On the Beach

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We sit on the beach looking West over the calm surf as the sun settles down at the horizon. Our blanket is soft and dark red, and I lay back and look at the wisps of clouds overhead, orange and purple with the Sun’s last lights. I bring my hand up to gently rub your back. Your skin is smooth and warm, and your black hair hangs down so that I can play with it as I rub you. “Come ‘ere” I say, and you look over your shoulder at me with a grin. “Come here!” I insist, and I wrap my hands around your waist and tug you toward me. You don’t resist much, but lay down next to me and we kiss. I run my hands over your back and shoulders. There’s nothing but your bikini between your breasts and my chest and I pull you in tight, running my hand through the hair at the nape of your neck as we kiss, soft wet kisses. I run my hand down to your ass and slip it inside of your bikini so my had is on your bare butt cheek, and you respond by thrusting your tongue into my mouth.

You roll up on top of me, in control, and continue to kiss me deeply. Now both my my hands are free and they explore up and down from your ass and hips up your sides to the base of your breasts. At the back of your top I gently pull the tied strings releasing them. “Wait!” You cry, with an incredulous look in your eye. “Not until I say so!” and you give me a wicked grin. I look directly back in your eyes, saying nothing, and for a moment we just look at each other. Then you slide your lips back down to mine, and just before they touch you say “OK, I say so …” and as we kiss I loosen the top knot and gently pull your bikini top aside.

We roll back onto our sides and you lift one leg up onto my hip, while we kiss and my hand finds its way to your bare breast. “Your body is magnificent!” I breath in your ear and a little shiver runs down your spine as I gently stroke your breast and kiss your neck and throat. You slide your hips in closer and slowly grind against me, quickly awakening my cock. You nestle in close so my bulge is just below your mound and rub against me. My hand has left your breast and works down to your ass and thigh, probing around to the underside to tease and taunt you. Meanwhile my mouth has found your ample breast and is kissing and nibbling. When my mouth finds your nipple you let out a sigh. It is getting to be just too much, and you slide your hips away and reach down with your hand to squeeze my groin. I’m clearly straining at my bathing suit, so you help me off with it.

We are kaçak iddaa lying on the beach, the warm salty air blowing over us and the last rays of day spilling their color across the sky. I am naked and you have only your bikini bottoms on. My cock is fully engorged and your hand is slowly stroking up and down it – pausing at the top to rub up and over the head, and rub the frenulum with your thumb. I am sucking firmly at your breasts, and my hands have made their way to your inner thighs. You are on your side with the lower leg extended and the other knee raised up. My hands pet slowly but deliberately up and down your thighs, rubbing across your mound with each stroke. Your pussy is getting good and moist and a few drops of pre-cum have appeared on the end of my penis. You rub the wetness across my penis-head and I let loose with a low moan. My hand is pretty much exclusively on your pussy now, rubbing back and forth, pausing periodically to stroke up and down your inner thighs. You’ve had about enough of that, so with a quick motion you remove your bottoms and place my hand on your warm wet vulva.

My fingers slide back and forth through your labia, spreading the growing wetness. Then I ease first one, and then two fingers into your vagina, pushing them in deep and resting the heel of my hand against your mound. Meanwhile I’m kissing your chest and your neck and your lips and you are steadily stroking my hard cock. I whisper in your ear “Your body is so sexy … you are driving me wild!” At that you roll me over and climb on top, in total control. You sit your pussy right on the shaft of my penis and begin to stroke back and forth, rubbing your clit against the hard shaft. The sensation is incredible as your velvety soft labia slide back and forth over the shaft, and your erect clitoris rubs against the tip of my cock. Then you lift up and settle yourself onto me, allowing just the head to penetrate into your vagina. I lay my head back, closing my eyes, sighing with extreme pleasure. Then you are back off and rubbing yourself against my cock, and then up for another shallow dip. Your cunt is so hot and wet, each dip sends waves of sensation down my penis and into my hips. I strain to shove myself up into you, but you hold me off, with that wicked look in your eyes.

