One Night At The Farm

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Sahil – 20 year old guy from Ahmedabad, Western India
Ami – My beautiful mother.
Shikha Aunty (51 years), Bharti Aunty (49 years) and Anuradha Aunty (51 years) – My mom’s hot friends

Hi Everyone,
Sahil is back with a story of one of his sexcapades.

It had been a terrible year. My dad’s company which manufactured textiles had faced a tremendous slump due to the global financial crisis. He had to meet a lot of payments and cash was limited. So he laid off a nearly a 100 workers which caused a strike. One thing led to another and the police had to be called. The factory was shut down for four weeks on court orders which led dad’s company to lose even more orders as existing clients moved to other manufacturers. Dad could not afford that and so he set off to the UK to meet his biggest clients and persuade them to support him instead of shifting their orders. That left mom and I alone in the house.

All the happenings of the past few weeks had taken its effect on mom and I. Mom was obviously perplexed at dad’s situation. She felt like she couldn’t do anything to help dad other than giving him moral support. I felt somewhat similar was I was too young to help dad out in any real way. Plus, I was studying full time in my computer engineering course.

Luckily there is something in life called friends.

Two days after dad left for the UK, we received a call.

“Hello”, said a female voice.

“Hello, yes who is this?” I said.

“SAHIL!” exclaimed Bharti aunty from the other end. I got who she was on hearing that slightly irritating high pitched shriek. She has a unique nasal voice which at times can be quite irritating despite sounding somewhat cute most of the time.

“Yes, Bharti aunty.” I said calmly.

She said “Sahil, please give the phone to your mom. I have some great news for her.. and you too.”

I wondered what she was talking about. I called out loudly to mom who was in the kitchen talking to our house maid. “MOM, ITS BHARTI AUNTY. SHE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU.”

Hearing Bharti aunty’s name mom nearly sprinted out of kitchen to take her call.

Slightly amused at seeing her reaction I handed mom the landline receiver. Bharti aunty, Shikha aunty, Anuradha aunty and my mom Ami were old college friends. And even after reaching their late 40s and 50s they could not resist the urge to behave like bubbly college girls of 18 around each other.

“HIIII BHARTI” mom nearly screamed on the phone much to disdain. I always hate when anyone shouts on the phone. It’s a personal quirk. Don’t ask.

I stood next to mom wondering what was so important that Bharti aunty was so exuberant on the phone.

Mom didn’t speak a word after her initial ‘Hi Bharti’ and was listening to what Bharti aunty was saying. Her face had started to slowly light up with happiness.

I didn’t know yet what mom was so happy about but I was glad to see her face smiling after such a long time. The last few weeks with dad’s ordeals were rough on her.

Then mom said on the phone “That’s just great Bharti. Just great. You girls are my best friends. Thank you so much. I’ll talk to Sahil. See you Saturday afternoon.”

Mom turned towards me. Happy as a bird she chirped “Sahil, this is just great. Shikha, Anuradha and Bharti know what has been going on with your dad’s business and all. They know it has been a few bad weeks for me. So they offered to take me to Anuradha’s farm house in Sanand on Saturday afternoon. We’ll spend the evening there and come back late in the evening.”

“That sounds great mom. It’ll be like your old college days. You girls will have a blast.” I said genuinely happy to see that my mom’s friends were making this great gesture towards her.

“But, Sahil there is one thing you need to help me out with” mom said.

“Sure mom. Anything”

“Actually, the thing is that Anuradha’s farm house is in Sanand. You might remember it. You visited it last a few years ago at the new year’s party. The roads leading to the farm house horrible especially this time in monsoon. Plus, we have to pass through a couple of villages on our way. And Shikha is a little scared of coming back at night. You know how it is in those areas with highway robbers.” Said mom.

“Yeah, So?” I asked mom

“So, Sahil we girls want you to come along with us to the farm house and then drive us back. With a young man at our side, there won’t be any problems.” Mom said. She sounded like she was kind of pleading me to come.

“But mom” I said a little annoyed “What will I do at Anuradha aunty’s farm house? You girls will be there for at least six or seven hours talking about your gossip and stuff. What am I supposed to do in the meantime?”

Mom made a face like she was about to cry and said “Sahil, please do this for my sake. You know how it has been since the last few weeks. I need a change and so do you. You can take your laptop and do your college work from there. And take a few movies with you too in case you get bored working.”

