Office Discipline

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Author’s Note

A huge thanks must be given to Meg. Without her infinite patience and tolerance this story would have been incomplete and unworthy of posting.


“Sarah, can I see you in my office please?” Angie called from her desk.

Sarah was sat at her desk working away. Dressed in her usual work attire of tight, slightly faded blue jeans, today matched with a long sleeved white t-shirt, which stretched over the curve of her breasts. The faint outline of a white lacy bra could be seen if anyone had taken the time to look. The picture completed by her pale complexion and curly blond hair, which draped neatly over the shoulders.

She figured today that it would a fairly normal day at work, no shocks or surprises. When she heard Angie’s voice, she recalled that she’d made a mistake earlier, but she’d rectified it quickly enough so didn’t think it would be an issue this time. She got up, the visible sliver of red across the top of the jeans slowly disappeared as she pulled them up tightly over her backside. They usually slipped down whilst she was sitting, for some reason she always fidgeted when sat at work. She walked nervously in the direction of Angie’s office.

“Take a seat please” said Angie

Sarah sat down, her eyes darting around the grey walls of the office, not wishing to look directly at Angie

“It’s been brought to my attention that another mistake was made earlier, is this correct?” asked Angie.

“Ummm…yes, but I did fix it the moment I spotted what I’d done” she replied

“That’s good, but do you recall the conversation we had last time this happened?”

“A bit, you said something about making amends for the little mistakes I keep making”

“Exactly, and giving you something to think about the next time you drift off into la-la land and risk making another mistake.

“I’ve always considered myself to be fair Sarah; firm but fair, wouldn’t you agree?” slowly tapping the palms of her hand onto her legs whilst talking

“I guess so” said Sarah nervously, fidgeting again whilst wondering where this conversation was going

“Well, today I think we need to look at the other options available to us, which will help to ensure that you don’t repeat these mistakes again”

Angie stood up slowly and walked towards the door, casting her eye quickly over Sarah, a quick glance sufficient to note how tight the top was, too tight for work perhaps? The way Sarah was sat also emphasised the tightness of the jeans around her crotch, ‘as if encasing her pussy in some kind of denim prison’ she mused.

She pushed the door to, ensuring that it was properly closed. Whilst pulling the blind down she said “Stand up please Sarah”

Sarah stood up whilst Angie walked towards the window, again forced to put her hands to the side of her jeans to affect a quick tug to slip the faded blue back over the escaping red. Angie adjusted the blind to ensure it was fully closed, no-one would be able to see in.

“Do you mind moving the chair out of the way, put it in the corner would probably be best”

She pushed the chair into the corner, the coasters gliding over the faded and formerly plush carpet of the office

Angie was pacing slowly behind Sarah, her eyes again taking the time to look her up and down. Black leather boots completed Sarah’s attire, the heels being at least a couple of inches, ones that ended just below the knee. They appeared to emphasise her denim clad shapely legs, the tight buttocks as Sarah nervously stepped on the spot:

“Now Sarah, I’d like you to stand up straight facing my desk”

She positioned herself in front of Angie’s dark mahogany desk, this was one element they hadn’t scrimped on when refitting the office. The dark polished mahogany contrasted nicely with the albeit faded carpet. She looked around the office, still not wishing to look at Angie.

“Place your hands on the desk please”

Slowly, Sarah placed both palms flat onto the desk. Her hands had been sweating a little since she’d arrived, so when placed on the desk a slight, steamy sheen transferred onto the wood. “Angie, I know I made a mistake and everything, but what has this got to do with me learning?” she asked, her stepping between feet was becoming more of a distraction to Angie. She was going to relish what was coming.

“Follow my simple directions Sarah and you’ll find out very soon” replied Angie, casino siteleri still pacing slowly behind Sarah, slowly swinging her arms as if taking a practice swing in tennis.

“Now Sarah, I was always taught that a little discipline, if applied correctly, was a great way to get people back on track…help them become better people by applying the lessons learned to their daily lives”

“Does this mean you’re going to give me a written warning?” queried Sarah

“Not this time, I think we need to explore the other options I mentioned earlier.

“Now I’d like you to keep your hands on the desk, and slowly step backwards until I ask you to stop”

Sarah was puzzled by the request, yet slowly started stepping backwards. Her sweaty palms causing her hands to slip ever so slightly.

This simple process was sufficient for the already tight blue denim jeans to stretch over her buttocks, whilst pushing her backside out which would give Angie easy access to what was coming next.


“Hurry up Sarah, we don’t have all day” said Angie

Sarah heard the noise before she felt the pain in her left buttock. A stinging pain she was not expecting. This turned quite quickly into a warm sensation focussed around the area of the impact. Sarah started to stand before Angie rested her hand on her lower back, glimpsing a line of red she’d not spotted previously, peeking out from below the top of the jeans.

