On The Road

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The young woman is walking along the side of the road. It is a grey day and wet. Despite the weather her only clothes are jeans and a maroon sweatshirt. She is walking away so as I drive up behind her I have the chance to take in some details – mousy brown hair cut straight and falling just below her shoulders, a slim waist and promising curves for her bottom.

The urge takes me and I slow and pull up just past her. I lower the window and lean across and so as she walks up she is expecting me to talk to her. I ask the way to wherever. As she tells me I have the opportunity to take in more of her features. She is probably in her early twenties, pretty but not excessively so, an achievable fuckable young woman.

The rain is getting heavier and she looks along the silver lines of the Merc with envy. I ask if she has far to go, she says “not far” but anyway I offer her a lift. She hesitates, I’m a stranger, anything could happen, but the rain is pouring now and she says thanks and climbs in.

The presence of this attractive young woman in my car excites me terribly. I offer her a cigarette and she accepts. She has only taken a couple of draws when she indicates that her turn off is on the left. I flick the indicator and pull the car over. The rain is still flooding the windows of the car.

Her hand is on the door latch and she says “thank you”.

I say “there’s just one thing, you can get right out and that’s fair enough, but you know what it’s like when you’re feeling horny and sometimes you just want to do something about it, well that’s what I’m doing, I hope you’re not offended, whatever, it’s a compliment.”

Her hand is still on the door latch and she says “you’ve known me two minutes and you’re coming on to me?” but she still hasn’t opened the door latch.

“So what – two minutes,” I say, “I know enough and I know we could have some fun, both of us, I like to see women I’m with having fun.” Her hand istanbul escort is still on the door latch, she’s looking at me and thinking “he’s no looker but he keeps himself in shape and he’s not creepy.” Being in an SL55 probably helps.

“You’re incredible” she says.

“I know,” I reply, “but if you want something why not ask?”

“Where would we go?” she asks and her hand is off the door handle and my heart is pumping so fast because my ridiculous proposition is going to work.

I drive us to a road off a road off a road and then down a track into a copse, we are alone and as soon as I turn off the engine we are kissing passionately.

I rest a hand on the inside of her thigh – although we are both feeling like animals I want to fuck her like a gentleman. I tug up the sweatshirt, she is wearing a cheap peachy bra with lace frills. I tug that up too and her nipples are firm and brown and I bring my mouth over them, teasing ever so gently with my teeth and licking with my tongue. My fingers on her thigh are now touching her crotch and I can feel the heat there, I slide my fingers further down between her thighs and press them against the base of her zipper, giving her the pressure on her cunt she wants. Meanwhile my other hand is exploring the bare small of her back, slipping inside the top of her jeans and brushing along the elastic of her panties or thong.

She is enjoying my attention but has not forgotten about me and she gently rubs the crotch of my trousers, rubbing and pressing my cock through the material.

“Take off your jeans,” I say, she looks around but the windows are completely steamed and we are in our own world. She sits back, fiddles with the button and then lifts her ass up from the seat to slide the jeans down. Her legs are slim and pale and she is wearing worn pink panties that don’t match her bra and it excites me avcılar escort that I am fucking someone who was just walking to somewhere.

With her jeans by her feet we kiss again and I bring my fingers against her mound, rubbing her through the cotton of her panties while my other hand slips under the elastic waistband to squeeze her ass cheeks and to stroke cheekily along her crack.

As my fingers rub the front of the panties I feel the outline of her pussy lips and there is a slick wet patch, and so she must know I wasn’t lying when I said I like to see women having fun. “Show me your bum,” I say.

“What? she replies.

“Your bum,” I say again, “I like bums, it’s my thing.”

“You’re incredible,” she says for the second time, but begins the awkward manoeuvre in the narrow confined space. She bangs her head on the roof and catches her foot on the hand brake and to have enough space she has to rest her shins across the gap between our seats but soon enough she is kneeling on all fours away from me and she slips her fingers into the sides of her old pink panties and slides her panties to the top of her thighs and bares her ass to me.

Her ass is if anything paler than her legs, I reach out and pull her cheeks apart and she gasps, maybe she wasn’t expecting it quite like this. I move in close to inspect her bottom closely, the wrinkles of her anus, the sexy chocolate skin around it and the thin wispy hairs.

Then I lick her asshole, she certainly wasn’t expecting that and she jumps but then presses her bum back against my face, urging me and wanting me to kiss her dirty rear.

I could lick her bum forever but soon I pull away and tell her to sit back down, and when she is back on the seat I kiss her, wanting to share the taste of her anus with her. She must have liked having her bum licked because she responds hungrily.

I am ready to finally fulfil my honour şirinevler escort so I pull her legs forward so she is sitting on the edge of the seat, I part her thighs and duck my head down, she has a bushy triangle of dark brown pubes and her cunt lips are puffy and slick. I draw my tongue between her labia a few times, she tastes sweaty and pissy like I wanted. Then as I bring my mouth up to begin brushing her clitoris I slide my fingers between her bum cheeks and press the tip of my forefinger just inside her asshole.

She is building quickly and I keep the contact with my tongue and finger steady and gentle, she is rubbing the back of my head and I can see in the corner of my eye her other hand is punishing her nipples.

She begins to cum, a kind of wail, and I maintain my licking and poking as wave after wave shatters through her. When I feel she is through I lift my head and draw out my finger.

I feel after my thoughtfulness I am entitled to almost anything but I am in a simple mood, and as I straddle over her she has to slip even lower down the chair to give me room beneath the roof of the car.

My groin is in front of her face and she fumbles with my belt and zipper, urgent to return the favour. The release as my cock springs free is incredible, she runs her tongue around my cockhead but I want less than this so I lift up her hand and place it around my cock.

She begins a slow careful wanking movement, her tongue still darting out to tease my cock.

I am so close and the look on her face, mouth open, ready for me to cum all over her is almost enough. I have one moment of inspiration and offer the finger that was up her back hole to her nostrils and she obediently inhales her ass smell.

It is all too much and I feel the sensation of release and then I am cumming thick and hard over her young face, her mouth is open to accept my cum but most of it splatters over her cheeks and nose. She continues her steady wanking until I have finished.

As I return carefully to my seat I look at her, her maroon sweatshirt and peachy bra still pulled up above her tits, her nipples stiff and excited, her pink panties down to her thighs and above all her face splattered with my cum. I must stop by the side of the road more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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