I knew mom had a point. Even I needed a change and as it ucuz escort is I didn’t have anything else to do in the weekend except work on college projects and assignments. I could work from there just as well.

“OK OK mom” I said “I will come to the farm house with you girls. Just don’t bother me too much. I need to work”.

Mom’s face lit up again. “Great!” she exclaimed. “Thank you Sahil. This really means a lot to me. I’ll call the girls and tell them that you’ve agreed to come. We’ll leave at 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday.”



It was 2:45 already and mom was still not out of her bedroom. She was supposed to be ready half an hour ago before her friends arrived. They arrived at 2:20 all ready to go but mom was nowhere in sight. I hated when mom kept people waiting for some or the other frivolous reason.

“SORRY SORRY SORRY GIRLS” mom shouted as she quickly descended from the stairs into the waiting room to meet her friends. “I am so sorry. I was getting dressed when I got confused as to whether I should wear a blue sleeveless top with my new blue Gucci jeans or a parrot green top with full sleeves. I was so confused that I ultimately went for an orange salwar (a traditional Indian top worn by women).”

I wondered why mom made an illogical fuss on such petty issues and wasted time. She could instead devote time to something more productive once in a while.

“WOMEN!” I exclaimed mentally.

“Its OK, Its OK” said Bharti aunty. “What is 15 minutes when we are setting out on a girl’s day out. Lets load all your stuff in the car and get moving. We can chat on the way.”

I quietly picked up my laptop bag and mom’s duffle bag and headed towards the car.

As I was stuffing the bags in the trunk of my SUV I glanced at all the four women talking to each other.

All four friends were so different yet gelled so well with each other. Shikha aunty was renowned radiologist in the city. 51 years old. She maintained herself well and looked particularly fit for her age. She wasn’t that beautiful. I couldn’t even imagine her as more beautiful in her youth but there was something about her. She exuded class. Something intangible yet so visible.

Bharti aunty was 49. As old as my mom but she looked like she was a few years older than that. Her particularly dusky skin had started wrinkling quite rapidly. She got married a very tender age just after she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Science. She had faced some particularly tough days in her earlier life but was very prosperous now. The prosperity showed somewhat on her waistline!

The third friend Anuradha aunty was the pick of them all in my opinion. Born into a middle class family she was the only daughter of a respectable family. She married her husband Samir uncle, the only son of a filthy rich textile mill owner (textile mill owners were as good as royalty in Ahmedabad in the period from the sixties to the eighties) after a whirlwind college romance. She was by far the most attractive of the four women and also the most beautiful woman of her college. She had spent her married life in doing three things – Social work, Socializing and Exercising. A self proclaimed exercise freak she paid tremendous attention to the way she looked. And boy, all that attention and hard work had paid off. She was 51 years old but had the figure of a 24 year old model. She must have been in my opinion a nearly perfect 35-25-37 which is something most women would probably kill for at her age. She had long jet black hair which ran down to just a few inches above her waist, an achievement for an Indian woman at her age. Having a rich husband and good taste ensured that she always wore the best clothes and looked her best. Her love for animals and belief in animal rights made sure that she never used makeup as she was against animal testing of cosmetics. Even at her age she managed to turn many young heads towards her as she walked by.

And to be honest, I always had a boyish crush on her since I was 11. She was always so nice to me and was inseparable from my mother when I was young. She used to hang around a lot at my house with my mom after I was born as mom couldn’t move out too much due to me and her domestic responsibilities. Anuradha aunty didn’t need to bother with such responsibilities as she had no children and her house was maintained by an army of servants and cooks.

Finally, all of us settled down in the car. Mom sat next to me in the front seat and the others scrambled in the middle seat of the SUV.

Destination – Sanand Farm House

Sanand is a sleepy little village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city around 20 kilometres out. Its recent fame had come due to the famous Tata Nano car being manufactured there.

The location of Anuradha aunty’s farm house was a little weird. It was literally in the middle of nowhere as her husband Samir uncle’s family owned a large tract of land in ümraniye escort Sanand. They built their farm house in the middle of that land ten years or so ago.

The only problem was that the farm house was two kilometres from the main highway road. And that stretch of two kilometres was an unpaved dirt track. The dirt track got converted to a mud track in the monsoon.

