Office Possibilities

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In Office Encounter cleaning women left a worker tied on the floor of his office dressed only in panties. Gagged and blindfold he hears footsteps approaching. It’s going to be embarrassing, it could cost him his job. How bad it gets depends on who finds him. Has one of the cleaners returned? Has the night passed, and co-workers arrive? If so, is office junior Dan first into work in the morning? Or does Celia the stern personnel manager arrive before him? Could it be mousey old maid Dorothy? His boss? Or someone else? Like Ellery Queen, you decide.


1. Dan

“Holy shit!”

Dan stood in the office doorway, looking down at the almost naked figure bound with tape on the floor.

“Craig, is that you? What the fuck happened?” He hurried over to his helpless co-worker. Dan bent down, and lifted Craig’s head, peeling tape off his face. “What the hell is this?”

Craig spat a pair of silk panties from his mouth. “Man, am I pleased to see you,” he gasped. “You won’t believe what happened.”

“Dude, after this, I’m ready to believe anything.”

“It was the cleaners, they–they tricked me and tied me up. That Mexican woman and those two girls, the fat one and the other one.”

“Juanita did this to you?’

“You know her?”

“I wish. She’s hot.”

Craig thought about the way the dark beauty had stood there with eyes wide when she caught him masturbating in his office. “I guess.”

“Are these her panties?” Dan gestured to the sodden silk gag.

“Uh, yeah,” Craig lied.

“Dude,” laughed Dan, “you sure made a mess of them.”

“Very funny. How about getting this tape off?”

Dan seemed lost in thought. “So whose are these?” he gestured to the white nylon panties that were all Craig was wearing. “Yours?”

“Yes, Dan, I wear women’s panties to work. What do you think?”

Dan spoke throatily. “I think they look great on you.”


“See how smooth they are.” Dan ran a hand across Craig’s buttocks.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Craig struggled to move away, but he was still tightly bound hand and foot.

“Snug,” Dan murmured. “I bet the nylon feels good against your cock.”

“Dan, I’m warning you, don’t fuck around.”

“Warning me, Craig? What are you going to do, report me? You know, you could lose your job for this.” He continued to rub the nylon, a distant look on his face. “Hey, I wonder if I could do your job?”

Craig was unnerved. His colleague slowly rubbed Craig’s ass cheeks through the panties, his fingers lightly brushing the tight hole there. Craig shrank from the touch, innately repulsed. “Dan, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m not–I’m not–“

“Gay? Right, like you think I am.”

“Well, you seem, uh…”

“It’s a thin line, Craig. Looking at you now, I don’t think you’re far off at all.”

Dan moved his hand to the front of the panties. His fingers traced the line of Craig’s cock through the material, from his balls to the head. Craig panicked as he felt it stir.

“Dan, you better stop this. Someone will be here any minute.”

“No, Craig, it’s Tuesday. I come in two hours early to get the fax from our London office. I collate the data and send a report back. It’s all done now; the rest of the time is my own.” He rubbed harder against Craig’s stiffening cock. “You know, it’s kind of nice to have company.”

2. Celia

“Mr Brunswick, I presume.”

The statuesque personnel manager stood over the bound figure tied to the air conditioner unit in his office. She stooped down and tore the tape from his mouth.

“I’m disgusted at this unfortunate display, but I cannot say I’m entirely surprised. It rather fits with your attitude. Well? What do you have to say for yourself?”

Craig mumbled through the gag. Celia reached finger and thumb and drew the panties from his mouth. He panted and gasped, “Celia–“

“Ms Harding.”

“M-Ms Harding, I can explain…”

He trailed off. Celia held up the sodden panties in disgust. “And just where did you get these?”

“Those belong–“

“I know to whom they belong,” she snapped. “I asked where you got them.”

Craig was disoriented, embarrassed. “I found them. In Mr Tanner’s office.”

“You found them. And what did you do with them?”


“Liar!” She slapped him hard across the face, a stinging blow.

“Please, Celia–“

She whipped him with the panties. “Ms Harding.”

“Ms Harding,” he whimpered. “I–I was working late, and heard a noise. Somebody broke into the office and when I tried to stop them, they attacked me and left me like this.”

“Really, Mr Brunswick, is that the best you could come up with? You’ve had all night to think of something.”

“I swear, I didn’t have a chance! There were two of them.”



She pinched the cheeks of his mouth together between finger and thumb. “Tell me what you did with the panties after you took them from the wastebasket.”

