Old Gals Can Screw

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I’m Chris and am twenty-four and have lived in the same house since I was born. My mom and dad were killed in a car accident a few years ago and since I was the only child I inherited the house and the furniture. It was great to still be around all of the familiar things with which I grew up but there were times they brought back some sad memories.

The neighborhood was still comprised of many of the same people, now elderly, who had been friends with my parents. Mrs.McIntyre, the nice woman who lived next door, was in her mid sixties and had lost her husband thirty years earlier. She would frequently bring home-made cookies and cakes over to me and occasionally would ask me over to fix minor things around her place; stuck toilets, a door that wouldn’t close properly, etc. etc. This last time over she called and asked it I wouldn’t mind coming over and help her move a chair in her living room. She was going to rearrange her furniture and wanted to see how the chair would look in a different place.

I went over and slide the chair into the place she wanted and then sat in it to see the viewing angle it would give for the TV. Mrs. McIntyre came over and sat on the arm of the chair and I could see she was red in the face.

“Are you OK Mrs. McIntyre?”

“Oh, I’m just fine and I would really appreciate it if you would just call me Annie. ‘Mrs. McIntyre’ seems so formal.”

“OK, Annie it is.”

“Chris the other day I saw you working around the back yard and it reminded me of seeing you in there about ten years earlier and your mother had to pull your pants down to remove a splinter in your upper thigh. I couldn’t help but see your young manhood that day and have always wondered if it got any bigger as you grew.”

“Oh, I guess it did just like everything else on me. Hell, now I’m wearing an eleven and a half shoe and I used to wear a nine.”

She giggled like a little girl and said, “It isn’t your feet I am wondering about. Are you sure you don’t need a splinter removed today?”

“Why Annie, are you suggesting you are wondering if my manhood has grown and would like to see for yourself?” I asked sort of jokingly.

“That’s exactly what I am asking.” She laughed.

I could see this conversation wasn’t going to go anywhere unless I gave the old lady the look- see she wanted. Damn, she was old and decrepit so I figured it was the least I could do for her. I stood and unfastened my pants and let them drop to the floor. I slipped my briefs down to my knees to let her get the look she wanted at my ‘manhood’ as she called it.

“Oh my goodness. It has grown tremendously. I wouldn’t have thought it would get that much bigger but it has, hasn’t it?” She said a little breathlessly.

Perhaps I’m a little slow but it finally dawned on me that old lady Annie wanted to get a lot closer to my ‘manhood’. Hell, I might as well let her get a thrill and maybe give me a hand job.

“Yes it has Annie. Would you like to feel how hard it gets when it gets excited?”

“Oh God yes” she said as her eyes were glued to my ever hardening cock.

“Give me your hand.” I said reaching forward to hers and took it over and rested it on my cock.

Damn, her hand was all bones. “Grab it Annie and stroke it just a little.”

Once again she giggled like a schoolgirl and said, “Like I was jerking you off?”

“Well, yes, now that you mention it.”

She started to stroke it as well as it had ever been stroked and I said, “Annie, I’ll bet you did this for your husband all the time. You are so good at it.”

She never said a word but kept her eyes just glued to my cock and jerked it up and down for a while and then stopped and let her fingers just caress the head of it and then up and down the shaft before resuming stroking it. I figured I might as well go a little further with her and moved one hand to the back of her old gray head and pulled it straight to the head of my cock. She didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Her mouth came open and she soon had a solid four inches buried between her lips.

Damn, this old thing could really suck a cock. All of a sudden she stopped and fumbled with her hand in her mouth and then resumed. She was now taking at least another inch or two in. She had removed her false teeth! Geez, what was I coming to having sex with an old bitty like her? It didn’t take much of that before I was filling her old wrinkled mouth with a stream of my hot come. She stayed right where she was and lapped up every drop. She might have been old but she sure knew how to use her mouth around a cock. Once again she fumbled with her hand at her mouth and I knew she was putting her false teeth back in. No problem. Her mouth was a lot softer and less likely to scrape my cock with her teeth out.

“Annie, that was terrific. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you liked it. I was afraid you wouldn’t want to let an old lady do that for you.” She was a very astute judge!

“Oh, Annie, you aren’t THAT old.”

“Chris, You escort bayan aren’t a very good liar but thanks anyway.”

