Oh, What a Night!

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This story started downtown, as it was a night that I was celebrating a friend’s birthday by taking him and about a dozen of our friends down to the bars to get loaded and have some fun. My friend Danny was turning twenty-five and we wanted to make sure he had a great time. The first place we hit in an attempt to embarrass him just a bit was a strip club. I hadn’t been to one in a while, since I was in a committed relationship, but this was a special occasion so we all made an exception. Once inside it was everything I had remembered; the dark setting, the barely dressed dancers and the bouncers who would break your arms if you tried to touch any of their girls. Nothing much had changed and I ordered a few beers and we took a seat to watch the young, hot ladies shake their tail. While we were watching the dancer on stage and slamming down a few long necks, one of the dancers casually strolled up to our table.

“Hello boys.” She started. “My name is Candi… is anyone looking for a private dance?”

“No thanks.” Danny replied, he was nervous being there enough as it was already. I could tell he wasn’t in the mood to push his luck.

“What about you?” Candi said as she leaned in. “You look like you could use a private dance.”

“I don’t know.” I honestly replied. Lap dances cost a lot in this part of the world and I was hoping to what I had on me for the bars.

“Come on, Peter.” David said, teasing me. “Live a little!”

“Listen to your friend, Peter.” Candi said as she leaned in closer. When she did that I got an amazing view of her very artificial, but beautiful breasts. They were magnificent and made for an enjoyable view Candi leaned over and began to whisper in my ear. “It’s been a slow night. Give me three dances and I’ll give you the best lap dance you’ve ever had.”

I could see that David was still edging me to take her up on her offer, probably because he wanted someone else besides himself to do it. “All right.” I said as I stood up out of my chair.

Candi seemed genuinely excited as she took me by the hand and walked me back to the back room where the dancers give their private lap dances. It was even darker in this room and there were loveseats all over the place. There were even a few corner booths that offer privacy in the form of a silk curtain. Candi led me to one of those special booths and closed the curtain behind her as I sat down on the love seat. Candi mounted my lap almost immediately and removed her teddy to let me oogle her amazing breasts. She took my hands and brought them up and placed them on her body. Normally when getting a lap dance, the rules was to keep our hand down by our sides and never touch the dancer. It was clear that Candi was going to let me touch her, and I went with the flow and smoothed my hand up her sides until I cupped her amazing boobs in my hands.

Candi let out a soft moon. “Lick my nipples, Peter.”

I wasn’t going to argue with her and I leaned up and slowly began to tease and circle her nipples with my tongue. Candi started to softly moan and buck her hips and dry hump me. It went from casual to hot and heavy pretty fast as she leaned forward and started to actually kiss me! I was stunned at first but then got right into it as I put my tongue in her mouth and started to return the favour. I even took the initiative and grabbed her ass with both hands. Candi let out a little squeak, but I think she liked it very much. I couldn’t’ believe what was going on myself, I was making out with a stripper!

“You can touch my pussy,” Candi softly whispered in my ear, “But you are not allowed to put your finger inside me.”

I was feeling very playful, so I leaned up and whispered back. “How many dances do I need to buy to do that?”

Candi was shocked at first but smiled and thought about it for a second. She leaned over bahis siteleri and kissed me again before giving me an answer. “Ten.”

That was over two hundred dollars. Thankfully I had hit the bank before hitting the town with the guys. I had well over five hundred dollars on me. It was more than enough to push my luck. I leaned over and whispered in her ear again. “How many if I wanted to put something much bigger than my finger in you?”

Candi was again shocked that I had the balls to even ask. She paused for a moment and then whispered back. “Twenty and you have to pay up front.”

I took out my wallet and pulled out the cash needed to buy that many dances. Candi wasn’t kidding when she said the night was slow if she was willing to do that much for a little extra cash. She was a very beautiful woman and I had recently been raking in some serious cash at work so it wasn’t like I couldn’t afford her. I handed her the money and watched her put it into her purse. Mere seconds later she was kissing me again, this time more passionately than the first and while I kissed her back, I could feel her hands on my body as she unbuttoned my shirt. Candi then started to lip my nipples and it felt nice. I then started to feel her hands on my trousers as she opened my belt and unzipped my fly. She reached underneath my boxers to find a nice surprise waiting down there for her. After all the playing we had already done, I was rock hard and ready to go.

