Office Fuck Buddies

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“Will you concentrate on this?” Nicky scolded me playfully as she caught me once more looking at her small, shapely backside.

I’d earlier told her that it was one thing wearing a tight-fitting, light summery dress but when that also hugged her bum revealing the outline of obviously quite brief panties that was, “just too much.”

“Look, I’m sorry, but cute, sexy backside or boring reports and cute, sexy backside wins every time,” I grinned back. Nicky had refused to accept that her bum “wasn’t big,” despite me earlier telling her that she was ‘mad’ if she really thought that and, as I’d now repeated, it was actually ‘cute’ and, indeed, ‘very sexy.’

“Stop it,” she smiled, “and I still don’t believe you.”

“Look, I think you know…or at least I hope you know…that I think you’re great; you’re really cute, great personality…despite all our arguing….stunning body, etc, etc and if I was single, younger and looked like Brad Pitt, well…,” I trailed off, finding the way she was looking straight at me a real turn-on.

“…and so”, I continued, “I’m telling you the blooming truth…I’d struggle to say what is your best feature, because there’s so blooming many of them, but your arse is right up there!”

Nicky paused, grinned nicely, and said “well, thank you, as compliments go, that’s…right up there too!”and laughed.

“I just don’t like the idea of you having a complex about something which is actually a real selling-point!”

“A selling-point!?” she feigned looking aghast and then tried to smack me.

“You know what I mean,” I replied, dodging backwards and laughing.

“Well, I’ve got to admit that I always forget you’re a bit olde….more mature,” she grinned, seeing me raise my eyebrows, “because,” she quickly continued, “you certainly don’t look it…or act it,” this time she ducked backwards from my playful swipe, “and I’ve always had a thing for the slightly more mature, attractive, athletic man and so if you weren’t married…”

“You don’t ‘do’ married men then?” I grinned, at my deliberate entendre.

“No…well, never have done,” the seemingly significant pause made my already stiff cock jerk in excitement.

As we stared at each other the telephone rang to slightly break the moment, but Nicky just continued to look at me until it stopped. After another few moments she finally said, “I should put that over to voice-mail as we don’t want to be interrupted anyway.” She then turned round and it seemed as if as she leant forward to lift the handset and press the relevant keys she’d deliberately stuck her arse up higher than it needed to be. It also appeared to be taking her slightly longer than it should have needed and when she finally looked round at me, I was just openly gazing at her backside. “OK?” she asked.

“More than OK” I sighed, smiling and still continuing to just stare at her small, rounded arse cheeks clearly outlined through the lightweight dress material.

“Well, can you,” she finally said, “go and get that original report from your office to compare to this one?”

“Yep, will do,” I reluctantly said, disappointed that our flirting had obviously come to an end.

As it was a Friday afternoon the offices were a lot quieter than normal and I felt relieved that it would give my erection a chance to subside without anyone spotting it poking outwards from my lightweight suit trousers. I was also relieved that, as it was dress-down Friday I just had on an open necked business-style shirt on, no tie or jacket, as I was feeling noticeably quite warm now.

Having got the original documentation, however, as I walked back towards the filing room we were using for some guaranteed piece and quiet to sort out this problem, the thought of her just made me aroused once more.

Nicky had just turned 29, quite a bit younger than me at 41, but, if anything, she looked even younger than that. She was about 5ft 4″, with short’ish blonde hair but a long fringe which often fell over her face and which I found particularly alluring. She also had a wide mouth and the most stunning smile.

Whilst I’d heard other people say she was too pale and also ‘way too thin,’ for me her slender frame and waist just further accentuated her rather impressive breasts. In the work clothes that she tended to wear this wasn’t normally obvious to view, I assumed she favoured sturdy, supporting bras which must have held her in, but on a couple of non-work occasions she’d worn tops or dresses which confirmed she was certainly very well ‘stacked.’

She’d joined the company about a year ago and straight away we seemed to hit it off, often arguing and disagreeing with each other but in a friendly way and such that many people said we were just like a ‘husband and wife.’ She often came to the gym with me at lunch-times and she was certainly my best ‘mate’ within the company, but also a mate that I found a real turn-on. I don’t think I’d have ever actually tried instigating anything with her, partly because istanbul escort I didn’t want to risk our friendship but also I was actually very happily married.

