brother’s touching was turning her on and even if Gracie said that she couldn’t come she knew she would be having fun real soon.

“Sounds great, Mom and Dad are with Mrs. Rashid in our den talking about God knows what so Paul and I need to get the fuck out of this house. I’ll get Paul and our swimsuits and we will be right over.” Turning around Janice gave her brother a big kiss and told him what Gracie had said. After putting out snacks they changed into their swimsuits.

Jerry put on an extremely tight pair of trunks that seemed to form around his bulge while Janice put on her skimpiest pink bikini. The waiting was agonizing but finally they saw Gracie and Paul strolling up the sidewalk to their door. When the bell rang Janice took her time answering it as she didn’t want to seem overly anxious.

Jerry wasn’t sure about Gracie’s interest but knew Paul was already turned on as he couldn’t take his eyes off of Janice’s titties. Jerry smiled his best seductive smile at Gracie and suggested to them, “Why don’t the two of you go ahead and change into your swimsuits while Jan and I get us something to drink then we can decide whether we want to take a dip first or play a game or something?”

At first, the guests both headed toward the bathroom to change but quickly realized the error. Gracie scurried across the way to Janice’s room. When Gracie came out it was Jerry’s turn to get all stirred up as her blue swimsuit covered even less than Janice’s and seemed too tight for her body. Even if they couldn’t succeed in getting brother and sister together he had to figure out how to get Gracie in bed bursa escort bayan with him.

At first, the four of them stood around and practically stammered nervously as it was clear that the primary activity at the moment was gawking at one another’s features. As a nymphomaniac Gracie was ready to take Jerry back to his bedroom right then and there. They ended up gathering around the snacks silently eating for a couple of minutes before the silence was broken.

“So, what do you all want to do,” Paul asked feeling the tension in the room and the rock hard erection in his pants. Jerry and Janice were already frustrated as they couldn’t figure out how to move things along Jerry decided to openly flirt with both girls hoping Paul would get the hint and that he and his sister would figure out the incestual relationship and not get repulsed by it and maybe even copy it.

“Why don’t we just sit and bullshit for awhile? It has been a long time since we have been together with you guys without a horde of other kids around,” Jerry responded. He grabbed one of the bowls of junk food and took it to the living room floor and sat down. His sister quickly followed with another bowl and taking the cue their guests grabbed the remaining snacks and the foursome sat in a square in the middle of the floor. They chatted about everything and nothing.

Janice felt an electrical charge go through her body the first time her brother caressed her knee in front of the Allen’s. Responding to his overture she gave his knee a squeeze back. She smiled broadly at him as she saw his other hand reach for Gracie’s knee. There was no resistance from Gracie to Jerry’s advance. In fact, Gracie put her hand on top of Jerry’s encouraging him to keep it there.

As Jerry began caressing her thigh ever higher and higher Janice looked down at Paul’s lap. It was clear his pecker was trying to escape his swim trunks as there was a large tent right in between his legs. Meanwhile her brother looked like a bird spreading his wings as he was also now caressing Gracie’s thigh getting dangerously close to her crotch.

Gracie returned his advances by rubbing her hand up and down Jerry’s playful arm. Janice switched her attention to Paul and massaged his upper leg as she smiled brightly at him. Both Paul and Gracie were startled to see the Nelson’s playing with each other sexually But were about to ask if they each could find a place to be alone with the Nelson of the opposite sex. But, just then Janice asked, “Gracie, would you look at these two? They are practically drooling over our boobs and look at how hard their fucking cocks are; I bet I’d only have to squeeze each of them a couple of times before they cum.”

Gracie couldn’t help but look at the guy’s laps after Janice’s bold statement; besides she was ready to be filled with cock meat. With Gracie gawking Janice reached down and wrapped her fingers around both erections and squeezed hard. Almost as if on cue Jerry moved his hands up to both girl’s necks and gave a tug to the knot holding the swim tops securely over their tits. As the knot came undone the material slowly fell away revealing four of the most perfect tits one could ever imagine.

Paul and Gracie didn’t care about getting anyone alone anymore as they needed sex right now. The guests looked at each other as if to ask one another if it would be ok to make out in front of each other and nodded mutual agreement. As they began to reach for the Nelson twins they found them already occupied Janice and Jerry were stabbing their tongues into each other’s mouths as Jerry used one hand to caress his sister’s titties while the other was working inside the back of her bikini bottoms. With her hand wrapped around her brother’s hard shaft Janice moaned, “I need this fucking cock of yours.”

The Allen’s were momentarily frozen in place. There was no mistaking the display of lust they were witnessing between the twins. Paul was on fire as he watched Jerry pull down Janice’s bottoms. As Gracie felt her exposed nipples harden she gasped, “This is the most fucking unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen, my God!”

