October 18th

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October 18th

When I got home from work I was pretty pooped, and not in the best of moods. My day had been a bitch, and so had my boss.

The wife was doing the laundry, and I surprised her by being half an hour early. We were still suffering from the after effects of an argument a few days before, so there was tension between us.

I flopped in the livingroom and turned on the TV. She came in and sat on the adjoining couch. After a few moments, she said “Are you still mad at me?”

After brief consideration I answered, “Nope.”

She then asked, “Wanna go upstairs and have sex?”

I couldn’t let her see me grin. I asked, “Where’re the kids?”

“She’s still at soccer practise, and he’s down the street playing with the guys.”

“OK.”, I said, trying to be casual while quickly standing.

Following her up the stairs is always interesting – her buns are at just the right height for me to ogle. At the top, she turned left into our room, and I went right, into the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face.

When I went to our room the door was pushed to, but opening it revealed that she was nearly naked. Just when she should have been shucking off her panties, she grabbed a robe instead. “What’re you doin?” I grumbled.

“I’m gonna rinse my mouth.”, she answered, brushing past me.

Trying not to think too deeply, I disrobed. Shoes, shirt, trousers, then socks. I always feel awkward when I do it, but I dropped my briefs before pulling off my undershirt. My arousal was becoming apparent.

Right then she came back into the room and immediately turned to lock the door. I reached around and embraced her as she fumbled with the skeleton key. After briefly testing her nipples, I slid both hands down her sides, under the robe, and stripped off her panties. They caught on her ankle, but she kicked them away decisively.

She tried to turn to me, but I nudged her still and began to explore her goodies from behind. Tracing my hands up her soft flanks, I eventually found her nipples again. My touching gave her a brief bout of goose bumps, and I remember thinking what an interesting texture her breasts took on.

Nibbling, sucking and then nipping her neck started to get to her. As I clutched her to me she reached back and tentatively felt around for my cock. Squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples kept her distracted, but she eventually found it and sighed. She’s always telling me how hot it is when it’s stiff.

After a quick grope and tug, she fumbled around with her robe, hanging crushed between us. I didn’t know or care what she was doing – I was busy stimulating her – but she was just pushing it up until I could lodge my erection between her butt cheeks. She likes that.

Skin to skin below the waist, I let one hand travel down her tummy to rest on her fuzzy mound. Her head bent back and I licked around her ear while I played in her pussy patch, just touching around gently. My other hand went back and forth, from peak to halkalı escort peak at her luscious breasts. Soon I found her clit, and then we started to have some real fun.

High between her lips she was still dry, but a little more exploration found her outer lips parted and starting to lubricate. I was too, all over her ass. Reaching just a little farther, I dragged some moisture up to her swollen clit and started to toy with it for real. It was getting toggled, back and forth, sending thrills through her that were transmitted to me via her butt flesh.

Taking my hands from her boobs (I hated to do it, but I only have two) I caressed her ribs, and her sides, and finally her left hip. She reached out a hand to brace herself against the door as I continued around to cup her ass. But that wasn’t what I wanted. I mean, I wanted more than just a handful of her sweet ass.

And I soon got what I wanted. Just a few more inches around and my fingers slipped between her legs from behind too. Her pussy was now fully blossomed and slippery. One finger rubbing her clit, the opposite digit slipped into her folds. She put her other arm out for more support and pushed back against the invading middle finger, helping it find the right angle to ease into her body.

So there I was, with my hard dick oozing onto her hip, my arms around her front and back, and the scent of sex in the air. I fucked her gently with the left, and diddled her wildly with the right. Her inner muscles were moving, clasping my finger, as I slid fully into her, and then back out. She arched her back, raising her ass as we found a rhythm. She was vocalizing, and I was working her toward her climax. We kept at it, getting progressively more active as she gave herself up to the pleasure. I mouthed her neck and murmured encouragement, saying “Cum for me! Cum on, baby!”

Her cunt became less regular in its spasms, and I alternated short brief strokes with slower, firmer, and more probing finger jabs. My middle knuckle was drawing her pussy lips in and out. What a tremendous success! Her legs started to wobble and her cum flowed as she shook in my arms. I kept pace with her, guessing when she was peaking, so that I could intensify my efforts slightly. And when she started to relax a little, I let her – but just for a moment or two – before I returned to fucking and diddling her sensitive pussy. I whispered in her ear, “You’re not done yet, baby…”

But I needed something too, so I finally let up on her. She turned around then, and we held each other tight. She was shaking a little, so I kissed her deeply and she settled some. Then I slipped the robe off her shoulders and held her tighter, groping her butt and pulling her against me. My cock smeared its fluid against her, and she wriggled until it was trapped between her legs. Resisting the urge to thrust, I guided her to the bed, saying “Not yet, sweetheart – there’s something else I want.”

She sat down and taksim escort I leaned over to kiss her again. Our tongues danced, and I tweaked her nipples while she fondled my goodies. I dropped to my knees. I was finally in position to worship her.

I pulled her legs up as my head dipped between her thighs. Stabbing my tongue into her sex caused her to fall back on the bed, but I withdrew enough to tell her, “Watch!”