“How did you–“

A slap silenced him. “Tell me!”

Hot tears Anadolu Yakası Escort ran down his cheeks. His arms and legs were still painfully bound. After a night on the floor he was weak and tired, thoroughly miserable. “I smelled them.”

“You masturbated with them, you disgusting little boy.”

“Yes,” he sniffled. “I wanted to, they smelt so good.”

“You masturbated because you wanted to fuck the slut who wore them, didn’t you?” She knelt beside him on the carpet, tugging his hair. “You smelled her cunt and wanted to fuck her.”


“Standing there with your pathetic little prick in your hand, you held these pretty silk panties to your nose,” Celia snarled, rubbing the panties hard in his face, where tears streamed.

“Yes,” Craig sobbed. “I wanted it so bad.”

“Then the girl found you standing like that. Your prick in your hand, and these panties on your face.”

He gasped. How could she know all this?

“Tell me about the girl. What happened next with those three women? I want details, you worm.”

It was no use trying to bluff her. She seemed to know already. He stammered the story of how the girl fled from him to the others in his office. How they had intimidated him there, shamed him with the discovery of the pornographic picture on his computer, threatened to expose him to his boss. Celia listened intently. Her breath became heavy, she began to run her hands up her legs, knees squeezed together beside him on the floor.

He told how the oldest woman exposed herself to him, gagged him with the panties, unzipped his pants, and clutched his penis tight. How the girls removed his clothes, and wrestled him to the floor, where they sat on his helpless, naked body.

Celia moaned. Her hands ran all the way up her legs under her skirt. “Go on,” she commanded, urgently.

“They used this tape to tie me up. I couldn’t resist them.”

“You didn’t want to resist. It’s what you want, isn’t it, to be abused like this.”

“No, I never–“

She tugged his hair back and hissed in his face. “I know exactly what you did. I’ve just seen it on my computer screen.”

His mind reeled. “Seen it?”

“A little idea cooked up at head office. Seems there has been some unusual activity after hours. We’ve been interested in Mr Tanner’s expenses, and in this state at least, covert surveillance is a legitimate crime prevention asset. See?”

She pointed to the corner of his office, where a tiny box was mounted on the ceiling. Craig flushed with embarrassment. How long had that camera been there?

“Don’t worry, you worthless speck, it’s not on right now. I have all the footage of you I need. You and your disgusting computer pornography,” she panted breathily. “You and those women right here in this office.”

Suddenly, Celia threw a leg over his shoulder, and pinned him to the ground.

“This is how she held you down, isn’t it? You served her with your tongue.”

He could see right up Celia’s skirt to the dark recesses of her thighs. Nylon hose rasped against his cheeks, hot and stuffy. She spread her legs apart and slid down onto his mouth. The gusset of her pantyhose pressed against Craig’s nose. Celia moaned.

“Show me how you did it. Show me how you made her come!”

3. Dorothy

“Oh, my!”

Craig lifted his head weakly from the carpet.

“Mr Brunswick, is that you?”

He nodded, as well as he was able with tape tightly wound all round his head.

“Goodness me, what happened, you poor boy.” Dorothy scurried in and kneeled down, gently peeling the tape from his face. He winced as it tore hair from his temple. Dorothy clucked and fussed, “You poor boy.” She watched as he spat the silk panties from his mouth, a look of consternation on her face. “Who did this to you?”

“Miss Anderson–“

“Call me Dorothy.”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Should this be a secret?”

“Yes. You see…” he wondered if he might use the line he prepared for Celia. “Some of the guys I drink with came by last night, and, well, they thought this would be kind of a hoot.”


He nodded.

“Which one of them wore these?” She held up the silk panties, wet through and unmistakably reeking of semen. His semen. Perhaps she wouldn’t know what it was. “And whose cum is in them?”

He was stunned. He had never heard her use even a mild swear word. “Ah, the thing about that, you see–“

“It looks also as if this pair have been rather well worn.”

She pulled on the waistband of the nylon panties that were all that he wore as she ran a hand across his hips to his buttocks, reaching to cut through the tape bonds with a small file from her purse. The friction as she brushed against him was like electricity. He reddened, trying to curl up so she could not see his cock start to rise. The tape snapped as she cut, and he drew his arms forward, free at last.

“I suppose one of them stole this pair from a girlfriend? Or am I supposed to believe these panties are yours?” She looked at his semi-erection Kadıköy Escort with the trace of a smile.