My SUV got stuck at least three times on that track once we turned from the Sanand highway towards the farm house. We barely managed to reach the farm house by 3:45.

I turned off the SUV once we reached the farm and got down to open the trunk and unload all the bags. What I saw was not an ugly sight.

The SUV was covered in mud from the tyre and wheel level, right up to half of the door level. It looked like shit. I cringed looking at it. But there was nothing I could do. I would have to send the SUV to the car wash once we got back.

The ladies got off slowly making sure that their clothes didn’t get dirty with the mud on the exterior of the SUV.

Anuradha aunty yelled for her estate watchman Hamir to come and help me with unloading the bags.

But I had already begun to unload the bags.

Hamir came from out of nowhere and startled me a bit.

“Please sahib, let me take the bags. You don’t concern yourself with this”. Said Hamir in a polite and pleasing tone.

I just handed over the bags to him and gave him the key. “Please take all the bags and inside, lock the car once you’re done and give the keys back to me.” I said. He nodded as I made my way inside the farm house.

Anuradha aunty’s farm house is a real treat to be in. The farm house looks just like your typical run of the mill ‘villa like’ farm houses of the rich. But from the inside, its something else. The main door leads you directly into the living room. The walls and floor are studded with some fancy Italian marble imported from Italy (not the local marble dubbed Italian crap). The sofas are made out of fine woollen tapestry that also appeared to be imported. A nicely polished wooden hexagon coffee table adorned the centre of the room with a 54″ LED TV in the corner.

As I stood there admiring the interior design of the place, I wondered where the ladies had been off too. I could hear some distant voices but they seemed to be coming from the lawn.

So, I made my way from the living room towards the dining room. The dining room had a large door that opened into the lawn and garden. “Nice view while having dinner”, I mused to myself self looking at the almost picture perfect view of the beautifully crafted Tivoli look alike garden from the dressing room.

Mom and her friends were sitting in the centre of the lawn on carefully placed lawn chairs with their own individual side tables for food and drinks. Anuradha aunty must have called in advance and told Hamir to set everything up before we arrived. “Smart.” I thought.

“Mom, it seems you girls are having fun. I’ll freshen up and then be in the living room doing my work. If you need any help then let me know.” I said not bothering up to walk up to them.

“Sure thing tiger” said mom. “If we girls need any muscle power we know whom to call for.”

I smiled at her, turned away and went to the living room. It was time to start working.

It was a sunny day, yet cool with clear skies and I wanted to enjoy this rare weather in the rather humid monsoon but, I had a project deadline to meet at college. I had a lot of credits at stake here.

I must have got down to my work at around 4. I was so deeply engrossed in my work that I didn’t realize it was suddenly dark and cold. The rains had started around 5:30 or so. Mom and her friends had to rush in to save themselves from the heavy downpour.

I got up and went to check on them and see if they were alright. They got in the house just in the nick of time. So none of them got wet.

“Are you guys alright?” I asked.

“Yes, Sahil we are alright. We got a hint from the overcast condition that it was about to rain. So we came inside before it started to drizzle” replied Anuradha aunty.

“What will you girls do now?” I asked.

“Well, we’ll continue our good time in the dining room. We came here to enjoy each other’s company. So it’s the same for us if we sit outside or inside.” said mom.

“Cool. I’ll get back to work then. Call me if you need me.” I said, turned back and went back to the living room where I was working.

I resumed my work. But as luck would have it I couldn’t continue working for long.

Suddenly, Hamir came running from the outhouse where he lived calling out “Sahilbhai, Sahilbhai. Where are you?”

I went out to the porch where Hamir was standing with his umbrella. He looked sort of tense.

“What happened Hamir?” I asked calmly.

“Sahilbhai, it looks to me like your SUV’s rear tyres have punctures. Please come and take a look at it” he replied.

“What? Both tyres? Let’s go and have a look. If both tyres are busted then we are in trouble.” üsküdar escort I said. I took another umbrella that he had thoughtfully brought for me and went with him to the place where I had parked the car.

I inspected the rear tyres and found to my horror that he was right. Both the rear tyres indeed did have punctures. There was a thick steel nail sticking out of the left rear tyre. It had lost nearly a quarter of its air. The right one was in an even more torrid state. It had lost more than half of its air.