However, as I walked back into the small, narrow document storage room we’d been using I admit I was curious to see if our earlier flirting would continue in the same manner. Nicky was still leaning over the desk with ‘that’ arse sticking out but then, presumably hearing me enter, she turned her head to look at me.

“Notice anything different?” she grinned. I shook my head slightly in obvious confusion and was then really taken aback as she produced a pair of flimsy, white panties and smiled; “I thought if they were proving distracting I’d help you out!”

She paused, obviously enjoying the surprised look on my face and then burst out laughing as I really shook my head and stammered, “oh, that’s just…just not fair!” aware that my cock was now thrusting out of my trousers once more.

Nicky then said, “well you better lock that door, we don’t want the cleaners barging in and disturbing us,” causing my prick to jerk in further excitement but then she scrunched the pants back up into her hand and said in quite a workmanlike manner, “as I think I’ve seen what we should be concentrating on” and turned back round to look at the report.

Now I just didn’t know what to think and, having locked the door, she did appear to be mulling over that damn, boring report once more. “What do you reckon?” she asked without looking round at all.

The desk was only quite narrow and penned in by filing cabinets either side, without enough room for me to stand alongside her so moving forward I tried to look over her left hand shoulder down to where-ever she was looking.

“I think this is definitely what we should be concentrating on”, she continued easing herself back slightly so that her bum now nestled against my groin. I hesitated uncertain if that had been an intentional movement by her but Nicky then clearly started to move her bottom so that she was slowly rubbing herself against my ever-hardening cock! She pushed back against me even more, causing my shaft to ease her cheeks apart and, even through our clothes, I could now feel myself nestling in-between her crack.

I sighed quietly, just enjoying the sensation and not really daring to move in case it broke the moment and she stopped doing what she was doing. There didn’t seem to be any real danger of that though as Nicky was now really sliding herself up and down against the length of my shaft and I heard her sigh and moan slightly as well. As Nicky seemed to be getting herself more worked up I gently placed my hands on her slim waist and my very touch seemed to galvanize her as she held the table to push back against me, her movements becoming even firmer and more pronounced.

Nicky then eased her bum to the very tip of my erection and, as she pushed herself back downwards, my helmet was caught between her crack and moved down with her. When it was nearly at 90 degrees she pushed back slightly, spearing herself onto me. “Oh god,” I sighed, running my finger tips down her back, causing Nicky to moan and arch her head backwards. “Fuck, I could come like this,” I breathed.

“Don’t you dare,” Nicky replied, turning to face me for the first time. The lust in her eyes was a real turn-on and she virtually demanded, “I want you to come deep inside me.” We were both breathing very heavily and for a moment just stared at each other, I think both of us just taking in what she’d just said.

Nicky then moved her head back further and I leant forward to her and, for the first time, we kissed. It was a quick, urgent kiss, both of us pulling back slightly to look at each other, and then doing the same again several more times until we fell into a long, lingering, deep snog. As our tongues probed, our bodies were still firmly pressed together and my cock felt like it was pushing deeper and deeper into her, with Nicky pulling me onto her. As we kissed I lightly ran the fingers of my left hand along her throat, then let it drop down to her left breast. I gently tweaked at her nipple and brought my other hand up to her right tit. I then lightly ran the back of my fingers and palms over her already erect nipples, before cupping her tits, feeling the sheer weight of them before firmly massaging them as we continued to snog.

“I need you,” Nicky then breathed, turning round and kissing all around my neck then up to nibble on my ear. “I need your cock inside me….deep inside me….fuck, I need you”, she continued as I ran my hands all over her and then guided her up and backwards against the wall.

I moved my hands up and under her dress, firmly groping all around her slender legs and thighs and then running my right hand up to her fanny. My middle finger immediately slipped in-between her fanny lips, causing Nicky to gasp and she started to almost frantically pull at the zip of my trousers. Her cunt felt kadıköy escort warm and wet and I slowly eased my way fully into her, then held my finger there, lightly feeling her with the very finger tip. I used my palm to rub at her pubic hair and could feel Nicky pushing herself down onto my finger and hand.