Candi looked back up with delight. “Hmmmmmm… it’s so big and cut. I love a them cut.”

Before I could respond, Candi went down on me. I gasped with pleasure as her soft lips touched the head of my cock as her mouth slowly engulfed my erect penis. She then began to stroke my shaft with her soft lips, going up and down numerous times which was driving me wild with pleasure.

There was a sudden interruption as one of the other dancers moved the curtain and saw what was going on. “Candi, what are you doing?”

Candi stopped sucking me to respond. “This is my boyfriend, Peter.”

“It is?” the other dancer replied. “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”

“We’ve been seeing each other for a few months.” Candi replied. It was obvious that she was trying to avoid getting into trouble. Getting caught doing tricks for money would likely get her fired and me banned for life so I could see where this was going. “He’s here with a few friends, to give us some business.”

“It’s my friend’s birthday.” I added. “I thought it would be nice to come down and spend some money here to help you guys out.”

“I saw him here and I just got so horny.” Candi admitted to her. “I couldn’t control myself… I’m doing this on my break.”

“Oh well don’t let me interrupt then.” The other stripper replied as she closed the curtain and went back to work.

Candi stood up and looked back at me. “Thanks for helping with that.” she said as she began to remove her panties. “That was a close call.”

“I know.” I said as I started to get up.

“Where are you going?” Candi said as she pushed me back down on the couch. “I think my ‘boyfriend’ deserves a reward for having my back.”

Sitting there on the couch, my hard cock was pointing to the sky and I could tell what was going to happen next. Candi climbed back on top of me and lowered herself into my hard shaft. As the head of my cock started to split her lips, Candi let out a soft sigh as I slowly entered her. When I was all the way inside the lovely stripper, she leaned over and whispered, “My god, you are so thick… it feels so fucking good!”

Candi slowly began to move up and down and ride my cock with a nice slow and subtle stroke. This was a lot safer than what we were doing earlier because from a distance this looked no difference than any other lap dance that was going on. The friction between canlı bahis siteleri our two skins was having a profound effect on Candi, as the juices were starting to flow out of her body. She began to pant and softly moan which let me know that she was starting to cum.

“Oh god, Peter.” Candi said to me as she kept riding. “I’m cumming!”

“I am too.” I said as I could feel the sensation crawling up from my balls into my shaft. “Is that all right.”

“Oh yes!” she said as she kept riding, panting more with each stroke.

“Holy fuck!” I said as I could feel myself coming to a climax. My cock sprayed deep inside.

Candi’s canyon and she gave out a soft moan as she could feel the hot semen filling her up. “Dammit Peter, I can feel that. That feels so fucking good!”

“That’s what boyfriends are for.” I said with a smile.

I could tell Candi had really enjoyed herself as she sat there, kissing and fondling me a little more while letting my cock rest inside her until it softened out. A few moments later, someone called from outside the curtain and said Candi was due on state in less than five minutes. “I have to go back and get ready. Thank you so much for that.”

“Thank you.” I said with a wide grin on myself. I haven’t had a good fucking like that in a long, long time and was worth every penny I had just paid her. After one more tongue filled kiss, Candi disappeared behind through the curtain and was gone. I pulled my trousers back up and slowly walked back to the table where Danny and the guys were still having a great time.

Danny looked up at me and smiled. He knew I had a good time, but likely no idea how much fun I had. “How was it bro?”

“Mind blowing.” I replied as I took a seat and waved to the waitress. “I’ll take a double blackjack, please.”

Moments later, Candi was up on stage and I have to admit it was fun watching her dance because I knew just a short time ago I was inside her and fucking her brains out. I wondered if some of my semen was still leaking out of her while she danced on the poles. She even looked my way a few times and blew a kiss, most likely out of appreciation not only for my business but for not getting her into trouble with the other dancer.

Everyone was having such a good time that we never bothered to hit any other bars and stayed at the strip club, getting trashed. When no one was looking, I snuck off to the ATM and withdrew some more cash, thankful that I had such a huge commission this week. When I returned to the bar just in time for last call, someone walked up and joined me there. “Hello.” I said to the lovely lady as she sat down on the stool that was located next to me. I recognized her instantly as she was one of the other dancers on stage earlier in the night.

