Old Friends

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Jake: I meant to send you a picture a while ago. I just sent it, check your email.

There was always a lot of tension between Jake and I. We’d met by chance at work and immediately hit it off…as friends. Though I found Jake irresistible, with his mop of curly dark brown hair and 6’4″ lean body, I was not his type. He was into tall skinny blondes with big boobs and I’m tall, brown, and curvy everywhere, in the traditional hourglass sense. I think it works for me, with my 34G tits on the top with an ass that you could sit a glass on down below. Still, not Jake’s type.

I checked my email.

Becca: Wow.

Jake: I wanted you to check out that yellow cable on the floor there.

Despite my not being Jake’s type, our mutual sexual energies attracted us to one another. We both have sex drives that won’t quit and we find our outlets in flirting with one another. Nothing more than flirting though. Today Jake saw fit to send me a picture of his cock…or rather the outline of his cock, straining against the fabric of his jeans. My mouth began watering the moment it appeared on screen.

Becca: That is indeed an interesting cable. I’d love to get a closer look.

Jake: I think that can be arranged.

Becca: Nice.

Over the course of our friendship, we’ve talked about our sexual desires and fantasies a lot. Jake’s run the gamut from multiple partners to voyeurism and exhibitionism. We find common ground when talking about domination though…particularly him being the dominator and me being the submissive. I’m very much in charge of everything at my high powered job by day and have a sexless marriage to go home to at night. I’ve been fantasizing for a while about being someone’s fuck toy, to be used, called a slut, and end up covered with hot nasty cum. Jake finds this “hot”.

Jake: So I’m going to be in Sacramento for a conference soon.

Becca: We should hang out.

Jake: I have a late flight in but I’m all yours the next evening.

Becca: I’ll find something for us to do.

**3 weeks later**

Becca: Bored?

Jake: A little. This presenter isn’t the best.

Becca: Sucks. 🙁

Jake: Yeah.

Becca: What time did you get in?

Jake: I didn’t get to my room until about 1:30am and I didn’t get much sleep all night.

Becca: Why?

Jake: I kept waking up with a hard-on.

The memory of that picture, with his cock so perfect in his jeans flashes in my mind. Christ.

Becca: What were you dreaming about?

Jake: I don’t really remember I just remember it was sexual.

Becca: Wow. How come you didn’t do something about it?

Jake: I didn’t want to fully wake up but I definitely attended to matters in the morning.

The thought of him stroking his hard cock, hand moving up and down the shaft until he began cumming all over the place gave me chills.

Becca: Nice.

Jake: Gotta go, chat later.

Becca: ciao.

** Later that day **

Jake: Oh hey.

Becca: Hey.

Jake: So I remembered what I dreamed about.

Becca: Do tell.

Jake: It was about you.

What the…

Becca: Oh really?

Jake: Yeah, you were carrying around this giant dildo and I saw the head of it peeking out of your bag.

Becca: LOL!

Becca: Wow.

Jake: Yeah. We’re about to take our lunch break, I’ll see you this evening. Onebottle Bar right?

Becca: Yep.

Jake: Ok, make sure you bring the big dildo. 😉

Jake disconnected.

I wonder if I can make myself cum in the bathroom at work without anyone noticing…

**Later that evening**

(976) 205-0101: Where’s the bar again?

(976) 305-2533: Down the street, first left.

(976) 205-0101: Ok, walking there now.

I can see Jake walking down the street toward my and my heart rate increases. I wave then make sure the thin grey tshirt I purposely wore to accentuate my huge tits is smoothed. He’s still just as hot, dressed in a nice button down shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown sandals. I want sarıyer escort to do all manner of things to him.


“Hey princess, it’s good to see you.”

We embrace and I want to put my hand down his pants, pull out his cock, and swallow his dick right there on the street. I smile at him.

“It’s good to see you too, Jake.”

“Is this the place?” he asks.

“Yep this is it.”

We walk down the barely lit stairway into a speakeasy like bar,

“This place is like an adult movie theater.”

“Oh and how do you know what an adult theater looks like,” I ask chuckling, knowing the answer.

“I may have gone to one or two,” he responds, grinning that fucking gorgeous smile of his.

His frankness about his sexuality is refreshing. Hearing him talk about it though reminds me of conversations where he casually shared with me just how much he enjoys primal, raw animalistic sex that can only be called fucking. The memory is making my pussy thrum with desire.

I will not cheat on my husband. I will not cheat on my husband. I will not cheat on my husband.

We get some very good, very strong drinks from the bar and have a seat opposite one another in two plush leather chairs. The ambiance in the bar oozed sex, dark, lit with sparse rosy candleliight.