“And where do you think you’re going?” asked Angie authoritatively

“Well I don’t think this is really appropriate” replied Sarah, surprised by her slightly whiny and meek voice “If you’re going to give me a warning then fair enough, but not this!” she said haughtily

“Ok then, if that’s how you feel then it’s probably best if you just packed up your desk whilst I draught up a letter….you’re sacked” said Angie abruptly, leaving the decision firmly in Sarah’s hands. Which path would she take?

“But…but” came the stammering reply

“Well this is the natural course we need to take. If you’re not prepared to consider the options I’ve made available to you, then the firing option is all we have left. Your track record on making mistakes is all I need to get it signed off”. This simple yet effective response had already sealed Sarah to her fate. The words given with sufficient gravitas that it truly seemed to be the logical option.

Sarah considered this for a moment. It wasn’t the best job she’d ever had, but the people were quite nice and she was starting to enjoy the work. Comparing this to having to look for another job, how bad could it be? She took her left hand down to her left cheek, rubbing the denim over the ever warming skin below.

“Ok” said Sarah “If I agree to this…this…alternative, what is going to happen?” It almost felt like signing some form of agreement, as if this would somehow tie her into some form of long term obligation.

“Well, I’ll obviously need you to assume the same position before I can proceed, so if you don’t mind” came the reply, the hint of triumph loud and clear in the tone.

Sarah proceeded to push her buttocks out again, the denim stretching from her calves up to her arse cheeks.

“Now” said Angie “I propose that a simple 12 smacks overall should be sufficient to help bring you back on track. Does this sound reasonable?”

“Um…I guess so…is it going to hurt?”

“Perhaps a little, but this isn’t about hurting you Sarah, it’s about snapping you out of your ways and trying to instil a little discipline back. Are you ready?” Angie’s hand was hovering gently over Sarah’s backside, waiting for the final acquiesce before lowering in a smooth and swift downward motion

“Yes” whispered Sarah, dreading the first blow

The first blow from Angie’s hand onto Sarah’s left cheek came quick and hard


Before Sarah had a chance to react the same hand was brought down onto the right cheek.


There was a brief pause, a respite from the rest to come where the stinging turned ever more slowly into heat, which started to spread through Sarah’s backside



2 more blows, as hard as the first and slightly lower, just above the crease of her bottom. Sarah was wincing a little by the fourth one, partly through the shock of being put in this position along with the new sensations of general flaming canlı casino that was spreading ever more quickly.

Angie rested her hand on Sarah’s left cheek and slowly smoothed it over the denim clad flesh. Applying gentle pressure over the areas that had previously been struck.

“You see Sarah” said Angie in silken tones, the words fairly dripping from her tongue “we’re almost half way there now, and don’t you feel more alive already?”

As Angie moved her hand slowly onto the other cheek, repeating the gentle caress Sarah didn’t reply. She wanted to hide beneath her blond curls as they slipped over her face. Words weren’t sufficient to cover how she felt at this point, at the embarrassment of being bent over a desk at the mercy of her boss. The heat which seemed to be spreading to in between her legs, confusing Sarah even more. Surely she wasn’t enjoying this, this humiliation?

The next smack came as a surprise, as Sarah was becoming accustomed to Angie’s now soothing voice and the hand running smoothly over the denim, causing the pain sensations to dull





The four smacks were more gentle, but quick enough to catch Sarah out as she yelped. The glowing sensation emanating from her cheeks wasn’t subsiding, it was getting worse, as was the heat between her thighs

“Now Sarah” said Angie, as she stepped behind her gracefully “I think we should try something slightly different for the last four”

As she said this, she reached around Sarah’s slim waist, feeling for the button at the top of her blue jeans. Once found, she undid the top button slowly, her fingers digging slighting into Sarah’s warm waist. Her fingers slid down gradually before she the top of the zip, by now her fingers could feel the material of Sarah’s knickers that had been glimpsed earlier. By now Angie herself was feeling a little warm, she shook her head slightly, the dark hair swishing from side to side.

The act of undoing the button was enough to remove some of the tightness from Sarah’s jeans, providing some small relief, but not from the tightness that was increasing in her pussy, that strange sensation she never expected to be feeling.

Angie very slowly and very purposefully started to lower the zip, taking the opportunity to drag one finger over Sarah’s knickers, by the time she’d reached the bottom she knew that Sarah didn’t shave down there, the tight curls pressing beneath the fabric giving the secret away.

Angie quickly and as if with much practice placed her hands on the sides of Sarah’s jeans, and proceeded to slowly peel them down.

Sarah lifted her head slightly whilst raising her hands to her hips in protest, trying to push Angie’s hands away

“Hang on!” cried Sarah, protesting at this violation of decency “This wasn’t mentioned earlier”

“This is all part of the same process Sarah; you wouldn’t want this lesson to be incomplete now would you?” came the reply, a reply whose tone gave little room for argument having come this far.