I reached down to help Nicky pull, with some difficulty, my cock out through my boxers and the zip in my suit trousers. My prick had never felt so big or hard and as it sprung out Nicky firmly held it near the base as I kissed and sucked at her breasts through her dress and bra. She then cupped my balls before sliding her finger-tips underneath the length of my shaft and then rubbing the tip between her fingers and wanking me several times, using my pre-come as lubricant.

We then heard someone try the door handle and both froze looking at each other. Nicky grinned and I was sure it was just the cleaner who would simply move on to the next room, and so took the opportunity to lift Nicky up slightly by the waist. My cock seemed to automatically find it’s way to her entrance and I heard her gasp slightly as my helmet nestled between her fanny lips and I then pushed myself into her. The thought that I was sliding into Nicky whilst someone stood only a few feet away from us added even further to the thrill and I watched her close her eyes as I slid into her warm, welcoming, wet fanny.

My initial concern that I might just shoot my load the moment I entered her passed as my urge to prolong this encounter proved greater. If anything my cock seemed to expand further at the sensation of being inside her and Nicky’s fanny felt like it pulled my foreskin even further back as I slid fully up into her, trying to stiffle the groan that I let out at such a glorious feeling.

The door handle was then tried again and Nicky once more looked straight at me whilst I just held her there, fully impaled on my cock. There was no way I was stopping, even if someone had actually come in, but fortunately we then heard footsteps walking away.

Nicky fell onto my mouth and, as she was so light, I quite easily found I could raise and lower her by her waist. Her cunt seemed to envelop itself around my cock and as I guided her up and down it felt like she was wanking me with a snug yet soft, warm glove. Her juices were really flowing now and I could hear slurping noises with our movements. I kissed at her breasts once more, then became aware Nicky was fiddling behind her back and next moment she’d pulled out her bra and dropped it to the floor, then yanked her dress away from her shoulders.

Those pale breasts that I’d often thought about were now naked in front of me, as big and as perfect as I’d dreamt. “God you’re fucking gorgeous,” I said gazing at them momentarily and then became aware of Nicky urging me to, “suck them…suck my nipples, suck my breasts” and she leant forward slightly to offer up her heavy left breast to my mouth.

Supporting it from underneath, and marveling at indeed how sheer heavy it was, I lightly licked and lapped at her nipple, before clamping my mouth around it and starting to suck and kiss at it quite forcibly. I then moved across to her right tit and did the same. Nicky pulled me to her, telling me how “good” it felt and then I concentrated once more on fucking her against the wall. As I banged more forcible into her, Nicky wrapped her arms around me and whilst I kissed at her neck she again nibbled and kissed at my ear. She was grunting more and more noisily but then suddenly said, “fuck me on the desk.”

I kissed her and, reluctantly, slid out of her. She took my hand and sitting on the edge of the desk she opened her slim legs wide and pulled me once more down onto her moist lips. As we kissed I could feel the underside of my shaft rubbing against her slit and almost finding it’s way back in, but I wanted to watch me enter her this time and stood back up.

Nicky grinned and leant back on her elbows, opening her legs even wider and fully exposing herself to my gaze. “Like what you see?” she smiled. “God yes,” I breathed, pushing my erection downwards and guiding the head once more to her fanny lips. I watched as the tip parted her then looked up at Nicky as I eased myself back into her. “Ohhhh, that’s nice,” she grinned, looking straight at me. “I felt empty without you,” she continued, wiggling slightly with me fully impaled in her before lying back fully on the desk.

I looked back down to watch as I began to slide back and forth, bringing my cock virtually right out of her before sliding all the way back in. I could feel Nicky tensing her fanny muscles and gripping and releasing my cock which only added to the glorious sensation. I used my right thumb to gently play with her clit and Nicky placed her hand on top of mine. I then reached forward to massage and grope her tits before leaning forward to once more suckle on them and bury my face in-between them.

As I stood back kağıthane escort up I picked up Nicky’s panties from the desk and she smiled as I firstly smelt at them, before rubbing them all over my face. “Next time,” she said huskily, “you can eat me out and I’ll suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.”