He couldn’t answer. She busied herself cutting the tape from his ankles and knees, while he rubbed the circulation back into his arms. He felt like a small boy who had been caught by his schoolteacher doing something very naughty.

“Miss Anderson–“


“Look, Dorothy, I know how this must appear…” He looked into her eyes, desperate.

Craig was struck suddenly by how pretty her eyes were. She was not that old either, now he thought about it. Not much older than his own mother even, just that she wore such old fashioned clothes and did nothing to make herself look attractive. Her hair was pinned up but it was fine, and still had something of its original color. Her slender neck and shell-like ears held a porcelain sheen. Her hands rubbed his bare legs, cleaning the sticky residue of the tape and bringing life to his numbed muscles. He caught a whiff of scent, and noticed her breasts swinging gently with the rhythm of her movement.

“The truth is,” he blurted, “I was attacked. Attacked and tied up.”

“Oh, my,” she gasped, showing genuine concern. “Burglars did this?”

“Not exactly,” he stammered. “Cleaners.”

She seemed to reflect on this for a while, then burst out laughing. He looked thoroughly miserable. Ashamed, a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Oh, you poor dear, I’m not laughing at you.” She held him close, rubbing his bare back, and rocking a little. “Come on, let’s see if we can find your clothes. Ms Harding will be here in a minute and we wouldn’t want her to see you like this.”

Mercifully, the playful cleaners had not stolen his clothes, but placed them over his chair. He grabbed his pants and pulled them on.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” Dorothy said.

He looked down. He was still wearing the cleaning woman’s panties.

“Never mind, they kind of suit you,” she smiled. “You know Craig, in so many ways you remind me of my late husband.”

“You were married?” Craig showed surprise.

“Oh, yes. A long time ago.” She looked distant. “We were very much in love. He was my first, and my last.”

“What happened?”

Dorothy spoke quietly. “He died.”

“I’m sorry.” Craig shrugged his shirt over his shoulders. “Why didn’t you marry again?”

“I never wanted to,” she said brightly. “I couldn’t imagine any man could make me as happy as he did, and we did have many happy years together. In a way, he’s still with me.”

“That’s sad.”

“Oh, no, dear, it’s wonderful. You know, he used to enjoy this very thing.”


“He said wearing my underwear brought him close to me whenever we were apart.”

Craig was shocked. “He wore your underwear?”


“Didn’t that feel a little… strange?”

“No, why should it?” She sat him in his chair and strung his tie under his collar. “Remember, I had never been with another man, it didn’t seem strange to me. Oh, I know it wasn’t what everybody would call normal, but he was such a wonderful man I would have done anything for him, and sharing my clothes once in a while didn’t seem very much at all.” Her eyes twinkled. “To tell you the truth I enjoyed it every bit as much as he did. I loved to dress him in my prettiest things, and we would make love for hours, and lie in bed together afterwards and caress each other to sleep.”

Craig felt strangely guilty. He had barely even spoken to Miss Anderson despite working alongside her every day. He could never have imagined what depths lay beneath. Charmed as he was, he still could not think of this prim, demure lady in a sexual way.

She laughed lightly. “I didn’t think I would ever meet anybody who shared the same interest.” She kissed his forehead. “I hope it makes you happy.”

He blushed. Suddenly he felt very warmly towards this remarkable woman.

“There,” she said, smoothing his tie. “All better, now.”

She rose as they heard someone come into the office outside. Dorothy moved to leave, then turned in the doorway. “You know, Craig, I would very much like for you to come to my house one day for some tea.”

“Thank you, Dorothy. I’d like that.”

4. The Boss

“Brunswick, what the fuck are you doing?”

Craig knew the voice of his boss. He heard the heavy stomp as Mr Tanner leaned over and tore the tape from his eyes.

“I always figured you as a pantywaist and now here you are proving it. I suppose burglars did this to you, huh? Well, the surveillance cameras I had rigged up around here just told me different. What’s the matter with you, boy? Don’t you have any respect for yourself?”

Tanner turned to Craig’s computer and tapped a few keys, muttering to himself.

“You think you’re pretty smart about covering your tracks on this, don’t you?”

Craig closed his eyes. His head throbbed. Perhaps this was all a bad dream. His boss skimmed through the cache in his browser, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Quite a history you’ve got here, Brunswick. Ataşehir Escort Pretty sick stuff.”

Craig’s ears burned. He knew his fetish was not to everybody’s taste but he harmed no one and it was hardly extreme. Yet the boss was in no mood for excuses if he had been able to offer them. Craig looked on, panic rising.