“Hello.” She said as she ordered a drink. “I hear your Candi’s boyfriend.”

I still didn’t want to get her into trouble so I played along. “I am.” The dancer asked a few questions, nothing too hard.

After a few innocent questions and some small talk, Candi walked and casually put her arm around my hip and gave me a kiss on the lips. “Hey handsome.”

“Hey beautiful.” I said, trying to act all boyfriendish.

“I’ll be done in a few minutes.” Candi replied. “Will you wait for me?”

“Of course, babe.” I quickly replied.

Candi leaned over and gave me a small kiss on the cheek before walking backstage, likely to change into something more acceptable for heading home. Danny and the boys seemed too trashed to carry on. I called them a cab and watched as they all stumbled about and took off. They were so trashed I don’t even think they noticed that I didn’t go with them.

When I got back to the bar, the dancer I was speaking with was still there. She was just as hot as Candi, but with blonde hair and looked rather hot in the small canlı bahis skimpy outfit she was wearing. “So what’s your name?”

“I’m Sugar.” She answered. “But you can call me Stephanie. No point giving you my dancer name if you’re serious with Gina.”

“Of course.” I said with a smile. I was so happy she told me that as I had no idea what Candi’s real name was up to that point. After she finished her drink, Stephanie also took off. Most of the dancers were gone and the bar was closing up. Most of the patrons had been ushered out by the bouncers but the barkeep said I was okay to stay as I was seeing one of the dancers and we were going home together. I couldn’t believe how fast this lie was spreading. Likely Candi, or Gina that is, were gonna have to make up a story about us breaking up a few weeks from now and after that I’ll have to stay away for a few weeks. This was the first time I was here in years so that likely wouldn’t be a problem.

I was a little tipsy myself, so it was nice to see Gina finally come back out looking rather good in jeans, a shirt and coat. “Time to go, Peter.” She said casually. I did as I was told and followed her out of the bar and we hailed a cab together. The driver asked where she was going and before I could say anything Gina gave him an address and we were off. While he was driving down to what was likely her place. Gina started to nibble on my neck with soft kisses and she started to caress my inner thigh with her hand. “Thank you so much for putting up with all that crap. I could have gotten into some serious trouble with my boss if they knew the truth.”

“I was happy to help.” I replied. Sensing what was going on made me even more happy that I took the initiative to help her out.

Once we arrived at our stop, I paid the driver. Gina grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out through her side and we walked hand in hand for a few minutes until we reached her building. She opened the door and we rode the elevator up to the tenth floor, barely able to keep our hands off one another. Once inside, Gina and I could barely control ourselves as we started to rip each other’s clothing off. I couldn’t hardly believe this was happening. I was in the stripper’s home and fucking her for the second time that night! Gina took my hand and led us to her bedroom, where a nice queen sized bed was waiting for us. She laid down on her back and spread her legs for me, giving out a small whine that begged me to do something to her. I decided to return the favour from earlier that night as I crawled onto the bed and went down on her, licking and sucking her pussy as well as I could. I could hear Gina moaning louder than before as she ran her hands through my hair. She then started to buck her hips and I could tell why as the juices started to flow out as she came in my face. I kept licking up all her juices, never stopping as she called out my name a few times while having a fierce orgasm.

Without warning, I crawled on top of her and thrust my hard cock inside her and instantly went balls deep. Gina arched her back and let out a loud groan as I took her by force and started to pound the shit out of her already sopping wet hole. Taking Gina in missionary was a lot more fun that her riding me at the club as I could see her face a little better than I could in that dark bar, and seeing her squirm and rock with my thrusts was a huge turn on. I could tell she was having just as much fun as I was. Her pussy was getting so wet with cum that my cock was making a very loud slapping sound as I continued to fuck her brains out. Moments later, I filled her up with my seed for the second time that night.

Spend and sweating like we had just worked out in the gym for the last two hours, Gina and I cuddled and kissed a little more before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Even though we really were not seeing one another, spending the night with stripper was everything I thought it would be and then some. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life and little did I know it was only just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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