She propped herself up on her elbows and put her feet up on my shoulders. I dove back into her center, seeking all the delicious honey she had released. My tongue bathed her clitoris, sending shockwaves through her body, and she moaned and fought the urge to lie back and surrender. Then I lapped at her opening, swishing her inner lips from side to side, before returning to her love button.

Her cries delighted me, and excited me. I’m always happy to drive her mad with pleasure, and I was eager to have her cum in mouth. I sucked on her delicate inner lips, and she flinched, so I broke away, asking her if she was OK. She said, “Yes! But it hurt a little… oh…”

Right then I got an idea. Jumping up, I grabbed our digital camera. I wasn’t very gentle when I ripped it out of its case. She was surprised by my sudden departure, and maybe a little disappointed. She probably thought I wanted to get her to pose for me, and she’s not usually comfortable with that. But she seemed delighted when I said, “Take my picture.”, before returning to my oral play.

She aimed the camera so that it could focus on my face in her twat. (FLASH) She captured the lower part of my face buried in her while I gazed at her over her pubic mound. (FLASH) My eyes were closed for this one, as I suckled at her cunt. She tossed the camera aside and lay back again, overcome by the sensations of me eating her pussy.

I broke from my oral assault and said, “Get one of my tongue.” That aroused her interest, and she half rose and found the camera. (FLASH) My tongue was stretched out, working at her throbbing bud.

She dropped the camera again when I began to draw her delicate pussy lips into my mouth. Sucking gently, I opened my mouth to encompass her clit, and then I began sucking all of her. Once again she cried out, but she also grabbed my head and held me against her sex.

Sucking, licking, and nibbling, I wallowed in her cunt. I really love to eat her pussy, and she was really loving it too. Although I briefly reached up to tug on her nipples again, mostly I held her hips tightly so that I couldn’t be shaken loose. She was gyrating and humping against my face as I devoured her most sensitive flesh. To my delight, she came quickly. I drank of her ecstasy, and held on tightly. She shook and jumped, quaked and twitched in my face. I couldn’t let go, though – not until she had another orgasm.

All this time my dick had been leaking. It was as hard as ever, and it wanted to get into her. I got up from kneeling on the floor, intending to fuck her, but she also rose şişli escort up to hug my lower body to her breasts and kiss my abdomen. Before I could gather the momentum to hump my cock against her, she bent and took me into her mouth. She likes to suck the precum from me. And she did a fine job.

This timeit was I who reached for the camera, and with shaking hands I managed to get several shots of my cock in her mouth. (FLASH FLASH) From both sides of her head I caught images of her sweet lips wrapped around my cock. (FLASH) The sensations she aroused in me weren’t visible, but they were very real. (FLASH)

But now I needed to fuck her. And when I pushed her onto her back it was obvious that she needed it too. As I moved up over her flushed body, she raised her legs high and wide so that my swollen cock found its own way into her. We were looking into each other’s eyes as I drove myself into her hot moisture. The scent of her pussy surrounded us.

I withdrew partially, leaving just the head lodged in her, and snapped a photo of where we joined. Then I plunged forward, burying my cock in her, smashing my bloated sack against her upturned ass. (FLASH) Now I had “before and after” pictures. But I wanted one more of her entire torso, reclining as we fucked. (FLASH) Then I discarded the camera and began to fuck her properly.

Her feet were once again on my shoulders, as I rocked between her wide spread legs. We humped and ground against each other in that most special way. This time it was about fucking. Just plain fucking. Hard and fast, then slow and gentle, but all the time fucking.

Where before, when it was just my finger and her cunt muscles had gripped me tightly, she now opened up more completely. Only her vaginal sphincter gripped my rigid penis as I sluiced in and out. We were joined in the most intimate way possible – locked together, sexes rocking against each other.

She was being driven toward the side of the bed, and she gasped and said, “I’m gonna fall off!” I locked my arms above her shoulders, and reassured her that I wouldn’t let her, while I pounded away at her pussy. Her eyes were wide open, staring up at me, as we rocked enthusiastically.

I sensed that she was close, so once again I suggested that she let it go, “…cum. Cum for me, baby! Come on…” Stroking in and out, I marveled at her pussy, able to accept me in my most engorged state. We were making squishy noises, and then the sound of air being forced from her. Her eyes closed and she went rigid as she climaxed. Just then I began to spurt my jism into her depths – I sensed it pooling in her womb as my glands pumped. Rhythm was again lost to spasm. Deliberate motion was replaced by rampant chaos. Our ejaculations mingled, and our emotions soared together.

It’s always so perfect when we cum together. Although I can give her multiple orgasms, often more than she can comfortably stand, when my cock is buried in her pussy I can never hold back for long. It never fails to shock me, how fast I reach orgasm when we’re joined. And it never fails to thrill me when she cums with my cock inside her.

Even though I eventually softened significantly, I lingered within her, slipping in and out, reveling in the sensations of our coupling. We were both smiling. Our days old fight was forgotten.

“I think we made a mess…”


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