Office Politics Ch. 2

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It was 6 pm before Heidi even spoke to me, both of us working hard. As a supervisor, she sucked! She finally asked if I wanted a pizza delivered, she would pay. Well, Miss Cheapo was opening her purse strings. We agreed on toppings, probably the first time we’ve ever agreed, and continued to work till it arrived. Heidi went out, paid for it and took it to the boardroom. She sent me for some pop, giving me change for the machine.

Now, it was closer to 7, not a sole in the office, two dispatchers downstairs but they couldn’t access the office area. Funny, Heidi seemed more relax tonight, a little more opened; I was on guard for anything. But she surprised me.

“I want to admit something.” She started to say, pulling a slice out of the pizza box. “I know you and I don’t get along. And I want you to know the reason.” Heidi paused, chewing a bite of pizza; I was all ears for her god like knowledge.

“I’m jealous.”

Now that wasn’t what I expected to hear, and I looked at her trying to expose her plan. Then I realized she must have been making reference to our boss.

“Jealous of what?”

“Jealous of you and Dan.”

Ah ha! There it was; she did suspect. “Of Dan and I? What do you mean?”

“Please, don’t play dumb, it doesn’t suit you.”

She didn’t seem angry, still seemed relaxed, almost friendly. So I decided to try this approach; “Well, its nothing to get jealous of. Dan would probably bag both of us bursa escort if you let him. He’s just a horny devil and I have an itch he can scratch.”

“Yeah, I figured. I’m still envious of him.”

I opened my mouth but stopped, suddenly listening to what she had just said. Envious of him? That meant… before I could finish the thought, Heidi spoke up, wheeling her chair closer, grabbing for my hand.

“Please Shannon, I’m sorry. I just can’t take it any more. Day after day I see you at your desk, day after day I hear you talk with your co-workers and day after day I think that there is a girl I’d like to get to know. And day after day Dan has your attention instead.”

I sat there staring at her. I finally realized my mouth was still open and I closed it. The silence deepened. And then I began to laugh, what I think is my cute girl laugh, not my rude “you’re an asshole” laugh. Heidi’s turn to look at me funny because she knew the differences in my tones.

“What’s so funny?”

“You stupid twit!”

Heidi’s expression changed to half smile and half question.

With my free hand, I pulled her head towards me and kissed her, hard. I squeezed the hand that held my other. I laughed again when I sat back. “All this time I thought you hated me!?”

“hate you?! Oh no, I was falling in love with you!”

Now I stopped smirking. “Love with me?”

“Oh yes! I fell in love with the way you dressed, bursa escort bayan your walk, the way you sit with one leg tucked up under you, the way you laugh, your smile, the way you cuss when a driver pisses you off, the fact that you don’t smoke or do drugs, the treats you bake your self for the office, that cute school girl outfit that you wear once a month. Just fell in love.”

I sat there stunned. And I began to think back on all the reasons why I hated this chic and they all disappeared, as I now knew her reason. “Oh God…I’ve treated you so bad. I’ve said some bad things, gave you such a hard time.”

“Oh I know, and that made it just that much more frustrating.”

“Please forgive me?” I asked.

“Only if you’ll kiss me again.” And I did, more tenderly, feeling the tremble of her lips on mine. Tremble? The iron lady trembles? We slowly stood, gathering each other in our arms, soft caresses, gentle squeezes, exciting whimpers as we explored each others mouth. We became more urgent, suddenly fueled with desire.

Just minutes ago I hated this bitch; now I was going to make love to her. Was it love making? Or just lust? What the fuck, just go for it! Stop thinking and get down on your knees and her out; I told myself.

It wasn’t long till we had the pizza box shoved over to ones die, our clothes discarded and our breathing coming faster. We had a chuckle when we realized bursa merkez escort that each of us was trying to get the other up onto the table. Kind of a tug of war to see who was more dominant. “You’re the boss, you decide.” I laughed. And so Heidi helped me sit up on the table. Her mouth found my caramel nipples and I gathered her hair in my hands and pulled her close. Fingers began to probe me and I finally let go and lay back on the boardroom table.

Heidi was fantastic! She alternated her speed, kissing me softly and then tongue my whole sex hard. Her tongue played games with my clit while she wiggled two fingers into my hole. She mumbled something about it being sweeter than she thought. “I dreamt you had a shaved pussy but I see you keep it trimmed.”

With my voice husky from breathing harder I answered “I’ll shave it for you.”

Heidi must have liked that idea because her efforts down there became a little harder and faster until I hollered ” Jesus Heidi, I’m cumming, I ‘m cumming!”

I could hear her lapping up my sex flow. I flow a lot heavier than most of my girlfriends and Heidi knew it. “Oh God, Shannon, it’s a river down here. Did I make you this hot?”

“Hot!? Wait till it’s my turn!”

I grabbed her head and gently guided her up to me, her kisses wet from my juice. It was a little ackward getting the two of us up there and we giggled when she said something about breaking the table and what would Dan say in the morning. She lay on to one side, and we kissed and touched. I began to wiggle out from under her but she held me tight.

“Don’t you want me to please you?” I asked.

“Yes, but can we do it at my place?” Heidi asked. I agreed and the rest of the night was even hotter!

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