The twins got up to their knees and pulled their garments down to the floor. The sight of Jerry’s big cock caused Gracie to gasp once again. Pausing in the lust long enough to get her bottoms all of the way off Janice cooed, “Gracie my brother told me earlier that he really wants to suck those big tits of yours. I wouldn’t deny my brother anything if you want him to suck them, but I get my way with him first. I’m sure you and Paul can find something to keep yourselves occupied while waiting to fuck us.”

The words weren’t even out of Janice’s mouth before Paul was diving at his sister. He literally pounced on her causing her to fall hard back onto the carpeted floor. Chips and snacks flew everywhere as the four lover’s legs knocked the bowls over. At that moment Gracie was too horny to care that her younger brother was on top of her and reached up and grabbed his cock hard. As Paul leaned to suckle his sister’s boobs he görükle escort confessed, “I have wanted you for the last month, ever since I played with your tits when you fell asleep watching TV.”

Gracie just looked up wide eyed in disbelief at this revelation and pulled her brother’s face snuggly between her giant orbs. She was a bit shocked that her brother had taken advantage of her sleeping to cop a feel of her tits but it also somehow turned her on in some strange way. As her brother began earnestly sucking her boobs Gracie wrapped her legs around her brother’s thighs and began working his swim trunks off of his skinny ass. As his cock sprang out hitting her upper thigh she excitedly responded, “You fucking pervert you’ll pay for that. Oh God, right fucking now suck my damn titties.”

As Gracie ground her pelvis against her brother’s stomach she glanced over at Janice and Jerry. They had repositioned themselves right beside their guests so that Janice was now perched on Jerry’s cock less than two feet from Gracie’s face and Jerry’s head was beside Gracie’s thigh. Janice worked her brother’s big prick into her twat slowly at first.

Her brother grunted as his cock slid into the now familiar cunt. It still felt as wonderful as it had the first time they had fucked. Soon he was balls deep and began playing with her magnificent breasts. His twin began riding up and down on his erection and turning to Gracie she ordered seductively, “Fuck your brother, and Come on fuck him hard!”

Scurrying from their position Gracie and Paul got up long enough to do away with their bottoms and landed on the floor with Gracie now on top as she shoved her brother down. His head was in perfect position to watch Janice’s ass go up and down on Jerry’s prick. There wasn’t time for foreplay as Gracie was burning with lust. She grabbed Paul’s cock and flicked it against her very hard nub a couple of times and then shoved the cock meat into her pussy. Gracie growled as her brother’s cock worked its way into her.

Jerry couldn’t resist the sight of Gracie’s large ass and removed a hand from Janice’s boobs and gently caressed the hunk of ass that was right beside him. Paul was twisting and pinching Gracie’s boobies as her cunt covered up his prick one inch at a time. Gracie and Janice looked each other in the eyes and saw the look of mutual lust. It had taken several strokes but finally Gracie had bottomed out on her brother’s shaft. Unintentionally the ladies were soon pumping up and down on the cocks in unison. All four tits bouncing together as the guys hips came up to meet each downward stroke.

Janice and Gracie were both tempted to reach out and grab each other’s boobies but resisted for now as they weren’t sure how the other girl would react. The smell of cunt juice filled the room as the girl’s tempo increased. Gracie exclaimed, “God damn it Paul, you mother fucking asshole give me your damn cum, Shit yes!”

“The same goes for you Jerry, Oh God give it to me you bastard,” Janice implored her brother. Their hips were all slapping hard together as both girls were now riding as fast and as hard as they could while frigging their turgid joy buttons.

Sweat was pouring from all four foreheads as Jerry and Paul called out in unison, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Nearly simultaneously both boys shot a massive load of hot spunk into the hot pussys. It didn’t take long for the girls to explode in their own juicy orgasms. The girls released their grips on the cocks that had made them so happy. But, as Gracie climbed off of her brother her 36 inch fanny nearly hit Jerry in the face. It was just too much for him to take lying down and gave him an instant second wind.

To Gracie’s surprise she soon found herself laying face down on the floor with Jerry’s mouth all over her ass cheeks and his fingers exploring her ass crack and rosebud. Still panting Janice and Paul looked on at the action. Janice couldn’t help but notice that Paul’s cock was already hard again. Before she had a chance to think about it she took Paul’s manhood into her mouth.

Paul fell to the floor again pulling Janice with him. To Janice’s delight he had worked them into sixty nine position and was soon lapping up her flowing cunt juice. Meanwhile, Jerry was tonguing out Gracie’s asshole furiously. Gracie didn’t know how Jerry would respond but went ahead and demanded, “Fuck Jerry, fuck me up the ass, I am ready for that big cock of yours in my ass right fucking now.”

Jerry quickly pulled Gracie up to her knees and swiped his finger over her sopping cunt and applied the juices to his cock and her tiny rectum to lubricate her bowels. Then aiming carefully he firmly pressed the head of his prick into her shit hole. Gracie grunted as she felt the invasion but immediately pushed back swallowing up the invading erection. Gracie arched her back to allow his cock better access.

