Older Son and His Mom Ch. 04

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Big Cock

Joyce stood back from the toilet and threw the last piece of paper into the bowl,

“Paul, I need you,” she shouted.

Less than 30 seconds later her 40 year old son entered the bathroom, he was naked and his cock was fully erect.

“I’ve finished and it’s time you cleaned Mommy up, my arse and pussy need a bit more attention,” she said to him.

Joyce turned round and leaned against the cistern, thrusting her arse towards her son. She had given herself a good wipe after her crap, but wanted her son to clean her completely with his tongue.

Paul knelt down behind her and smelt the faint odour from his Mom’s arse. He thrust his face forward into her bum cheeks and dutifully started to lick his mother’s tight little butt hole.

It was something that they did on a regular basis now. Paul had become his mother’s toilet slave and virtually every time she went to the bathroom, he was either in there with her, drinking her pee or wiping her arse and giving her a good clean up with his tongue afterwards or he was called to finish things off after she had done some cleaning up herself..

“Oh yes that’s good, you perverted little sod,” Joyce groaned as she felt her son’s tongue enter her rectum, “Lick Mommy’s bum completely clean.”

Joyce could feel her pussy getting wetter as her son’s tongue flicked in and out of her arse and up and down her bum crack. She might be 67 but she was having the best sex of her life, since her son had come to live back home after a messy divorce.

A week earlier they had just been a normal mother and son, sort of. She had always fantasised about him but was too afraid to do anything. However when he had nowhere else to go and came back to live with her, she soon noticed how her panties developed crusty little stains. She hadn’t seen that for over 20 years and had been overjoyed when she realised her little boy still enjoyed wanking over his mother.

With the help of her friend Irene, she had forced Paul out into the open and now he shared her bed every night and had become her little sex slave.

Joyce’s pussy ached terribly because in the last week he had fucked her every day, but as he continued to lick her arse, she knew that she would need his cock inside her again this morning.

However there was another job that needed doing first. She straightened up and turned round and looked down at her son.

“Okay I want you to do what we discussed last night now, are you ready?” she said.

Paul stood up, “Anything for you Mom, you know that.”

“Right then get in the shower and have fun, I’m going to get the camera,” Joyce said.

The night before Joyce had told Paul that she wanted to make a little movie for a select group of ladies. Those women were coming to her house tonight and her son was going to be the star of the night.

Paul lathered his hands and used his right one on his aching cock and the left to fondle his testicles. Just a few feet away Joyce was filming him as he masturbated in the shower. It was taking all his will power not to make himself cum, but he knew his Mom wanted the show to last at least a few minutes. He turned to face her, as his right hand started another long sweep up the length of his cock. She was still naked from earlier, and the sight of her saggy tits and bushy pepper colored pubes made his cock twitch even more. She feigned a kiss and smiled and then licked her lips provocatively. Paul felt his balls tighten and felt the rush as his sperm shot from the end of his cock. He continued to wank until every last drop drained into the shower tray.

Joyce stopped the recording and said “I think that will do fine son, my friends are going to love this and then of course my little boy is going to give them the real thing.”

Paul shook with the thought of performing in front of his Mom’s friend. He had already fucked a lady from across the road whom he had always called “Aunty Irene”, tonight 3 other widowed/divorced ladies were coming to the house for some illicit fun.

“But before we get dressed, Mommy needs her pussy filled darling and she wants her naughty little boy to put his dick deep inside her”, Joyce said.

Paul karataş escort dried himself off and went to the bedroom he now shared with his Mom. She was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for him.

“Come and stand in front of Mommy and rub your limp dick,” Joyce said.

Paul did as he was told and reached down for his cock, rubbing it for her.

“Mmmmm I love it when your cock is like this, it reminds me of all those times I saw you naked years ago,” Joyce said, “Mommy loves it when your penis is limp darling, let Mommy kiss it, hold it up dear.”

Paul held his soft cock up to his Mom’s lips, he could feel the blood returning to him, but wanted his cock to remain in this state for as long as possible, because he knew how much his randy Mom liked it. She had told him several times in the last week that she’d made false excuses to come into the bathroom whilst he was bathing or showering when he was a teenager, just so she could get a glimpse of his cock and it being limp like this reminded her of those happy days. The fact that she would come into the bathroom and have a good look and then go back to her bedroom and frig herself off, was simply wonderful for Paul. In fact he wished he had known then, what he knew now and perhaps he would have just stayed with his mother instead of getting married.

Joyce’s lips encompassed her son’s cock as he held it for her, she used her tongue on him, pushing the tip of it into the meatus, tasting the residue of her son’s spunk. She felt his cock start to twitch and she slapped his arse with her hand.