I just noticed she had had her other hand buried between her legs as she had been sucking my cock and she was playing with herself.

“Annie, how about giving me the same view I gave you. Lift your dress and drop your panties so I can take a look at your love box.” “Oh you silly thing. You don’t have to look at this old gray thing of mine.” She was saying as she was lifting her dress and slipping her panties down.

Shit she was dead right. She had a huge mop of gray hair flowing out from her crotch.

“Annie, get your mouth over her and work my cock hard again and I’ll ram it to you. What do you say?”

“Chris, this is all a dream come true. I have wanted to do this with you for years.”

“Well, get your mouth busy and you will have it buried in your pussy in a few minutes.”

Whew, she must have gulped a good five or six inches of my cock down her throat and then was pumping it for all she was worth. I was harder that a steel rod in a minute.

“Lay back on the sofa Annie and get those legs open”.

Giggling Annie was ready almost before I could get the words out of my mouth. I positioned myself over her pussy and slipped it in. Holy shit. I was completely buried and could hardly feel a thing. Her pussy was as big as a tunnel. She had had five kids and with age, it was as loose as a goose and wasn’t giving me any pleasure at all. She wrapped her frail little arms around me and started weeping. “Oh Chris, I’m sorry. I can feel just how much I have loosened up and neither of us can feel very much. I haven’t had sex in almost twenty years. I never knew how big I was down there.”

“No problem Annie. I am going to go to the sex toy store tomorrow and will get a dildo twice the size of my cock. You will feel that when I slip it to you.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful but what am I going to do for you?”

“Well, I do enjoy your blowjobs but I think I have another idea. I am going to fuck your tired old asshole.”

“Oh, Chris, my ex husband tried that with me over thirty years ago and I couldn’t take him in me then and he was a whole lot smaller than you.”

“Annie, we can certainly try can’t we? Who knows, maybe your asshole has loosened up the same as your pussy. Why don’t you just give me one of your blowjob specials now and I will try the ass fucking when I get the huge dildo for your pussy?”

That was all I need to say. Her mouth was down in my crotch with my cock in her mouth in a second. “Annie, listen to me. I want you to go real slow and see how much of me you can get into your mouth. I used to have a girl who could take almost all of me. I don’t want you to choke on it but if you go real slow I’ll bet you can get more in than you did before.”

She was certainly listening to me while she was sucking my cock for she again reached up and removed her teeth and then slowly, but slowly, let it slip into the back of her throat. She made a tiny gagging sound before resuming and soon had more than six inches buried.

“Annie, you are doing great. Just go a little slower and I’ll bet you will get every bit as much of me in your mouth as that old girlfriend of mine could.”

Once again she stopped before letting a little more of me in her mouth. I looked down and could barely see any of the shaft. She had gotten almost every inch of it deep in her throat. It felt terrific.

“Annie, start pumping now as much as you can. I want to shoot a load down to your tonsils.”

She began to move her head up and down only coming off my cock about an inch before driving her mouth back down. This old lady really wanted to please me and she was doing it.

It didn’t take much of her deep throating before I was filling that throat with my juice. She had a hand on my balls and the very bottom of my shaft and was milking it for every drop she could squeeze out of me.

She let it slide out of her mouth and then asked if she had done it the way I liked. I had to ask her who taught her to suck cock the way she did. She said her husband had a very small dick and she had no trouble getting all of it in her mouth but she knew she wouldn’t be able to please me if she didn’t do the same for me so she tried extra hard. Whew, she sure succeeded.

“Annie, I promise to get that large dildo tomorrow to make sure your pussy gets some excitement also.”

“Oh Chris, that would be wonderful. It has been so long since I had an orgasm I don’t know if I am able to any more.”

“Annie, you can count on me doing my best to make you have one.”

I looked around three or four love tool shops the next day and finally bought the largest dildo I could find. It was a black strap on and was right at twelve inches but it wasn’t any thicker than I was so I wasn’t too sure it would give her the pleasure she was needing.

Later that day I knocked on her door and she couldn’t wait to drag me in. We went right to her bedroom and she had her tuzla genç escort dress off and her panties down in a flash. Instead of strapping the dildo on I thought I would save some time and just use my hand to make it move. I got it in her and it too rattled around in her huge cavernous pussy. I could drive it to the bottom and she liked that but it could barely touch the sides.