“Well no, I guess not, but I also don’t want to be semi-naked in your office!. What if someone were to come in?”. By now Sarah was blushing deeply

“They won’t Sarah, they know by now that if the blind is down then I’m not to be disturbed” smirked Angie knowingly “Now where were we?” Angie was keen to see this through, to deliver those last few blows in a fitting manner.

Whilst the tight jeans covering Sarah’s backside offered up a degree of resistance, to an expert like Angie this crumbled as she applied a few swift tugs and pulls, resulting in Sarah’s jeans being around her knees and dropping over her black boots.

Angie was finally able to see what she had glimpsed earlier, a pair of tight red cotton knickers preserving the remains of Sarah’ modesty

“How apt!” laughed Angie gleefully “If we had all afternoon I think I could get your arse to match that” The thought alone causing a sense of arousal to sweep slowly through her groin. She was already thinking up other ways she’d could get Sarah into her office. Oh well, enough daydreaming she thought.

Sarah blushed deeply again, as if the redness from her knickers had spread up her body to her face. “Is it getting warmer in here or is it me?” she thought

Angie slinked slowly behind Sarah again, starting to pull on the sides of the knickers, ensuring the fabric had kaçak casino a smooth surface to cover her backside. Taking a few steps back she soaked up the view. The taut muscles of her legs stretching up to the protruding, red panty clad bottom, the view only enhanced by the glimpses of reddened flesh showing from the sides. She couldn’t be sure, but it looked like the gusset of Sarah’s knickers was turning a slightly darker shade of red, though it could have been the light.

Whilst Sarah was bent over, sweaty palmed hands on the desk, she considered why Angie was taking so long to deliver the final 4 swats. She squeezed her legs together to try and maintain a modicum of decency. She hoped she wasn’t looking at her crotch, that would be the height of embarrassment for her

“Down to the last 4 now” said Angie



There was no warning, no sense that Angie was about to strike. Sarah bit her lower lip and stifled a cry, the accumulated pain now becoming uncomfortable. Without the extra padding the denim had provided, the slaps were felt more keenly, with the hot sting spreading once again from her cheeks to between her legs, where it almost seemed to intensify. She stretched her legs up as if to slow the pain, attempting to reach an arm behind her to stroke the cheeks better.

“Don’t fail me now Sarah, with only 2 more to go. Hasn’t this been a positive experience? Can’t you feel how you’ve grown as a person?” enquired Angie

With the pain still fresh in Sarah’s mind, she just hung her head and mumbled a non specific reply, keen now to be free from this experience.

Angie stood next to Sarah and placed her right hand on Sarah’s left cheek. She started to slowly smooth her palm over it, gently caressing the hot skin beneath the cotton. It wasn’t a sensation Sarah was familiar with, but it was strangely soothing and a welcome relief from the stinging previously felt. Sarah started to relax a little under the new attention, letting out a slight breathy sigh.

Angie slowly moved her hand over to the right cheek, carrying on the gentle motions of stroking the inflamed cheeks.

“Last two Sarah, are you ready?” asked Angie

“Yes” came the reply, meekly, having almost resigned herself to her fate

Before Angie drew her hand back, she surreptitiously moved her hand in between Sarah’s cheeks, gently pressing the pad of her thumb into the gusset of her knickers, feeling the emanating heat and the hint of a slippery sensation as the material glided over the lips below.



Sarah yelped loudly this time and leapt up, bringing her hands quickly to her backside so she could rub the sore cheeks. These last 2 were the hardest blows by far she thought, as she rubbed her hands quickly up and down, providing some small relief to the tender flesh. So much so that she couldn’t now say whether Angie had touched her, the stinging heat filled her every thought.

“You can pull your jeans up now” said Angie dismissively. Clearly announcing that this was over and that the punishment have been meted out.

Sarah gingerly pulled her tight jeans up over her tender bottom, careful not to make the pain worse. Once up she pulled up the zip and fastened the button at the top. She padded from foot to foot to try and drive the pain sensations from her mind, along with the heat between her legs which had re-intensified once the blue denim had secured her pussy back into its secure home.

“I think we’ve made real progress today, and hopefully you’ve learned a valuable lesson” stated Angie pleasantly, as if all that had occurred was a simple warning “You may return to your desk Sarah”

Angie lifted the blind on the door, before pulling down the handle and opening it, ushering Sarah back out of the room with a sweep of her arm.

Sarah walked gingerly back to her desk, the pain in her backside still not abating, though she was relieved that the other staff were either at lunch or away from their desks during this walk of shame. Her face was still red and her blond hair sticking slightly to the small beads of perspiration on her forehead. Relieved that they didn’t know what had happened, so wouldn’t ask awkward questions.

Once at her desk, Sarah gently lowered her backside into the seat, allowing it to press slightly into the cushion, testing whether the pain was going to force her to stand for the remainder of the day. Whilst the heat was ever present, the stinging sensation was starting to subside making it possible to sit, as long as she shifted her weight from one buttock to the other enough times she figured she could last the rest of the day.

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