She pulled her mouth away and looked at him,

“Now, now, you know Mommy likes limp dick to start with, I’ll tell you when you can get a hard on, you dirty little sod, I know sucking gets you excited but you have got to learn and control things if you are going to keep Mommy happy,” she said to him.

Paul felt like a naughty little boy and loved it and willed his cock not to get erect too soon.

Joyce spent a good 5 minutes on his cock and then fell back so she was lying on the bed.

“Okay Paul darling, time to fill Mommy’s twat, I’m soaking wet and can’t wait any longer.”

Paul reached down for his cock and stroked himself, he knew how to get his cock from semi-erect to full hard on in seconds and as his cock grew, he knelt on the bed between his Mom’s legs.

They fucked for a good 10 minutes in a few different positions before, once again, Paul filled his Mom’s pussy with his cum.

When evening came Paul was banished to the bedroom as Joyce welcomed her 4 guests for the evening.

Irene was 69 and lived across the road, she had already experienced Paul’s cock inside her and was looking forward to some more tonight.

Tabitha was 58 and divorced and still worked at the factory where Joyce had worked until retirement. Like Irene she was a plump lady and Joyce knew she hadn’t had a man for a number of years.

Esther was 62 and another neighbour. She had been widowed a couple of years back. She was small and thin and in fact looked more like 42 than 62.

Glenda was a friend from the Bridge club, like Joyce she was 67, but she had a fantastic figure and could easily pass off for much younger.

The evening started with drinks and a few laughs and a bit of gossip, after half an hour Joyce turned the conversation round to sex and told her friends she had been watching a few porn films on TV. She knew that Glenda and Tabitha loved talking about sex, but she was really pleased that Esther too admitted to a couple of fantasies, one involving the lad who did her grass cutting and another involving a black guy from UPS who often delivered in the area. Joyce topped up the wine glasses and went to get her video.

“Well ladies, I have a bit of a treat for you, I filmed this secretly and thought you might like a little look.”

Joyce turned on the TV, set the channel and Paul came into full view, his back to the camera as he washed himself.

“Joyce, is that your boy? Glenda squealed.

“Sure is, caught him unawares.”

“God, he’s got a lovely ass,” Tabitha said.

Joyce karkamış escort looked over at Irene and they exchanged a secret smile.

Paul turned, so he was side on and the ladies got a full view of his erect cock as he started to wank himself off. The shot zoomed in to his swollen member as his right hand moved slowly up and down it.

“Sweet Jesus,” Glenda said “I don’t believe you filmed your son masturbating.”

Joyce looked at her friends and could see the lust in their eyes and feel the excitement go up in the room.

The women ohhed and ahhed as Paul continued to jerk himself off until finally he turned to face the camera and they watched open-mouthed as his thick white cum shot from the end of his cock.

“Like it?” Joyce asked.

The women all stared talking at once, asking questions and remarking how horny it was.

Finally Esther asked “Did he know you were there? Only it seemed he was looking right down the camera at the end there.”

Joyce grinned, “Of course he knew, my little boy likes putting on a show for his Mommy.”

Joyce told the ladies the whole story, including the stuff about Irene who had remained quite silent up until that point.

By the time Joyce had finished the room was thick with sexual tension.

“So anyway,” Joyce said, “Time for a treat for all of us, what I want each of us to do is go to the bathroom for a pee, but I want us to actually pee in our knickers, then bring them back here nice and wet and then I’m going to get Paul to put on a show for us.”

“Are you serious?” Tabitha asked.

“Yes, look Paul is my toilet slave, he loves the taste of my piss and even licks my arse after a crap, he’s even done Irene’s arse and he just loves panties, so I am going to get him to masturbate in front of us using our wet knickers,” Joyce said.

Irene stood up, “Well I want him to lick my piss soaked panties anyway,” and she went off to the bathroom

10 Minutes later Joyce brought Paul into the lounge. He had wanked himself off whilst listening to the women talking and then going to the toilet, so he stood before them naked with his dick hanging down between his legs, just as his Mom liked it.

“Tonight Paul is our little boy, he is going to do everything we tell him and I don’t want any of you ladies leaving without being completely satisfied,” Joyce said.

She turned to Paul, “You are going to be a good boy and do what Mommy and her friends want aren’t you?”

“Yes Mommy, anything,” Paul replied.

Joyce reached down and grabbed her son’s limp cock, “Doesn’t he look so innocent like this.”

Her friends grinned as she stroked him and although his cock twitched, it stayed deflated.

“He’ll be nice and hard by the time any of you need a good fucking, don’t worry,” Joyce said. She then pointed Paul towards the coffee table.

“Okay on the table are 5 pairs of panties for our little panty boy, Mommy’s are the black lacy one’s, Aunty Irene’s are the white lacy one’s, Aunty Tabitha’s are white too, but cotton, Aunty Esther’s are the pink cotton one’s and Aunty Glenda’s are those nice hi-leg purple pair. All of them are wet with our pee, we want you to enjoy them in front of us.”