“Annie, I have another idea. Hold on a few minutes.”

I went into her bathroom and brought out her plastic shampoo bottle. “Lay back Annie.”

I had smeared some Vaseline on the bottle and put the head of it against her gray pussy lips. One big push and it was almost buried and that almost brought Annie off the bed.

“Oh yes Chris. Do me, that feels super.”

I started pumping the bottle as hard and as fast as I could and the old lady came alive. “Yes, Oh yes. That feels wonderful. Keep doing it to me.”

A few minutes more of my pumping and she was throwing her legs in the air with the first orgasm she had had in many, many years.

“Oh Chris, you are wonderful. I hadn’t felt that good in as long as I can remember.

“Annie, I am glad you finally got some relief from the pressure you have been feeling for all of those years. Now I need to get a piece of ass that will give me the same relief.”

“Chris, I know exactly how to get that for you. Give me the phone.”

She called her nineteen-year-old grandchild, Sarah, to come over and join us. Sarah apparently only lived around the corner from us and it didn’t take her anytime at all to arrive.

Holy shit, I had been having sex with a woman old enough to be my grandmother and now here comes Sarah the granddaughter. Sarah, the woman who was earmarked to be the woman to give me the piece of ass I wanted, was prettier than hell but without question, one chunky nineteen year old girl.

“Hi Grams, what’s going on?”

“Sarah, I have heard you said many times how you wold love to have sex with that sexy guy who lives next door to me and guess what, here he is and is ready to take away your virginity. With that I walked out from the bathroom with my pants down and my cock hard.

“Holy crap, you are right. He’s here. I thought you were just bullshitting me.”

“Well, I wasn’t so get your pants down and get over on the bed. Chris will put that lovely cock of his in your tight little pussy and really make you feel good.” She cackled.

“Chris, do you really want to have sex with me?” She asked.

“Sarah, get over here and find out.” I answered as I waved my cock at her. I really didn’t want to fuck her but I had promised her grandmother.

The next thing I knew I was slipping my wand in past the folds in Sarah’s crotch to penetrate her tight little pussy. The girl was heavier than I would have liked but she was a virgin and had the tight pussy of one that I was going to soon open up forever. I gave one tremendous push and my rock hard cock was rammed in to the hilt. It took her hymen in that one move and poor Sarah had just lost her cherry to me. She yelped like a dog but soon had her legs wrapped around me. Her tits were rocking and rolling around her chest as she threw her ass at me as hard as she could.

“Sarah, I am going to pull out of you when I am coming. We don’t want a little bambino running around Grams house do we?”

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that. I just finished my period so I am safe for another week or so,” she said between gasps.

I started to pump her fast and furious and it didn’t take much of that before she was squealing with pleasure. “Chris, I can feel the pressure building inside of my pussy. Just the same way it does when I use my fingers on myself.”

“Let it go baby. I’ll be filling your tight little pussy with my hot come in a minute.” Right then I started to shoot a stream deep inside of her and when she felt my come hit deep inside of her she had her own orgasm. Her legs were thrashing around above my back and she had her muscular arms holding my body closer to her. ‘Oh my God, I am really going to explode. This is bigger than any orgasm I ever had.”

Annie looked over at her granddaughter getting fucked and cackled something about “Honey, I told you he would do you right. Didn’t I”

I just lay there thinking how sick this was. I was fucking this gal with her own grandmother watching the action and after that very same grandmother just had her own orgasm by having a shampoo bottle rammed into her pussy. I really am not that hard up. I have a couple of gal pals I fuck on a regular basis who are good looking women. What the fuck am I doing with these two?

I couldn’t let this all be one sided so I told Annie to lie back. Sarah was going to give her some pleasure. Sarah just looked at me wondering what I meant.

“Sarah, your grandmother needs some relief as well. Get your mouth between her legs and work on her old gray clit till you give her the orgasm she wants right now.”

“You must be kidding Chris. You are telling me to eat my grandmothers tuzla kendi evi olan escort pussy.”

“Yes, that is exactly what I am telling you to do. Now Annie, it would only be fair if you ate hers while she is eating yours. Annie, remember I just unloaded a huge load of my come in her that you can be eating out of her as you are working her clit.”

