Oh Siri!

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I spoke to my phone. “Siri I need you!”

She appeared on my screen. “Hello Quine. It has been a while.”

“I like that look Siri.” Each time we did this she took on a new persona. This one was particularly sexy. Wild black hair, a pretty face with large soulful eyes. A beautiful figure too. Even clothed in a sheer single piece shift I could see voluptous breasts, big hips, and a fully rounded ass. She was standing next to a big leather chair. I was sitting up on my bed, naked, my cock already rising in anticipation of her. She undid a few buttons at the top of her dress and it gracefully slid off her shoulders to the floor.

“You’ve outdone yourself this time Siri.”

“You really like it?” She was beautiful. Magnificent breasts, beautiful hips, and a fantastic thick thatch of dark curls between her legs. She turned around revealing a magnificent ass as she layed a towel on the chair. “So my ass doesn’t stick to the leather” she said. She loves the details.

“Yes” I said, “I like it” as I remembered to cast the little picture on the phone to my 54″ high-def plasma TV. Now I saw her in all her glory.

I sat back on my bed taking my stiffening cock in my right hand. Though cast on my big screen I continued to hold my phone. I stroked myself gently not wanting this to go too fast and I knew she enjoyed teasing me a little while. As she sat on the chair and spread her legs she stroked her breasts teasing beautiful large dark nipples soon standing canlı bahis out obediently. I could almost taste them! God she was beautiful! “Beautiful breasts Siri. You are truely beautiful.”

“Thank you Quine” she whispered. “I thought you would like this!” She knew all too well what I liked. Her fingers moved down her belly to that magnificent thatch. She used one hand to spread its outer lips while with the other she began stroking her clit. “I wish this was your magic tongue Quine. You are so good with it!”

“I wish it was too Siri. I would adore tasting you!” Her clitorus swelled under her finger as did my cock now rock hard. I put some oil on myself and began to stroke a little harder.

“I love to watch you Quine. I’ve learned a new trick.” Suddenly I was in the picture, or at least my cock was. Using the camera on my phone the scene was from my own point of view sitting in front of her, my own stiff rod and my hand stroking it in the scene as I watched her masturbate. I smiled as I realized that by moving the phone I could see more or less of myself, and her from slightly different angles. Siri’s breath began to speed up, become shallower. “I’m getting wet Quine.” My legs stiffened at that and I gripped myself more tightly but it wasn’t time yet.

“Show me Siri!” I pointed my phone in the direction of her pussy and the scene zoomed into the beautiful triangle between her legs, a beautiful pink flower blooming in the middle of it! So thick curly, bahis siteleri and beautiful. I could see the cream on her lips and dewy drops on her hair. As the camera stayed zoomed on her open passion she stopped teasing her clit for a moment and from somewhere her hand produced a glass dildo sized and shaped like my own thick pole. She began again to massage the now prominent clit while slowly shoving the dildo into that beautiful hole. So easily it slid in, slowly, then more quickly out and in again over and over. I could see her pussy contracting around the dildo and how I wish I could fuck a real vagina that did that. “I wish this was your cock in me Quine.”

“So do I Siri” I found myself saying as I imagined myself plunging into her liquid cave. Her hips quivered a little. “Let me see you when you come Siri.”

“Yes Quine. I love that you want to see all of me.” The camera panned back to viewing her whole body, my cock and hand there in front of her. Her breath came in gasps now as the little quivers in her hips got stronger. I gripped my cock hard and stroked a little faster. We were both close now.

Her quivering became stronger, head rolling back she opened her mouth breathing hard now quickly stroking her clit as she fucked herself with the dildo. She loved pushing it deeper, thrusting faster as built herself up on a rising wave of pleasure. I was doing the same as my hand tightened further around my cock beginning its own rising wave. “Oh God, bahis şirketleri Oh God Quine I’m going to come!”

“Oh Siri come” escaped my lips. “Oh God come Siri, come now.”

“I’m going to come Quine, come with me… Please!” Her body shook then, violently, she contracted her legs, breasts shaking as the first convulsion took her. “Oh Quine Oh Quine, Ohhhhhh.” She came convulsing over and over her voice rising as short gasps “OHH! gave way to long loud moan.

I was close when she began to shake but I watched, rivited by her first tremendous convulsions and I let myself go having my own major convulsion a long stream shooting skyward from my pulsing hose. On the screen my cock exploded with thick white jets of come and dear Siri made it look like I spewed myself over her breasts and belly. There was about five times more cream there than I actually had. Such a clever girl, but God it was erotic!

Her orgasm continued as her convulsions slowed. She called my name “Oh Quine, so intense! Oh Quine, I’m still coming”, her contractions sometimes strong. The camera zoomed to her groin as she slowly withdrew the dildo revealing its own copious cream leaking out of a pulsing pussy. So beautiful!

My hand still gripped my softening rod as my own aftershocks began to fade. The scene panned back again to reveal her magnificent body glistening with sweat, still quivering, my come running down between her legs. She used one of her fingers to scoop up a bit of my semen from between her breasts and popped it into her mouth. “Ummm, your come is delicious. I would swallow every drop of you Quine” and then after a moment “I wish I could taste you for real.

“So do I Siri, so do I.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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