I don’t know if I was more delighted at the thought of either of those or the realization that she clearly didn’t intend this to be a one-off.

I shoved her panties in my pocket and then holding her inner thighs I gradually built up the speed that I was fucking her. The slurping noises were getting louder and louder and I leant forward so my arms were trapping her thighs against the desk and I could really thrust into her, harder and harder. Nicky reached up to hold onto the top of the desk and ‘warned’ me that she was, “going to come…going to come…going to COOOOOME.”

As her orgasm obviously hit she arched her head and her back off the desk. I thrust hard into her several more times and then slowed my movements as she gradually calmed down. “Fuck, that was good,” she grinned, reaching down and running her hands over her inner thighs and then down to feel my cock still slowly moving in and out of her.

She then sat up leaning on her right arm so that she could reach down and fondle my balls with her left hand. “Now I want you to empty these in me,” and she pushed her tongue once more into my mouth, snogging me long and hard, whilst grinding herself against me. I stopped my movements and just enjoyed the sensation of her fucking herself on me, and getting more and more worked up as she did so. “Come in me…come in me,” she urged, falling back onto my mouth.

“Let me fuck you from behind,” I said slipping out of her and then helping to guide her round. Nicky leant down on the desk, sticking that cute, bare arse up in the air. I couldn’t resist the sight and whilst holding her small bum cheeks lowered my face to her crack. She gasped at the first touch of my nose, mouth and tongue pushing in-between her arse and then groaned in pleasure as I quite frantically licked and kissed at her. Nicky pushed back against me and pulled my face to her whilst encouraging, “lick me…that’s it,oh yea,lick me.” She smelt and tasted gorgeous and I don’t know who was getting more and more worked up, me or her.

I could have stayed like that for ages but now the need to fuck Nicky and empty my load deep inside her was even greater and I quickly stood back up and pushed my rock-solid erection downwards and in-between her legs. My cock again seemed to find it’s way straight to her entrance and in one swift movement I slid completely into her. From this angle it felt as though I was even deeper in her than even before.

Holding her slim waist I quickly started to pump in and out of her, Nicky groaning in time with my thrusts. The sensation was just so good that I couldn’t hold on for very long and with my balls smacking against her, I ‘warned’ Nicky that I was going to “come.” Moving my hands down to hold her small buttocks it then felt like my cock just exploded, pumping load after load deep inside her.

I just stood there for a few moments, sighing in contentment, then leant forward to kiss at her slender back and shoulders. Nicky raised herself up from the desk so that her heavy tits swung below her and I reached down to cup them, gently playing with them and again marveling at their sheer weight.

“Did you come?” she giggled, wiggling against me and turning her head so that we could lightly kiss. “Fuck yes,” I breathed, as she then quite matter-of-factly eased me out of her, turned round and pulled her dress back up over her shoulders.

“Come on then,” she continued, quite briskly as she smoothed the bottom of the dress back down over her legs and turned round to the report. I feared from her manner that that was going to be that and it would indeed prove to be just a one-off but Nicky then simply put the paperwork into a drawer and said, “I need a shower, so I’m going to sneak off early…my place is on your way back, want to share one with me?” and she trailed her middle finger down my chest to my now limp cock. Her touch and what she’d just said made my prick twitch and she smiled, “that’s very promising.”

“And as plans go…”I grinned quickly starting to sort myself out.

“Give me a couple of minutes then follow me,” she virtually purred, pulling my face down to hers and deeply French kissing me before walking to the door.

The drive to Nicky’s place was only about 10 minutes and in that time my prick was already showing signs of springing back to life, what with the thought of what we’d been doing and also with the expectancy of what was, literally, going to come! When Nicky answered my knock on her door, my cock suddenly sprang back to full attention. She initially opened it just a fraction, presumably to check it was me, then pulled it wide open to reveal she was standing there totally naked, with the exception of some black, high-heeled!

She smiled for a moment, obviously enjoying the sheer look of surprise on my face for a second time that afternoon as I just kept looking at her up and down, drinking in the vision and then just breathing, “ohhh, my god.” “Come here”, she urged, pulling me in and leading me straight to her bedroom.

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