That was all it took. The two of them were wrapped around each other licking and finger fucking each other as fast and furious as one could ever imagine.

Annie exploded first saying, “Sarah, yes love. Do me, do me faster.” I could see her raising her old bony hips up to Sarah’s face as she let her juices flow. Sarah was right behind her with her own orgasm. It was something to see, the old and the young wrapped in each others love juices.

As weird as it was to watch it still gave me a hard on.

“Sarah, go into the bathroom and bring out the jar of Vaseline.” I ordered.

When she returned with it I told Annie to get up on her hands and knees. I was going to do as I promised earlier, I was going to fill her old decrepit asshole with my thick hard cock.

“Oh Chris, I am so afraid you are going to hurt me.”

“I’ll go very slow and if it gets to hurting you too much I’ll stop right away. I sure wouldn’t want to hurt your tired old asshole after all of these years.” I joked.

I told Sarah to come over closer and smear a gob of the lube all over my cock. She almost jumped at the chance and soon had me covered with the stuff.

“Annie, hold on to the pillow tight for it will probably hurt a lot as the first couple of inches go in you. After that I think it will ease off.”

As I pushed the head of my hard cock against her asshole she opened up a lot easier than I had expected. A little more pressure and I was in her four inches and she hadn’t made a sound.

“Are you all right Annie?”

“Oh yes, I can sure feel you filling me up but there isn’t any pain so far.”

Just as I thought. Her asshole was the same as her pussy. It had loosened up with age.

I gave some more pressure and another thrust and I had another three inches buried.

“Oh Chris, I can really feel that deep inside of me. It feels good.”

I never answered her but gave one final thrust and was buried to the hilt.

“Whew, I can really feel that and it is starting to hurt a little.”

“Annie, I am buried all the way and your sphincter muscles are holding my cock tight. It feels terrific and I will be pumping your tired old ass deep and fast right now.”

With that I started to thrust hard and fast and as I had told her, her muscles were holding my cock tighter than any pussy ever could. I fuck one of my girlfriend’s ass but I can never get much more than a couple of inches in her before she is screaming to high heaven. Here I was with my cock completely buried with the sphincter muscles holding every inch of me as tight as a drum. It didn’t take many thrusts before I was filling her ass with my come.

“Chris, I can feel you shooting your come way up inside of me. It feels nice.”

I kept pounding away for a few minutes longer as my cock wilted.

“Oh Chris, I hope I finally made you feel good.”

“Oh you sure did Annie. Sarah, let’s have something to snack on and I’ll do your ass next. After I do that I’ll let you suck me off the way your grandmother does. She is terrific at it”

“Oh Chris, I don’t think my ass will expand enough to let you in.”

“We’ll never know until we try now will we?”

“Annie, grab the Vaseline. It’s your granddaughters turn to get her ass fucked.” “Oh Chris, you are starting to talk very dirty.”

“Let’s not worry about how I talk. It’s how I fuck that counts.” I answered.

Giggling again she said, “You are right you devil.”

After all of this my cock was harder than steel again. I was pretty amazed at myself getting hard so quickly and so often.

“Annie, smear that stuff all over my cock.”

She had her little hands busier than hell covering my cock with that slimy lube.

“I’m going to put a lot on you since I sure don’t want you hurting my Sarah’s little ass.” She said.

‘Little ass’ WOW, the kid had an ass twice as large as mine.

“Annie, get a gob of it and put some up her ‘little ass’ as far as your fingers can reach.”

She did and I then had Sarah kneeling on the bed. “Please go easy Chris. I am really afraid of this.”

“Oh I will baby. Honest, the minute it hurts you more than you can stand just yell out and I will stop instantly.”

I held my cock with one hand positioned perfectly and then pushed ever so lightly against her ass. The ass sort of retreated with the pressure rather than yield and allow my cock to penetrate it. I then put one hand on either of her hips and pulled a lot harder and my head ducked inside of her ‘little ass.’

“How does that feel baby?” I asked

She had gulped once or twice as my cock entered her but then answered, “It’s fine Chris, just go slow.”

Slow it is, as I put a lot more pressure on pushing into her. It must have been because all of the Vaseline her grandmother smeared on my cock because without any more pressure my cock slid another couple of inches up her ass. I was now in her about four inches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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