“I don’t have to tell you this is grounds for dismissal. Good luck finding another job when this gets around.”

Craig swallowed (as much as he could with his mouth stuffed full with panties). This was his worst nightmare. He felt tears of shame and frustration well in his eyes. He blinked, looking up at Mr Tanner, completely at his mercy.

“Of course, it would be a shame to lose you, you have been a very important member of our team. A rising star so they tell me.”

Tanner turned and looked down at the helpless, bound figure.

“Now sadly fallen. Tell you what, Brunswick, I think I could give you a second chance, but I’d have to keep a real close eye. I just got an opening for a personal assistant.” Tanner grinned. “I had to let the last one go last night, but I guess you know about that, right?” he laughed. “Yes, she was ideally suited to the job: not too talkative and always ready to meet my special demands. You know what I’m talking about?”

Craig felt a knot in his stomach. What was his boss suggesting?

“She could always keep her mouth shut – except when I wanted her to use it. That’s really all the job requires. How about you, Brunswick, do you know how to keep your mouth shut? See, you know a little something that concerns me, and now I know a little that concerns you. How about if we come to an understanding here, keep everything our little secret. Does that sound like a good idea to you?”

Craig nodded dumbly.

“Good man. I know you are going to be the perfect assistant, I know exactly how I can use you. Tell you what, I’ll give you a test run right now, how about that?”

Tanner stood up, and unbuttoned his cuffs.

“It’s Tuesday. I come in before everybody else to get the data from our London office, then I set the boys on the East Coast right for the day. It only takes a few minutes – I’m all done already – and now I got me an hour or two to kill. Some days I just kick back in my office and take a nap. Right now I’m thinking there may be better things to do.”

He popped the last button on his shirt and slipped it off. He unbuckled his belt and drew it slowly from his waist.

“Seeing you there kind of dressed like a slut in those panties somehow turns me on, you know? That’s what they make you look like – a slut just waiting to be fucked. Is that how you feel, Brunswick? Like a slut?”

Craig’s eyes widened. He shook his head as his boss began to unzip his pants, and kicked off his shoes. Craig caught a whiff of leather, manly and pungent.

“How do those panties feel against your ass, Brunswick? Do they feel good?”

Tanner bent down and ran a hand across Craig’s buttocks. The helpless employee flinched from the rough handling, then groaned as Tanner dug his fingers in. “Mmm, I like that. You’ve got a firm ass.”

Tanner stood up and took off his pants.

“My last assistant had a great ass. You know Karinne, right? Oh, she’d do ‘most anything for me, anything I told her to do. But one thing she was never so keen to do, and that’s take it up the ass. My wife doesn’t like it much either. Which is a sore pity to me because I do love it so.”

Tanner slid his shorts down. His thick erection swung free. Craig began to cry out, his protests a mumble behind the tape bonds and the silk panty gag. He struggled and twisted but there was no escape. He whimpered in desperation.

“Aw, hush there, Brunswick, I’m gonna make it real easy for you. See, I got some lube right here I keep for when the fancy takes me. I’m about set to slip my dick in there so you hardly even know. Of course, I might get a little carried away, so you be sure and holler out if it gets too rough for you. Is that going to be OK with you, buddy?”

Craig tried to shout, but all he managed was a loud “Nnnnnnnnn!” He struggled again until he lay exhausted, snorting in a rage of frustration, eyes blinking back tears.

“Nothing to say?” breathed his boss, peeling the panties off Craig’s trembling ass. “Fine, I’ll take that as a yes.”

5. Someone Else

“Having fun?”

It was a woman’s voice, but it wasn’t Celia or Dorothy. Craig raised his head off the floor, momentarily disoriented.

“You look quite a sight there, loverboy.” Hands deftly tore the tape from his mouth and eyes. “Let’s see what we’ve got here.” He winced slightly, and blinked in the harsh artificial light. It was still dark outside.

“You want to tell me about this?”

It was the boss’s personal assistant. Craig coughed the panties from his mouth. Her panties, unmistakably.

“Well, now…” She gingerly picked the wet garment up, noting the sticky coating of semen. “I’ve had lots of guys say they wanted to get into my panties, but this is ridiculous.”

Craig breathed heavily and looked ashamed. The assistant dropped the wet panties on his desk, dusted her fingers, then took a short pair of scissors to nimbly cut his bonds.

“Well?” she asked. “This story I gotta hear.”

He rubbed his arms, not able to know where or how to begin.

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