I rushed back to the house and went directly to the ladies. I informed them of the entire situation in detail.

“Both tyres are out?” questioned Shikha aunty. “How many spare tyres do you have?”

“Only one” I said.

“What will we do about the other tyre?” she asked

“There is nothing that can be done. We have to call someone from the city to come with another tyre. Or else, we won’t be able to go much further. It’s already 6:15; it’s raining cats and dogs getting really dark.” I replied.

“Let me call Harsh” said Bharti aunty. Harsh was Bharti aunty’s son and was in the real estate and construction business. “He might be around here somewhere on one of his projects. He might be able to help us.” She quipped.

She took out her cell phone and called Harsh. Lucky for us he was just four kilometres away on one of his projects. He said that he would come to pick us up in thirty minutes or so.

The ladies and I were relieved.

But Hamir said something which would make that relief short lived.

“Madam, if you go with Harshbhai right now and leave Sahilbhai’s SUV here it will probably get stolen by the locals in the night. They tend to roam around the farm house in a drunken state at night and steal small things like garden tools. If they see this SUV then they’ll surely come in large numbers to take it” he said to Anuradha aunty.

With a worried look she looked at all of us and said “Hamir is right. These village folk are a real pain. They once stole Hamir’s motorcycle a few years ago when he placed it outside the farm’s gate. They come around here all drunk and create all sorts of problems at times. If they see the SUV then they’ll probably try to steal it.”

“Then what do you propose we do?” asked mom

“If one of us stays here at night then there is a chance that they’ll probably not dare to come and steal the SUV. Someone can come from the city tomorrow morning with the extra tyre and we can go back.” Said Anuradha aunty.

“But who will stay here at night Anuradha?” asked Shikha aunty. “None of us girls can stay here alone in the night. And Sahil cannot stay alone as well or some villagers might try to coerce him and take the SUV”

“I have an idea” said Anuradha aunty. “If I stay here then they’ll probably not come here as Samir has some contacts with the local police and politicians. They’ll think a hundred times before coming here to do some crap when I am around. And just as an extra protection, Sahil can stay here with me. You girls can go back with Harsh to Ahmedabad and send someone to help us tomorrow.” She continued.

I felt mom wanted to say something but she could not muster up the words to say it. Or maybe she was trying to think of some other alternative but she couldn’t think of any.

Finally Bharti aunty said “I think that under the circumstances, it is the only logical course of action that we can take.”

“I agree with Bharti. But do you have food and stuff for the night?” asked Shikha aunty with a look of genuine concern.

“Yes, Hamir has brought some groceries from the village today morning after I called and told him that we were coming. He will prepare dinner and breakfast for us” replied Anuradha aunty.

We heard a car honking loudly.

“That’s Harsh” said Bharti aunty. “He has come. Let’s go quickly before the rain worsens.”

“Alright let’s go” quipped mom. “Anuradha, take care of my son. And Sahil, see you tomorrow sweetheart. Take care of Anuradha aunty.”

They left. It was 7:25.

Anuradha aunty and I were alone at the farm house.

“Well, I guess that just leaves the two of us here?” I said

“Yeah” said Anuradha aunty. “What should we do?”

“I think I need to dry myself first. I got wet when I went out to check on the SUV.” I said

Anuradha aunty looked at me in a way which I thought was quite weird. She scanned me from head to toe and said “I think you need to change. Your clothes are very wet. If you don’t change, you could get sick.”

“But I don’t have any extra clothes. We came here for a few hours only so I didn’t bring along any extra clothes.” I replied

“Don’t worry Sahil. Samir leaves a few pairs of clothes here just in case we suddenly plan to come here. I think his clothes will fit you. Let me go and check his wardrobe.”

She went upstairs to the master bedroom and came back in a couple of minutes with a shirt and pyjama. It looked like it would probably fit me.

“Here, try this on. See if it fits” she said.

I took the clothes and went into the downstairs bedroom which was adjacent to the dining room and change into the shirt and pyjama. The shirt fit me nicely but the pyjama was an inch or two shorter and a little tight in the crotch. Luckily, my underwear didn’t get wet and was wearable. I couldn’t think about using Samir uncle’s underwear too. Thank God.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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