Paul went over to the coffee table, the air was heavy with the smell of urine and he couldn’t believe he was looking at 5 wet pairs of knickers from 5 old ladies. He picked up Glenda’s and started to lick them and suck them, tasting her piss, with his left hand he rubbed them all over his face as the ladies watched. He reached down and picked up the pink knickers and rubbed them into his groin feeling the now cold pee from them run down his leg. The women watched hungrily as Paul licked and sucked each pair, rubbing their piss into his body.

“Do you like the taste of Aunty Glenda’s pussy?” Joyce asked.

“Yes,” Paul groaned, “I want to lick her cunt and drink her piss all day.”

“Yes please,” Glenda said.

Paul loved the feel and taste of the panties he had and watched each woman’s face as he did different things with them and his cock grew as he saw the sheer lustful hunger kilis escort in each of their eyes.

He grabbed Tabitha’s panties stood in front of her and held them above his head. With both hands he wrung them out and her piss dripped down onto his head and into his mouth as he turned his face upward.

“I’d love for you to piss in my mouth, Aunty Tabitha,” Paul said, “I prefer it hot.”

Tabitha was already rubbing her pussy, but when Paul said those words she opened her legs wide, so he could see her hairy snatch.

Paul pouted his lips and stuck out his tongue as if licking her.

Tabitha said “Fucking hell, I can’t wait to get his cock up my pussy.”

Irene stood up and grabbed her panties from the table, she thrust them into Paul’s face,

“Taste my piss and my arse you horny sod,” she demanded.

Paul did as he was told, licking the white lacy knickers and then snatching them from Irene and using them on his cock. He wanked himself using her panties, feeling the wetness of her on his stiff cock.

The masturbation continued for another 10 minutes as he used each pair of knickers for different things.

Joyce stood up and stopped him and said, “Okay toilet boy, before you do some shagging, you’ve got some arses to lick.”

She turned to her friends “Okay ladies, clothes off, time to get your butt holes cleaned out by my boy.”

All 5 ladies stripped off until they were naked. Paul watched as big tits and little tits, big arses, and petite ones and 5 hairy pussies were revealed.

“Right now Mommy’s boy is going to show these ladies a good time, firstly though Mommy’s arse needs a good clean up, come and lick me like you did this morning after my crap, show my friends what a little pervert you are,” Joyce said.

Paul got on all fours behind his mother and started to lick her arse and tongue her butt-hole.

“Does Mommy smell good?” Joyce said.

“I love the smell of your arse Mom, I want to lick it alday.”

Joyce enjoyed the sensation for a few minutes whilst her friends watched.

“Okay now give Aunty Glenda’s arse a good clean,” Joyce said.

Paul stuck his face into Glenda’s arse, licking her and pushing his tongue into her arse-hole.

And so this continued as Paul moved from woman to woman firstly doing their arses then each of their pussies with his lips and tongue.

At one point he started to ejaculate, whilst licking Irene’s big fat arse again and his Mom told him to quickly cum over Irene’s arse not on the floor. After he had, she then made him lick all his cum from Irene’s arse and share it with her in a kiss.

After he had cum, the whole thing turned into a bit of a free for all, as his limp cock was grabbed by different women and each of them wanted him to suck their tits and kiss their lips.

Joyce watched from the sofa as her friend Glenda squirted her cum into her son’s open mouth whilst little Esther licked his balls and limp dick and at the same time Paul was fondling Tabitha’s ample bosom.

Joyce masturbated vigorously as Irene and Esther then stood over Paul and masturbated themselves to orgasm all over him.

Eventually Paul’s cock grew again and like a dutiful son, he fucked each of His Mom’s friends at least once before finally draining himself for the last time that night inside Glenda’s arse.

There was alot of cleaning up to do afterwards but it was all worth it. All of them had enjoyed an amazing evening and Paul knew that as well as his Mom he was going to keep these other ladies happy as well.

The day ended as it had begun for Paul because as everyone left, Irene took him to the bathroom.

“I’ve been saving this for you,” she said. She lifted her skirt & sat down on the toilet and Paul watched as Irene had a crap in front of him.

As her faeces plopped into the water, Paul grabbed his cock and started to play with himself.

“Oh Aunty Irene, this is lovely.”

Irene stood up, “Wipe my arse,” she demanded.

Paul used some tissue on Irene’s bum and then went down on her with his tongue, licking her hairy butt-hole.

“That’s good darling, you’ll have to do this for me every day just like you do for your Mommy.”

“Yes please,” Paul, “I want to lick you always Aunty Irene.”

Just then Joyce entered, “Come on Rene, he needs to conserve some energy for me, go home.”

Irene laughed, pulled herself together and left Mother and Son alone to enjoy the rest of the night together.

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