“So I remembered the rest of my dream,” Jake says after taking a drink. “You were acting very salaciously with the dildo.”

“So I’m a size queen in your dreams huh?” I chuckle, knowing that isn’t far from reality.

“Heh, yeah. You don’t happen to have a big dildo in your purse do you?”

“No,” I respond, “I couldn’t get one on such short notice.”

“That’s too bad,” he answers.

We talk about mundane things about life and work, our relationships and their issues, catching up like old friends do. Jake went to get us a second round of drinks and then a third..

As he got up for the fourth round of drinks, I was well and truly tipsy and my mind began to play out the different ways this night could go. I could be a good wife and go home to my husband or I could be on my knees in front of Jake in his hotel room letting him fuck my face then shoot his hot load down my throat. My eyes slipped shut as I fantasized about Jake’s manhood, about licking his shaft from balls to head then wrapping my thick lips around the head, suckling and flicking my tongue around it before engulfing his entire stiff cock in my mouth, swallowing him until my nose is completely buried in his hair.

“Are you falling asleep?” Jake asks, abruptly breaking me from my reverie.

“No I was just thinking about stuff…” I say, letting my thought wander off.

“Ha, you were falling asleep,” he says teasingly, while laughing at me.

“No, I was really thinking,” I said, shifting a little so I can feel the wetness of my thongs.

“What were you thinking?”

“Well to be completely honest, I was thinking how much I would love to give you a blow job right now but how bad an idea that is.”

“It sounds like a good idea to me,” he chuckles.

“Come sit here,” I said, motioning to the empty seat on the couch beside me.

He did as I requested and soon I had a bird’s eye view of his crotch. I try to take furtive glances to asses his hardness and can swear there is a bulge there.

“So where do we go from here?” Jake asks.

“I don’t know, home? I so want to go with you to your hotel room and suck you but I can’t cheat on my husband.”

“I can masturbate for you,” he responds.

Ha. As though I could sit there and just watch him stroke his dick and not join in.

“I don’t think that’s a good id…”

Suddenly Jake reaches over, grabs my hand and presses it against to his jeans, making me feel his cock. I feel my pussy muscles flex as I take note of how rock hard he is.

“Do you feel that?” he asks, all traces of joking gone from his tone, deadly serious.

“Yes,” I mumble.

“Do you esenyurt escort want that?” he queries, staring at me intently.

“Yes,” I manage to squeak out. My heart is pounding a thousand miles a minute and I fear my wetness is soaking through my jeans.

“Say it,” he intones.

I look at him with a question in my eyes.

“Say you want it,” he commands, with a look and an edge to his voice that would brook no arguments.

“I want it,” I say, knowing it to be true.

“What do you want,” his voice making the words more a statement than a question.

“I want your cock,” I say, a little too loudly. Thank goodness the place is nearly empty on weeknights.

“Then stop acting like a scared teenage girl and do what you and I both know you want to do. Finish your drink so we can leave.”

I chugged my drink, grabbed my purse and stood up. My head was spinning but that had little to do with the alcohol. I settle up the bar tab and we leave the bar, Jake’s hardness easily visible to those who are looking for it.

When we get outside, I stop and begin “Jake I don’t think…”

He shuts me up by pushing me against a wall and pinching one of my hard nipples through my bra and t-shirt. I moan softly at the pain and pleasure and a wicked grin spreads across his face.

“Stop thinking,” he says and takes my hand, leading me to the hotel, just a few steps away.

We cross through the lobby and step into an empty elevator, heading to his room on the 18th floor. Before the doors have completely closed, Jake has my hand down his unbuttoned pants. I feel his manhood and melt a little inside. It’s been so long since I’ve felt a firm dick in my hands.

Jake brings his face very close to mine and whispers “I’m not the only one who has been dreaming. You thought I didn’t know you wanted me inside you since the moment you saw me?”

I nod, unable to get any words out.

“Silly girl.”

The elevator chimes and the doors open. We step off into the hallway, decorated in standard hotel drab. Jake leads me to his room and slides in the key card, opening the door while nudging me in. The second the door is closed, Jake unzips his pants while instructing me to kneel. He left the curtains open so the room is bathed in moonlight mixed with the soft yellow glow of the lights from the city. I drop my purse on the floor next to the door and do as commanded.

As I get down to the floor, I hear Jake whisper huskily “Take them off.”

I have lost any sense of guilt or wrongdoing by this point and am guided solely by the need to feel his cock in my mouth. I slide his pants down his well defined legs and am surprised to find he isn’t wearing anything under them. I take a moment to appreciate his beautiful cock. He is no smaller than seven and a half inches and must be at least five inches around. Perfectly shaped. I bury my face in his crotch. He smells delicious, musky with a slight hint of soap from his shower earlier. I begin to lose myself, massaging his balls while nuzzling my face against his erection which seems to be getting stiffer.