I left my knees up part way and you sit back until your back rests against my upper thighs, with one hand holding my cock you lift up onto your feet so that you are squatting over me and then slowly ease kaçak bahis yourself all the way down onto me. My cock wants to shoot off right then and there, but I squeeze hard, shutting my eyes, arching my back and groaning loudly as I hold it back. You are moving up and down in a steady rhythm. My hands find their way to your hips and I feel you stroking up and down on my swollen dick. I slide one hand over to your pussy. I lick my thumb and place it across your labia and begin stroking up and down over your clitoris while you stroke up and down my cock. You throw your head back and being to moan with pleasure, spreading your legs wide and pushing your clit into my thumb. The sensation in my dick is growing and spreading down into my pelvis and out into my legs and stomach. My breathing gets heavy and I start to moan. At this you stop, lifting yourself clear of me you turn around, facing my feet. I lower my legs and then you lower yourself onto my throbbing cock. The sight of your wonderful ass stoking up and down over my dick is exhilarating! I put my hands on your hips to guide you, but you will have none of that – keeping control for yourself you continue to fuck me without letting me cum. I give your ass a few playful slaps and you look back over your shoulder, just over your black hair and give me that wicked grin.

You lift yourself off of my cock and slide back pushing your pussy into my face. I bury my face into your folds and begin long licks, starting at your clit and ending just short of your anus. You arch your back, lifting your cunt up for me and my tongue goes to work. With my hands I stroke up your back and around to your breasts, fondling them gently until I work my way to the nipples. I hold each breast between thumb and fore finger just behind the nipple, and gently squeeze and roll them around. My tongue is working on your clit now, lapping with the tip held firm. You throw your head back and moan. There is no stopping it now. Your hips rock back and forth, harder and more spasmodically as you push your pussy into my face and my fingers are squeezing and pulling on your nipples and you let out a cry as your hips buck and thrust. The feeling starts right in the tip of your clit and works down into the depths of your pelvis and then shoots down your legs and up your back. Your nipples are tingling and sending bolts of energy down your tummy to your pussy, where the muscles start to squeeze and flutter. You start bucking wildly now as your orgasm bursts forth, illegal bahis spilling down your vagina and into my face and your voice cries out long and sweet as you rake your clit back and forth over my mouth. I grab hold of each breast with a firm but gentle grip, holding you down as I lap at your pussy and drink your juice. You beg me to stop, but I know you are dying for me to continue. Each stroke sends wave after wave crashing through your midsection and your legs and hips spasm uncontrollably until finally you are lying collapsed on top of me. And as I gently lick up the last few drops, your hungry mouth finds my cock and begins to gently suck it, returning it to its full erection.

We lie there for some time, you ever so gently sucking on my cock, and me gazing with wonder at your beautify vagina, giving little nibbles and kisses to your thighs and running my hands down your back from your shoulders to your incredible ass. Finally, I ease you off of me and back onto the blanket. It is totally dark now and the stars are spectacular. I turn around and ease myself on top of you, sliding my dick slowly into your incredibly hot and wet cunt. I don’t take to wild thrusting, but relax onto you, resting my head beside yours so that we are looking into each other’s eyes. You take your hands and stroke my back and my ass as I slowly and ever so gently rock back and forth, sliding my penis in and out. I could stay this way for ever, and for what seems like an hour we lie in totally luxury, moving just enough that our genitals maintain their excited state. Slowly but surely the pressure builds in my cock but I work hard to not tense my stomach or my legs, staying just as loose and relaxed as I can. Only my dick is so hard and pulsating with feeling. I close my eyes as I feel the the pressure rising from deep in my pelvis, pushing up to the head of my cock, trailing a fire of sensation behind it, spreading out into my legs and up to my shoulders. As it approaches the end of my dick, I open my eyes to find you looking directly into mine and I let out a low groan as my body begins to shake and rock and the cum pumps out of my dick into your hot cunt. We kiss and keep our eyes locked as my orgasm continues until finally I close my eyes a drift into ecstasy with my penis throbbing and squeezing, ejecting the last drops of cum into your welcoming vagina. My body gives a few last shudders as my muscles give out. You raise your hands over your head, and I raise mine up until our hands are clasped, our lips are lightly brushing and our tongues dancing, our chests, hips, genitals, thighs and legs, resting against each other and the only sound is the crashing of surf and gentle sea breeze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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