Holding onto Gracie’s hips for support Jerry was soon pumping his manhood in and out of her back door. Oblivious to the other couple Janice and Paul were slurping and sucking bursa escort bayan each other’s genitals as if they would never get such a great treat again. Paul was intrigued by the scent coming from Janice’s butt and he began excitedly finger fucking her ass hole while Janice played with his lemon drop balls.

Eventually Jerry did in fact suck Gracie’s boobs as the foursome left no stone unturned as the girls explored every part of the guy’s bodies. As Paul and Gracie got ready to leave so that Mr. and Mrs. Nelson wouldn’t catch them Janice asked, “So, did you guys like fucking each other and are you going to keep on doing it?”

“Fuck yes; whenever she’ll let me I’ll fuck the hell out of her. Between her hot titties and stinky ass hole and her hot tasty pussy how can I resist her delights,” Paul responded smacking his sister’s ass.

“Oh God it was fantastic, this boy better have his big cock ready for me as I intend to fuck it raw. I guarantee I’ll sneak into his room at least twice before morning and bury his face in my boobies while I fuck the living shit out of him,” Gracie replied with a lustful smile on her face. Paul and Gracie practically skipped as they walked out.

The Nelson twins embraced in a celebration hug proud of their accomplishment. Then looking at the floor proceeded to clean up the snack food strung out all over laughing as they cleaned. They cleaned up in a hurry and soon they were cuddling once again in Janice’s bed. Janice cooed, “Tomorrow night it is the Olsen’s and that will be easier as Rex and I are already fucking being my boyfriend and all.”

As Gracie and Paul walked back home in the sweet after glow they had no idea of why Mrs. Rashid was visiting her parents For that matter Judy and Ron Allen had no idea that Betty Rashid had more than a simple sales pitch in mind when she told them she would like to show them some adult products and they reluctantly agreed.

Judy Allen decided the best place to meet with Betty would be their den as they wouldn’t be interrupted there. All of the kids knew not to even knock on that door when it was closed unless it was a true matter of life or death. For his part Ron didn’t know why the hell he had to sit through another sales pitch.

He was tired of being sold everything from encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners to insurance when he would rather kick back and enjoy himself. He figured that Betty was selling something like memberships to an adult resort or some such nonsense. He had no idea of what Betty had in the two cases she carried into the comfortable room.

Betty pulled out all the stops as she got dressed that evening. She knew the trick was to dress sexy, alluring and seductive without appearing seductive. She didn’t know the Allen’s well enough to know which would be the more difficult person to get to participate in the games she had in mind. The only clue she had was that both of them seemed to size up her body every time they ran into each other.

The Allen’s sat on a large leather sofa as Betty set her cases down beside an easy chair just across from them. Ron already felt a bulge growing in his pants as he gawked at her long stocking covered legs and high heels. Betty opened her presentation up saying, “I don’t know what you think I am here to sell but I guarantee that you will never forget this evening as I want us to have a lot of fun. Have either of you heard of ‘Hot pup’s Hot Stuff’ products?”

Ron and Judy looked at one another blankly squirming a little in anticipation. Then acting as spokesman Ron answered, “No, Betty we haven’t. What kind of stuff is it?”

“Well, I have everything here that a couple needs to make their intimate life a bit more fun. I have lingerie and toys of course. But, I have some things for couples whose tastes run a bit kinkier; these are my personal favorites like the rip away stockings I am wearing that Ron is staring at,” Betty stretched out her leg so that her prey could get a better look at the sheer black stockings.

They looked like regular stockings to both Judy and Ron. Besides what would be the purpose of such a garment and Judy couldn’t help herself and asked her neighbor basically if she were trying to pull a fast one.

“Haven’t you ever role played where the man attacks the woman? These sexy little stockings cost half of what regular stockings do and rip into shreds easily when your man attacks. As for being the usual stockings here grab some material in your fingers and give them a rip.”

Betty got up and stood inches from the Allen’s. Ron could feel his cock twitching in his pants. Betty lifted her skirt just enough to reveal the garters holding the stockings in place. Nervously Judy answered first, I’ll pass.”

Betty swayed her hips closer to Ron. Glancing at his wife he stammered out, “Ah, no, I’ll believe you Betty.”

By now the bulge in his pants was becoming more and more obvious. So, taking a pinch of fabric between her thumb and forefinger Betty gave the material a slight tug producing a louder than expected ripping sound as a large hole opened up on her thigh. As she turned around and reached into her case the couple got a full view of her purple panties as she said, “I See nothing phony there just a lot of fun as the clothing is easily ripped away. But, maybe I should begin with a couple of less unusual items like these love juices.”

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