Jake groans and I notice a telltale gleam on the head of his dick. The glisten of precum on his mushroom cap head catches the moonlight, making it almost shimmer.

“Beautiful,” I gasp softly, barely able to get the word out. My mouth is watering non-stop. I must have it.

I press my tongue firmly against the head and lick the precum off. The salty essence fills my mouth as more precum oozes out of Jake’s cock. I wrap my lips around his head and suck, trying to get every little of bit of precum into my mouth, ecstatic that my fantasies are becoming reality. His cock becomes even stiffer and I feel him put his hands on the back of my head.

“Stop fucking around,” he grunts and pushes my head nearly all the way down on his shaft.

I nearly gag and nearly manage to take him all into me at once. I can feel his head pushing against the back of my throat as I form my lips into avrupa yakası escort a tight O shape. I suck softly as he withdraws himself from me.

“Fuuuuuuucckkkkk,” he groans and pushes himself into me again. I am prepared for it this time. I slightly extend my tongue and allow his stiff member to invade the depths of my throat. No gag this time and I take him all. I can smell his musky scent in his hair and we stay locked in place for a few seconds, the only movement is his cockhead flexing against the walls of my throat.

My pussy is sopping wet. I love this. I want more.

Jake removes his cock from my mouth and I whimper, feeling a sense of loss I didn’t even know was imaginable. I guess its written on my face as well because he looks down at me and chuckles.

“You love this shit.”

I nod.

“You’re a nasty little cumslut, aren’t you?”

I nod again, getting even wetter at his dirty talk.

“Take your top off cumslut, I want to see your tits.”

I do as told and remove my t-shirt. The deep cleavage of my ample breasts nestled in their black lace bra presents itself for his inspection.

“Jesus,” he says after losing over half his hand in the cleavage. “I want to titty fuck you but not right now. Open your mouth.”

He pushes himself into me and I make the O again. This time he doesn’t go as deep and he finds a tempo that suits him while fucking my face. i cup his balls in my hand and use my tongue to massage his shaft on every stroke. I feel his balls begin to tighten and he lets go of my head.

“You do it,” he says and I am happy to oblige.

I engulf his entire cock in my mouth, intent on covering it with my saliva. I pull back then wrap my hand around his shaft and bring my mouth down to meet my hand. I begin working my hand and mouth up and down his dick, rotating them both in opposite directions and while letting my lips suckle his head on the upstroke.

Jake is moaning loudly by now.

“Jesus woman,” he pants.

“You’re such…a..good…”

I let go of his dick and use only my mouth to suck him. I wrap my hand around him and slip my wet middle finger into his ass.

“SHIT!” he yells loudly as I massage his prostate.

“Fuck, you dirty…little…you’re going to make…me…”

I suck harder and faster, wanting, needing his cum in my mouth. I want it so badly, I’ve been dreaming of tasting it for so long.

His balls clench even tighter. His cock, his magnificent cock, twitches and flexes in my mouth and I know.

“I’m cumUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” he screams, grabbing my head again and shoving his cock down my throat., He is pumping his delicious seed directly into my stomach but of course some gets into my mouth. It tastes lovely, surprisingly non bitter, just a little salty. Not too thin, not too thick, just perfect. I knew it would be.

I pull my head back, wanting to see him cum.

I grasp his cock as it’s still jerking from shooting cum and try to point it directly at my cleavage. Cum gets on my face but I don’t mind. He wasn’t wrong when he called me a cumslut, that’s exactly what I am.

He continues shooting his sticky gooeyness all over my tits and I marvel at how much cum he has built up. Soon my tits are coated in his sperm and his dick begins to soften. I gently lick the excess cum off his shaft and suckle the last drop from his head. So good.

“How wet are you,” Jake asks as I clean his cum off my tits, scooping it up and sucking it off my fingers.

“Soaked,” I respond in between sucks.

“I want to feel it.”

I stop eating his cum and beckon him over. I begin to undo my pants when my purse buzzes. I get up quickly and grab my phone.

(976) 555-4321: Are you coming home tonight?

As reality begins to come back to me, the door to Jake’s room opens suddenly and his 5’11” olive skinned coworker with a shaved head comes in.

“Jake where ha…” Xander stops his sentence abruptly as he notices me, covered in cum sitting on the nearest of the two double beds.

“Sorry my bad, uh I’ll just, um leave, uh…” Xander fumbles over his words while backing toward the door.

“No, stay,” Jake says. “Becca won’t mind, in fact, I think she’d love it if you hung out for a while.”

I drop my phone, ignoring my husband’s query but knowing the answer immediately.

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